Review Asus ROG Phone 2 Camera – More Than a Gaming Phone?

we now know that the asus rogue phone – is an exceptional gaming Beast the best out there but how do the cameras stand out as opposed to the other gaming phones well first off we have a Sony IMAX 586 48 megapixel sensor as the main lens with an aperture of f-18 meaning it will let quite a bit of light in which means for a brighter shot at night this comes paired with laser autofocus which is good to see and we also have a quad barrier setup here meaning it can get binded down to 12 megapixel for greater detailed shots when in them LED conditions then our secondary lens is a 13 megapixel ultra wide sensor with an aperture of F to point 4 so things aren’t going to look as great at night and this doesn’t have autofocus but guys this is the first ultra wide sense on a gaming phone ever period then on the front of the display we have that wonderful six point five nine inch AMOLED display and above that we have the 24 megapixel f/2 point to solve a snapper with no water focus but I’m sure it will take great pics guys I hope that the camera samples come out looking just as great as the spoon this is Technic and without further ado let’s go okay guys just to let you know at the bottom right hand corner I have put an interval timer there so if you want to skip past this part you’re more than welcome to we’re gonna start with the camera you are over here and as you guys can see we have 12 megapixel and a 48 megapixel option with the main camera let’s have all true white over there though this is not able to shoot at 48 megapixels then we have 12 megapixel mode with portraits and then at night mode we’re also limited to just 12 megapixels as well we don’t have that 48 megapixel option but what is nice to see is we have ultra wide at night mode as well which is really cool be testing that out there’s also something called motion tracking which is supposed to track your subject though it didn’t work too

well so I’m not going to put it in the video then with the video department we have 4k all the way up to the 60fps which is great to see then in ultra wide we actually have HD Full HD at 60fps which is really awesome you don’t really see that often and then with the slow mode the highest we get is 480 fps though that is limited to just 720p in the front we have a 24 megapixel snap as I said before and we’re going to keep it on that for the purposes of this video and then in the video Department we actually have Full HD at 60fps with the selfie cam guys that is unheard of if you ask me so with these first couple photos over here these are main day pics cars and we’re just going to be looking at the difference between 48 megapixels and 12 megapixels bonded on that 48 megapixels in the beginning here just so that I can let you guys know that throughout the course of this video we’re gonna be using the 12 megapixel bonded shots because as I’m sure you guys can clearly see here they look much better they honestly are filled with much more color and they also preserve quite a lot of detail too especially on days that aren’t the brightest of days and that is what I had here in Beijing so what I was dealt with that 12 megapixel suited every scenario the superb base guys I cannot tell you how much better the barn shots do look

and then it’s because of that quad Bayer setup and they’re using software interpolation to make them look really good so if you look at all these different photos over here guys the colors really do pop and I must say that for a phone such as a gaming phone the Asus rogue phone 2 things look really detailed but in certain parts of the picture sometimes the detail is lacking now we’re gonna move on to ultra wide pix guys I’m going to show you the main picture and then the ultra wide pic keep an eye on the bottom left corner if you want to see which camera I am indeed using between the main and the ultra wide sensor but the ultra wide picks I do think that there is quite a lot of distortion actually more so than most other phones there everything kind of looks blown out of proportion like all the colors look soft and washed out compared to the main lens and that is because the main lens is so strong so when you do pair it with that ultra wide lens you’re not really gonna want to use the ultra wide one because of how good the main lens really is and we’ll get to other shots later with the mainland’s but if you guys look at how it’s capturing the wood at the bottom right there from the fountain it actually captured it without blur with the main lens a little bit of

below with ultra wide but nevertheless it was really awesome to see that it captured that now guys we’re looking at some more shots over here with ultra wide looking at the sky looking at a bit of the design going behind the clouds I think it looks pretty cool and then we have a little bit of water reflection over here and as you guys can see the colors just get washed out with that ultra wide lens now taking a picture of the street over here ultra wide doesn’t tend to blur anything that’s moving that’s really good to see but as you guys can see with the main picture of this building over here that red at the top of the building really got washed out with the ultra wide shot now guys also feel free to pause as we go throughout this video if I’m going a bit too fast for you and now we’re going to be moving into some zoom today pics so we’re going to show you the main over here after that ultra wide shot two times zoom now this is not optical it is not digital either two times zoom over here is actually kind of software interpolated to make it more strong in a sense to come out better and it works really well in good daylight I guess you could say as you guys could see the max that we have

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over here is 8 times zoom and when you get to that point everything is just looking like absolute garbage I think the max you can pretty much do here is 3 maybe 5 you could get away with but that 2 times optical zoom is not lossless though it doesn’t look terrible it looks a lot better than I would say other digital zoomed phones that I have seen in the past year and for a gaming phone the two times zoom over here does a pretty decent job I’m actually glad that they left this to software and then impaired a telephoto instead of an ultra wide because I do think an ultra wide camera is a lot more useful than a telephoto camera because I like to see more of what I’m looking at and not less that’s just my opinion let me know what you guys think down below are you Pro telephoto or you Pro ultra wide guys let me know I would really be interested to see what you guys have to say regarding that now we’re gonna finish off with the zoomed a pix over here guys and I got did go see quite a few little temples and stuff throughout Beijing over here and they looked really cool and now we’re gonna move over to portrait pic cm so the first couple portrait pics we’re just using that 12 megapixel binded main camera and now we’re gonna shift over to portrait mode over here and as you guys can see the subject is removed from the background quite a lot when we do kick in so I’m going to show

you a normal shot and in a portrait shot but you guys can sometimes see a little bit of edge detection with the sampling of the portrait depicts and sometimes other subjects around you also get picked up so I do think that this is probably a software issue and I’m sure that Asus will fix this going forward but as of right now you might have to take one two maybe three photos to get the perfect shots I must say that sometimes it just worked off the bat and it worked 100% I didn’t have any issues sometimes if we take a little bit of me away but yeah as you guys can see with my wife over here you can see around her hair over there that some of the building is still showing which is a bit odd now talking about portrait depicts of objects I think it does a really good job maybe sometimes even better than of the subject being an actual person such as myself but you guys can see that edge detection is not flawless to say the least guys but I do think it does a pretty decent job of blurring the background and bringing the subject for what it does a superb job in door and now talking about endo we going into indoor picks over here as you guys can see at the bottom right a corner so we’re going to show I’m gonna show you guys a whole bunch of variety of portrait picks normal picks as well as ultra wide picks so this was a really cool store that I saw in Beijing don’t even look at the prices of some of these things they’re just absolutely ridiculous it’s more of like a genuine

antique postmodern lover of all the hero arts kind of thing going on there and then this was a brewery I do think that some indoor shots were just blown out of proportion like crazy when light hits the indoor shot of ultra wide the camera really didn’t like it and it had a bit of issues with it but sometimes I get so so so what I can kind of come away from indoor outdoor experience so far guys is that they sushi off phones whose camera setup is great especially on paper I just want to mention this quick guys look at the light fillets yeah I did not edit this at all I thought that looked absolutely stunning but taking a picture of the beers over here it looks really cool but when you go into that zoom indoors it just that’s two times zoom guys it looks it just looks ugly but anyway now we’re going to move on today video guys so we have 4k at 60 frames per second others I say at the bottom left is raw because it is not upscale this is a 4k video so the 1080p footage will be upscaled and here it is so that’s 4k and 1080p both at 60fps I think they both really smooth if anything I actually think the 4k is a lot smoother than the full HD Club even though they’re both running at 60 fps as you guys can see in a different environments over here it looks pretty good on both of them but we had like a little bit of a auto focus issue over there for a second I don’t think it’s anything too bad though and in the full HD Department

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everything looks nice crisp and clear as well I think sometimes when you move a little bit too fast to be a little bit hard on the eyes but it’s like that with most phones though that 60 FPS does up quite a lot I was on quite a bit quite over here a lot of room to walk around and move around freely and you can see how the greens on the trees just pop they just look so awesome with the a on this phone I think it looks really really cool especially with all these temples of E and everything it’s just so darn smooth you guys now one thing I want to mention after this is it’s really awesome and I can’t get over the fact that we can shoot ultra wide Full HD at 60 frames per second guys I have never seen that as always being limited to 30 and I’m showing you a full HD clip right now at 60fps this is not ultra wide this is using the main lens and we’re about to jump into the ultra wide one now so you’ll see it in a second you’ll see what I mean here it is guys you have so much view here it is so smooth I must say this is definitely one of the perks of the phone you can see the quality has depth a little bit but it is just so smooth now in the slow-motion Department we do have 480 fps now I say this is upscale because that is just HD if you want full HD we’re gonna have to jump to 240 FPS so it’s not as slow but the 480 fps footage it doesn’t it just it just does not look good guys I’ve seen 960 FPS even the Nubia raid

magic threes 1920 fps slow-motion looks better than the one on here though that 240 Full HD doesn’t look too bad in my opinion so now we’re going to move over to some evening shots of you guys and use as you guys can see keep your eyes on the bottom-left night mode off night mode on now so we’re off 9 as you guys can see the pictures actually come out really similar with this shot especially I think it has to do with the light but in this situation it does brighten things up a lot it gives it like a brownish color though and I don’t know like it kind of it uses too much of the color that it is seeing the most in the evening shots I’m not sure if you guys understand what I am saying but it kind of picks one color from the shots and uses that individual color to bright everything up and kind of gives it like a highlights of the same color like you can see like a red blend over here but it does make things brighter so that’s a good thing but you lose ton of detail guys not to say that the main lens doesn’t already lose a lot of detail I mean look at that that looks absolutely terrible but guys I cannot emphasize how dark this was this was pitch black so to use a night mode off in a pitch black

scenario and get such results I’m actually really impressed with nod mode over here I would have liked the details to be a little bit better in these scenarios but nevertheless I think it captures most of it but ultra wide on the other hand we have a night mode option and it does slightly brighten it up but guys do not use ultra wide at nights with the Aces for raagh phone – everything is blown even with some lights it said all the colors are just gone the detail is gone it’s just there’s so much pixelization happening I don’t know if this is a software issue I’m sure Asus will fix it if it is it doesn’t look terrible but we’re taking some portrait pictures guys don’t do this either it really doesn’t do the phone any injustice with the portrait I’m pitch black there so now guys we also have some nice video over here this is 4k 60fps but I’m not sure if you guys can actually see it’s almost like there’s a split halfway through the screen over there showing us a different shade on the left and a different shade on the right now this really worried me because I thought this was actually a hardware issue but I did some tests of other video right after this as you guys will see in a second and that is gone you have to have a fine eye for it but I pick up on these things guys enough ok

30fps a through 30fps in yeah because you guys you can’t see that shift in tint on the left and the right of the screen at all it’s completely gone which means there’s a software error with the 60fps I’m sure this will be fixed like I said earlier guys with the global launch I’m sure you won’t have that issue ultra wide full HD 60fps is great but at night guys do not use this it looks like crap guys I’m sorry it looks absolutely terrible ok guys we’re gonna leave all that behind and move on to the selfie department so we have some selfie pics over I’m gonna be shifting from regular and it’s a portrait and I honestly sometimes feel like the selfie shots look better than the back I mean look how much detail is on my facial hair guys I don’t know if I have seen that amount of detail of my face in many phones before unless they top top top tier phones that are not gaming phones especially so I’m actually really impressed and I actually think the background blur is a lot better with the selfie cam I’m not sure if this has to do with a software issue on the back cameras but I’m really all for the selfie cam guys that is one of my favorite selfie cameras I have ever used so if you’re a selfie lover you will definitely be happy to hear that not to say that the back cameras are bad I think they pretty good I just think that they do need some software upgrades to utilize the specs that are there because they are so amazing and I just want issues to fly with that but guys this is a gaming phone so you can’t really complain the photos are stored on par with hey guys so this is

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the Asus rock phone – selfie cam video test in Full HD this is set at 30fps at the current moment so this is mainly to taste up the mic and to show you guys the difference between 30 and 60 fps using the selfie cam now this is the same video once again using the selfie cam at full HD though this time we’re running at 60 frames per second pretty much the first that I’ve really seen 60 frames per second on a selfie cam in the front which is really awesome so see you guys let me know what you guys think of the quality of the video as well as the microphone testing ok guys so let me know what you guys think of the selfie cam video in the front I’m really impressed that Asus have paid in 1080p with 60fps that just shows you the quality of the processing tip of this phone as well as the quality of the selfie cam and taking some pics at night it doesn’t look terrible I would actually say the portrait mode is in essence a night mode look how much brighter it gets it actually takes a really great shot and the recording at night is not the best maybe even better than the back cams but like I said the back cams I can’t be too hard on them guys they have just recently released the phone because the Asus Rockford 2 is an incredible phone to say the least is that the best camera phone out there no but guys this is certainly one of the best cameras on a gaming phone I have ever seen and with that ultra wide camera it really makes for a great all-around camera setup and until next time guys this is technic

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