Xiaomi 12 Full Review: MOST Powerful Compact BUT Few Major Problems!

hi everybody welcome back to one more video clip with lim evaluations currently in today’s video clip as you can see by the title we’re mosting likely to be speaking everything about the xiaomi 12. currently birth in mind that i have actually been utilizing this device here for roughly 9 or 10 days and i have rather a reasonable bit to show to you specifically given that i discover this a love-hate relationship with the xiaomi 12. currently the reason that i say this is a love-hate connection is because there are rather a reasonable little bit of items that i enjoy about the xiaomi 12 but there are likewise a couple things that i don’t really like and i find that it really influenced the total individual experience so in today’s video clip do not assume of this as a review but more of a sharing type of story of my experience with the xiaomi 12. currently prior to we begin naturally i have actually stated this often times but if you simulate these type of videos or you simply intend to support the network do not neglect to drop a like sub to the channel that would certainly be truly

outstanding now let’s start all best first up uh the initial point that i like here undoubtedly remains in terms of the rates currently the xiaomi 12 i got this tool straight from china for rm2500 and remember that this is actually the base version of simply 8 gigabytes of ram as well as 128 of gigabytes of interior memory currently price sensible i assume it’s a very fair price in order to get this sort of specs the snapdragon 8gen one today for simply 2500 ringgit in a small device such as this i assume it is a piece of cake if you are the kind of individual who really likes smaller devices a lot more portable devices i believe this is simply one of the most effective bargains you can go out there currently the second thing that i like right here is most definitely regarding the style so i did discuss in my previous review of the xiaomi 12 professional where i got the black the matte version however after using this 70-12 in this environment-friendly with the synthetic leather back panel i found that this is in fact a lot far better to utilize compared to the black version of the 12 professional it really feels absolutely charming to hold you do not have those truly chilly feeling in the morning and obviously it also has this type of soft touch feeling to it so i’m unsure if you can picture that yet it just really feels a lot more superior and also comfortable to keep in hand currently one point i do need to mention right here is that although xiaomi is uh marketing this as like a portable smaller device which we

have to certainly praise xiaomi for still looking after these people around yet yes this one is not specifically very small it is a 6.28 inches to ensure that means that it is somewhat smaller sized than a lot of front runners you see today but it is really not really that tiny but if you can see from this video right here my hands are rather tiny and i can really hold the entire device in one hand effectively so yeah that’s just in regards to the layout that’s what i love in fact currently the 3rd thing that i really like about this device certainly that is the processor now like i discussed previously on this is uh i would state one of the most effective compact tool to day since it features the snapdragon 8 8gen1 you individuals already understand how it does it’s primarily much better than the snapdragon 888 or 888 plus in terms of simply not just efficiency yet in terms of efficiency and also the ability to maintain points cool down while you are playing video games just checking out your social networks youtube as well as all that it’s a beast in taking care of all kinds of tasks that you can really toss at the device so directly i would certainly state that this is an incredibly effective cpu right here that like i said without much warm now if you are a gamer as well you will not need to fret too much regarding that since it will deal with every video game that you can toss at it without a sweat to ensure that’s what you are getting with the most effective cpu to date in the xiaomi 12. To make sure that’s just in

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regards to performance i likewise definitely like that now performed with that the fourth point that i actually like concerning this device below is really the miui 13. currently i’m so sure that i have actually shown you in my xiaomi 12 pro video regarding miui 13. it generally presents a great deal of lovely widgets currently this is something that i wasn’t able to claim so much regarding android since formerly it was quite tough to get some actually good widgets set up on my my desktop so straightforward however with miui 13 xiaomi has in fact presented a great deal of stunning widgets below that you can see on my display today it looks impressive it just includes an entire feeling or a whole next degree of customization that looks attractive to my to my eyes so i think that is one point that i actually enjoy about miui 13. Xiaomi is additionally claiming that they have quashed quite a fair little bugs with miui 13 so on my 8 to 9 day use with the xiaomi 12 i did realize that it was extremely smooth no pests whatsoever the whole operating system was really smooth to operate and also it is in fact a really great experience utilizing miui 13 on the xiaomi 12. so i do hope if any one of you out there are still making use of a xiaomi device with any luck your tool will certainly get the miui 13 upgrade so you can appreciate all those benefits all right so i’m done speaking regarding the things that i like currently allow me chat a bit

concerning the points that i did not actually like to begin with the important point that i did not actually like here really is the display currently hear me out the screen on the xiaomi 12 is an outstanding display screen in regards to the requirements it is an oled display like i said it’s currently a 6.28 inch 120hz rejuvenate price you have hdr10 plus all the excellent stuff on this screen below a really compact display that puts the pixel density to greater than 400 that suggests everything that you see on the display is going to be crystal clear extremely sharp uh the shades are incredible every little thing looks excellent it looks great people but here’s the primary issue the problem with this gadget the display screen here is actually as a result of the curved sides on both the left and right edges so i discovered that whenever i make use of a larger tool that is bent on the sides my hands really are further expanded so i do not actually hold the phone like that however because this xiaomi 12 is a smaller sized phone so the reason my hands really curve a lot more towards the display as well as this is where i have a lots of unintended touches throughout my whole experience no matter if i’m just browsing youtube when i’m just waiting i will unintentionally push one more video clip no matter if i’m simply using the browser without much understanding i really struck an additional link to head to someplace else

so this is something that i found actually irritating with the xiaomi 12. I would highly advise xiaomi like as an example in the future if they’re going to create a compact device they ought to absolutely select a level display to make sure that we don’t have those accidental touches on the sides i’m just going to reveal you once more on the cam today simply visualize this if the tool was bigger you would certainly not be constraining your hands so close to the display screen however because it is smaller similar to this whenever you hold it in your hand you will really be touching around the sides of the display and also i understand a few of you men available may ask me did you activate the accidental touch setup naturally of course i did there are a number of settings right here you can go from small tool big and also you can in fact cover an entire section on the sides right here to stop that unexpected touches yet in actual real life usage also if you hide all the whole sites you will still be vulnerable to those unexpected touches so that’s something that i wish to feedback it definitely influences the overall user experience making it fairly aggravating to use the xiaomi 12. great to make sure that’s the very first thing that i didn’t actually like currently the second thing that i did not truly like here really remains in terms of the cameras at the back now again we have a three-way cam configuration we have the 50 megapixel sony imx 766 that you people may already be very acquainted with it gets on many front runner gadgets from 2021. it’s in fact an excellent sensing

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unit yet i think as a result of the optimizations from xiaomi it is not that terrific besides that you likewise have a 13 megapixel ultra right as well as finally a 5 megapixel tele micro lens or something like that so general i would certainly claim simply in regards to electronic camera pictures that i was handling the xiaomi 12 i absolutely anticipated it to be a bit much better than what i was seeing so what i indicate by that is that the pictures below just doesn’t appear as well real to life pictures simply look extremely boring as well as normal occasionally i notification that the shades are additionally not that accurate so as an example when i’m directing the camera towards a specific individual xiaomi simply makes the entire complexion go totally wrong as well as all that to ensure that’s simply the sort of experience that i was getting with the video camera occasionally the shots are really fairly good sometimes they’re not so excellent so i would certainly claim that uniformity is the issue here with the video camera but overall again considering that i directly modify a great deal of my images i believe that it’s not really a substantial deal it’s not truly a massive issue for me and not actually an offer breaker to make sure that’s just something that i can point out concerning the cameras currently the third thing that i didn’t fairly like right here is in terms of the battery life currently we do have a very slim gadget over below and i should praise xiaomi for really placing in a 4 500 mah battery

nevertheless the trouble below is that the battery does not really last that long so i observed based on my basic usage normally in the early morning i begin with 100 by time i gotten to like five or 6 it was already to such as 30 or 40 percent which naturally needed me to start billing up the tool because i generally remain awake till fairly late so yes this is where you have the 67 watt rapid fee charger that can be found in a box you have the ability to charge up fairly swiftly i would certainly state 39 mins if you’re not mistaken zero to 100 however yeah the battery life is just not that solid compared to other 4 500 mah battery tools so again this is something that i intended to highlight all best guys i believe that’s basically what i wish to share in terms of my tale with the xiaomi 12 like i claimed the love hate relationship because there is like i stated earlier quite a reasonable little bit to enjoy concerning the xiaomi 12 however due to that present the curved display is just providing me a massive frustration making it very hard to make use of and also all those unintended touches is just so discouraging i just desire that xiaomi placed in a flat display on the front and also that would have fixed everything so yes that’s just my tackle the xiaomi 12 if you have any type of more concerns or if there are things that you would like me to check out for you do not hesitate to leave them down in the remark area listed below i wish you do not find this video too unfavorable i just hope that you recognize that this is just my truthful take on the xiaomi 12. alright individuals if you similar to this video don’t fail to remember to go down a like quit to the network to see more content similar to this and i’ll see every one of you guys in the following one remain secure everybody bye.

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