Motorola Edge Unboxing: $500 Unlocked!

hey everyone tim scofield here and earlier this year motorola came out with their latest flagship the edge plus which did launch only on verizon which was kind of a bummer i do have videos on that device if you missed them i’ll link to them down below however motorola is releasing the edge which is a fully unlocked device and if you pre-order it you can get it for 500 now the edge and the edge plus are not the same devices there are some similarities so we’re going to go ahead and unbox the edge take a look at what comes inside and also of course look at the phone as well and see what you can get at that 500 price point let’s get started opening the edge from motorola looks like we have a box towards the top inside that box was a clear protective case nice to see it’s always great when companies include extras in the box that they don’t have to setting the phone to the side you have

your standard booklets and sim ejection tool also worth noting it does have a micro sd card slot and then finally in the box you’ve got your usb type a the usb type c cable for charging and then an 18 watt turbo power charger from motorola usb type a moving along let’s check out the edge and right away i am liking this color almost has a blue tint to it obviously reflects differently and has a gradient depending on how the color hits it even almost a rainbow style to it really cool nice work motorola and if you are

wondering what this color is called it is called solar black really neat all right down at the bottom you have one of your speakers usb type c slot microphone and look at that a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack nice motorola to include that on the left side of the phone absolutely nothing up towards the top microphone and again sim card slot micro sd card slot for expandable storage and then on the right side you do have two volume rockers and a power button that does have some texture to it so you can differentiate between the volume button and the power button looking at the side there is a very small camera bump that is barely there with the camera system now the main sensor is a 64 megapixel lens then you have an ultra wide angle 16 megapixel lens which will also take macro shots so close-up shots for you you have a telephoto lens for two times zoom and then you do have a time-of-flight sensor and just because it looks so cool here’s just a close look at the full back so you can really see that solar black coloring all right with the phone booted up i’m going to run through the

startup process talk about anything noteworthy and then we’ll get into the specs and more features of the phone the edge does have an in display fingerprint scanner and it just lets you know if you use a screen protector make sure that you do have one that is compatible with the phone now let’s go ahead and set this up very simple just go ahead and set our thumb down and lift it up now if you are curious this is a 5g capable phone it does have the snapdragon 765 processor from qualcomm in it which is of course does have that 5g modem on the inside and again will work on all major carriers within the us and i will link to this device down below if you are interested in it and again that pre-order price is the one that’s at five hundred dollars gonna have more fingerprints i’m going to hit done but they also do have face unlock if you’d like to use that instead and we are all set up and ready to go as you can tell it lives up to its name with the edge display with those curved sides just kind of spilling off the side of the phone now this is a 6.7 inch 1080p display if you were wondering and actually taking a look at the phone it looks like it does have 90 hertz activated out of the box which is great to see that it has above 60 hertz this is an oled display and if we wanted to jump into settings and go into display settings you could

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probably find that 90 hertz you’ll see it does have a dark theme currently the display refresh rate is set to auto so you can customize it for auto for optimal refresh rate or you can uh set it to 90 hertz or 60 hertz which will save some battery life the edges aren’t just for aesthetics motorola has added functionality with edge touch so you can double tap or swipe on an action bar for quick shortcuts so if we try it out double tap on the action bar right here swipe in for shortcuts swipe down to see notifications from there swipe down again to open up quick settings swipe up to see recent apps or swipe up again for the app tray so there’s a lot of different functionality obviously that was just the quick demo but let’s go ahead and actually use it so if we swipe down from there you’ll see it pulls down our notification tray if we swipe up our recent app swipe up again it will jump into our app so this is all just from one spot on the phone and you can customize that spot if we are in the dialer and double tap on that screen you will see you can get rid of those edges so you’ll see the bezels just got a lot a little bit bigger that’s just obviously with coloring of the display so if you don’t actually want that display to be on with the sides in specific apps you can customize that on a per app basis swiping out will get you some shortcuts that again you can completely customize to your liking maybe you just want a ruler real quick and actually measure something with your phone looking towards the top is that second speaker that earpiece right here which

couples for a stereo speaker experience with that bottom speaker and apparently motorola has done a great job at sound quality and how loud these get i’m excited to try it out and i will be sure to test them jumping into the camera for the first time let’s go ahead and just snap a quick picture looks like you have a ton of different modes including night vision like i said macro spot color is a lot of fun let’s go ahead and jump into the main camera app snap a quick picture there maybe a couple you can back it up with google photos if you’d like to it prompts you right away now if you want to tap on the one x it will jump to that 2x zoom which is not digital zoom this is actually uh optical zoom and then we can also go into the ultra wide angle lens so obviously it’s going to include a lot more into the shot but not only that if you wanted to get really close to something so let’s grab our plant right here you’ll see we’re getting really close and it’s still staying focused because you can take macro shots with the ultra wide angle lens and then the edge has a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and motorola says you can get up to two days worth of battery so definitely gonna have to test that out let’s check out that fingerprint scanner uh setting it on seems to be very quick and accurate even when the display is off you can just go ahead and tap your display set your thumb down and it will unlock one thing about this phone it does not have an official ip rating however motorola does say it has a water repellent design but no actual ip rating and again on top of that expandable storage it comes with 256 gigabytes of internal storage crazy that that’s the base amount with six gigabytes of ram so you’re going to have more than enough storage and this is on the latest android 10.

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now one thing that motorola does really well is they keep a very similar to stock android experience with a lot of nice additional features one of them being chopped twice for a flashlight you can chop twice again to turn it off you can also twist to get quick capture so if i twist my phone it will quickly open up that camera app if i twist again it will go ahead and switch that 25 megapixel front-facing camera there are some other gestures you can customize like three finger screenshot and again edge touch is customizable so with double tap maybe you want it to switch to the last app swiping in can be shortcut swiping up and down position the theme uh the opacity of the actual icon here so if we go ahead and double tap on it now you’ll see it is swapping back and forth between different apps as opposed to it getting rid of the edge display which is very quick and easy and finally wanted to just go ahead and put the case on the phone you’ll see it’s very open on the side where the buttons are and even on the left side for that edge display just has a nice cut out there but the cutouts look great on the camera on the flash and the microphones and of course the ports down at the bottom so everything is exposed still i can go ahead and reach all of my keys nothing is actually covered but again nice that they include a case and it’s clear so you really don’t necessarily lose that coloring on the back very random but if you were wondering you can stand the phone up on its own i wouldn’t recommend it though so overall that’s everything i wanted to touch on for now with the motorola edge drop a comment let me know what you think again i will link to everything down below if you’re interested in checking out this phone and as always guys thanks

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