Review Blitzwolf BW-HS1 RGB Laptop Cooling Fan

today with thanks to the online retailer we are taking a look at the brand new blitz both bw hs1 adjustable laptop cooling fan now we have done a vast amount of unboxings on loads of blitzwolf tech in the past and what draws me towards that brand is that they not only produce very unique technology like earphones and gaming headsets etc but each one of their products also come in their very distinctive white and green blitzwolf branded packaging so focusing on the bw hs1 again with that unique green and white packaging within that box everything comes fairly well packaged and protected to the top we are provided with a dual end usb power cable to power the fan and what looks like a mobile phone stand there’s a detailed illustrated user manual and the guide on how to operate and set up the van and yes we have the blitzwolf laptop fan itself which when taking it out of the wrapper by the way i do like how drivable it feels in hand that is compared to other cheap amazon fans that i’ve previously owned so this top panel is a cool feeling matte black mesh metal laptop surface the rest of this unit for example the base is made out of hard drawable abs plastic

while that height adjustable stand is made out of metal too to the rear we have two basic usb ports one to insert the supplied usb cable and the other to enable fast charging of your mobile phone so again for example my mobile phone has a bit of a charge left on it but it does indeed states i will be fully charged within one hour 36 minutes let’s go ahead and turn the fan on using that control module to the bottom alrighty then central where we see that blitzwolf logo there is that big 5 inch fan with four 2-inch surrounding fans each one of them do have rgb lighting built in which i’m afraid can’t be turned off while the fans are running which by the way i’ve actually noticed that they already do supply quite a bit of wind resistance to the palm of my hand with its being placed five to six inches away this fan actually does have two speed settings so while that’s big fan central runs at 1100 rpm on that’s first setting with the smaller fans running at 2500 rpm you can indeed boost it up by 10 percent by switching it to that second power level now if you look back to that control units on the bottom of the fan you do have another led control unit this one is for that separate

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aesthetically pleasing rgb light to the front of that fan unit which actually makes the whole module look quite attractive and i guess a real cool look for any gamer now when placed on a flat surface this fan should have adequate grip thanks to the foam padded feet to the bottom to the top we have two rubber three millimeter laptop bumpers as well as two bumper mounts to the bottom where if we just place our evga laptop it does sit fairly comfortable for maximum fits for any 17.3 notebook or laptop but depending on your posture well you can adjust this laptop stand just like so with four levels of height adjustment to be had providing you with not only a laptop fan but a laptop stand to give you the best choice of vision so first of all guys i would advise plugging this laptop fan into a wall socket or charger unit rather than plugging it within your laptop remember we want to keep the temperature down not overload your computer with too much plugged in accessories so as you can see we’ve allowed our evga laptop to reach just above average temperature now we’ve opened a few youtube tabs allowed a few videos to play and we’ve opened up our massively packed video editor so as you can see on screen our temperature’s running at 71 our temperature levels have indeed fluctuating only a bit but we’re going to turn the fan on just now to its maximum level leave it between three to five minutes and see what the outcome is yeah okay so just after a few minutes after turning the fan on as you can see on our performance

module on the evg laptop this laptop has actually cooled just a bit okay it’s not much but there is a significant difference not only that the full chassis of the laptop feels relatively really cool which if you’re like me personally i do like to edit my videos and be a couch potato sat on the sofa so when the laptop is on my knee it does sometimes burn my lap especially when i’ve been producing some heavily compacted youtube tech unboxings but this laptop fan will not only cure the chassis of your laptop but it will also keep the top of your legs nice and breezy definitely good for long use and i would think really good for those gamers now personally i did actually need a laptop stand and the fact that it comes with five fans rgb lighting and oh not to forget we do get that all-inclusive mobile phone stand two which can clip onto four different areas of this laptop stand just like so and although it is a pretty good phone mount which can hold massive phones or even the smallest phones this stand is most preferably used on flat surfaces rather than trying to balance it on well your lap overall i do like this stand it somewhat does the job it does slightly cool my laptop and i do think it is

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aesthetically pleasing to the eye okay it is a shame that the lights don’t have an on off option but well for the price 25 pounds that’s around what 34.35 in u.s dollars it’s not a bad price and it does do the job and look quite good doing it and this is why we’re going to give a 9 out of 10 today for this blitzwolf bwhs1 adjustable laptop cooling fan now i will indeed leave a link for this cooling fan in the video description down below certainly go and check it out but if you like what you’ve seen today well why not go get yours while you’re in that video description guys please make sure to hit a like on this video as well as yes subscribe to this channel and remembering to hit that bell notification option so you guys stay updated on all our new uploads now it’s been fantastic unboxing this political fan today and we are going to indeed do a few more blitzwolf unboxings in the next few days so stay tuned for them but as usual guys i hope you all stay safe and thank you ever so much for watching peace you

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