Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing: Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro!

hi there every person tim schofield here as well as today google introduced their brand-new phones and also i have them right below the pixel 6 and their front runner the pixel 6 pro these phones have an entirely new layout in comparison to previous versions as well as new colors as well i have actually obtained the brand-new shades sorta sea foam and also kind of bright in these phones you likewise have the new google tensor processor which i’m excited to evaluate out a great deal extra material coming not long after this video make certain to subscribe so you’re notified when this goes live nevertheless allow’s speak about prices before we unpack these phones pixel 6 starts at 5.99 which is quite crazy the prices and afterwards their flagship is actually 300 more at 8.99 so a front runner phone at 8.99 is a pretty solid cost point so certainly there’s differences between these 2 phones we are going to have a look what we enter the box then of training course get some hands on obtain some impressions as well as contrast the pixel 6 pixel 6 pro let’s get started right here are the brand-new phones from google pixel 6 pixel 6 pro i likewise have a couple instances that will certainly open up as well as put on the phone a little in the future in the video clip but as you can tell very colorful options i opted for these on purpose there are some even more muted shade options that google deals if the color pattern isn’t to your taste and obviously a much different layout to these phones so allow’s look into what we enter package presuming they’re mosting likely to be the exact very same this the pixel 6 pro we’re gon na begin with and also as soon as possible there is a check out the new phone setting that sideways for simply a 2nd the usual beginning overview safety details and a sim

ejection device as well as finally a usb kind c to kind c wire for billing it doesn’t featured a power block however you can charge up to 30 watts on both of these phones as well as after that you have an adapter a male usb type c to female usb type a currently i’ll rapidly take a look in the pixel 6 make certain whatever is the specific very same as well as what do you know the exact very same in package so currently let’s have a look at these 2 phones peel off the front paper on both of them and also after that i will go on and also boot the phones as well as while it boots up we’ll take a close consider the equipment because i am really discovering a distinction in between both down at the lower microphone usb type-c port as well as one of the audio speakers also make note this is even more of a matte black color whereas this is an extremely glossy shiny color now this might vary depending on the details color that you decide to select i directly like the more muted black on the side in contrast to the sort of glossier look however that’s simply my individual preference currently on the right side you really have the quantity rockers below the power switch to make sure that’s sort of fascinating an interesting choice for me we’ll take a look at that in simply a 2nd and afterwards up towards the top you’ve just got your microphone and also once more a bit various in terms of styling just type of a complete shade strip rather than simply the bands up in the direction of the top along the left side simply wish to make note of the video camera bump goes all the way throughout it’s not too large

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as well as they’re practically the precise very same size and afterwards on the left side right here is where that sim card port is and a close-up consider the back with the different colors and also you’ll notice the camera system is also extremely different the pixel 6 has a double electronic camera system and the pixel 6 pro has a triple electronic camera system so on the pixel 6 you have a 50 megapixel vast angle lens and a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens specific very same on the pixel 6 pro however you include an additional lens right there and also you’ll see a fairly huge lens this is actually a 48 megapixel telephoto lens so you obtained a zoom lens that zooms in as much as four times optically and also after that anything previous 4 times is digital zoom in general an extremely one-of-a-kind iconic looking phone it’s extremely simple to tell that these are google pixel phones when you have a look at them anyways invite to your pixel i’m gon na go through the start-up process speak about anything that’s notable initially of all the first point that’s notable is that it’s interesting that power switch is so high up since my thumb relaxes really on the quantity rockers and also i have to move it approximately the power switch and allow me check with this one precise same i kind of rest on the quantity up rocker and need to relocate my thumb up likewise with this computer animation going on

right below it is shaking so i’m getting a feeling of the haptic feedback as well as it feels rather good now allow’s established up our finger print scanner as well as proceeding through you have to concur as well as then go on as well as hit start currently this is an in display screen finger print scanner so simply proceed as well as maintain establishing your thumb on down raising it on up hold a bit much longer there we go this could take a little bit longer than a physical finger print scanner however i located that on display screen can’t fingerprint scanners have actually been fairly exact at the very least in time they’ve obtained much far better than they were and i find that you identify the area after perhaps a little much less than a week you can basically do it by muscle memory and also discover the right place so we are good to go swipe approximately go house and right here is the pixel 6 pro all right we get on the home display of both good touch having a shade worked with wallpaper depending upon the phone out of package all right so i promptly switched wallpaper so you can obtain a concept of the bezels and speak regarding what is different so a quick close-up now the pixel 6 has a 6.4 inch display whereas you have a 6.
7 inch screen on the pixel 6 pro so not just is the display larger nonetheless the pixel 6 has a level edge whereas the 6 pro it curves down you can likewise just see a distinction when taking a look at it from the front the bezels are simply bigger on the pixel 6 whereas the pixel 6 pro looks a little a lot more streamlined another huge difference is the refresh rate so you have a 90 hertz display on the pixel 6 whereas you can obtain up to 120 hertz on the pixel 6 pro you’ll also get a little bit of a bigger battery on the pixel 6 pro so i anticipate

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battery life to maybe be a bit much better also though it has a bigger display and a higher refresh price the lower the refresh rate the much better your battery is going to be overall currently as promised allow’s proceed as well as order those instances and also throw them on very swiftly so below they are they are transparent instances and also both made with 30 recycled plastic and also a fast close-up of those translucent situations sort of a more difficult covering truly not that adaptable total feels really strong and also you can inform the darker shade really covers up the color of your phone whereas this even more clear one still flaunts the color that you obtained if you’re aiming to obtain these situations cutouts look great it’s sort of a softer touch really feel extremely comfortable it has some grip to it as well as actually does not take up much area on the whole on the bezels so sadly in the meantime that is everything i can display with the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro more ahead on the cam and also the new pixel features coming to these phones i will certainly make a follow-up video so make certain you’re subscribed uh go down a comment let me understand what you consider these 2 gadgets if you’re going to pick one of them up which one you’re gon na choose make certain to provide this video clip a thumbs up as constantly thanks

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