Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G Full Review: ONE MAJOR PROBLEM.

hi everyone welcome back to an additional video with lim evaluations now in today’s video we’re going to be looking into the redmi note 11 pro plus 5g that i have actually been making use of for the previous couple of days so in today’s video what you’ll be discovering below is whatever in terms of my sincere point of views i have actually utilized this tool there are points that i like points that i do not truly like as well as by the end of this video clip this ought to actually help you out in your acquisition decision so if you’re wondering whether you should buy this device delay for the following gadget or all that this this video will actually assist you to answer all your concerns now before we start this video certainly if you could simply sustain the channel by dropping a like sub to the channel that would certainly be truly actually amazing guys okay without more ado let’s simply delve into my sincere thoughts regarding this redmi note 11 pro plus currently initially up i want to begin extremely swiftly by talking a bit concerning the cost for this device currently after some conversions below in malaysia the rate is around somewhat even more than 1 200 ringgit and also that puts it a little under 300 us dollars if you’re from various areas on the planet currently bear in mind that this is not an affordable gadget formerly in all the redmi note

series it has always been concentrating on price and also supplying you with incredible specs but in this situation in my point of view again i locate that it is a little more expensive so what are we truly getting right here with the redmi note 11 pro plus let’s continue to discover currently the next thing we’re going to speak about right here is the layout currently on the layout front i believe that this is hands down the ideal looking redmi note series to date what we contend the back below is in fact an extremely good as well as smooth matte materials it’s not like a common kind of matte it feels soft as well as mad at the same time if that sort of make good sense to you however it feels actually wonderful on the back panel individuals that’s the initial point the 2nd thing i wish to highlight below is once more the level sides that we carry the sides right here it makes it really feel a lot more superior compared to all the previous redmi note collection that i have handled prior to so it’s certainly really feeling excellent right here in my hands it has an extremely strong type of feel and general i just assume that the redmi note 11 pro plus right here looks impressive men let me recognize what you people think of this look undoubtedly there are a number of various a lot more colors however i chose this color due to the fact that i believe it is fairly one-of-a-kind now done with the design allow’s chat a little bit about the display screen that we have in the front below so at the front

we do have a 6.67 inch amoled display screen uh you guys probably currently know that we have a 120 hertz rejuvenate right over right here and also a 360 hertz touch sampling price so what this equates to is extremely buttery kind of smooth communications on the screen itself every little thing is just very fluid right here since you’re obtaining that high refresh rate as well as high touch tasting rate currently aside from that i have to additionally commend redmi for providing this of their best display screens on a redmi note series the amoled screen panel here is great in terms of contrast degrees and in regards to saturation degrees i enjoy the screen on this redmi note 11 pro plus so i guess that’s where several of the expense is really going they’re giving you a respectable display right here it’s from samsung by the method to make sure that’s simply in terms of the display screen uh extremely rapidly let’s proceed to speak a little concerning the processor in the back currently again this is a somewhat of a question mark for me due to the fact that on one hand we have a price of close to 1200 plus ringgit again which is under 300 us

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bucks and this places this tool extremely close to the rates of the poco f3 which resembles the king of the value king around individuals you can’t compare this to the poco f3 so this is where i have my issue in terms of the cpu so in regards to the cpu we’re only obtaining a measurement 920 right here so in regards to power smart i believe it is quite underpowered for the price maybe i’m asking excessive right here however once again in regards to everyday usage it is fine it launches apps rather rapidly it doesn’t delay it doesn’t postpone you can likewise play video games relatively halfway decent on this tool right here now bear in mind that you it does not support the extreme graphics on like mobile legends it does not sustain the highest graphics settings on club g and also if you play generation effect quite a fair little bit you will need to utilize the tool setups to in fact get a respectable smooth gameplay so it’s not really like a gaming master over below with the redmi note 11 pro plus now what it simulates i reiterated previously on is that it’s providing you an extremely smooth day-to-day experience but also for the price individuals i i assume the measurement 920 is just missing it by a mile aside from that in regards to the ram below we are obtaining the lpddr4x but in terms of interior memory we’re not also getting ufs 3.1 this is a ufs 2.2 kind of interior memory once more these are not points that you can in fact see

in the real world or you can not see on the equipment itself but when you use the phone you simply really feel that you you expect a little bit extra once more at that kind of rate for the redmi note 11 pro plus i do not i don’t wish to whine about this right here yet yeah allow me understand what you guys assume do you believe uh the dimension 920 is a great processor to be placing in a gadget that costs this much yeah let me know what you men think now moving on allow’s chat a bit regarding the video cameras at the back below and also this is where we do get a three-way electronic camera configuration led by the 108 megapixel main sensing unit you likewise have an 8 megapixel ultrawide and also last but not least you do get a telephoto macro lens aboard now in terms of the picture top quality i discovered that this was actually fairly a pleasurable shock since i discovered that pictures taken on this gadget below actually look quite good currently keep in mind once again we are not using phones that cost similar to this type of cost to you know take up prints of big size you recognize to truly go and also pixel peep and also see all that things there yet i seen that images taken below actually look truly great during the day in the evening it also looked specifically

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heros i discovered that there was very minimal sort of lens flare specifically when i’m shooting directly at source of lights that’s certainly very excellent in my publications aside from that i saw that there is very little noise in terms of the photos that comes out no matter of it being in the day or at night so extremely great uh for the redmi note 11 pro plus right below as a matter of fact also the ultra white shots look quite great on this gadget here so general i think just in regards to the cameras right here we’re getting a quite good collection of sensors yet the only complaint i may have here is that when you’re taking photos in the evening there is fairly a reasonable little delay as well as lag in the ui itself that makes it rather difficult to concentrate correctly without any type of sort of shakes on these images right below so it’s just that point i’m mosting likely to reveal you a quick clip so you can comprehend what i indicate by that general video cameras wise i think it is still a pass now carrying on to the next point right below allow’s chat a little concerning the interface as well as the experience below and for that i’m mosting likely to discuss two points to begin with allow’s talk a little about the haptics and also this is in fact very good we’re getting the x-axis direct haptic seal which really feels awesome by the method apart from that we additionally have dual stereo audio speakers that appears amazing it gets very loud right here apparently it’s tuned by jbl and also last however not the very least we also have the headphone jack on top here so any of you individuals available that still utilizes your wired headset so you can still utilize it on this device right below currently finally let’s discuss the

battery in the back so over here we do get a 4500 mah battery honestly based upon this density i really felt that they can in fact fit in a 5000 mah battery but 4500 is what you get however the major marketing factor of the battery and also all that is the billing innovation so for this redmi note 11 pro plus it sustains the 120 watt rapid cost which you do obtain that battery charger in package it’s a massive incidentally and also it can go from zero to 100 men in 15 mins i think i have actually pointed out that in my unboxing video clip so really very rapid sort of billing speeds right here as a matter of fact it’s one of the fastest uh in the globe presently zero to 100 in simply 15 mins men it’s crazy to make sure that’s what you obtain below in the redmi note 11 pro plus good men profits is this phone worth it and also is it something that you should think about buying well truthfully speaking i think that the rate is just a little bit too high now phones these days of course we’re obtaining spoiled with a great deal of choices below however i really felt that the price of like 1 200 ringgit or possibly like under 300 us bucks it’s simply a little high for a redmi note series i anticipated it to be simply a little reduced it might be less costly by regarding like 100 ringgit or 200 ringgit which means concerning like 30 to 40 us dollars and it would certainly assist this tool

so a lot more due to the fact that at this type of rate factor once more i claimed the poco f3 is easily little bit farther further away and also if i had to pick between one uh undeniably i would certainly have chosen the poco f3 it’s simply a no-brainer individuals so yeah i believe that’s my my stand on the prices for this device right below or else efficiency smart it is still really spending plan to a mid-range degree type of efficiency it’s not truly like the toughest mid-range out there so this is basically what i expect or what i can claim my honest thoughts concerning the redmi note 11 pro plus currently again uh last however not the very least i do want to hear your ideas on what do you think about the processor what do you think concerning the cost do you believe the everything that you’re getting below warrants the rates that it’s been asking uh allow me understand down in the comment section listed below once more if you did found this video beneficial and also do not fail to remember to go down a like a sub to the network and also of program i hope to see all of you men in the next one remain risk-free everyone bye oh incidentally my eyes are a little bit completely dry today so i’m flickering quite a reasonable bit so if you did observe that uh my apologies all right claim save everybody bye

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