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i made a video in 2015 where i offered a thorough summary of the notes application for mac apple iphone and also ipad and that video has been truly well obtained if you’re brand-new to the notes app and also you’ve not already watched that video i certainly advise that you inspect it out it covers whatever from a newbie’s point of view but apple included some rather significant brand-new attributes in the latest mac and ios updates at the end of in 2014 so instead than recreate in 2014’s video clip i figured i would make a video clip where i share some tips with you about how to actually get the most out of the notes app i’m gon na focus a lot more this time around the iphone application as the responses i got in the last video clip was that this is the one that most individuals are utilizing however i’ll leap over to the ipad at times if it matters okay let’s get into it this is the many basic suggestion that i constantly state to people when they’re struggling with notes you require to enter into the habit of arranging your notes and also the application does not make it noticeable right now that this is how you must be utilizing it in my viewpoint picture you’re asked by a buddy to aid them organize their front space which teems with receipts and also letters and also various other documents the initial thing you would do is attempt as well as sort everything into piles right it’s no various with notes so if you’re not currently you do require to enter into the habit of utilizing folders to do that you have actually obtained this switch at the bottom left of many parts of

the app where you can produce a new folder you can additionally create folders within folders so you can do like i’ve done if you like and also have a top level framework that’s rather basic second brain individual as well as service and after that you can produce a lot more certain folders within each of those this is the initial new function that apple introduced with the most up to date upgrade that i intend to speak about adding hashtags to notes basically it’s a way of more helping you organize points and this is something that you can utilize in tandem with folders if you like or you can theoretically utilize this without folders as well as it would definitely aid you be a bit more organized so all you do is when creating a note just head into that note and someplace possibly near the bottom although it depends on you add some hashtags now for a hashtag to work it needs to be either a solitary word or a mix of words with an underscore in location of the space putting rooms won’t work you can add as lots of as you like to the notes for this to work you do need to type the hashtag and after that push the return button you recognize it’s functioned when the hashtag shows in yellow font styles like this however the magic of hashtags remains in how you are currently able to use them on the major notes page you can see every one of your hashtags down right here at the base and can merely tap on a hashtag to see whatever keeping that tag immediately even if it’s expanded across a lots of different locations in notes you can likewise look for hashtags up on top as well as you can do this either throughout the entirety of notes or you can do this within particular folders so you can see exactly how you can use these to be very

organized for example let’s claim you’re saving duplicates of agreements in below yet you’ve got contracts associated to your home some associated to your job perhaps some pertaining to personal money just ensure that you constantly label an agreement with the contract hashtag and also you’ll have the ability to find them far more quickly despite where in the notes app you are an extension of using hashtags is to turn them right into smart folders and also this is really brilliant so below’s an example we have actually recently moved to kent and i have actually got a folder in my phone where i store notes with anything pertaining to the area that i may wish to recommendation later for discovering now what i can do is i can go into my kent folder and i can tap the ellipsis menu up here and also i can select transform to smart folder you see we get this warning show up informing us what’s mosting likely to take place all notes in the folder will instantly have the hashtag kent connected to them as well as this can not be undone now where clever folders become actually helpful seeks you’ve produced them due to the fact that currently whenever i produce a note if i include the hashtag kent in the note that keeps in mind will automatically obtain included to this folder so i don’t have to arrange it away i simply write it out customarily and also the phone will automatically handle the company of it for me valuable right there is one more way to create clever folders you can create them from square one yourself if i go to the primary display of notes and after that press the new folder button down here near the bottom left you can see that i have actually got the alternative to produce a new clever folder i can name

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it and afterwards i can choose tags from the ones i’ve currently obtained or i can create brand-new ones you can likewise produce smart folders where a number of tags need to be present so possibly you develop one called personal invoices but also for that you include a policy that the note has to have hashtag individual financing and also hashtag invoice and after that only keeps in mind that have both of those would certainly receive that folder it’s an incredibly effective tool for those of us that like to be better organized with notes and whilst it does take a little muscle memory obtaining made use of to always including tags when you create notes it’s well worth entering into the behavior of using a fantastic tip for any person storing notes where you would love to have a little bit of extra safety and security as well as personal privacy is to get right into the routine of securing your notes now you can just do this for notes which is type of a pity it would certainly behave to see this capability increased to folders also however this is still quite helpful so within any kind of note tap the ellipsis button to enter into that food selection as well as select lock when you do that your note is locked as well as you need to open it before you can make any changes to it see the materials of it and even see a preview of it to open a note you can establish a password or you can connect it in with the biometrics of your tool like touch id or face id and it does obviously include the materials of the note so an amazing idea is that if you have actually got any risque photos you would certainly like to maintain under wraps you might produce a note with them lock the notes and after that remove the photos from your library a little a follow-up tip from the previous one is to utilize gallery sight as opposed to listing when you’re dealing with more aesthetic notes currently undoubtedly if you’re generally storing text notes without photos this might not be much usage to you yet if you’re in a scenario where you’re constantly

keeping whole lots of notes with pictures papers or drawings then getting involved in the habit of utilizing gallery setting can be really practical to activate it head into a folder access the ellipsis food selection and after that pick consider as gallery to highlight it i have actually obtained this folder with notes containing screenshots as well as information regarding programs that i desire to watch as well as whilst the listing is useful it’s much more beneficial to have this displaying in gallery consider as you can see notes are a terrific method of saving and working on ideas which certainly opens an opportunity to shop and also work on concepts with other individuals maybe you’re planning a household journey away as well as you want everybody to be able to share thoughts on where to opt for dinner while you’re away or maybe you’re intending a significant life relocation like a brand-new residence or a wedding event and also you and also your partner intend to be able to share details as well as suggestions in a solitary convenient place sharing notes assists you to do simply that to share a note head into the note pick the ellipsis menu as well as pick share note you can choose your sharing alternatives so whether you want that person to be able to make adjustments or just see the note as well as whether they ought to be able to include additional people to the note or not then with that said done share the note using any kind of kind of interaction you like you can even do this with a folder and also the share will apply to every one of the notes and even subfolders within that folder simply adhere to the precise same process from the folder and select share folder yet what if you intend to share the components of a note with someone however you do not desire that person to need to have an apple account and also you do not require them to be able to work together maybe you’re sharing some study with somebody and you actually just intend to send out over the

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information you’ve hopped on a specific based on do this just choose send a duplicate from the ellipsis menu it works much the exact same means as sharing in that you can send the contents via sms message whatsapp e-mail and also most other communication methods yet you will essentially be sending a copy of the materials of the note instead of a link to enable that person to gain access to and collaborate you can add photos to your notes it’s really simple as well as you can either take a photo at the time or you can add one in from your cam roll yet you can likewise scan a record using your phone to do this within a note press the video camera button and afterwards pick scan a file lay the file down on a level surface area i locate that if you put it on an actually different history like a dark table or a carpet floor that normally works finest and then simply hold your phone till the paper is revealing within the preview the application will instantly take a check of the file which you can then modify for instance a picture you may wish to maintain in shade but a letter or an invoice you may intend to have in black and also white it makes it a lot easier to read you can turn the photo alter the limits of the plant add more pages all truly valuable things once that’s done the check will certainly be receiving the notes but also much better you can generally browse within the checked record particularly if it’s made up of generally computer text or simple to review handwriting it’s remarkably powerful as well as reliable and an excellent way of tracking a few of your paper documents in our digital globe throughout many of these suggestions i’ve been revealing you exactly how to produce a note and after that include stuff to it however you can also produce a note from other apps which is incredibly helpful so as an example if

i’m on this internet site and i want to turn this into a note i can just choose the share icon and pick notes i can add this to an existing note or pick a brand-new note i can add some message as well as some hashtags if i intend to and afterwards save exact same for maps this place in london looks fantastic so i can most likely to share and after that comply with the same steps on twitter it’s the share button here after that share by means of after that the same actions simple every little thing we have actually looked at also services ipad and i really did not really think it deserved producing an entire new video clip just for the ipad however one feature that the ipad gets that you don’t really hop on iphone or mac is fast notes allow’s say i’m on this website as well as i wish to save it instead than sharing if i simply swipe up from the bottom best corner i obtain this fast note window the link is currently consisted of in the note i just have to touch include link to add it in totally and also with the apple pencil i can hand write some ideas these then exist in their own folder within notes called quick notes the idea behind this is if i’m hectic but i intend to rapidly advise myself of something i can do that using this function then in the future when i’m all set i can return to my quick notes folder and also everything is there all set for me to increase on the note and get where this set ended it’s actually excellent and functions excellent with the ipad as well as pencil meaning i can do study without having to continuously delve into landscape setting to access the keyboard or anything like that so there you go 10 tips to help you obtain more out of notes apple have included some truly valuable attributes recently as well as ideally there’s even more to come in this year’s os updates what concerning you what features would certainly you like to see next decline me a comment and let’s speak about it and also as ever if you located this video clip useful do please think about leaving me a like and subscribing to my channel for more web content similar to this in the future see you on the following

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