Vivo NEX 3 vs IQOO Pro Speed Test

yo what’s up individuals you back with your man Method your best person for videos on the current tech now today it’s about the current tech once again because we have the vivo following 3-5 g on my left hand side which comes cooped with a snapdragon 855 + processing contribute it as well as 8 jobs of ram this is the current from viva and absolutely their flagship awesome to date it is fairly expensive there are rather a whole lot more costly than the phone that we have on my right-hand side which is the vive IQ pro currently this is additionally coupled with a snapdragon a 55 plus processing chip and 8 jobs of ram as well as it really does have a monster inside such as the stunning LEDs at the back recommend this phone is absolutely remarkable as well as I can not wait to check the gaming companion with the flagship partner so I have removed animations in the ease of access shortcut food selection over here and also not via designer alternative since we’re running the exact same software over right here and also I have actually additionally enabled monster setting on the beaver intelligence Pro since it has it we’re gon na go on as well as utilize it and we do not have this attribute on the vive following 3-5 g sadly now we are going to be utilizing my GoPro Hero 7 over below my hero 7 black so watch on the bottom left-hand edge while we do this test to keep points as exact as feasible people these are both amazing phones to claim the least and without more trouble allow’s go so we’re going to begin up over right here with run absolutely no which is a boot preference after that loading up the applications once we have booted the phone as well as the boot round over there we get the intelligence Pro with the very first factor in rounded zero after that on the left the beaver next 3 really did not come in too far we likewise mosting likely to do a finger print sensor examination over here and also they are utilizing pretty similar ones yet entering into the apps the vive as well as next three takes it they’re matching the points in round no with one point apiece now we’re going to examine that the finger print sensors so the initial one there’s the eye Cooper I really did not assign a factor yet though so we’re mosting likely to do

best out of three after that we have an incorporate the second round and we’re mosting likely to go ahead as well as examine out the third round to obtain ideal 2 out of 3 for the vivo intelligence Pro which took a second factor in round zero which is truly trendy to see their gaming once there is doing fantastic things even in routine usage scenarios so round one we’re gon na go electronic camera to bar G around to club G right back up to video camera and the vivo following opened video camera quicker though the I price quote IQ Pro change the camera to selfie setting a bit quicker due to the fact that it does not have a pop-up where the vivo next 3 does was a tie in taking a photo as well as guys just to allow you understand I’m not mosting likely to be discussing each and every single private point throughout this test though what I will be doing is contrasting details points concerning the phones as well and I have to state that I’ve truly been appreciating the waterful display screen on the vivo following three near the bottom left-hand edge I do indeed have the GoPro footage so maintain an eye on that particular men because each time I placed my finger on the phones I wish to attempt be as accurate as possible and exactly how I do this examination if you are brand-new right here is I do slow down the clip down a load as a lot as I potentially can and afterwards I decrease once again as well as once again I do it a minimum of five times to ensure the points is allocated correctly I additionally watch out on my fingers near the bottom leftover there to see which ones I am

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touching initially however many of the time I obtain them absolutely accurate whenever this is not my very first speed test as I make certain you men need to know I have actually come a long method since the very first one so opening astral VPN yes since we do require a VPN in China the next 3 protected and also the IQ Pro transformed it on a little quicker so we have two factors in right here on the next 3 in contrast to the intelligence probe over below now nabbing one more point we’re opening up Facebook which is trendy to see suggesting that these phones are actually similar men and they do have the exact same software program the exact same Android the exact same everything going on you’re consisting of the RAM as well as the processing chip which is an 855 plus currently the 855 plus refining chip is not that much greater than its precursor the regular 855 there’s in fact only really intended for gaming phones over here considering that we get a 15% GPU boost and also only a 4% CPU increase so it isn’t truly family member to the next three and also most routine phones that are coming out nowadays once including the 855 chipset in any way they’re just including the normal 855 as well as not the plus where with all the gaming phones appearing these days in the autumn of 2019 right here we are seeing increasingly more 855 plus phones and I am getting more of

them with normal phones such as the brand-new real me x2 Pro as well as the opera Reno ace so keep an eye out for those unboxing videos some speed tests on them as well as I’ll be doing a billing examination on those phones in the coming weeks – so people please subscribe to my channel if you have not already hit that notice bar symbol and remain tuned for all these incredible tests that I’ve placed my heart into so currently exporting a project over below in Adobe Premiere clip we do have the intelligence Pro really doing it quicker there which I was rather stunned regarding since the following 3 has been doing truly well and also I should state that just two factors ahead here on the next three opening Google Chrome a little bit quicker there points are actually also I’ve never seen such an also examination and also they must be individuals I’m not surprised that they’re gon na be also they’re running virtually the exact same internals right here that we do have that larger display on the vivo following so that could count a fair bit two input lag when touching an app but they both have quite quite comparable touch latency feedback times too so we simply have one point separating

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these 2 Kings over here in between the pc gaming phone on the right as well as the flagship phone on the left over below flagship definition that it is the most pricey not necessarily that it has much better specs because they have the same as I discussed however another plaything over there now we’re gon na proceed and also open up Angry Birds which the vivo next 3-5 G takes so just 2 factors ahead in round one and if you individuals haven’t seen already near the bottom right hand corner I do have a slight little timer going on there for for how long each round takes round one most definitely takes the lengthiest out of all of them over right here because we’re running through all the applications from no apps to all the applications open round 2 will practically be examining out RAM administration however not so much since we’re gon na be evaluating out the rate of resuming apps so linger for round 2 which we’ll obtain to in a min straight off do we open up our last game over here and also the last application of the number which is pop G mobile currently this video game is quite much one of the most graphics extreme I would state just behind phone call of responsibility mobile if you people are enjoying top quality mobile as well as you would certainly prefer me to consist of that in this test apart from pop G.

mobile please let me recognize yet I still understand a ton of you people are still playing pop G mobile as a result of your degrees and you don’t intend to consider that up by switching over to cod mobile yet I need to say I have actually been delighting in cod Mobile’s a little much more then I have actually ever taken pleasure in pop G mobile so we had the intelligence Pro actually pull a factor over there ahead in bar G mobile and simply 2 points behind me V watercraft NYX 3 in round one currently we’re beginning with rounded two in the following three opens up bar Jeep again quicker however again I imply as in reopening the app faster after that we have the IQ Pro with the next video game as well as we have the next three with the following video game so it’s kind of a toss-up with video games yah I have not transformed on video gaming setting ultra gaming setting on either device so they do both support them and you probably will use it but also for the sake of this examination that does take somewhat longer to open up each application with ultra video game setting enabled so I have actually disabled it right here to maintain points as even as possible because sometimes the handling does a little of various points when it comes to opening up ultra game mode so we both on ty below with 5 points on each and also the next three just opened up Netflix a bit quicker they’re taking and also added factors as well as an added points.

once more in YouTube making it an added 2 factors ahead now to the IQ Pro which has seven factors in rounded 2 as well as the vivo next three has 9 points currently so the intelligence is not catching up a little bit as well as we’re gon na go on and also shut off this VPN which the IQ Pro does a little snappier we’re in agreeance spotify as well as we’re gon na enter into our last run of applications over right here and also the intelligence Pro has now exceeded the VEVO following 3-5 g I had not been as well amazed by this due to the fact that I have actually seen remarkable RAM monitoring’s on the IQ Pro via my days utilizing it however I have not seen any type of slashes on the VEVO next 3-5 g either so the IQ Pro snatches an additional two points in rounded two there now people overall these phones are definitely beasts and also I wouldn’t recommend against either of them whichever one you choose whichever look you prefer if you’re going with video game and you want air triggers I would opt for the intelligence Pro with that 34 factors in complete rather than the 33 factors in total of the V Bo next 3-5 g though simply one point different there actually isn’t much efficiency difference between these 2 I have actually actually been taking pleasure in both of these phones so it practically boils down to which you assume is far better and also what advantages you choose on each device they’re both outright beasts when it involves efficiency and also up until following time men this is technique.

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