Amazfit GTR 3 Full In-Depth Look: Still Damn Good. Here’s Why.

hello there everyone welcome back to one more video with lim evaluations currently today i’m incredibly ecstatic because i obtain to show you my experience after utilizing the amazefit gtr3 here for the past two weeks now when fantastic malaysia first got to out to me 2 weeks ago and also they asked me if i intended to inspect this out certainly i was extremely fired up because you individuals recognize me i’m a substantial amaze fit follower and i have actually been making use of nearly all of their wise watches throughout the entire past three years currently amaze in shape malaysia has not officially released this right here yet it’s just going to go down on november the fourth so for all you malaysian good friends around do stay tuned to amazefit’s facebook web page and also all that currently before i do that just a really quick one if you can simply go down a like below to the network it actually assists the video clip thanks a lot for that allowed’s start let’s examine out the remarkable gtr 3 itself i do have this box right here in front of me and amazefit is developing this all new logo design along with the motif or

the kind of shades that we have on here i’ll observe that we have all these sort of purple kind of seek to their new logo and also new branding so that’s really good to see uh in impress feeds part so yep i’ve currently unboxed this yet this is simply how package appears like allow’s take a look at the watch itself since that’s the a lot more amazing part of this video so i’m just mosting likely to put this box down momentarily and allow’s check out the amazefit gtr3 currently if you simply have a look at this style you might really feel extremely familiar since this style here is actually very comparable to the amazefit gtr 2e which i likewise have right here this is the gtr2 incidentally this person right here is the gtr 2e so it really looks really comparable to the gtr2e right below yet yeah it’s in fact the same size as well they have the same 1.39 inch amoled display on the front below yet apparently we have much brighter brightness on the screen today so according to amazfit this display screen currently goes all the way as much as 1000 nits and also honestly speaking it’s actually very bright i never had any concerns when i’m using the watch outdoors as well as it has actually constantly been a delight to check out

for the amazfit gtr 3. Currently before i rave the display screen allow’s take a look at the design completely also once again like i claimed it’s extremely comparable to the gtr2 collection we have this aluminum alloy type of materials on the sides what’s really brand-new right here is that we do obtain this new crown on top right corner which is to be truthful rather fun to utilize i mean it is helpful to a particular level since a lot of the time i’m just swiping the display screen anyhow now that we do have this crown at the top here you can really just you understand scroll via your notices i indicate if you’re as well lazy to swipe and also all that to make sure that’s most definitely good certainly if you are putting on glass or something like that you can likewise use this crown here to just scroll via the menus to make sure that’s why we have all new at the top here in regards to the straps it is still the very same right here on the amazefit gtr3 we have extremely nice silicon bands below that are still the size of 22 mm in situation you’re wondering and likewise we do have these little latches at the back here much like before that enables you to switch over out these straps really quickly to make sure that’s what i actually like concerning this amazing gtr3 the comfort levels on this strap here feels fantastic in terms of the layout yes we do see a pair of lines here going on with the band it is what you can see on the video clip today as well as

yes this is basically just how the gtr 3 appears like primarily like i discussed right here is everything about that brand-new crown on top currently aside from this equipment stuff there’s rather a fair little modifications with the software program as well amazfit is calling this currently the zap os and also you might currently know keeping that due to the fact that their application has actually currently been called zap for rather time currently so let me just reveal you extremely quickly a quick hands-on as well as every little thing that you can anticipate from the ui on the amazfit gtr 3 as well as all the forthcoming brand new watches from amazefit alright so extremely swiftly i’m simply going to show you below if you take down from the top this is where you get involved in a pair of fast shortcut secrets we do have fairly a fair little bit below you have your torch light you have your night setting as well as naturally you likewise have your cinema mode over there which generally declines the illumination as well as removes those alerts you additionally have this suggestions little button right there which truthfully talking i do not utilize at all so just returning you likewise have a really quick access to your calendar right below which really is an extremely good touch we have a really nice calendar below that you can in fact see as well as include occasions if you desire them to be reminded on your watch extremely very great stuff there simply returning to the main one once

more right here you have your fast access to establishing your brightness once more this is something that we had previously and also if you go back right here see that you have your battery life you additionally have this little switch that actually looks for your phone which is the phone that i’m using today and also certainly you have fast accessibility to your setups below directly on this fast gain access to menu right here now what i discovered missing here was that it no much longer has the lock button which i normally trigger to avoid myself from touching the display by crash so there’s a mild miss over there since that is really something that i use fairly a fair little bit i lock my display here so i do not inadvertently switch watch faces i’m unsure if you individuals do that however yeah that’s simply me okay so dropping let’s try as much as slap swipe from the bottom right below you enter into your alerts which you can see right here a few of them just have this app icon right below and simply for your info this is what’s app so obviously you can also use there and you can see it still does not sustain all emojis it sustains a couple of yet not all without a doubt as well as obviously you can also you are unable to see pictures on your alerts rather common things there going

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back into the listing here of course some apps do come with the logo design at the side and also obviously given that this is the zap app we do have that zap logo so really very similar to what we are seeing on the previous version again you can utilize this little crown right below to simply scroll through all this information if you like that example okay currently let’s just swipe from delegated right here so we can see what type of widgets we have it is a completely new overhaul in regards to the widgets over here we can take a quick appearance at your general activities for the day you have your variety of actions the amount of times you have actually stood and obviously the quantity of time that you’ve been energetic if you tap into this you can in fact drop in even more details right here as an example your like what you simply saw recently however more details here every little thing just by touching the widgets so all the widgets here are all interactive by the method allow’s take place to the next one right here we do have this tab wellness button right here and if you just touch this it will certainly have a look at a number of things here actually you will certainly look into your heart rate you examine out your spo2 your anxiety levels and also all that so this is something new on the amazefit gtr 3 that is it is able to have this tap measurement that determines every little thing at one go over there currently if i simply swipe across this is where i enter into my weather condition once again you can see that every little thing right here can be connected with uh if you simply touch the widget earlier on like i did this is where you can see even more information concerning the weather

condition currently let me return and allow’s take a look at what’s next we additionally have my pai my pi rating right now it’s 36 i have actually not been really active the previous couple of days yet yeah i did have a rating of 36 taking place you can also see your slip information and also i like this ui on the amazfit gtr 3 since it just offers you that one look uh type of info you can just see exactly how much sleep you have actually taken and if you have one to see more details you can simply use that as well as you have this attractive graph right here on the watch itself really extremely good i like the reality that we can see a great deal of information directly on the watch without needing to keep taking place into the app to see even more things so we’re simply going to go back for now uh swiping on we have this uh what should i call it checklist of fast faster ways right below so obviously this watch right here likewise sustains your mic you can in fact make commands to amazon alexa yet unfortunately right here in malaysia we do not make use of that very typically so i have not turned on that and after that you have a number of cards below too you can see that we have my heart rate going on i also have my stress all these cards are adjustable uh you can set them in the zap app so it’s extremely basic to reveal what sort of details you intend to see in terms of all these cards right here so this is what i have actually claimed for now these are simply the quick glance of all those details on the side to make sure that composes all the widgets from left to ideal it’s a loophole by the means just in situation you are asking yourself so let me recently show you the sort of things that you can discover generally food selection due to the fact that it’s additionally fairly interesting below so

first up undoubtedly we have our pie which i’m not going to discuss you also have your heart rate which is pretty like previous you can track your heart price throughout the whole day really common stuff for blood’s oxygen level you likewise have that and also bear in mind that everything right here like i stated you can see a great deal of details straight on one’s guard itself as well as i have actually established my spo2 to be tracked like throughout the entire day so you can see i have all these data right below straight on one’s guard again going down the one tab measuring i have actually already mentioned regarding that earlier on and also allow’s chat a little bit regarding workout since this is something that has been updated in the watch itself it now sustains approximately 150 different tasks over right here as well as you can see the list truly copulates all the means on and also of program we additionally have esports right here for all of you men available who likes the game it will really track your stress and anxiety degrees throughout the game uproarious things there and certainly if you just want to drop in even more you have a lot more workouts right below and also you can see the big checklist of stuff there so i will not undergo this whole listing primarily uh what you require will most likely partly of this checklist right here and of course it does have a gps i have actually evaluated out this watch i went with a quick run or a fast jog a few days ago and also the gps was extremely really rapid to lock on absolutely a considerable enhancement compared to my previous gtr 2 in addition to gtr 2e that i have right below so you ‘d be definitely very happy to discover out concerning that great gps signals apart from that it is able to track your

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pace you can in fact customize rather a fair bit of stuff right here allow me just reveal you extremely swiftly allow’s claim i click right into exterior running uh this is where you’ll be able to see a pair of things below and also you can establish an ai rival according to a main suite right below all you require to do is let me simply see really quickly you enter into the assistant right here and after that you can really establish a number of things here like exercise objective you can choose your range and also if you enter into a workout signals you likewise have your car lab vehicle pause and also of course there is the virtual pacer so you can really set the rate for your rival your digital rival and you’ll actually have the ability to see whether you lag that man or you remain in front of that person so extremely very awesome things there i think they obtained this feature from one of the other smart watches however i can not remember which smartwatch was that yet that’s brand-new to the amazefit gtr 3 right here really wonderful i like it in apart from that it likewise has your common things of monitoring right here you have various uis simply really very good kind of graphics here and all that and also yeah that’s quite a lot what i have to state about the uh the exercise settings right here once

again i’ve only attempted the running so much and also has worked quite well for me if you men desire like a much more extensive testimonial on these exercise modes allow me understand what you guys would like to know down in the comment section listed below and i’ll attempt to establish that up to make sure that’s what we have in terms of the exercises undoubtedly you can likewise see your workout history right below as well as i do have 3 exercises that i’ve done uh quite wonderful right here you do get to see a couple of info allow me simply show it to you very swiftly you have your training results if you swipe across you can see your distance objective and my actual activity that means i did not hit my goal and also you also can see a little tiny little map right below which honestly talking doesn’t tell that much however you have your rate your workout duration a great deal of info once more every little thing you can see directly on guard itself is so great all right so we’re simply going to go back below and also we’re finished with the exercises allow me simply leave below clearly you likewise have your stress degrees tracking like i pointed out earlier on it tracks the tension throughout the entire day and also you can see your whole last 7 days apparently i was quite kicked back i do not think i can claim that concerning myself i have never been that kicked back however that’s what the watch states we’re mosting

likely to go back right currently so for task right here you can likewise take a look at that present status for today uh we’re not mosting likely to reveal that for the sleep i’ve already shown you individuals that for your weather your music controls you can not store music in this watch if you intend to store songs you have to make use of the gtr3 professional right here i’ll cover that in one more video clip you also have your alarms your schedules your bmi and your calculator currently in regards to the calculator that’s actually something brand new with the gtr3 professional right below which is that this watch now sustains a downloading of apps so you can really download apps straight into the watch itself presently the application shop has regarding like 10 applications or two so i got this calculator from the zap application shop if that makes good sense and also i assume it’s rather intriguing here indeed you can absolutely count some things right here allowed’s do a quick math right below and also see what it does yeah so any one of you individuals available who intends to take your watch to a test i think this may actually help but definitely delighted to see that amaze feed is opting for this instructions below with developing apps uh for the our watches so extremely

extremely great there of course if you go into the much more switch right below you do have a couple more stuff you have your sunlight and moon that reveals what time the sun turned up today along with what time the moon showed up not sure if you wish to know about that you also have your compass your barrel meter that reveals you your atmospheric pressure as well as your attitude really really accurate stuff here in fact and you additionally have your cycle monitoring for the ladies your breathing test a stop-watch timer as well as all right stuff that you are in fact extremely familiar with from the previous watch okay to ensure that’s rather much what you in fact get with the amazefit gtr3 professional right below i would say that it is a fairly a fair little step-by-step updates it just makes the watch so a lot far better to make use of now a lot more practical without the demand to maintain inspecting the app as well as i most definitely enjoy that regarding the amazefit gtr 3. Currently in terms of the battery life i likewise have been utilizing it for the previous two weeks like i stated as well as under actually truly hefty use for my instance i utilize like i have my always on display screen turn on i additionally have my a lot of notifications coming in as well as i utilize the look for my runs and all that as well as i was able to obtain concerning 4 or 5 days of battery life on one single fee currently contrasting this to the previous remarkable gtr 2 i recognized that i might just get about two or 3 days back then so this is definitely a strong enhancement in terms of the battery life now once again battery life is really subjective on how you utilize your watch according to impress rate it can go all the way as much as 21 days on light use 10 days on hefty usage yet i guess me directly i’m those incredibly heavy user kind of person right here to ensure that’s why

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i just got like five days on one solitary charge which is exceptional by the means in addition to that amazfit is additionally presenting this computer animated sort of watch stages right below so you do have a pair of brand-new watch deals with if you desire to know about that let me simply reveal you one very promptly the primary one right here is in fact pretty cool although i don’t utilize it that much because it has a tendency to consume rather a reasonable bit of battery so i’m just going to switch it back to my preferred watch face so that’s a pair of brand-new things on the amazefit gtr3 lastly in terms of prices we do not have the pricing right here in malaysia yet however i’ll leave some details down in the summary box so you can tell about those info now let me just show you exactly how it looks like on my wrist obviously this is not the best watch this is the amazefit gtr 3 pro however allow me simply take this off momentarily right below and put on the amazefit gtr3 simply so you have an idea on how it appears like uh if you are still at this moment of the

video clip do not neglect to drop a like if you can i constantly aids to sustain the network and also sustain the video as well thank you people so a lot for that and also yes i do have the watch now on my wrist this is exactly how it appears like i think it looks much like the gtr ii extremely very conventional here like i stated it’s really minimalist and this is the sort of look that i like i’m just revealing it to the electronic camera extremely swiftly right below this is exactly how it resembles as well as yes uh in regards to the gtr 3 pro which i will cover in the next video clip uh this guy right below the gtr3 professional really has a slightly bigger display lesser bezels on the sides here that makes it looks impressive but yeah i’ll keep that for the following video clip all appropriate people i believe that’s what i have to share regarding the awe gtr 3 right here if you have anymore questions or if there are stuff that you want me to have a look at don’t forget to leave those comments down in the summary box below and also i intend to see you guys in the next one stay safe everyone bye