TCL 10 Pro: Solid $450 Budget Phone!

hey everyone Tim Schofield here it’s time to take a look at the new TCL 10 Pro a very promising phone I’m excited to open up and check it out you might be familiar with TCL from their TVs so I’m hoping that HDR 10 six point four seven inch AMOLED display is good along with that you have features like a 64 megapixel camera the snapdragon 875 processor from qualcomm a headphone jack and it is priced very competitively at four hundred and fifty dollars so let’s go ahead and unbox the TCL 10 pro see what we get at that price point let’s go and get started here is the TCL 10 Pro also noteworthy 128 gigs of storage and 6 gigabytes of RAM opening the box there is our TCL 10 Pro set that to the side for a second as usual and we have our sim ejection tool and there’s also a micro SD card in the TCL 10 Pro so you can expand that hundred twenty eight gigs of storage opening it up you’ll see just some some booklets and then a display greatness case from TCL so nice that it actually does come with a case included pretty standard charging cable and adapter which is USB type a 2 USB type-c so that’s everything that comes in the box let’s check out the TCL 10 pro take off some of this packaging on the back let’s put the phone up also review video is coming soon so be sure to subscribe so you’re notified when that goes live I will be putting my SIM card in this phone installing all my apps and speaking of apps so I partnered with bumble and online dating is tough specifically building those one-on-one connections

and what I found from my past experiences with the bumble app is that I was able to have the most high-quality conversations within it and it’s really great having the girl message me first because then I know they’re genuinely interested in having a conversation bumble is also adding very useful and relevant features to their app they have in-app video calling so a woman can use that as their first move to do a video chat or of course in response a man can go ahead and start a video chat so you can go ahead and do some virtual dating if you’d like for some virtual dating ideas you could order the same takeout have a dinner together you could even show off your crib show off your living space and introduce them to your pets and then you could even teach them how to mix and make your favorite drink you can even add a virtual date badge to your profile so people know you are interested in video chatting so that is the bumble app you can get it in the App Store the Play Store I will link to it down in the description below so go check out the bumble app right away I’m noticing the back has curved sides to it and then also really nice so look at the quad camera system on the back it’s completely flush with the back of the phone however the flashes the LED flashes on the left and right hand side protrude out just slightly which is actually a great thing because with phones that have completely flush cameras and nothing on the back they slide on

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tabletop so easily so the fact that these have LED flashes right here should make it so that this does not slide off the table so down at the bottom that sim card slot micro SD card USB C slot for charging microphone and one of our speakers moving along the right side is where the power button is volume controls up towards the top check this out microphone and an IR blaster so an infrared blaster so you can go ahead and control TVs and such and there is our headphone jack up towards the top and that on the left side make note of the rounded back and rounded front with the display and you do have a separate button on the left side called a smart key which you can customize we’ll talk about that in just a second on the front here you do have a bit of a notch for that camera placement and overall minimal bezels also on the back is that 64 megapixels standard wide-angle lens 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and then you have a five megapixel lens for macro shots so getting really close to the subject and then finally a two megapixel depth sensing lens let’s go ahead and skip through the startup process I’ll talk about anything noteworthy the 10 Pro does have an in display fingerprint scanner so let’s go ahead and set that up to set our finger on where that fingerprint is at lift it on up all right so fingerprint added we can rename it if we would like to let’s go ahead and continue on

you can also unlock with your face so let’s go ahead and do that so let’s try this around the camera so putting my face in that was really quick continue your face has been registered we’re we are ready to go so we’ll test both of those out it’s also the NXT vision setting maybe next vision where it’s going to adjust contrast sharpness and saturation to improve your screen image so we can go ahead and leave that one on now also whether you want the home and app drawer or just the home screen oh me I like to have the app drawer setup is complete let’s go ahead and continue through let’s go into settings and jump into display right away some status bar settings you can actually get rid of that notch so you can hide the front camera we can try that out and you’ll see that notch does go away if you don’t actually want that just puts a color around the status bar looks like they have a dark mode built in so we can turn that on and it’s going to probably have a system-wide dark mode turning on between apps that you can schedule I’m really glad TCL decided to add a scheduler to their dark mode got a lot of questions about this one but they do have an always-on display which is awesome to have for OLED displays there’s different styles to them if you wanted to mix up the clock change some things so let’s go ahead and add that one so when we go ahead and lock our phone that always-on display

should come up there we go we could see the notification icons time date and battery percentage and that little jellyfish there so we could go ahead and lock our phone with our fingerprint scanner let’s test that out again so Ted let’s go ahead and set it down with our lock screen up set that on down so seemed seemed like it worked pretty well I’m gonna have to get used to that positions a little lower than I’m used to but I find over time you do get used to it I do also have that face unlock turned on so let’s go ahead and try that and it unlocks it just about right away and of course this is a bad angle so nice to see that works well now for the smart key on the left side it does have some texture to it you’ll see it has a separate app here where you can really customize the action a single press we can have it maybe launch the Google assistant if we want to have it launched the camera in different modes to gallery smart manager edge bar a bunch of different things like a flashlight so let’s say I want to have a double press I want that to be a flashlight for sure so let’s go ahead and try that out so double tap this button what do you know both our flashes are on their DoubleTap to turn it back off good to go and then if we press it once it will go ahead and

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activate our Google assistant kind of neat and convenient and great that you can customize for those of you wondering this is TCL skin on top of Android 10 so the latest version of Android to see jumping into our recent apps you can clear all you can go ahead and swipe up to get rid of apps let’s see if we can actually activate some gestures going into settings advanced features system navigation so they do have just your navigation so back from the side it looks like they have more to where you can swipe up from the corner to go back but I actually prefer back from the side for sure so let’s swipe up to go home if we go into settings go into advanced and swipe from the right it would it goes back swipe from the left it goes back swipe up and pause gets to our recent app so you can activate gestures you don’t have to have buttons quickly want to show off the included case on the phone it does cover all of our buttons down at the bottom there are cutouts for our charging port etc and of course they cut out for infrared and headphone jack so overall looking good definitely add some grip to the sides and a little bit of thickness so it makes it a little bit easier to hold a couple more noteworthy features there is an edge bar that you can customize with apps contacts there’s a ruler built in you can

change those if you want to going back they also have a one handed mode game mode driving mode and gestures so you can have a three finger screenshot split screen gesture so you swipe up with three fingers to activate split screen this app doesn’t actually support it but if we go into an app that does like the Play Store swipe up with three fingers and it will go ahead and activate our split screen mode finally let’s jump into the camera app for the first time and just snap a quick picture there’s one two just to kind of see the shutter speed and check out some of the modes here a light trace I wonder what that actually is capture movement capture light or draw light that’s kind of cool I’m gonna have to test out that mode for sure more to come on that swapping through you do have portrait you have a pro mode was even that super night mode to take some long exposure shots of course more to come in a future video so stay tuned for that so that’s everything I want to talk about with the TCL 10 Pro for now pretty exciting device at that $450 price point drop a comment let me know what you think I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give it a thumbs up as always guys thank you very much

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