Snapdragon 855+ (Asus ROG Phone 2) vs SD765G (Realme X50) vs SD730G (Redmi K30) – 120FPS Game Test

yo what’s up guys you’re back with Technic as well as today we have a gaming FPS test between the Snapdragon 7-6 5 g snapdragon 855 plus and 730 g on the actual me X 50 pole phone 2 as well as K 34 G every one of them have a hundred as well as twenty Hertz freshen rate panels though the X 50 has a little thing at the lower claiming that there are compatibility issues and many apps will certainly change to 60 Hertz we have actually games based on X 50 depot crates on the rogue phone 2 and game turbo on the K 34g our very first game over below is going to be a bullet force for those of you that do not know this game it in fact happened means prior to club G and Phone call of Obligation mobile and also all of those video games as well as this was virtually the basis as well as criterion for initial person player video games online you can play this video game online as well as offline I am doing an offline globe over here so that I do not have any issues as well as I can evaluate it as accurate as feasible on all of the tools we have the frameworks per 2nd at the top right of each private phone we have the X 50 under left edge the K 30 under appropriate corner and the rogue phone 2 on top with that snapdragon 855 + processing chip now that a 55 plus

refining chip is running on 7 an ohmmeter technology while the one on the X 50 is also 7 nanometre the K 30 has a Snapdragon 730 G chipset which is running eight nanometer modern technology there now all three phones while both on the left they’re remaining in the wrong phone – and the X 50 both have 8 gigs of RAM on these versions I have the 10 cent variation of the rogue over right here and after that on the lower right with the K 30 we do certainly have just 6 gigs of RAM but that shouldn’t really matter since games do not truly take that much RAM when you are certainly playing them on smart phones I will certainly so have a time on top right-hand man edge to indicate just how lengthy we have actually left of this as well as really interesting right here men a hundred as well as 6 structures per second on the red Mackay 30 in contrast to 75 FPS on the rogue phone 260 is virtually the cap on the X 50 considering that we have I have attempted many things people I can not validate the amount of things I try to spend hrs attempting to obtain the X 50 to run games at 120 fps however whatever I did no games that I attempted could really run at 120 frames per 2nd I was truly truly disappointed with it due to the fact that I really intended to check this thing out however I assumed I would certainly simply proceed as well as do the video anyway to reveal you guys that this is a real trouble for any one of you men that do actually

learn about this concern or have fixed this concern please let me understand in the remarks down below I ‘d truly be interested to see why this is occurring they say something regarding low-power mode getting on I guarantee you all of it was off I did every little thing humanly possible to obtain it right we are playing dead trigger 2 below with a 120 FPS cap all of these video games I had 120 FPS cap that is why I have not included things such as club G due to the fact that those are restricted to 60 frameworks per second along with fortnight’s currently until now the read me K 34 G is doing an excellent job if you consider its frames per 2nd at the top right edge of the bottom right of the display over there resting pretty much in between 80 as well as 100 where the rock phone dips a lot a great deal of the time it mosts likely to 50 and afterwards fires back up to 70 or 80 or 120 there’s a lot of variations with the rock phone I would say we require g-sync or vsync yeah yet these are smart phones and also once more 89 structures per second on the K 30 you guys I can not believe this 7400 phone 2 and 60 when again stable on takes 50 as a result of that cap I really can not overcome the reality I also spoke to my spouse guys I was like you understand the Snapdragon 730 well it’s busy killing the 855 plus I can not believe that this is Temporal Kombat over right here on Android likewise 120 fps cap once more we have those fluctuating dips on the rogue phone – this is the 10-cent variation so I’m not exactly sure if that has anything to do with it guys

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Seriously an 855 plus refining chip needs to not be discarding this much I will definitely be testing out phones such as the oneplus 70 as well as the real me x2 Pro to see if I have the similar problems though those are 90 Hertz panels and also not 120 Hertz that we have over right here the redmi is doing truly well when again at 90s rather much across the board where the genuine me is doing pretty much 60 hardly ever before dipping so it’s very nice and secure that’s Snapdragon 765 ji chipset it is not just reliable however it’s rather effective here I ‘d truly love to see what it can really do with 120 frameworks per 2nd I don’t recognize if it’s a restriction on the processing chip or on the phone itself yet if anybody really has the redmi k35 G with the snapdragon 765 G chip please allow me understand what is happening with that no if it’s just Oppo software application on genuine me over here I’ll certainly be checking out the other opera that I have which is the opera Reno 3 Pro 5 G to see that 90 Hertz panel and with Mortal Kombat’s we have 96 FPS on the K 30 77 on the carpet for in 2 and sixty once again secure on the X 50 people my eyes are bigger than my belly right currently I can not believe what is occurring right here you men are simply gon na have to take my word for it I guarantee you this is 100 percent exact if you would certainly like me to do an online video I ‘d be pleased to do that to really show the results on the phones themselves if you do not believe me but I can be blatantly truthful with you men these are the outcomes and also as you people can see below this is where the rock phone 2 is beaming with equipment Club below it is doing around 50 55 frameworks per second with a red me and also the actual me are sitting at concerning 30 though the real me is in fact doing a little bit

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better after that the red me this time at regarding 40 structures per 2nd right here I’m rather thrilled with that there with the genuine meat we have a hundred and twenty FPS cap on gear Club the none of these phones can in fact outmatch that 120 let alone 60 due to the raw graphics of this game it looks absolutely sensational basically the closest to a car simulator that I have seen at of graphics top qualities that you see on computer or on console it looks absolutely spectacular be certain to examine this game out it is 100% totally free as you people can see the time at the leading right-hand man corner over there we’re entering into results for this 32 structures per 2nd on the K 30:55 this moment on the rock phone – that’s good to see and 40 on the X 55 G that’s also good to see on the snapdragon 765 G lastly it got not last place when performing a game here due to the fact that every one of them seems to be pretty capped at 60 since of the graphics of the air club now last game here is transfer here likewise have 120 FPS cap over below the snapdragon 7 30g is doing really well when

once again practically resting at 120 frames per 2nd at all times as well as individuals I’m not this poor at this game I can ensure you I’m just doing this for the purpose of this preference to show you individuals the dips on the carpet phone to over there next 50 is rather secure at 60 though I must say points really feel truly slow 60 frames per second as soon as you do certainly play them at 120 I really need to figure out this thing with the real me and why it is not playing any type of video games with this I tried several various screen recorders and it’s not the recorder it’s not the video games I’ve transformed low power mode off oh just to allow you individuals recognize I have actually allowed high performance setting on the real me over there to maintain points as snappy as possible as well as it’s video game room obviously we have depot dog crates have ex setting on on the rock phone also and we do have game turbo on on the K 34 G keeping that Snapdragon 730 G which is seriously thrilling me here men to ensure that is completion of every one of our games below we’re gon na simply

inspect the outcomes we have a hundred and ten frameworks per second on the K 30 72 on the rogue and also 60 on the X 50 when again steady at 60 there with a game that is topped at 120 FPS unusual preference this I should state men however I’m truly amazed with the Snapdragon 730 G below are the total results below guys as you can see the names as well as the symbols on the left and best hand side we have the average frames per second at the base over here 56 frameworks per second on standard for the X 50 70 factor 6 structures per 2nd standard on the rock phone 2 and 86 factors 6 frames per 2nd standard on the cavern 34 G now what this tells me people is not just is the Snapdragon 730 G doing actually well at a very low-cost cost point to be here with the K 30 but you do not require greater than a 19 Hertz for initial rate panel and till next time individuals this is technique

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