Nvidia RTX 3090 Unboxing: EVGA FTW3 Ultra!

hello everybody tim scofield here as well as it has actually been months considering that nvidia launched their rtx 3000 series of gpus and also ever before since release i’ve been shopping one i actually developed this new computer back in 2020 it has my 2080 ti in it and i obtained definitely baked in the comments soon after since nvidia announced their 3000 collection gpus and what do you know it was in fact not that bad of a transfer to have a 2080 ti in there due to the fact that it was essentially difficult to purchase any kind of rtx gpu and after attempting for months i was ultimately able to acquire one this is the rtx particularly the evga ftw 3 ultra design and also no i did not get from a scalper i declined to which is why it took me as long i needed to have message alerts and simply needed to get on it and also once again it took me months to be able to grab one at retail rate so what i wish to do is a fast unboxing program you what comes inside this gpu and then at a future day i will certainly be updating my construct i’m really not 100 favorable this gpu given that it’s going to be big will fit in this in this instance i it’s an nzxt h510 elite case as well as i measured it out as well as i think it will fit yet i’m not 100 positive so we’re gon na take a glance what comes inside and also then change my 2080 ti with the rtx 3090 let’s get going here is that geforce rtx 3090 from evga ftw3 ultra design flipping it over on the back really promptly there is a group of key functions if you intended to inspect those out so let’s open this new graphics card slide it on out of package currently inside this box today there is that gpu and it as expected is a huge gpu extremely thick as well we’ll take it out of the product packaging obtain a better look really soon and also allow’s see what else comes within so simply a couple of additional points in package right below this states powered by evga resembles it’s just a sticker label adhesive on the back setup overview and a retention brace as well so allow’s go on as well as

have a look at the gpu now alright removed all the fixed develop allow’s get the gpu looks like it has some plastic on the top we can peel off that on off there’s that appears like there’s a dec in fact a suitable amount of plastic up right here so most definitely please make sure you remove this plastic prior to you install the gpu i assume that’s quite self-explanatory you don’t want any kind of melted plastic uh anywhere around your desktop so completing there practically done it’s in fact testing to peel off i believed it ‘d come off a lot easier there we go currently let’s get a better look at this 3090 first of all simply examine out exactly how thick it really is really thick again i’m still a little nervous that it won’t suit my situation we’ll figure out observing with the 3 followers there is simply uh evga logo design on all three as well as simply small evga logo designs outside of the fans as well it says geforce rtx evg up in the direction of the top as well as then flipping it over right here you additionally see a full name geforce rtx 3090 keeping that ftw3 as for outcome goes you have three screen ports as well as one hdmi 2.1 port interesting they do not include a usb type-c port i kind of desire they did simply for some convenience just a glimpse at the bottom layout some more branding simply a special look to the spacing for that air conditioning and also speaking of the cooling evga has actually included some additional air conditioning systems to this gpu that is type of where that ftw3 i.

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think don’t hold me to this i believe it’s overclocked out of package so of course with it being so big and also for overclocking you wish to ensure it does remain trendy as well as i additionally have actually heard that their cooling system is very quiet a couple more points prior to we get this set up i rejoice i took a closer look there is some plastic on this evga place so once again ensure you get that removed and after that also wish to make note uh in contrast to the founders edition it doesn’t have a 12 pin port it actually utilizes 3 8 pin ports for that power first points first let’s get my old gpu out of this construct the 2080 ti i will need to include an extra 8 pin cable to my power supply so i can actually power the new one nevertheless let’s proceed and take this out i really need to hit this switch down right here and now it need to just slide on up as well as there we have it a bit of dust there not too negative i attempt and also keep my pc as tidy as possible so there’s that 2080 ti allowed’s replace that fine fed through one more pci express power line so i have actually obtained 3 i’ll need to obtain another one of the white ones to obtain that color coding going allow’s order the rtx 3090 a pair items of rubber to take off this top one as well as the one on.

the port too now allow’s align the gpu in the port and also push down see to it it does snap in and also there we go wow that was simple i have actually got it in it resembles it fits it’s not touching the ram it’s in fact no place near to the ram let’s obtain it connected okay we’re ready we have actually obtained it all set up once more it does not look as great at the very least it goes white black white yet once more i’ll require to obtain a white one to tint code like i claimed a future construct in coming so it is confirmed that the rtx 3090 will certainly fit in this nzxt h510 elite case it is a little bit tight however it does not appear to be touching anything as well as also the clear cover can go onto the instance as well as general i simulate the look of it it’s not as flashy as some various other gpus as you can see specifically with exactly how this is mounted on this motherboard you don’t see any one of the followers the fans go to the lower couple a lot more things there was one more rubber item on this part right here and afterwards going on over right below examine it out so there is a switch right here to go from overclock to typical so appears like you can simply manually switch it over if you ‘d like so now i’m truly looking onward to the brand-new develop that i’m going to do especially desire to show off the gpu a little.

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a lot more with the space that’s between the bottom as well as the followers you’re truly not mosting likely to be able to see the followers running or anything like that so it just type of depends on just how you wish to place it in the specific instance that you had and also to be straightforward i’m just pretty delighted that this suits this situation to start with so of program we’ve obtained to test this out at the very least a little bit so i’m going to plug this right into a screen ensure all the vehicle drivers are functioning everything’s all great to go and play some video games as well as do some screening since our graphics card’s set up as well as powered on we can have a look at the gpu at its finest where it has every one of those lights going those are personalized via evga’s software program so it looks truly amazing it matches my ram i type of have a rainbow shade selecting the ram yet you can kind of sync those approximately your liking likewise a glance beneath where it does have an evga logo design and then up in the direction of the leading you can tailor the colors of the other evga logo design which is i guess practically the base where the followers aren’t so playing a couple quick games first of all pinnacle legends which i do have.

1080p i have it established covered at 240 frameworks a 2nd since this is a 240 hertz screen and also setups are lower on the lower end i prefer higher fps over the much better high quality of a game and i’m really pleased with the outcomes of this gpu i find that fps is the least expensive when you’re coming out of the plane and also the cheapest it really hits is you recognize 160 170 and also it obtains in certain areas on the map it will strike that 240 cap that i did established so extremely pleased especially considering i have a 240hz display screen i can really capitalize on that more fast video game of warzone jumping out of the aircraft you’ll notice very comparable in terms of the fps around 130 140 and afterwards gameplay smart also while i’m shooting and so on it’s around 130 140 and right here’s a check out those setups i have not cranked up a little bit higher as well as i do believe warzone’s a bit more intensive than apex legends general although i do have a few of the visuals setups to low once again attempting to cover bring up that fps so a little bit reduced fps out of war zone on the 30 90 however pleased with how consistent it is it remains around that 130 140 mark so anyways that’s it for currently with the rtx 3090 unboxing i wish you enjoyed the video make certain to subscribe so you’re alerted when my forthcoming build video goes live be certain to follow me on shiver i’ll be streaming off of this gpu so if you want to ask further concerns anything like that be certain to click the link down in the summary as constantly many thanks.

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