Nothing Ear 1 Unboxing and Setup!

hey everyone tim scofield here today we’re going to take an appearance at a brand name new set of true cordless earbuds this is the absolutely nothing year one yes from a company called absolutely nothing really interested to examine these out they look actually amazing they’re in fact clear as well as has a whole lot of functions integrated in it has energetic sound canceling it has that transparency setting so you can hear things too the case likewise does charge wirelessly as well as not just that with all of those attributes these really expense 99 so let’s open these up take a peek what we get in package and afterwards take a look at the nothing year ones right here they are fairly simplified box with a huge earbud up towards the front there’s both of them make note red and white dots depending upon if it’s the left or best earbuds you do not have an l and an r just making it a little simpler and also there’s that red dot allow’s go on as well as peel this open a little bit of a various unboxing generally uh you do not have boxes like this usually just glide it on open so this is sort of neat getting a different experience so currently we’re gliding open package yet here are the nothing year ones with the transparent case as well as we will certainly take a look at them see if anything else comes in the box there are a couple of different things firstly in here nothing ear one

real wireless earbuds flying start guide safety and security information rather typical we have actually also got a nice kind of rubberized knotted cord usb kind a to usb kind c for billing as well as once more this situation does bill uh via qi wirelessly and also we additionally have earplugs so medium gets on currently and these are tiny and large as you people understand i’ve obtained some huge ears so i’m most definitely gon na have to put the big ones on so on to what you came to see the nothing ear ones peeling this plastic make note there is a switch here i think for pairing you have a usb c port for that billing as well as simply observe this is where the coil will certainly be for that cordless billing down at the base yet sort of cool that you can translucent right into where the earbuds are opening it on up there’s an led light there let’s go on and take these out and also show them off so below is the nothing ear one their first earbuds so as i pointed out the red and also white dots you’re just gon na need to bear in mind red indicates the left ear white suggests the ideal ear it does state nothing ear one on the outside cool once more that you can see right into the earbuds there as you can inform see all the tech that goes within and it does have type of a white cap around it with the white gel ideas which i rejoice they went with the gel tips because the ones that

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aren’t gel tips really don’t fit in my ears as well as just another close-up of the earbuds so you can take a look at exactly how transparent it really exists are a lot of mics constructed in and also let’s proceed as well as take off this gel idea so you can see that i’m going to change it anyways whoops all ideal so i have actually obtained the bigger sized tips on there currently allow’s obtain this synced as much as my phone currently these will certainly service android or ios so setting them on in closing the instance that uh led light is environment-friendly but allow me grab my phone now there is an ear one application that i have actually mounted with absolutely nothing turning up there are our earbuds join the renovation program you can allow location if you want to currently hold the button on the side we will certainly do that there they are allow’s get this all matched up and connected it does have fast pair if you make use of android that’s in beta at the moment to make sure that will certainly be coming soon so here’s a fast tutorial for those gestures dual faucet play pause triple faucet for following faucet and hold we’ll switch over between that sound termination as well as openness mode and also slide on the stem quantity backwards and forwards so i’m thrilled to check that out and make certain that does work allow’s hit start provides me battery portion of the case as well as both earbuds so pretty basic enough you have right here and also touch so allow’s customize our listening experience with these earbuds with the noise cancellation you have light or maximum you can switch to transparency or turn them both off if you would certainly like there’s additionally an equalizer doesn’t look like

you can truly tailor it you can just have even more difficulty much more bass or voice i ask yourself if they will add a completely great adjusting equalizer towards a bit later following up we have touch with our gesture controls three-way tap for following tune faucet as well as hold for sound termination as well as right ear left ear the same thing if you desire following track you can actually customize them independently for previous song or next tune i may really do left ear previous tune that makes a whole lot of feeling and also right below will certainly be the following tune all right we’re all ready to go allow’s go ahead and put these in our ears for the very first time and really provide a fast test so let’s attempt these on for the very first time something i’m seeing while holding the instance is that there’s a little bit of an indent on the top which type of provides you a place to pleasantly hold it sort of find myself experimenting with the instance etc anyways allow’s proceed as well as attempt these on for the very first time drawing out red which i’m understanding now earlier i said red was the left one red is actually the right one so sorry for perplexing you i’ll make sure to make an annotation earlier on so putting the appropriate one in as well as then the white one will be the left ear a little bit of a chime recognizing it goes in my ears it does have a feature where if i take one out it will certainly pause

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my music or web content and if i put it back in it will resume it automatically really comfy really initial perceptions i really feel like i have actually obtained a little of weird ears general yet right now openness mode gets on i can customize that once more i can press and also hold here as well as activates that sound cancellation now so i can inform i’m not hearing my voice almost as well so right here’s just another look at them in my ears as i turn from entrusted to appropriate quite trendy truthfully i’m a big fan of the layout i like exactly how special they are really you don’t see a lot of transparent excessive clear tech around so it’s great to see a firm attempting something brand-new attempting something different so now let’s do a quick test i have a song loaded up below allow’s do a dual tap to play as well as it is beginning the song up now i actually wish to examine out the volumes type of low today let’s go on and glide on the stem and slide up and also it it’s really boosting the volume there oh it’s obtaining kind of loud so it’s not fairly at 100 yet with any luck i’m not howling at the at the camera today however let’s go on as well as transform it down simply a bit it seems to be pretty responsive going down and also up as i’m sliding on the stem to ensure that behaves i constantly like having volume controls without needing to take out my phone i believe that’s a great added touch okay so three-way faucet now on the right need to miss the tune you go skips and as you remember i configured it it

rebooted the track as you men understand so if you do want to go back a track you need to go one 2 three one 2 three there we go goes back i i truly wish you could customize that component yet that’s pretty regular across the board but anyways in terms of preliminary perceptions they seem excellent particularly for the rate point that they hit at 99 so if i wish to go on and also press and hold it needs to transform transparency mode on there we go so now i can truly begin to hear myself and also if i press and hold even this side it should do the same thing it must switch on that noise cancellation setting so there we go anyways that’s everything i wish to speak regarding in the meantime with the nothing year one earbuds drop a remark let me recognize what you assume allow’s go on and place these back in uh as typical it takes simply a bit to kind of keep in mind exactly how to actually put them back in but i don’t see any issues whatsoever because they do have magnets this is not going to fly out of the case anything like that so it just stays safe in there yet we can just proceed and close it on up so i wish you appreciated the video clip decrease a comment allow me know what you consider these earbuds if you’re intending to select them up be certain to provide this video a thumbs up make sure to subscribe also a whole lot more material coming soon as always thanks

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