Can You Actually Game in 8K? (RTX 3090 Gameplay!)

what’s up mkbhd right here so can you video game in 8k and also would certainly you also actually wish to that’s the question that i’m mosting likely to attempt to answer with this video clip which you guys know what that indicates uh this video is gon na be 8k what the entire thing yeah the entire point it’s going to be rough on the processing however hey we’re doing it with all the hype about these gaming consoles though with the ps5 coming out with the xbox collection x and also i have actually done video clips regarding both of them this type of conversation began to attract once more where did the pc games really do that a lot more than console video games can these new consoles basically be pc gaming as well as you would not be crazy to think that by the way a great deal of what we have actually seen with brand-new consoles as people attempt to make a decision which one to upgrade to have actually revealed a lot a rather large generational jump and so we’re excited keeping that but that’s when the computer gaming area obtains in my ear and also they resemble hi there marquez look that’s awesome and also every little thing yet the genuine power still originates from the actual computer system so of training course this would not be an mkbhd video on 8k pc gaming without a little of a special so this is the very first time anybody’s seeing on cam the new nvidia geforce rtx 3090 so this is the highest possible end in nvidia’s brand-new 3000 series it’s a gigantic massive graphics card uh but this is the top of their brand-new lineup and this is capable of things that no new console will certainly also truly have the ability to touch certainly we’re talking concerning 8k video gaming currently naturally structure rate is king as well as i have actually said that myself i said that in xbox video clip however if you want to optimize detail and immersion in every possible method this pc gaming globe you likewise require high resolution and also so that’s why we’re attempting to address the concern can you even video game right now in 8k and also if anything can do it this can now you might bear in mind an older video clip where i did attempt to video game in 8k that was 3 years ago believe it or not and recalling it was worth a shot we had the dell 8k monitor we had an effective computer system however there were a great deal of workarounds taking place for one you needed 2 cables from the computer system to the screen and also it was sewing the whole thing with each other as well as when we ultimately got it running i suggest it went for 8k practically yet you saw the video footage it wasn’t remarkable now it’s 20 20. We have actually obtained to step our game up like mr beast would certainly desire us to so remember this this is the 88 inch 8k oled tv from that dope technology video clip it’s back and main equipment has likewise tipped up their video game so this is their f-131 so this is their customized computer system basically developed around the 3090 so if the 3090 is as nvidia says constructed for 8k video gaming then the rest of this computer’s got to be built for 8k video gaming also and it is so intel core i9 10 900k so that’s 10 cores 3.7 gigahertz space clock turboing up to 5.3 gigahertz you got 32 jobs of quick hyperx fierceness ram in below an msi mpg z490 video gaming motherboard they’re always terrific with names and also after that a terabyte samsung nvme ssd the 970 pro is the boot drive and also then there’s one more two terabyte ssd for mass storage you know for stuff you don’t need to gain access to quite as rapidly so it’s all in a custom built aluminum framework you see the rgb in there you see that mkbhd logo design the matte black outside the colored glass and also the side panel this thing implies company well not not company i mean unless unless 8k pc gaming is your service then that’s a pretty wonderful service anyway let’s get right into it likewise do not stress this isn’t a testimonial of the new card there are no standards in this video this is just around 8k pc gaming yet i’m sure we’ll have all of that as well as much more very quickly when the linus tech pointers video clip and also the equipment links videos go down issue of reality i’ll link both of those listed below when they do actually drop their video clips regarding the card due to the fact that i’m certain individuals are interested in that however also i think it’s rather safe to claim this card will probably squash synthetic standards all right so we obtained a little arrangement going right here the major equipment computer on the desk next to me and also the 8k television in front of me i want to show you men something really fast though so on this developed for 8k graphics card it’s obtained hdmi 2.1 ports like i chatted about as well as that’s what enables that solitary wire to do 8k out and also this is the hdmi cable we’re using as well as uh if you look at it it’s a little thicker it’s a little more averse to such as flexing uh yet this is the type of cable you’ll need to get 8k through a single wire to the television and now if i go in advance on the desktop computer and examine out display screen settings you can see there you go 7680 by 4320 is the resolution we’re getting so we’re ready to play all appropriate so we obtained a couple of games installed and i desire to play first one i desire to show is forza perspective 4. I have actually been a driving game kind of person for a long period of time sporting activities video games and also driving games however i’m rather certain seeing all the information of the map and the car in a driving video game is gon na be a major advantage to having this numerous pixels and there’s this rather wonderful demo setting that we’ll experience that has like 4 different seasons and also a lot of various cars and trucks and also it’s a rather wonderful trial okay so now we’re in the game and i have the controller actually connected this intro though i think when they make these they do not make these at 8k so this is much less than 8k i believe this is either 4k or perhaps 1080p it doesn’t look comparable to 8k video gaming however allow’s go right into video clip oh there it is right off the bat 8k 60fps all right below’s what i see oh the facility festival and also even this i believe i do not think we’re 8k yet but it looks so good ever you wish to be that doesn’t look okay okay we’re nearly there regarding to drive a sena directly into a giant screen let me show you this is certainly what’s happening perspective is here to remain good so immediately it’s informing me we resemble secured at 60 fps so in the fall setting i’m seeing like all these leaves on the ground all the fallen leaves on the

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trees all the information in the skies it’s things you would certainly still see at 1440p or 1080 yet it’s that much crisper as well as i’m driving a bit recklessly while attempting to talk at the very same time oh god a cena would certainly deficient via that all right allow’s see what inside the automobile oh i cracked the windshield currently lovely wow that is the mclaren steering wheel for certain it’s not precisely what my hands would certainly look like yet that’s that’s pretty great okay now you obtain to winter season i’ve done this prior to the wintertime is outrageous you see every little snowflake dropping on the display every little thing whatever perspective you’re in you’re getting snowflakes oh wow fine still basically locked at 60 fps if we intended to go higher we ‘d require a greater stress price display there’s these little smoke things that come up and also the smoke i do not recognize if it looks as sensible however like once you start to video game at 8k you start to notice like every single little thing the developer decided to place in the video game it resembles when you view a high resolution computer animated film and you know that every little thing in the flick needed to be willful since it needed to be computer animated

in it’s type of the very same thing with this game like whatever you see on this map as well as every little thing you strike with the auto and also every little thing that befalls of the sky it’s all very intentional to provide you a much more immersive sensation as well as you see all of it like all these fencings i’m hitting in this dust and splashing great allow’s see if i can really get some some excellent times in in this demo while the lasers fire into the sky distracting me all right cutscene i seem like you can type of see it change to 1440 or 1080 in the cutscenes and afterwards back up to 8k when the pc gaming starts once more due to the fact that it’s pre-rendered stuff right here all appropriate yeah that’s not 8k wow there is a k it’s very clear when it turns back on good guys this will certainly be simple just don’t miss out on a checkpoint this bikes with the smoke as well as now it’s simply a great deal of leaks whole lots of appearances the fans in the back of the cars and truck let me enter the vehicle momentarily so ill all the water beads on the screen as well each of them has a reflection in it of the globe behind it like as if you were in fact looking through a camera back below all the water droplets on the top of the auto hi blue needle i’m loving this i.

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would certainly be if i had this established in the house i would certainly never ever quit playing this at 8k has the gpu had a hard time yet all right currently we’re to 50 fps right 96 but like when there’s that much stuff occurring on the screen at the same time i’m sort of not stunned you’re pushing a lot of pixels 30 plus megapixels for every single solitary structure a great deal of wind resembles i’m the only one left god that’s excellent oh that transition though as well as then this is the tail end of the cutscene it’s summer season we’re back in the center i’m pretty sure again this pre-rendered part not fairly and then it switches over to 8k wow oh we’re flying oh we are flying we obtained ta capture the centenario and also the bugatti up there while the jets and also the leaves and every little thing sidetrack me holy moly i like how the speedo is in kilometers per hour however my my real strike is a mph catch the bug capture the insect that was way as well very easy i should not have actually captured the bug that easily oh boy i can tell you as i’m sidetracked by the interior of this vehicle from being in premium mclarens that’s exactly what the menu appears like when you’re driving the car you do not wish to lose out on watching this obtain around i mean the automobile i can not take a breath that’s fun i’m informing you you can tell when it switches from the pre-rendered like i’m going to say 1440p looking cutscenes which look incredible right into the actively making gameplay i vow you can see it switch and it looks really good when you in fact get.

into it alright let’s attempt an additional game alright this following video game is called control supreme version i’m already in the game now and also it’s displaying in 8k 52 fps so i’m just taking a look around below and also this animation of hitting publications i think is hilarious however additionally i wish to reveal you something genuine quick so if i enter into video clip setups choices and also switch render resolution so this is other things in the atmosphere that it’s providing out to 5k you can see if we resume the video game currently now it’s in fact beginning to work the gpu i’m to 21 fps the plainly what it’s making back there is extremely high resolution so if i’m trying to see every information you’re going to be shedding structures 21 fps currently yet when i have the actual resolution of the video game established to 8k which it is and afterwards render resolution of the world set to 2k perhaps even let’s go 4k and also see how it does return to video game 36 fps so i believe really if we’re going to.

have the very best experience that’s going to need to remain at 2k so it’s not invincible the card itself isn’t going to literally do anything you ask at it so you can see currently the world is a little bit reduced resolution yet i indicate plainly the character is still top quality and the video game is so high top quality let’s head out this door this has actually been a creepy video game oh oh oh what is this drifting what bro i alright all right okay this is where it’s gon na truly show that i’m not actually a good player oh god for how long till i pass away do the thing oh alright well exposed i believe you can inform this is this is the sort of video game that would gain from i assume a bit higher refresh price like the the driving game clearly higher refresh rate yet pc gaming is like complete immersion you need the information additionally um this is the sort of video game where if you’re really just trying to get submersed and absolutely frightened by a horror game like appearance at these check out these appearances look at these textures all these are so excellent quality the representations the.

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personality herself and also i when i when i go up to such as a piece of glass and you can see her representation in the glass too like that’s the kind of stuff your eye anticipates to see when you’re actually somewhere where there would be a reflection so this is rather wonderful great i have actually discovered a great deal i believe i’m ready to offer a verdict to address the concern in the title of the video clip can you game in 8k yes especially if you have a 30 90 you can manage practically any kind of video game in rather much any kind of resolution currently the globe of video gaming in 8k is not simply a wonderful gpu and a fantastic game you likewise need an 8k screen and that world of 8k gaming screens does not truly exist yet to make sure that that little item of the puzzle that’s less to plug in is still not very mature yet we had that dell ak monitor years ago we have this lg 8k tv that’s countless dollars you probably still don’t have a requirement to attempt to game an 8k yet in 2020. If you do really have the right setup pc gaming can be magnificent at a higher fresh rate or high resolution if you have the ideal setup and this is more than enough to be the appropriate setup i’m simply i simply want to obtain like a comparison currently between the best that the consoles have to offer since i have actually been somewhat of a console player for the previous pair years you see me play 2k all the time you see me play demand for speed all the time things like that i’m simply attempting to figure out just how huge is the distinction between those games on claim a 4k tv versus the 8k stuff that this is kicking out so much really excellent stuff and also indeed if you’re a pc master race person you will be able to claim the gaming consoles can not do this officially kicking out 60 fps at 8k it’s glorious it’s stunning so that’s been my experience many thanks catch you men the next one peace.