Best Cases for OnePlus 7 Pro, Galaxy S10+ and P30 Pro – 10 RhinoShield Case Unboxings

you’re what’s up guys it back with your guy technic you’re great you got 4 video clips on the most current tic now today it has to do with these three leading pets right below the qua weight P 30 professional one plus seven professional as well as the samsung galaxy is 10 plus now I do a whole lot of examinations on phones yet this is gon na be it the distinction since rhino shield have actually sent me 10 situations over below five of them for the ACE point plus 3 of them for the one plus 7 pro and two of them for the Huawei p3 Pro I’m really delighted to see just how these instances pile up since there’s a few of the very best instances around people these have an 11 foot went down distance of protection to make sure that is 3 factor 3 5 meters of Decline Range before your phone takes any kind of impact when it does hit the ground with that said cover on which is actually awesome I myself do like slim little situations however these are protective as well as slim too I have some solid suit cases along with some bumper situations as well as rhino shield are gon na be sending me some more products real soon so remain tuned for more video clips on these

incredible items I’m really excited to offer these covers our run for their cash and unbox all of them right below on my network so without further ado people allow’s great ok individuals so the initial phone that we have in the jobs right here is the samsung galaxy is 10 plus over below and the very first instance that we’re mosting likely to be throwing on it is a strong suitcase from rhinocerous shield themselves now this is indeed simply a pure black case and the strong match instance instead than the bumper case is absolutely a little even more protective so if you take around a check out the box you can see it has a premium coating long lasting product increased lip covers around all angles so that it lips around the front of the display so you could place it face down which is really cool has a tight fit so they try keep it as marginal as possible 3 millimeters after that as well as 30 grams like that is really wonderful to see and it is a food-grade to ensure that’s quite trendy to see that they sustain the atmosphere too they’re people this looks like one really incredible case solid situation as you can see on the within over below it’s got like this material and also it’s really awesome and also after that we’ve got this little bit of jogger area branding on the inside which is truly nice wonderful little touch to see as well as I need to claim that it’s consistent throughout the case it definitely seems like a UAG or speak to cover right here it feels really quality guys and bending it around it is rather adaptable also and also it does still feel like a hardcase so

that’s excellent to see so allow’s go in advance and also pop this straight on my is 10 plus and also see how simple it is to place it in I always do the top very first and also there we go fine it is in there it is tight you can certainly see that there is even more than adequate security on the front if you have a look over there that lip most definitely covers it as well as I such as exactly how they have not made it too pronounced on the side of the phone so that it doesn’t really feel like your fingers are stopping on the curved sides since all 3 phones that we’re doing today will have bent edges so it’ll be truly fascinating to see how it goes with regards to that so taking an appearance at this over here Adri it’s like virtually smooth it goes right to the base of the representative’s moves down as well as around it it truly does feel excellent guys and in the hand it truly does not make the phone that much bigger and it just it really feels absolutely outstanding people I’m not one for large fat covers however this is not that big as well as fat as well as if you take an appearance around the sides I really like exactly how they have actually put an indent in the volume rocker there due to the fact that I simulate split from the volume rockers on phones themselves and I do prefer making use of a phone without a cover so this type of provides you the feeling that you are not making use of a cover and it is allow’s feel the click all right it behaves and also clicky over there it’s a little difficult to lower however with time I believe it would be a bit better however it absolutely feels I think you would certainly state more

safety in a feeling around the switches and I such as just how they’ve left a bit of a void around the quantity rocker too just to give it that additional thickness as well as the huge talk button as well as obviously this really tall up power switch works really well as well so that is the first one that we have there people just the pure black and also we have these little rubber sides around it also yet it most definitely feels constant throughout the device it’s more of a carbon finish and also it looks truly amazing individuals I mean it looks actually sick so I’m not gon na discuss all things that I performed with the initial cover over right here because the coincides solid traveling bag just with a various shade and I’m truly really excavating that end up over there I’m uncertain if you individuals can see it with this illumination below however it looks truly actually remarkable men I’m gon na go on and pop that on the phone too over below simply so that you men can see once more from the top down all right as well as there it is great and also protective provides it a little of a need to look as opposed to the typical black case over there I am more of a fan of just the standard black however I do dig this it kind of advises me of the K 20 professional which I lately unboxed on my network be certain to inspect that up if you people have actually not seen that video clip yet however yeah let’s proceed and also examine out one more strong bag for the s10 plus it is actually

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wonderful material I believe it feels a little much better than it performed with the black the black really feels like a little grainy so if you like that distinctive feel after that absolutely the black yet this sort of nearly provides a little fly wheel in the fuel it really feels actually wonderful once more you can see the mild color off over there due to the fact that of the rubber borders around the electronic camera bump in addition to the sides and after that we have the same sphere round layout language and I think that this will suit my phone much better considering that I do certainly have the white s 10 plus and also there it is people it looks actually great in fact I may start utilizing this as my daily situation for my a heavy steam plus I’m having a look at the collision pad you could see a resilient material increased lip over there or relatively comparable also snag foot three three millimeters then so it’s basically the exact same as the previous one however after that you have that wonderful back opened over there which is really amazing to see so we’re gon na proceed and take this bumper case over below and pop it on I have never ever actually utilized the bumper instance it’ll be really intriguing to see just how this actually clips onto the phone so there it is men it in fact really feels specifically like that previous situation the sides coincide if you have a look at the strong match instance in contrast to this the density is

practically the very same simply without that back defense there as well as it actually makes it look good I’m not one for dropping my phone as well as if I were to drop my phone even if it struck level it’s still truly secured people I’m really excavating that instance right there I believe it looks definitely impressive it really feels really great in the hand to it making use of the precise very same product as the strong luggage just without that back security which many individuals in fact don’t require there it is it looks truly legendary when again I’m not gon na run through the whole spiel given that we already did it with the black yet allow’s proceed and also pop this in on my wonderful white looking is 10-plus over there so there it is guys I actually dig the appearance of that and also it just looks so impressive on the back of my is 10 plus men this is definitely gon na be my new cover for this terrific phone they’re taking a look once again at the white solid luggage over here you can see the design language is entirely the exact same guys around and just to discuss the various holes that they keep about as well as it simply it looks truly really excellent on this is ten plus I should state it looks absolutely epic and also all of these situations for the s10 plus are totally fledged guys these are not pre-production systems over right here there are full devices and these strong situations look

actually epic whether you get the chrome finish over right here or the solid black surface strong white surface or you proceed as well as get among these bumper situations this is actually remarkable for the s10 plus people it truly complements the style language over here fine guys the following tool that we have below is without a doubt the Huawei P 30 Pro which looks definitely spectacular I have to claim even though it’s been out for a month or 2 currently it is still one of my favorite phones around and also we’re gon na proceed and also taste up the first instance that we have from rhinocerous shield here which is certainly the strong case in carbon so here it is there’s the carbon fiber appearance of the solid instance and the protection is virtually the like I mentioned earlier with the s10 plus so we’re not mosting likely to run through that most important point that you individuals require to know is that it behaves as well as slim extremely protective actually excellent gas in the hand and also it has that 11 foot drop which is three point three five meters of crop security which is truly outstanding to see okay so taking this and connecting it straight onto the p30 item I need to say it really feels like it hugs it a lot I mean

it’s got like a little bit even more of a chafe over here as a result of the style of the p30 probe it virtually seems like a bumper case and also the backing is slapped onto it but it does really feel actually excellent I must claim that holding it in and also certainly provides the p30 Pro very little more of density over there guys it really it feels as thin as a bumper situation like I was stating earlier as well as it looks truly terrific too as well as however we only have the black situations for the p30 Pro over right here which is what Verano shield sent me this is that smooth rubbery surface that we saw earlier on the STM plus once more all the exact same defense there simply a small various color and also popping it right into the p30 Pro over right here it looks truly excellent I absolutely do prefer the feel of this contrasted to the carbon black it just really feels even more grippy in hand if you take an appearance at that rather than this which totters around a bit however this really does compliment the phone a great deal individuals so right here is the accident card instance for the p30 pro also allow’s go on and also put the p30 pro best inside it looks really remarkable also simply in black men I actually such as the whole black bumper instance really feel with the front since it doesn’t remove excessive from the screen where where a white one would certainly so maintain that in mind when you people do decide to select a shade for one of these cases however I think it really

complements the phone and also once more like I said previously with the STM plus that is actually it’s it resembles the same density as the sides of the strong fit situation it is making use of the exact same materials as well which is why it has the very same 11 foot decrease distance over there which is 3 point 3 5 meters of decline protection which I can not stress enough which is really truly fantastic men it is a good protective really slim and feels actually great and solid in the hand and also all the side volume rockers and where all the buttons are feel precisely the same as they performed with the s10 plus I such as exactly how they keep the exact same design language to make sure that way when you individuals do decide to upgrade your phone and get a brand-new rhinocerous guard instance at the very least you understand that you’re getting the same quality situation so these are the 3 instances that we do have for the p30 pro over here we have both strong fit instances over here I should state I do like the feeling a little more onto the solid black version in contrast to the carbon fiber look into below but I do actually similar to this bumper situation individuals I’m.

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actually taking pleasure in these bumper cases over right here however these instances for the p30 pro are honestly top-notch people hey people now the last point we’re going to be mentioning below is the one plus seven pro which I make certain you individuals have actually all heard now it is one of the best phones now and looks absolutely beautiful so why not go ahead as well as order an actually outstanding cover to match it now I have to say simply one point about these situations we only have 2 solid bags over below as the buffer instance has actually not been in manufacturing yet these are pre manufacturing systems individuals so simply keep in mind that there are a few things that have actually changed such as textures around it as well as security also make sure you inspect that summary down below as I will definitely include what will improve with the end product so if you have an interest in the solid bags see to it you examine that description down below to see what will certainly alter however or else we’re gon na have the exact same protection and the exact same appearance and really feel as the last devices that you saw originally with the s10 plus any p30 Pro with a few added tabs on the top so ensure you check that summary at the end of the video clip people we’re gon na take a look at the carbon fiber examine here which is really awesome practically the same as you men saw earlier we have that rubbery coating around the electronic camera lens as.

well we have the split buttons and the cool point over below is that we additionally do have defense over the slider which is truly truly incredible to see you individuals very few people see that you would simply have that open to do the slider so allow me know if you guys believe it would be much better to have that open or if this is an actually awesome suggestion since I understand that the 1 plus 7 Pro does without a doubt have a textured finish on the slider over there but this does have a little handle so it is great as well as easy to feel for so on the inside it actually really feels like a various type of mesh to the p30 Pro and STM plus I think joggers shield are going for a little a various look on the within right here as well as it does feel a little bit softer which is also good to see we additionally have that remarkable split on the side right here and afterwards we have all our great cutouts for everything that we do undoubtedly require and also we also have the cutout for the pop-up selfie camera which they did additionally inform me will be boosted this will certainly likewise be more durable as well as the buttons will most definitely come to be more clicky they are attempting to exercise what they are going to do for the last units of this little slider over here so it would be really practical for them and for myself if you men allow us.

know what you men believe if that should be textured if the handle needs to remain so on as well as so forth ok all right so there we go we have it in the 1 plus 7 Pro there it is men it feels actually durable for a pre-production device yet has the very same high quality coating as the previous ones and also also with the curve over there I must state it still really feels wonderful as well as smooth similar to it performed with the s10 plus it does not seem like it is dropping and afterwards lifting back up it kind of selects the contour which behaves to see the buttons are wonderful and clicky I can most definitely click them much easier than I performed with the STM plus version over there so you can not see that rhino guard or indeed up in the game so as soon as you have actually got it in correctly the slider in fact it feels truly good men it doesn’t draw off of it it actually holds it really well as well as it functions each and every single time I’m not also sure concerning this little knob below it does injure my finger a bit yet it’s not a big offer yet the improvement on that over there is that I can without a doubt really feel that it is easier to reach it is simpler to find over the power switch.

which is truly cool to see as well swipe that notice away currently I am trying to lock this over right here it is giving me small little problems but I can say that rhinocerous guard did state that this is a pre-production system so it will certainly be enhanced with the last product which I will certainly be obtaining within the next week or 2 so remain tuned for that a person people this is just to show you individuals what it will certainly resemble in the final product and also I wish to in fact go ahead below and see just how that pop-up selfie electronic camera operates in the situation allow’s switch it around and also there it is individuals you can see that it’s in fact the cutout is actually large for it it does not scrub against anything over there at all it looks really wonderful and I have to claim it has an actually good feeling to it so let’s proceed and also inspect out the other strong suit which we have more than below guys and that is going to be just the plain black that we have as well as there’s unfortunately that several cases they have seen to me since those are their only pre-production instances so there it mores than right here it has a very similar feeling on the within in contrast to that previous carbon fiber looking case and also after that of training course we have to peel this off and also it has that great smooth rubbery stony feel which is I do like this feel to the carbon fiber surface over there people so taking this as well as popping it let’s make that sure that the slider is up over.

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there right up Louie up as well as allow’s pop it in okay there we go all right so I can state that the power switch is not excellent now however it will certainly be best similar to you men saw previously with the s10 plus as well as the p30 Pro it functioned fabulously well and also the volume rocker buttons are working well in addition to well as the slider which is still doing truly well and also is truly simple to find thanks to that little handle over there so it does protrude a little bit I’m uncertain how that would make out in my pocket I make sure it would not make much of a distinction that it is a whole lot less complicated to make use of and also in my publications that is an insane fantastic Pro rather than the disadvantages that I have actually discovered within it currently additionally taking an appearance at the selfie pop-up with this cover it also functions actually great so you can see that jogger guard are without a doubt attempting to provide the very best appropriate top quality that you can possibly receive from a cellular phone situation which behaves and slim and also feels great as well as looks fantastic on the phone as well as opposed to UAG instances which might be a bit as well a lot for individuals this behaves as well as simple and also truly protective thanks to that 3.35 meter decline range defense yet I have to claim that the power button needs to be solved and I make certain that joggers protect will definitely send me an end product of these instances as well as I will bring that to you individuals before you go and also sprinkle your cash on these you have the.

carbon fiber examine there and after that we do certainly have the strong examine right here I don’t have a bumper situation yet but I will be obtaining one so remain tuned for that I make certain they just need to determine the bumper case keeping that pop up system over there however they look truly incredible and they certainly match the 1 plus 7 pro yet I must state I would certainly like a bumper instance yep due to the fact that I do really like that blue surface that the 1 plus 7 pro does without a doubt have nevertheless these are some awesome safety slim excellent looking situations so then you men have it 10 instances for three amazing phones guys these instances are seriously premium they feel really great to hold and also they’re really great and also slim as well as I can simply inform you today they feel really protective they behave as well as adaptable they’re not to rock strong however they’re certainly not as well adaptable currently I know that cases like these do go with rather a little bit however I do undoubtedly have the store web link down below so make certain you go look into their on-line store as well as if you sign in my summary now or later on returned and also see that discount rate code there because they have actually promised to send me a discount code just for you men so I actually hope that you guys appreciated this video as high as actually excavating all these covers and as high as I have actually been truly delighting in these three flagship phones up until next time men this is technic.