Detailed REVIEW RedMagic Ice Dock! – Colder Than Cold.

the red magic 5s is probably my preferred video gaming smartphone of 2020 at an exceptionally terrific starting price of just 579 us dollars yet it comes with a truly cool little device which you can purchase in the web link in the description down below called the red magic eye supply which is 45 us bucks fairly economical if you ask me of what it is so without more ado let’s reach unboxing this guy as well as the first thing that we do undoubtedly see in package is the handout as well as a few various other little rewards consisting of an all or u-shape a usb type-c to kind c port some silicone rubbers in case the ones on it in fact wear any type of type c to type c cable television which is rather lengthy additionally obtain the real eye stock over right here which looks terrific and we have a rubberized coating covering the copper heatsink pipelines as well as we likewise get a kind c port placed on the left hand side of it which goes directly into the phone as well as a descending usb type c port which connects into the external source of power including a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack which is a great little touch

contrasted to the black shark fun colder pro which released earlier on this year it has a much smaller sized footprint contrasted to that a person and it only came combined with a usb type-a type c cord which sort of draws since you can power it with your phone contrasting both as i stated it is a much smaller sized tool the eye stock but its actual density is a bit thicker than that of the black shark enjoyable cooler pro the fan cooler pro just has one type c port though it has an on switch though where the red magic one simply automatically switches on and also the follower cooler pro also does not have a 3.5 millimeter jack if you have acquired the 55 watt billing block from nubia you can after that power with the ice dock as well as get a 30 watt billing while the follower is attached to your gadget as well as the eye stock is outfitted with an 8 000 transformations per minute turbo flaunt doesn’t have all the rgb effects the enjoyable colder does yet it’s a whole lot quieter however allow’s established that aside as well as reach really examining this point out so initially things first let’s plug it on our phone if we connect it on top it will cover the interior fan if we connect it at the base it will obstruct the real finger print sensing unit on top the touch trigger as well as if we connect it between it actually blocks the power and also volume rocker button however this is exactly how it is intended to be as well as you can still

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utilize those controls rather well so allow’s proceed and also connect in that l or u form type c to type c port right into the phone itself it looks quite decent not as well huge though it is fairly thick compared to various other colders around comparing it to the black shark 3 pro with its enjoyable cooler pro on it’s a much bigger tool that’s black shark 3 enjoyable cooler pro contrasted to the wonderful sleek looking eye supply from nubia in the settings food selection of the ice dock it does undoubtedly claim that you can use your phone as opposed to an outside power source to boost up the istock and also i have actually examined it and it does indeed work so you can most definitely utilize this device on the go if you ‘d like without the requirement of a power financial institution or outside source of power and also you do have that gpu boost choice and also the follower transforms on you can additionally use the 3.5 millimeter jack yet if you have a fat aux cable television it’s not going to fit in so rather spend lavishly for a slightly smaller sized one but with any luck you have one of those lying around at house connecting all of it in as well as it does a rather good job in the charging division like i claimed earlier approximately 30 watt charging and also it does service other gadgets such as the note 20 ultra for reference yet however it does not charge these devices and you can just make use of the gpu boost function on a red magic fives not also a red magic 5g or its predecessors prior to

transforming on the real eye stock over right here we obtained 35.5 degrees celsius after we just turned it on we got 14.5 degrees celsius listed below adverse 14 levels celsius that is insane just shifting it around the table below to reveal the room temperature levels at about 26 in the phones over 40 levels as well as after just 10 mins we got unfavorable 21 levels celsius and you can see fairly a bit of condensation showing up on the rubber surface area covering the copper warm pipeline and also the follower underneath that after 20 mins though it went to unfavorable 18 degrees celsius so it in fact obtained 3 levels warmer and afterwards after half an hour it got six degrees when am i mosting likely to unfavorable 12 levels celsius so it appears as if my heat weapon was getting the temperature of the condensation water bits rather of the actual rubber surface yet exactly how does the ice dock do in a benchmark examination so we’re going to check out antutu version 8.4.6 as well as simply to allow you men understand i have raised the phone over here utilizing a little do it yourself arrangement to ensure that the fan has more than adequate area to breathe so here are the beginnings of the test in levels celsius i made certain to keep them rather similar so that we can test out what happens at the end without the eyestock we obtained 12.8 degrees celsius and with the eyestock we actually lost 11.5 as well as in regards to efficiency with the eyestock we obtained nearly a percent better in performance carrying on to gaming here phone call of duty

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mobile using max settings as well as we have a 60 frameworks per second cap with telephone call of obligation mobile i couldn’t obtain the temperatures the exact same at the start of playing the video game given that i did one after the other but we’re mosting likely to contrast it at the end so i’m just speeding up through over right here as well as we really stopped by 0.8 levels celsius with the eye supply and also we added 5 degrees celsius without it and also simply in situation you were asking yourself exactly how loud the fan is while video gaming have a listen here you can certainly listen to a little bit of a hum behind-the-scenes due to the gpu turbo choice being on you virtually do not hear anything with that said alternative transformed off however you obviously would such as that extra performance the red magic ice dock is nothing except excellence in a saturated line of colders for mobile pc gaming gadgets it provides you the choice to make use of a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well as 2 type c cords which allows you to charge your phone while using the accessory if i were to suggest an active colder for your red magic device i would absolutely suggest this it’s just a pity that there’s very little support for various other tools you

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