BATTERY DRAIN TEST – Sony Xperia 1 ii vs S20 Ultra / iPhone 11 Pro Max / OnePlus 8 Pro / Find X2 Pro

this is Method as well as these are 5 of one of the most costly smartphones on the planet that you can purchase now yet which of them does finest when it comes to battery life we have the Sony Xperia one mark 2 the latest as well as biggest from Sony over right here with a 4 thousand milliamp hour battery the samsung galaxy s 20 ultra Samsung’s true front runner with a five thousand milliamp hr battery the apple iphone 11 professional max with the smallest battery of the buncher 3969 though rather near the sony 4510 on the oneplus as well as 4260 on the upper all of them have actually been upgraded to their latest readily available software program and also we have really high resolutions on all gadgets the highest possible pixels per inch getting on the Sony Xperia one waktu is close to a 4k display I have gone down the 120 Hertz refresh rate panels of the Samsung oneplus and Oppo to 60 Hertz to match that of the iPhone as well as me Sony guys this is Technique and also without more trouble allow’s go we’re gon na begin again through by checking some battery and CPU temperature levels in level Celsius at the beginning of the test after every application that we compete thirty minutes we’re gon na check these once more to make sure that we can refer them to the previous results along with compare them across devices when it comes to warm

dissipation we’re gon na go ahead as well as begin the examination off the unplugging all the phone’s over right here and also as you people might see there is a great deal taking place on the screen right now I have the information of all the phones at the base simply below their branding over there we have the battery percents at the top of each phone and over that we have the battery and CPU degrees in Celsius leading appropriate hand corner is certainly the moment period as well as the percent that you see over the phone is in connection to that time period so after the thirty minutes mark of 96% on the Sony 95 on the Samsung 96 just 1 + 99 still on the iPhone over there as well as 95 on the opéra them are quite similar here iPhones always appear to drain the least when it goes from that 100% mark so I would certainly say 95% so they can actually last a long time in that very first 10% that you do start draining pipes completely to that 90% mark in contrast to Android gadgets however it ought to start draining pipes a little bit quicker later afterwards one hr period we have 92% on the Sony and on these sounds and only one plus with the lowest fee 91% on the top as well as 95% being the most effective on the apple iphone 11 Pro max just incidentally guys we do have

the existing application performing at the bottom right-hand man edge if you missed out on that a bit previously we’re now in Shazam right currently and also discussing CPUs in degrees Celsius the Samsung is the coolest and the upper is absolutely the best in battery the apple iphone is the coolest and the second coolest when it concerns Android well first for Android is indeed the oneplus with 34 degrees in Celsius hottest battery now mosts likely to the Sony Xperia another – with practically 40 levels Celsius in battery as well as 43 levels Celsius in CPU here after a hr as well as half an hour are 85% on the Sony respectable for fairly a small 4 thousand milliamp hr battery I have to add compared to the 86% for a five thousand milliamp hour battery on the s20 ultra 89% is still based upon the iPhone 85 and 85 on e1 plus as well as the top respectively we are now doing a facebook the live television over below and we have actually obtained a covert side to our time interval after two hrs you can see that the Sony Xperia and the Opera starting to drain a bit a lot more than other gadgets with 80 percent and also 79 percent specifically 83 percent on the s20 not much behind the 85 percent on the apple iphone 81% only one plus certainly we have that 79 percent being the most affordable on the OP of ear the Sony Xperia one waktu is still the most popular across the board in battery and CPU levels in Celsius and also the coolest CPU below is the Samsung however bear in mind that Samsung wishes to

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limit their snapdragon versions to make sure that it can match that of the exodus so it’s not utilizing its full power significance CPU tips need to be somewhat cooler yet Samsung are truly understood for truly cool smart devices when it comes to battery or CPU respectively that’s why it is essentially the coolest throughout all various other Android devices here the iPhone application that I’m making use of to determine the battery in levels Celsius isn’t the most accurate we do not have an n to 2 option well the iPhone doesn’t have a temperature level alternative within the antutu application like the Android phones do as well as afterwards three hr mark interval saving 1% on the sony 77 on the samsung currently 6 percent greater than that of the sony yet it does have a thousand even more milliamp hrs under the hood over there 78% very close to call between the iPhone as well as Samsung simply 1% difference we have 72% currently higher than that of the Sony on the upper with 72% 74% on the oneplus we are now presently streaming video clips on YouTube or my videos make certain you people go inspect those out after this video as well as see to it you struck that subscribe switch also if you’re a year to do so after 3 hrs and 31 mins 66% on the sony xperia or 1 mark 273 on the Samsung 74 on any kind of apple iphone still 1% difference between those 2 70% now on the 1 + 8/ as well as 67% now just 1% distinction 1% better than that of the

Sony on the top as well as x2 Pro we’re now doing a video loophole a 4k 25 frameworks per second video loophole utilizing the VLC application as well as after that for our mark we have 61% on the Sony 70% on the s20 71% on the apple iphone as soon as again only desire the exact same difference in between both over there the Opera is doing 2 percent better than that of the Sony now 66 percent on the 1 + 8 Pro which is still doing a superb work with a 4510 for the Empire battery if you men ignore the specs inspect down below keep in mind that the display sizes as well as the resolutions we’re adhering to the very same Hertz however the screen sizes and also resolutions do matter when it comes to battery particularly with that massive of the display on the s20 so if you check out 62% rather than the apple iphone 64 percent after 4 hours and also 33 mins I assume the samsung is actually doing a better task indeed it does have a much bigger battery but it has a much bigger screen too and also a somewhat greater resolution or 1440p rather than 12:42 P or LED display on the iPhone over below the iPhone is not actually complete HD plus it’s not truly qhd+ wqhd plus it’s sort of in the center of the to the Sarnia was obtaining a really warm over there after using the camera application 38% now for the Sony after 5 hrs and also 2 mins 52% on the Samsung 56 now 4% greater than these Samsung is the apple iphone 47% is the 1 + 8 pro and 39% simply 1% much better then the Sony is the

Oppo discover X 2 pro we’re running some criteria over right here people however remember it’s not to just quicken this examination it’s in fact to simulates a heavy video game experience such as playing pubs your mobile or telephone call of responsibility mobile to ensure that we can get a similar dream time there play all video games at the very same time all those heavy hitting games anyway after 5 hours and half an hour we have 27% currently on your Sony 29% which is 2% even more on the upper locate x2 Pro the leader right here is Thor the iPhone with 46% 2% listed below that is the Samsung Galaxy S 20 ultra with 44% 37% dropping quite quickly currently is undoubtedly the 1 + 8 Pro now it does have the second largest battery over right here it is not doing these second-rate of training course the iPhone is actually smashing every person right here with its small little battery and also extraordinary battery performance after 6 hrs 15 percent on the sony xperia one mark to 34 percent on the s20 altra 37 on the apple iphone a 3 percent more than that of the samsung 26% on the oneplus and also a 17 percent on the top 5 x 2 pro when i as well as once more called lip diving so I’m just allowing it run in the history here I’m not actually

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playing the game however the game does move a little bit so it does without a doubt drain quite a little bit of battery now the best battery in degrees Celsius here is the Xperia 1 mark 2 and also it is likewise the most affordable with 8% 10% on the aquaponics 2 professional 19% not far behind that on the 1 plus 8 Pro does have a bigger battery than those two that I just discussed 29% sony samsung and also 30% on the iphone just desire the exact same between those two gadgets currently and also train surfers over below just doing a little video gaming examination to see which one can lost the seven-hour machia i currently regard 6 hours as unbelievable battery life 6 hours and 55 minutes the sony xperia one mark 2 keeping that remarkable 4k 60 hertz LED panel knocks senseless with 0.24% per minute as well as nine factor six million powers per minute as well we currently have 25% on the Samsung 25% on the iPhone currently for the very first time I’ll entirely level 13% just 1 plus as well as 4 percent on the Oppo discover x2 Pro which is no doubt soon to be the alongside knockout when you look at these numbers of ear staff the CPU is indeed the Samsung shop with the best battery being the vet of the 1 plus 8 professional 7 hours as well as 11 mins later on the Oppo discover x2 pro Knox art with a far better portion per minute compared to the Sonja with 0.23% per mins however really worse milliamp hours per minute with 9 point nine milli amp hours because it does have a somewhat bigger battery and also it really did not.

last a lot longer actually just sixteen mins to be precise one percent left on the oneplus a pro after 7 hours and also thirty mins twenty percent on your apple iphone as well as eighteen percent on the background I’ll try the apple iphone is not trading strikes much more impacts after that the price quote ultra or 2 percent more after 7 hrs and also 34 minutes over right here seven hours and 35 minutes I should add the 1 plus 8 Pro knocks out with 0.22% per minute the finest of the great deal that have actually passed away thus far but not the ideal milliamp hours per min that still gets awarded to the Sony Xperia 1 mark – yes it really did not last as lengthy as the various other 2 devices that did knock senseless a little bit later yet due to its smaller battery it has a greater will actually a lower milliamp hours permanent drainpipe after 8 hours now 12 percent on the Samsung 15 percent on the iPhone 11 Pro max over below present app is Spotify as well as we are making use of screen recording we’re gon na conform to Shazam as well as we’re mosting likely to continue utilizing screen recording on both phones when I originally did this at the beginning of the examination I also utilize display recording throughout all the phones on the disc at the existing minute 5 percent now after the 8 hours and 30 minute mark on the s20 ultra rather than 10 percent double that on the apple iphone II live in a professional Mac’s as I claimed previously it takes a while to drain pipes the very first little bits on the apple iphone it does also take a while to drain pipes the last yet – and after 8 hours as well as 34 mins the Samsung Galaxy S double ultra with the greatest battery of the lot dies being available in second location with 8 hrs as well as 34 minutes 0.19 %.

long-term yet it does not when again have the most effective milliamp hour drainpipe per minute that is still awarded to the Sony with 9 point 6 million powers per mins as opposed to the nine point 7 on your Samsung 3 percent left after the nine are mark the very best following that I have on my battery test has certainly been the essential xxx presume version with 9 and also a fifty percent hours can the apple iphone be tits we’re doing Anna to Tirana as well as no it clocks out after simply 9 hours and 6 minutes still absolutely amazing display in a timely manner originating from the iPhone over below with an extraordinary display screen 0.18 percent per minute and 7.3 million powers per minute refraining from doing far better than that of the exterior of program it has an also smaller battery for the area yeah the Sony Xperia one even more to 6 hrs as well as 55 minutes almost seven hours I’m sure you can squeeze that 7 hours if you went down the display screen illumination a little bit great screen on schedule they’re also better display on schedule but undoubtedly a slightly larger battery inadequate position the upper discover x2 Pro with 7 hrs as well as 11 mins the area below is undoubtedly the 1 + 8.

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Pro with 7 hrs and also 35 minutes still wonderful time not the outright best that I have actually seen from oneplus prior to yet it still did a definitely incredible task 2nd area the samsung galaxy s twin ultra it’s truly difficult to beat the screen on time of this beastie device when it involves Android devices 8 hours as well as 34 minutes really unbelievable work Samsung yet of program starting point gets granted to the iPhone 11 Pro max with over 9 hours of display promptly and also indeed the tiniest battery fantastic battery life currently of training course we understand the results over below however if you wish to see what they would resemble if they all had the exact very same milliamp hr capability battery the apple iphone would certainly continue to be initial but lift to 10 hours and 19 minutes second location would certainly after that be granted to the Sony over there very excellent 7 hours as well as 47 minutes 3rd the Samsung would dropped down to 3rd area from second 7 hrs and 43 minutes remember it has a bigger battery than 4500 milliamp hours so it is type of expected the oneplus does not actually transform much it goes to 4th with 7 hours and 35 mins practically stays the same just 18 million power distinction over there and also the deal lifts to the same of that as the oneplus 8 pro with 7 hrs and 35 mins also tying it over there Gazza wish that you appreciated viewing this video as high as I did making it this is Technic and also I’ll see you in the next one.