Review iPhone 12: What More Could You Need?

design comparisons display ios 14 software features cameras benchmarks and finally gaming this is my unboxing an extremely detailed review of the brand spanking new iphone 12. starting off here with the box size it is extremely tiny and that is for good reason there is not much that comes inside of the box prices at the top right hand corner cheapest being in the states most expensive being in india we only really get one single sticker and a usb type c to lightning port in the box over here and that’s pretty much it take those away and you have pretty much just an iphone 12. i have the product red color over here and it looks absolutely stunning here it is in full flesh you also get the colors in blue green black or white but there is only one product and that is product red i must say from different angles it looks slightly off red but when you look at it head on it looks extremely red and really does pop it’s probably my favorite color i’ve ever seen on a phone if you do pick up the iphone 12 i definitely recommend it it does show a bit of fingerprint smudges though only in certain lighting we have an aluminum frame over here as opposed to the stainless steel as seen on the pro and we have gorilla glass on the back and the front with ceramic shield material it is extremely thin at just 7.4 millimeters it is able to go down underwater for six meters instead of two meters from last year though it does have a slightly smaller battery and the 15 watt wireless charging is only at 15 watts if you are using the mag safe adapter we have a nice split volume rocker on the left hand side which is awesome and thankfully they haven’t ditched the mute switch just yet we also have a dual sim tray here in china you can use the e-sim globally lightning usb once again no type-c over here and it’s still limited to 2.0 speeds the left speaker grille next to the ports is indeed a microphone and then we have the regular speaker matched up with the top speaker for dual stereo speakers it is pretty thin but the camera bump still protrudes a bit but since it is so minimal compared to something like the galaxy note 20 ultra and oneplus 8t it doesn’t have much of a surface wobble design wise i think it looks pretty

much identical to the last generation iphone 11s it is a bit thinner though it seems a bit thicker since it doesn’t have the curvature it is a nice square box not really my preference i prefer housing it in my hand it’s more comfortable when it’s curved and phones have been doing this for years for good reason though it is much lighter much narrower and much thinner than all other phones around but remember it has a 6.1 inch 19.5 by 9 aspect ratio 86 screen to body ratio percentage that is by the way up from last year they have a super retina xdr early d 16 million color gamut display over here with a resolution kind of in between full hd plus and qhd plus but the most notable thing here is that we’re lacking a high refresh rate panel we’re still stuck to old school 60 hertz we’ll get to that in a sec look at the color accuracy over here i think that the iphone 12 looks just as good as the flagship 11 pro max before but not quite as good as the note 20 ultra and the oneplus 8t when you get up close and personal with a white background it really does stand out to other android devices they are really really bright they have some of the highest peak brightnesses around checking out the hurts over here if you take a look on the outer the 120 hertz android devices as opposed to the 60hz in the middle you can definitely notice the difference over here but you would have to go into

store and feel it for yourself i can’t wait for the i guess iphone 13 maybe the 14 will only get 120 hertz long way away but hopefully that comes soon i suggest maybe you wait for that but there is still some interesting features over here we have the usual display options that we usually get we also have auto brightness tucked away in the accessibilities menu as well as the reduce motion effect here which kind of gives it a strange motion it doesn’t really make it much faster when you transition between screens but it gives it a bit of a different effect i prefer the regular animation that you get we do have dark mode here though android is moving on to different phases of dark mode it is kind of a grayish off black over here and it does work in first party applications and some third party though changes the dark mode a bit but certain third-party apps like facebook it doesn’t actually work with and it does change your widgets on your home screen to go dark too which is absolutely epic speaking about widgets we do have ios 14.1 available on previous generation models we just look absolutely awesome if you don’t have them it looked like my 11 pro max there on the right you can pretty much just hold down go into the jiggle effect on your home screen grab any widget that you like and throw it on your screen once you have it set up it looks awesome you can also hide a page and bring it back later if you’d like to use certain pages say only during holiday season and bringing it back

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looks pretty cool you also get certain customization widgets such as this color widget over here and you can make a nice looking timer and calendar at the top over there we also have the stack where you can flick between certain things and overall ios 14 feels pretty neat but it doesn’t really feel like a fresh upgrade over ios 13 aside from the widgets we have our regular multitasking around here flicking between apps quickly as well as a decent pull down for one-handed mode and the usual i would say 3d tap but that is a thing of the past we can also hold down icons group them together and then throw them into a folder which is great but we’ve seen that before and we can create shortcuts you can pretty much make an action to open up an app set any picture you’d like and set a name or just completely leave it blank in order for it to open up the app that you want any app that you’d like so that you can have a nicer looking icon pretty much making your own custom themes but every time you go into an app that you create through a shortcut it opens up the siri shortcuts actual app before it goes into your app which kind of sucks we also have something called pip over here picture in picture pip and it works with apps where developers have already jumped onto the bandwagon over here such as twitch it works pretty well but going into an app such as youtube it doesn’t do as much of a great job

actually it does absolutely nothing uh let’s test out this other feature over here which we did see introduced in ios 13 where you can copy paste and undo with three finger pinching and of course we still have siri hey siri yeah remind me at 4pm today to take the beers out the fridge okay add it to today’s reminders we still have 3d face unlock here unfortunately no under display fingerprint sensor like we were assuming would happen with the iphone 12s this year it is a tad quicker than the previous generations though using the same facial recognition system a lot quicker than the unsecured 2d face unlock of the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra but still not quite as quick and as efficient as the ultrasonic sensor that samsung has to offer the facial recognition is a slight bit quicker on the oneplus 8t and the fingerprint sensor is as well we have the same 12 megapixel selfie snapper that we’ve been using for the past couple years now it still looks absolutely great no need to change things these software optimizations are doing a great job over here what’s up guys this is technic recording a 4k 60 frames per second video on the brand spanking new iphone 12 not the pro model even the regular model can sport up to 4k 60 frames per second when recording using the selfie cam let me know what you guys think of the video quality as well as the audio quality at the back of the phone we have the same main 12 megapixel and ultra wide 12 megapixel that we’ve seen in previous years though the main now has a wider aperture than the iphone 11 so it should allow in for more light the pro model also has a telephoto

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and a 3d tough lens that is lacking in this one and you will notice as soon as we go to zooming in digital wise it does not look good and the max zoom that you have is five times though the ultra wide and the main shots still look absolutely phenomenal and there is a lot of sun hitting the shot right now we also have some natural bokeh looking effect over here as soon as we shoot into portrait mode we do see a bit of edge detection over there and we also have this cool funky high key light mono theme over there when it comes to portraits which looks great of course we have 1080p at 60 frames per second using the main camera at the back we also have 4k 60fps which is great it’s always nice and smooth on all iphones pretty much exactly the same personally as i tested out with my iphone 11 pro max or the average 11 1080p 60 ultra wide is there unfortunately we don’t have 4k 60 ultra wide with the standard iphone 12 model we’re limited to 4k 30 frames per second i did indeed test this out many sites online actually say that it does have 60 it is indeed capped at a 30 over here and we don’t have an image stabilization option though it is really stabilized when you are running though you do dip in quality a bit when you move quite a lot though 1080p you can do at 60 and ultrawide and it looks fantastic we also have something new here called dolby vision hdr running in 10 bit color it is capped at 30 frames per second when running in 4k on the iphone 12 the pro models can go up to 60 fps but it still looks phenomenal and the

focusing on this phone is just as great as previous generations no complaining over here but we also have to test out the performance of the actual chipset the new five nanometer apple a14 bionic hexacore chip which can boost all the way up to 3.1 gigahertz clock speeds we’re going to start here with the battery percentage as well as the temp using a heat gun with an emissivity level of 0.5 cents that seems to be the best for electronics and compare it at the end which we’ll get to right now it was draining by 20.11 milliamps per minute the 11 pro max with a much bigger battery did in almost 20 milliamp hours per minute so it’s not terrible and it did peak at a higher heat than the 11 pro max but it added less degrees in celsius the iphone 12 has not really impressed me with its final result with around 550 000 points definitely better than the previous generation models and the best from qualcomm is still running on seven nanometer plus technology and it hit well over six hundred thousand points now it’s time to test out geekbench five i’m gonna run the cpu test and gpu test at the same time over here and here are the results cpu single and multi-core results are pretty decent over here a big jump over the previous iphone models and quite a big jump over the average snapdragon 865 plus performance when it comes to the gpu test we were running metal api over here android uses vulkan very similar to metal so the scores shouldn’t be too off though the iphone got pretty much double and of course the iphone 12 can still play games even though it lacks a high refresh rate panel but first let’s test out the audio quality nice and smooth running and gunning over here with a solid 60 fps i chose critical ops as my second game over here since it has an in-built fps content at the top right corner max graphics over here and we’re sitting at pretty much a solid 60 fps which is awesome what matters here is that we’re sitting at 60 unfortunately not higher than that since we’re capped at 60.

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i really wish there was a high refresh rate panel here there’s not much in the box of the iphone 12 but alone it is just an absolutely stunning device it doesn’t have many upgrades to its predecessors but it just looks absolutely fantastic i like the look of the boxy design but i’m not the biggest fan of how it feels in the hand the screen up front is finally oled for the baseline 12 model but unfortunately we are lacking a high refresh rate panel but it still plays games like a champ and that 4 core gpu chip running inside the a14 bionic chip does a great job even in benchmarks the camera system on the front and the pack does great for a phone at this price range and it’s software experience is like no other i say that because you can only get ios on an iphone but there are other contenders out there you could pick up one of the best flagships around from samsung apple oneplus or even xiaomi for cheaper you can splurge for some of the best gaming phones around you can save your money and get a mid-range flagship or you can pick up one of the best all-rounders or one of the cheapest phones around but at the end of the day you’re paying for the brand you’re paying for apple you’re paying for iphone and just for that reason alone i can definitely recommend it i don’t think it is a massive upgrade if you’re coming from the previous generation of iphones but if you’re new to the iphone realm definitely go for the iphone 12 instead of the other three

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