Asus ROG Phone 2 vs Nubia Red Magic 3S Speed Test

you’re whatsup guys you’re back with Technic and today we have an additional speed test this time around featuring the rock phone 2 and also red magic 3 is the asus rogue phone – this is undoubtedly the 10-cent version includes a snapdragon 855 + refining chip in the variation that I have actually comes paid with 8 jobs of ram the Nubia red magic sixes also has a Snapdragon 855 plus refining journey as well as this variation also has eight gigs of RAM as well as we likewise have an energetic air cooling which is actually great to see in a mobile phone currently both of these phones have quick refresh rate panels though the rock phone has 120 Hertz as well as the ACE and the red magic has 19 Hertz they the red magic likewise has rapid cooling which we’re mosting likely to place on over there and also we have X setting on the Asus which we’re going to go ahead and also enable or for the objectives of this examination we have actually additionally handicapped all animations on both gadgets of ear to maintain points as precise as feasible as well as we’re additionally going to be using my GoPro video footage at the left hand corner so watch out for that people these are both monster phones and also without additional ado let’s go [Music] We’re going to begin off with round one over right here for those of you that have are new to the channel we’re gon na start with rounded one which is composed of a boot as well as the red magic 3 years obtains the initial one there were 5 secs quicker on a boot over there currently we’re going to go ahead and open the apps over here and me red magic 3’s or once again revitalizes the apps quicker when starting into the phone and also the last two things that

we’re mosting likely to do is facial recognition and also fingerprint senses so beginning with facial acknowledgment the red magic sixes takes two tix over there as you can see under the branding and also the 3rd technology indicates best 3 out of 3 giving it the 3rd factors in round one now the last final point for round one over below is finger print detects we have an optical one under the display for the aces and also we have a physical one on the red magic sixes the Asus got one kick over there although the red magic three is got two making the best 2 out of 3 over there offering us fourth and also last factors in round one currently for round 2 we’re going from cam right down to pub G over below and we’re gon na turn the camera over right here and also the red magic 3s opened up electronic camera flip the cam as well as took the picture quicker remarkably sufficient now I have actually directed well not transmitted I’ve just placed on the worldwide software on the red magic 3 is that’s why I have actually taken rather a while to get this examination up since it took rather a while for them to launch an international software program variation of the red magic three years so this is running virtually stock Android on the fives over below to make sure that is why points likewise really snappy over right here individuals I don’t recognize what took place was taping on my oneplus 70 but also for some reason it simply began there I attempted everything I could do yet it really did not influence what you could actually see when going into the following app over there which was fun

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and afterwards settings one more speed examination currently this is the internet speed examination so far we only have one point for the incorrect phone two and 9 factors for the three years we’re going to examine each one individually over here by seconds and upload and also download and install rate so for the rock phone – it took 29 secs to do it and 84.5 makes download rate with a red magic with the other day in 19 secs 10 secs quicker with a greater download as well as upload rate so that’s truly excellent then we’re mosting likely to delve into Spotify which the 3s took once more now a Photoshop Express over below the 3s took once more over there surprise shock I do not believe so conserving a photo to gallery the 3a risks at the same time again both of these phones are paid with ufs 3.0 storage space over below to ensure that’s an excellent thing to see specifically when right into the Adobe Premiere clip yeah so we’re gon na delve into among our projects over here and also it was a tie there that’s why they would certainly text on both sides under each branding of the phone over there so now we have two points for the wrong phone too still hasn’t obtained an individual factor yet currently we’re exporting a 4k clip to 1080p resolution downscaling it as well as I have actually quickened the clip by 600 times over here so we’re gon na proceed and also

inspect what it does as well as we have three secs quicker on the fives extremely similar over here because they have extremely similar storage space once more these are both 128 job variation storages storage abilities as well with that your Panorama 3.0 storage we require a walk in China and also turning it on coincided on both gadgets as soon as again the rogue phone is yet to get its own private point but it gets it with Facebook it seems to open up Facebook a bit quicker than the threes and refilling the page quicker too getting its first private factor there today the 3 s grabs as well as various other points with Instagram making it 20 factors on the twos now 21 in contrast to the 4 on the rock phone – this is really excellent for Nubia guys I have to say I am truly satisfied with what they’re doing below though I can’t claim that I am surprised since the previous version the routine Nubia red magic 3 not the s that came with a vanilla Snapdragon 855 processing chip not the And also version and also it really did outshine the rogue phone – also not quite as long as this reduced yet it’s still up did it the rock phone – seemed to open a video clip there on YouTube quicker then the 3 it’s simply somewhat simply a hair of a second over there people so absolutely nothing as well insane to create home regarding

honestly both of these phones are amazing gaming phones both of them have a triggers I do favor the a triggers on the 3 years given that they are indented yet I type of like the squeeze performance that you hop on the rug phone in China if you obtain the ten exact same variation of the rogue phone – they’re quite in a similar way valued the red magic sixes is simply 500 you want extra which is about 5,000 rupees much more costly for the rogue phone – instead of the three years with the same setup I’m not quite sure exactly how the global variation of the rock phone two would certainly do against the 3 years but it cost a heck of a great deal more for no real factor we have the exact same specs inside people you can blink the firmware if you ‘d such as so there’s constantly that option though I have refrained from doing that yet since the firmware on the rogue phone – permits for all Google Applications with the Chinese 10 cent variation of the firmware rather than the red magic sixes which doesn’t enable any Google Applications and also that is why I needed to wait to get the worldwide software program in order to do this test currently the rock phone to rather much smash via the 3s by quite a.

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couple of secs in opening up every single game which is most likely thanks to ex-spouse setting when you are using the 3’s you’re probably going to use the game space more than anything to do the rate examination we’re not going to be using that game room but I’m pretty sure that that will make things a bit quicker when opening hub G the rock phone to is simply a second quicker as well as opening it up as well as now we’re going to delve into rounded 3 over this around to the sixes definitely demolished the rock phone 2 now going back into apps in rounded 3 we’re not really inspecting up RAM administration over right here however much more so how fast apps in fact reopen when entering into them once more the second time around until now the fours has opened them up all 2 games thus far quicker and after that third game over there opening up flip diving together so it was a tie point there however we get train surfers open quicker on the 3s when again now opening Chrome the rock phone to really takes it delving into Netflix or three a stake so things are a little bit closer over here with 6 points on the fours currently 7 factors and two points on the rug phone – so five factors ahead on the sixes in run 3 over right here if you individuals have not.

observed that I do have GoPro video at the left base left corner as well as if you are brand-new here what I do do is I slow these video down as much as feasible five 6 times so attempt and also inspect which factors is accurately obtaining it I additionally compared to the GoPro video footage down left hand edge to see the distinction in delay with my finger tapping to attempt obtain as accurate as possible if there are any type of apps that you individuals want to advise let me know this is pre recorded video footage I did a few weeks back I’m attempting to keep development with my youtube channel I’m gon na be doing YouTube full-time really soon so please stay tuned for that if you haven’t observed the bottom right-hand corner we do have a countdown timer for all my videos that I upload up so that you can see how much time each round will take on that particular video currently we are on the last two apps over here and also the electronic camera the burglarized phone to maintain the video camera turned we don’t have that option for the red magic threes as well as an overall points of 46 for the fours in contrast to 21 on the rock phone – that’s truly impressive individuals I need to claim that the 3s has demolished it but only about a couple of secs in each application both phones are absolutely outstanding I love them both a lot if you individuals chose up any type of one of them you’ll be doing yourself a support as well as until following time people this is Technique.

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