Nokia 8.3 5G Quad Zeiss Camera, Dynamic HDR Smarts

so here we all were really hoping to see a nice bit of transistor and flagship phone action in the big Nokia launched yesterday and sadly while there was no Nokia 9 series smartphones in sight we did get our first glimpse of the new Nokia 8.3 5g this new 8 series handset is a bloody behemoth at a whopping 6.8 one inches serving up always on each to your visuals some fresh Zeiss optics and as the name kind of implies full 5g support the Nokia 8.3 5g will be coming this summer bit big there unfortunately for the price tag of 599 euros you can expect it to be so just over 500 quid probably here in the UK which of course will make it one of the most affordable 5g phones that you’ll be able to buy and someday I haven’t been hands-on with the new Nokia 8.3 5g because of all this plaguey rubbish that’s going on in the world but hopefully be bringing you a full review soon and in the meantime

sadly here’s just a closer look at all those specs and the best features you know what to expect when it does hit at some point in 2020 so first up the Nokia 0.35 year will only be available in a single hue this lovely deep blue color which is apparently inspired by the polar lights deftly reminds me of some recent on a smart phones and it certainly looks sleek we were given an introduction to the Nokia 0.35 G’s aesthetics by hmd Global’s head of designer on Forsythe who seems to be channeling Johnny I’ve during his little bit we call this living color it’s simply a celebration of light and the way it dynamically reflects and refracts through and off materials amplifying their natural inherent beauty mumbo-jumbo aside what you get is an aluminium frame made from 100% recyclable materials with a nice pet gorilla glass sandwich on the top and bottom there as well they’re not sure which version of gorilla glass that is and at 220 grams the Nokia 0.35 you should definitely be a bit of a hefty bugger as well there’s an edge mounted fingerprint sensor which is integrated into the power button so you don’t get any dodgy in screen effort like we had on the Nokia 9 PureView Y you also get full support for face unlock as well there’s also room on the

opposite edge for a dedicated Google Assistant button on yes there is indeed a headphone jack housed on that bottom edge glory be now as with the other Nakia branded handsets launched yesterday the nokia point 3 5g will be running full Android 10 OS straight out of the box there’ll be a nice pure as well in north tinkerin or tweakin by hmd global the great news is as usual as well you get two dedicated years of OS updates that means i’ll get updated to Android eleven later in 2020 and then Android twelve next year and you’ll just get three coming three years of monthly security updates too so hopefully this thing should be good for the long haul own yes there is of course for NFC support as well as you would kind of expect that’s flopper of a screen while it is a six point eight one inch pure display panel with IPS tech and it’s got a full HD resolution that’s 2,400 by 1080 pixels so despite like gigantic size hopefully your visuals should confirm nice and crisp as well as far as the selfie camera goes is just to think a little pinhole a fair wage to it in one corner so hopefully shouldn’t prove too intrusive at all and one of the advantages of this pure display panel is the fact that it has

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always on HDR this can display up to a billion shades of color and it dynamically enhances the contrast and the colors to improve your visuals no matter what you are watching crammed inside is the fresh Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 G chipset launched at the end of 2019 this has a 5 g modem actually built in which each of the is of course making full use of in fact the nokia point 3 5g apparently supports a huge number of bands more than many rivals for true global coverage good news for Roma’s and that Snapdragon 765 G platform also supports clever ocean a ngons and some impressive gaming features – as I put it out in my all you need to know a video on this chipset from Qualcomm launch so they forgot to check out that video for all you need to know about this platform and the kind of smarts you can really expect from the nokia 8.3 and in the smartphone it is backed by either six or eight gigs of ram depending on which model you go for so it should be absolutely fine for gaming on the go and everything else your throughout it and then luckily 8.3 5g is powered by a 4500 milliamp battery good size there definitely and combined with a pure Android experience will hopefully get between a day and a half of two days over life between charges and depending on which model you plumped for you’ll get either 64 or 128 gigabytes of storage although that is expandable by microSD memory card up to a further 400 gigabytes or plenty of room on there and there is support for dual SIM on the Nokia 0.

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35 jeab unfortunately that second SIM slot is also used by the microSD

memory cards you’ve either got to go Joe sim or what single sim and microSD now on the back end of the Nokia 0.35 J you’ll find some Zeiss branded optics with a few interesting new features that we won’t expect him this is a quad lense set up so you get 64 megapixel primary lens with an f1 point near 9 aperture that’s backed by a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens a 2 megapixel macro lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots now ultra wide-angle ends apparently sports a sensor with much larger pixels for improved low-light photos while also Boston 4k HDR video capture there’s also an action cam board which is based like the super steady more you’ll find on the likes of samsung galaxy s 20 smartphones this just makes nice smooth footage even when you’re moving about the place and a palette that’s supported at Full HD resolution at up to 60 frames per second now one of the more interesting camera features found on the Nokia point three is the Zeiss cinema capture tool especially sounds like a simpler version of the cinema pro feature found on recent Sony experience well this allows you to do is shoot video at a 21 by 9 cinematic aspect ratio and also gives you a couple of cinematic effects as well anamorphic or blue flare once you’ve finished shooting your video you can trim and edit the videos right there on the Nokia 0.35 G as well before sharing them with the world via a bit of 5g of course and rounding off the camera specs this is a 24 megapixel selfie cam in that pinhole housing and of course I haven’t had a chance to test out any of this camera tech or

anything else on the Nokia point 3 5g because it was just an online virtual launch hope and really really soon not to get my hands on a proper device to golf all hands on another say it should be coming summer 2020 so hopefully get a full review in the bag before then so are you tempted by the Nokia 0.35 GB gritty or thoughts down below so there’s some pretty decent specs about 500 pound price point I thought of course you can get some great smartphones for around that price point which happened the very latest 800 series Snapdragon chipset packed in there as well and some pretty damn good camera smarts and all the rest – so I guess it kind of depends on whether you’re really sold on that 5g support my name would be great to hear on thoughts so definitely slap those down the college blog please do poke subscribe and think that notifications about for more on the latest in grits mobile tech check out my other Nokia videos for everything else there hmd launched yesterday jazz everyone loved you

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