This Wireless ANC Earbuds Is AMAZING! Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro by Anker 🔥

hi everybody welcome back to one more video with lim testimonials currently in today’s video clip i’m mosting likely to be sharing with you one of the very best wireless earbuds i have actually ever before heard for rather a long time currently uh the audio high quality the audio is just remarkable so let me inform you a bit more regarding these specific earbuds by support currently if you know the brand name anchor or if you do not understand them previously they tend to come up with a whole lot of like power banks cables all those type of products however these days they’ve been coming out with a lot of strong wireless earbuds audio uh items as well as all that so in today’s video clip we’ll be taking a look at one of the most up to date freedom tree pro that just landed below in malaysia i understand this pair of earbuds has really been on various other regions worldwide yet we finally get it right here in malaysia and anchor reach out to me so i can share this with you individuals so let’s chat a bit regarding the item itself due to the fact that it is rather outstanding currently this freedom 3 pro below i do have the product

right below i as a matter of fact i have 2 colors today i have the purple along with the black which i will show you in closer detail later yet yeah allow’s chat concerning this freedom 3 pro today this item here is launched in malaysia for rm 799 i’m sure anchor malaysia is having a number of sales in the future marked down costs and all that so do take a look at the links down listed below if you wish to learn the current prices of this label t3 pro now when i initial obtained this box here and i saw the general top quality of this packaging it was truly mind blowing what came in the box here normally when you buy a pair of cordless earbuds it’s just a typical kind of a packaging you don’t have any fancy packaging at all however, for this set below the packaging is merely out of this globe so i’m going to show you what it appears like on the inside basically you open up package right below and also you do obtain every little thing done in one extremely neat product packaging uh inside package itself so we have the cordless earbuds naturally on the inside we likewise have the situation itself we have a pair of different size ear tips as well as

obviously we likewise have a couple of various size ear wings so that you can fit them right into your ears whenever you go for like more extreme activities and also you simply want extra grip in your ears you have an option of various size ear wings over there just for you to use them it’s so impressive when i just opened this i was like whoa this is truly really cool okay so this is basically what you obtain in package um in terms of the functions and all that we do have a number of features essential highlights that anchor is placing on a box here we have this astria alcoholic drink acoustic design 2.0 uh essentially that simply indicates that the noise is mosting likely to be outstanding now the 2nd point we have here is here id energetic sound cancellation yes these wireless earbuds do feature anc in terms of the battery life it shows here approximately 8 hours of play time as well as 32 hours with the billing instance to ensure that is actually quite outstanding you can pay attention to it continuously to a great deal of songs without needing to charge the gadget extremely very cool besides that it has the high res experience and also last but not least it states below it has the 6 mic ai uplink sound decrease so this must most definitely assist you out when

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you are answering calls making use of the tag t3 pro over here to ensure that’s what you enter terms of the essential highlights for the liberty 3 pro currently as quickly as i unbox it as well as put all of it set up like i have it below this is really exactly how the situation appears like in terms of exactly how the case feels it is a really smooth kind of mattish finish it looks really near to the dimension of a stone a normal pebble it fits very perfectly in my palm i have little hands right here and of course it still fits quite well and all you need to do is just swipe upwards move upwards to actually be able to access the earbuds currently it looks excellent and also all that we do have tiny leds on the inside that blinks up so it has this extremely trendy appearance uh something i do have to complain i would certainly say a small problem below is in terms of how you lay the earbuds into the situation i have actually had a whole lot of troubles attempting to place it in straightening it properly due to the fact that it’s just rather tricky to put it in so that is my only mild grievance regarding this freedom 3 pro however or else product packaging sensible style smart just how it looks and feels is just outstanding now just how does it in fact sound like and also this is really the more vital component here so overall like i pointed out previously on the audio experience is really one of the most effective but when i put the earbuds in i can hear music that is actually very well balanced it has great bass it has excellent clearness in regards to the voice but the mids and the elevations are additionally respectable here general whenever you put in a very premium pair of wireless earbuds you will certainly listen to the difference due to the fact that the audio simply really feels so rich and also it feels extremely near

the type of audio high quality that you are obtaining from the most highest possible meaning to make sure that’s the sort of sensation that i got when i pay attention to this label t3 pro now you may take my words right here and also you may be wondering is this really real so in fact if you just take place youtube as well as you simply browse a pair of uh testimonials for this freedom 3 pro i noticed that there was this man jonathan morrison he in fact is a music manufacturer i assume now and also he in fact commended the audio turning up from this liberty t3 pro he was so amazed with it currently the anc likewise works extremely well i remained in the cafe earlier on as well as when i simply plugged this in i could absolutely erase all the noise that were originating from the cafe to ensure that’s excellent an additional factor right here is that if you do shut off the anc you can in fact select a pass-through type of mode and that method the mic actually discovers the noise from the atmosphere and it feeds it right into your ears so you can hear what is in fact happening in the environment now proceeding i simply wish to touch extremely quickly a little on the mic audio high quality that i was experiencing once more i went to the coffee shop simply currently and also i had a quick conference so i used this earbuds to place it on right here as well as i asked my associate like what is the feedback what do you assume of the audio coming out from the liberty 3 pro currently she pointed out 2 things below the initial thing is that she mentioned the sound was certainly louder than my previous set of headset to make sure

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that means that the individual on the various other end of the customer can really hear me very loud and also plainly and that is probably because of the 6 microphones that the wireless earbuds have currently another thing that she did reference was that she was still able to hear the bordering audio from the cafe that indicates uh the microphone really selected up the audios from the songs it grabbed the noise from the individuals speaking close to me to make sure that is really something that uh she highlighted below so i once again in all honesty here yes the individual on the various other end of the phone call can hear me extremely clearly and also loudly but the mic likewise grabs sounds from the environments like your cafe appears as well as all that so this is simply something that i must mention okay to make sure that’s this in

regards to the mic high quality generally in terms of battery life yes i’m getting really close to the battery life that is really promoted by support and also that is with anc activated so overall yeah this is simply a very glimpse at the anchor liberty 3 pro this is their brand-new cordless earbuds once again it is a very exceptional set of earbuds right below it appears wonderful it feels great the presentation the product packaging whatever is awesome if you are searching for a gif and you do have the budget of approximately rm 799 or possibly 600 plus i assume they are having a sale now you ought to definitely examine out the links down listed below or possibly simply give yourself something this xmas so yeah check out the web links below for this outstanding seeming cordless earbuds alright guys that’s it for today’s video clip if you still have any kind of inquiries that you would love to learn about the liberty 3 professional do not hesitate to leave your inquiries down in the remark section below do not forget to such as and sub to the channel if you wish to see even more of the amazing technology landing in malaysia and i hope to see all of you individuals in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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