Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus!

hi there everybody tim scofield below and yesterday we unpacked the new galaxy s22 ultra from samsung i can link to that down below if you missed it however now it’s time to have a look at the new galaxy s22 plus this year the s22 and also s22 plus has some attributes included in it that i actually like at the very least in contrast to the previous s21 from last year now we are going to unbox the s22 plus take a peek what comes within and after that naturally get some hands on and have a look at the attributes of this new phone let’s start and also right here is the new galaxy s 22 plus i will be showing it off next to the new s22 ultra to offer you a little bit of a dimension comparison to display the difference in design but also for currently let’s open this up this is actually the pink gold color that they sent over taking a glimpse at that we’re gon na establish that to the side for now you have actually got your sim ejection device and just a starting booklet and also a usb c to c wire much like so so there’s your charging cable there’s your getting started guide as well as that is everything so no billing block inside product packaging really minimal and also on to what you came to see as soon as possible i’ve been in fact using the ultra a great deal today i’m noticing that the sides it’s most definitely broader as well as much easier to hold on to and specifically simply

pick up from a table not that the ultra is really tough to get in a manner of speaking it’s simply simpler with a little of a broader side because it has a flat front screen and now while it boot let’s take a better check out the equipment of the s22 plus down at the bottom sim card slot microphone usb type-c port and one of the speakers relocating along on the appropriate side this i believe is simply the an antenna for 5g if i’m not mistaken and after that power button and also 2 quantity rockers make note of the extremely minimal cam bump total it’s in fact really ingrained simply stands out simply a tiny bit which is good due to the fact that then it avoids it from gliding up in the direction of the top simply a microphone and afterwards absolutely nothing along the left side as well as a quick close look at that pink gold color states samsung down near the bottom and a check out the video camera module a triple camera system there you’ll see if the light hits it a specific means the electronic camera module looks a bit darker than the back color in fact gives it a nice little accent currently this year you have a 12 megapixel ultra wide

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angle lens a 50 megapixel vast angle lens which is a nice upgrade from the s21 collection and also after that a 10 megapixel telephoto lens at three times optical zoom and you can zoom all the method up 30 times area zoom now i’m mosting likely to run via the start-up process just speak about anything that’s noteworthy you can shield your phone a team of different methods consisting of face unlock nonetheless we’re going to set up that in-display fingerprint scanner which makes use of ultrasonic finger print modern technology customarily simply establish my thumb down to begin scanning i have had no issues with the fingerprint scanner on the ultra so far so i’m expecting the specific same on the s22 as well as s22 plus should work as expected great quick precise you can add even more if you want to all right we are good to go up and prepared to go below is the s22 plus from samsung this is a 6.6 inch display has actually been rather comfy to hold visibly a bit smaller sized than the ultra for sure this also stands up to 120 hertz refresh price which looks like it is made it possible for out of package we can in fact check that today entering into setups display motion level of smoothness it goes to adaptive so it will transform from uh 10 hertz completely as much as 120 hertz depending what’s shown on the screen so hopefully that’ll help save battery life if you intend to manually change it to 60 hertz you can do so uh if you do wish to conserve battery and also once more remember this is a dynamic amoled display screen at 1080p uh full hd plus um so a little reduced

resolution than the ultra however it does not look like you can transform that within the setups i do not see anywhere that you can actually bump it to 720p if you want to so looks like you’re simply stuck on 1080p which actually isn’t that big of a deal and as promised here is just a glimpse in between the 2 phones this is the ultra and the s22 plus so you’ll observe uh most definitely a little a height disc distinction right there you’ll discover the contour versus level display screen when we take a look at it from the side simply a little various general basically sort of a note versus galaxy s series uh design of phone and also below’s the two camera components side by side an extra lens on the ultra in addition to opposed to triple you have a quad video camera system and also of program do not fail to remember with the ultra you do obtain that s pen in the s22 as well as s22 plus that is not an option all right so let’s delve into the electronic camera application for the very first time go in advance and also snap simply a couple quick pictures must be good and also quick extremely low shutter rate you can change it to that ultra broad angle lens uh right up to three times optical so once more this is not making use of digital zoom to zoom in and then you can copulate as much as 30 times zoom which is now digital zoom i also wish to display a feature that gets on the whole galaxy s 22 lineup it’s while firing video clip you’ll see a symbol that shows up right below it’s called car mounting so basically you can locate a face or an object you’ll see it’s picked this cup right there as well as focused on it so it’s generally concentrated on that now if i start to relocate the mug that it’s concentrated on i assume it lost the focus when i put my hand in there you’ll see it zoomed around

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Generally what it’s going to do is acknowledge your face or an object that you can tap on as well as then when you move it it will automatically shift the focus of the cam without having to actually relocate the phone itself and also simply a quick appearance at all of the various other modes the video camera settings it’s a lot of enjoyable to play with samsung has done a wonderful work at adding a lot of valuable attributes within the camera app consisting of pro setting night setting pro video in professional setting you can transform the iso white equilibrium all that excellent things as normal and also i do not believe in the s22 s22 plus you can record in raw let me double check that oh you can so you can really conserve a jpeg as well as raw copy of the photo that you take i thought that was only an ultra feature but i was really incorrect i absolutely can admit that so indeed truly cool you can catch in raw on the s22 plus as well as well as generally i really do like the style it’s a very excellent looking tool again i know not every person suches as a curved display screen so having a flat screen option is really great for samsung owners and also prospective samsung owners so go down a remark allow me understand what you assume about the s22s 22 plus if you’re preparing on selecting one up once again a whole lot a lot more content coming quickly on these 2 devices so be sure to subscribe so you’re notified when those video clips go real-time be certain to provide this video clip a thumbs up and also as always many thanks

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