New AMD Ryzen and Radeon PC Builds for Every Gaming Resolution!

hey every person tim scofield right here i can not wait on this video i have a bunch of items behind me some that were simply released it is time to build another computer as well as i need to offer a big thanks to amd for funding this video clip and sending out every one of these items you see behind me over so we can construct this pc as well as do some testing on those new items for this construct we have 3 new graphics cards from amd the radeon 6650 xt the radeon 6750 xt and also that high-end radeon 6950 xt so for this construct i don’t recognize if you can inform i’m thrilled to obtain this entirely and also put this pc together yet we will certainly swap out as well as pair cpus with the different gpus and right here are the pairings of the amd cpus as well as gpus the amd ryzen 5 5600 the amd ryzen 7 5700 x and after that at that leading tier amd ryzen 7 5800 x 3d that includes that amd 3d vcash modern technology now all these amd items offer piece de resistance by themselves as hardware nonetheless amd additionally uses software to boost

gameplay also better the software we’ll be using as well as testing is amd’s smart access memory their integrity fx very resolution and also their radeon incredibly resolution and also i will certainly enter into even more information on the software as well as just how it improves however additionally transform it on and off to reveal you just how much the software program will in fact enhance your gameplay and also you’ll obtain greater structures per second now let’s go on and also unbox all of these different products and obtain them set up right into this instance right here allow’s begin let’s start by unboxing these new graphics cards the amd radeon rx 6650xt inside simply a quick pamphlet taking it out of the product packaging discloses that layout with the three-way followers now this gpu has 8 gigabytes of vram as well as 32 megabytes of infinity cache i additionally want to make note that it has a 8 pin port to the psu for power as well as when it concerns links into your display two hdmi as well as 2 display ports as well as taking the radeon rx 6750xt out of the product packaging here’s a consider the style really similar total once again make note of the

design of all these the kind variable keeping that 2 and also a half ports three-way fans suits a lot of cases as well as after that make note of that thermal design as well as air flow to maintain the gpu cool now this details gpu has 12 gigabytes of vram 96 megabytes of infinity cache it also has a 14 pin slot to link to that psu and the very same connections to the screen to hdmi to displayport as well as on the huge one the amd radeon rx 6950xt this is from asrock simply a peek at the back of package for you flaunting several of the features that this gpu has inside the box you have a graphics card holder if needed you also obtain a brochure taking it out of the plastic definitely larger than the other 2 total however once more very same three-way follower configuration this 6950xt has 16 gigabytes of vram and also 128 megabytes of infinity cache pretty insane i additionally want to explain on all these the rdna 2 architecture for power efficiency you rise to 65 percent more uh performance per watt over simply the initial rdna as well as in regards to power 24 pins to link to that power supply in general so indeed clearly the even more power you leave these gpus a bit extra power it’s mosting likely to require when it concerns those connections to the screen 3 display screen port and also simply one hdmi right here are our 3 processors we will be matching with the gpus the one i wish to point out do an unboxing of is

the ryzen 7 5800x 3d processor this is in fact the globe’s fastest pc gaming desktop processor and the very first desktop processor to feature amd 3dv cache innovation and for a suggestion of the various other items we are using the rog strix x 570e video gaming wi-fi 2 motherboard for our build installing the cpu extremely easy to simply decrease in and lock and location into the motherboard we’ll be using corsair vengeance rgb rt ram we’ve additionally got a corsair mp600 m. 2 ssd that we will certainly be setting up to maintain the cpu cool down the rog ryugen to 240 fluid cpu colder we’ll be utilizing the height y60 case quite excited to examine this set out and after that the rog thor 850 watt power supply now that our motherboard screwed in our cpu colders all linked whatever’s just about ready to go allow’s install that gpu and also now maintain in mind with this complete amd platform with an amd cpu and also gpu they work quite possibly along with wise gain access to memory so what specifically is amd smart gain access to memory also called sam it’s a platform service that lets the cpu gain access to the whole memory aperture of the gpu resulting in some rather significant uplifts in efficiency this function works with all radeon rx 6000 series gpus when made use of with the ryzen 5000 series cpus and also select ryzen 3000 collection cpus currently i will certainly have sam enabled throughout every one of my testing today as well as additionally worth keeping in mind if you have a gpu cpu pairing that i simply stated you have to

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actually go into the biographies to allow it or if you intend on acquiring one of these combos to allow smart accessibility memory rather easy once you remain in the bios most likely to the innovative tab as well as then find the pci subsystem setups as well as permit 4g decoding and afterwards resize bar assistance pick vehicle then go to boot and see to it launch csm is impaired and also as soon as you’ve done that you are prepared to go simply go on and reboot while conserving if you do not see these settings you may need to upgrade your bios it might look a bit various depending on your motherboard so currently that we have our construct and also all our arrangements in location we are mosting likely to do our screening with two different video games assassins creed valhalla and also perspective absolutely no dawn and in the last few years uh upscaling has really been commonly asked for by the area letting players run their video games at lower rendering resolutions as well as make use of smart formulas to upscale the photos back to the native resolution of the display screen enabling efficiency enhancements consisting of greater fps amd in fact supplies two solutions for upscaling modern technology the very first one being

amd fidelity fx incredibly resolution likewise called fsr it’s an open resource cross platform upscaling technology which is currently supported we’re coming soon in greater than 80 games you do not need any type of unique cores or hardware in the gpu to utilize it it’s unbelievably easy for the programmers to incorporate it so wishing to see even more and also more programmers take this open resource system and also integrate it into their games as well as with fsr players can obtain up to two times even more efficiency in the newest titles so we’re gon na be utilizing perspective zero dawn to actually test out fsr currently not all video games have fsrs so for the ones that do not have it natively amd has radeon super resolution additionally called rsr to apply into video games that don’t have it currently this is a driver-based version of fsr that can be enabled worldwide in the radeon software application on your computer system it functions across hundreds of video games to allow it you just need to turn the function on lower your in-game resolution as well as rsr will deal with the remainder to upscale it keeping that upscaling innovation so allow’s have a look at our screening and a few of the outcomes we got in regards to frames per 2nd running these games natively and also then turning rsr or fsr on with sam allowed for that complete range of performance uplift we’re mosting likely to begin with the amd ryzen 5 5600 and the radeon rx 6650xt combination as well as function our method up now i wishes to call out we are going to use the highest visual settings so you can also bump down the graphics if you intend to and get back at higher fps than what we’re finishing with this screening and after that likewise want to

make note that with our various combinations of cpu gpu we’re going to go from 1080p resolution video gaming all the method as much as 4k so this is a 4k display behind me we’re mosting likely to take full advantage at keeping that greater end config so simply intended to call that out since you’re visiting comparable structures per second with each combination however clearly when you consider it running a video game in 1080 you’re going to get a lot higher frames than if you ran it in 4k so just maintain that in mind throughout our screening currently after doing my benchmarking which clearly included a great deal of gaming a great deal of fun i obtained a typical frames per second while playing now natively the average framework per secondly was 99.6 still very great performance and after that activating that radeon extremely resolution within amd software program i bumped everything the method up that’s all i did to 126.4 ordinary frameworks per 2nd so you’ll see a considerable distinction there and afterwards booting horizon no dawn exact same thing played a whole lot of it it’s in fact both of these games are a great deal of enjoyable and also natively 103.1 frameworks per second standard and after that once more all i had to do was really enter into the game settings as well as switch on that amd fidelity fx very resolution so you do not even have to do it via amd software application the developer implemented it in the video game setups obtain this it bumped it up completely to 141.3 frames per second so going from 103 to 141 frameworks per seconds

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makes a significant distinction specifically if you have a greater refresh price monitor onto our following combo of amd gpu as well as cpu installing them the amd ryzen 750 700 x plus that radeon rx 6750xt gpu as well as again maintain in mind doing that screening in 1440p on this display currently so bumping it up from that 1080p of the previous config and also exact same process of screening simply doing a great deal of video gaming with these video games and with assassin’s creed our base indigenous fps was 88 generally as well as after that certainly turning on that rsr it bumped it up to 117.1 so once more a significant bump because 1440p pc gaming and while doing our testing with perspective zero dawn very same type of results our indigenous resolution at 104 frames per 2nd again still excellent yet after that switching on that fsr in game you obtain 139.2 structures per second usually it’s it’s simply type of incredible just how well this actually functions and on to our last screening i make sure you’ve been waiting on this one i recognize i am really delighted to examine out this combo with the amd ryzen 7 5800x 3d cpu and also the brand-new radeon rx 6950xt gpu extremely fired up and again this is going to be 4k resolution so once again you could possibly also

bump down the resolution if you ‘d such as to and also obtain also a lot more frames per second you could bump down that graphics quality if you wish to i’m delighted to see what sort of outcomes we obtain so once more beginning with assassin’s creed valhalla in 4k these 2 games look so excellent in 4k so the average structures per 2nd after pc gaming with assassin’s creed is 78.8 frames per second natively and afterwards activating that rsr we get right up to 97.4 frames per 2nd usually so you’re nearly getting a 20 frames per 2nd bump in that 4k gaming which is sort of wild to me and also last but not the very least our testing with horizon absolutely no dawn with that said fsr integrated right into the video game so indigenous frameworks per secondly was 82.8 on standard which once again still great for something that looks so excellent in 4k and also after that simply turning the switch in the settings switching on fsr you get 127 average frames per 2nd as well as again i played a fair bit of these video games doing a great deal of screening doing the very same goals it behaves with a single gamer i can do the exact same ones get a typical fps just increasing them all with each other dividing them by the quantity of times i actually evaluated all of it as well as

after playing it for as long rather amazing to see the outrageous enter frames per second i imply i was striking you recognize over the typical fps at certain points in the game which once again pc gaming and also 4k 144hz monitor you can truly benefit from it when you use this software and also again it’s on top of utilizing sam with the combo of the amd cpus and gpus so now that our screening is done intend to provide some last ideas and just discuss my experience while doing all this screening initially of all thanks amd for supporting the channel funding this video clip has actually been a a lot of fun to make allowing me to do my own testing getting my own ordinary frameworks per second due to the fact that honestly if you think of it amd has their ryzen cpus the radeon gpus and those sophisticated technologies such as clever access memory integrity fx incredibly resolution as well as radeon extremely resolution it’s additionally very clear via my screening that these new radeon rx 6000 collection graphics cards for 2022 offer greater efficiency than in 2015’s models through that faster g ddr6

memory greater clock rates as well as process enhancements which gives you that higher structure rate permitting you to play video games in far better graphics high qualities as well as also at higher resolutions and additionally it was really great to check that new ryzen 7 5800 x 3d cpu really if you want to get truly technological it’s the very first desktop computer cpu with stacked l3 cache with an unparalleled 96 megabytes of l3 cache kind of insane and also after that when you contrast it to amd’s ryzen 9 5900x you get approximately about 15 faster pc gaming so actually awesome that amd’s pushing the edge of this technology and simply permitting you to really benefit from these premium games as well as giving you the most effective efficiency you can and it’s no trick it’s been challenging trying to find components if you’re aiming to develop or upgrade your computer system and also really amd sent this over i wished to actually read it to ensure that you hear it from them themselves and also market conditions are trending towards a healthier state for players we expect the access of new graphics cards in the network to continue to enhance which makes this a perfect time to give new greater performance choices for gamers that have been waiting to upgrade to ensure that behaves to hear a favorable ending

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ideally to this fad and hopefully it remains to be an increasing number of obtainable for everybody i know a great deal of people that have been waiting to update even if they couldn’t get their hands on last generations items so currently with any luck we begin to see a growing number of accessible choices as well as you recognize in my point of view it this is a great choice amd supplies a great deal of advantage when you’re integrating their hardware with cpus and also gpus due to the fact that then they can access that and include that those efficiency innovation upgrades consisting of that sam fsr rsr all that excellent stuff that comes with using amd items together so anyways i hope you enjoyed this video clip i had a whole lot of enjoyable making it a lot of job constructing the computer doing every one of this testing a great deal of gaming that entered into it a great deal of you recognize the math obtaining the typical frames per 2nd so it was a great deal of enjoyable i hope you enjoyed it be sure to subscribe a lot much more content coming soon make certain to provide this video a thumbs up as well go down a comment let me know what you assume as always thanks