Review Camera OnePlus 8 vs Pro Full Photo & Video Tests

I don’t know if you’ve seen my foot 1 + 8 vs 1 + 8 Pro comparison is that the 1 + April is a beefy version of the standard model in most respects and one of those areas that has been a big improvement is the camera tech can as you can see the base 1 plus it comes with a triple lens that Arya setup but I see on the 1 + 8 Pro you ever bought us fourth lens stuck in there as well so both of these smartphones have a forty eight megapixel primary lens other way is a different sensor it’s an AMX six eight nine from Sony here on the oneplus 8 pro was it’s the older Sony AMX 586 on the oneplus it you also have the superior ultra wide-angle lens on the pro versions of 48 megapixel compared with a 16 megapixel and while the pro version goes with an 8 megapixel telephoto lens giving you three times optical zoom you get a simple macro shooter here on the oneplus it as for that final fourth lens well this is a 5 megapixel 4 tour chromatic lens here on the 1 + April which I will explain in a second so as you can see very different Hardware between these two smartphones but I wanted to see if that translated directly into better photo and video quality on the 1 + 8 Pro compared with the oneplus it and so I’m in testing them out extensively for over a week now and

obviously because of the lockdown this testing is mostly taking place in exotic locales such as in my kitchen or my garden but still give me a chance to get a feel for the oneplus it and the oneplus 8 pro camera tech and so here’s my full review and comparison and if you want the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe anything that notifications fell Jezz now both of these phones by default shoot pictures are 12 megapixel resolution and I definitely notice quite quickly the oneplus 8 pro produces more vibrant pictures in general compared with the standard 1 plus 8 and even at the 12 megapixel resolution the 1 + 8 Pro also tends to capture more sharper detail on occasion as well especially where there’s any kind of strong contrast or light and involved while the colors are it gives me a little bit washed out by the oneplus it’s the pearly keeps on producing those vivid hues but the oneplus it does hold it on for general HDR smart certainly performing better than a lot of older wampler sunsets did in the past if you shooting someone against the bright background for instance you’ll still get respectable clarity with those facial features and though the pro is once again still a step above offering just that little bit extra but let me put a crushing swap to the ultra wide-angle lenses I basically saw the same results as far as detail and color score here as well the one plus it does absolutely find but the probe

beats it for accuracy and can produce sharper pics on demand and when it comes to zoom in of course the Pro is once again clearly the best here nor shock at all thanks to that dedicated telephoto lens with a three times optical zoom meanwhile the one plus eight is reduced to just using digital zoom to basically crop into a shot with much more pixelated results now some briefly mentioned before both the oneplus hit and the oneplus it pro shoot photos at 12 megapixel resolution by default that’s because they both use a bit of pixel benin and all its embracing up a shot when the conditions are a little bit murky perhaps but you can quickly jump up to 48 megapixel of maximum resolution for your photos with a quick tap of this weed job be up here on full fully at megapixel resolution of course the oneplus it and the oneplus a pro can capture sharper pictures I thought the jump and detail levels isn’t quite as pronounced as you might expect I had to zoom right into my pics to really notice any kind of difference even when checking out those photos on a big laptop display now at night time the oneplus a pro can definitely capture much brighter sharper images on that standard auto mode with no assistance at all in comparison the one plus it offers more accurate color reproduction but the overall shot is a lot more

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murky and basically looks like ass if you want to zoom in in low-light things are more evenly matched between one-plus blowers but the pro of course once again has that dedicated optical zoom to grab finer detail as for the ultra wide-angle lens at nighttime well the it pro again it works really well whereas the standard one plus it well just absolutely forget about it you do of course have one plus is dedicated night skateboard which you can use on either the primary or the ultra wide-angle lenses on these phones and this helps out a little in very dock scenarios producing brighter results it’s more noticeable difference or the standard one plus a compared with the pro of course and this nice gear mode also helps out with those high contrast low-light shots tempting the brighter bits making everything look a bit more natural although once again the ultra wide-angle lens is pretty CAC on the normal one plus it even with that night mode switched on if you want a good bit of bakit action in your shots then good news one pluses once again Nield the portrait mode although when you swap to this to use the primary lens for some reason it zooms right the in I’m not really sure what that’s all about but you can use the portrait mode with that ultra wide-angle lens instead if it’s going to pause a problem and I found the both 1+8 and the pro model serves up accurate edge detection your subjects is nice and crisp and clear and everything in the background is blurred out of all there’s no customization you can’t change the level of baka or add in any funky effects for instance and then there’s that photo

chromatic lens here on the oneplus 8 Pro which is certainly very unique it could definitely create some very interesting results although the best use is definitely taken really creepy ass pictures of people especially children they’re absolutely terrifying so yeah anyone who wants to design a poster image for a horror film or something like that basically job done for everyone else not really sure whether it’s gonna get much use but we’ll see so let’s take a look at the video results and they’re very similar between 1 plus theta and 1 placebo fear everyday home movies colors look natural for the most part slightly more vibrant in places but not to a sickly degree and that 4k resolution keeps everything ping shop with gorgeous lifelike smoothness when you bump it up to 4k at 60 frames per second likewise the audio pick up was good on both of these blowers comment she comes through cleanly even when you’re speaking quite softly and distortion from the winds and other effects didn’t really seem too bad at all although admittedly I haven’t had a chance to test these boards and proper blustery weather and just as the oneplus 8 pro is better than its smaller sibling in HDR situations for photos this premium blower also beats the stun of 1+8 for high contrast video as well as it actually has a dedicated HDR mode you

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can’t swap to the other lenses in this mode just the primary one but it does work it up to 4k resolution and it makes a definite impact when shooting subjects up close against a bright background although in my testing there wasn’t much change when shooting more distant subjects as image stabilization well that’s great on both as well even at that maximum 4k 60fps level which is where many rivals often start to struggle there’s even a super stable mode available on both of these handsets that actually works at the 4k resolution as well although only at 30fps now both of these blows you can also zoom in up to 10 times while shooting a video although anything on the standard one plus a past about two or three times up starts to get really grainy because it’s just using digital zoom on the oneplus 8 Pro of course it swaps to about telephoto lens automatically when you hit that three times zoom level and I found that in my testing the picture quality stays pretty decent up to about the 5 times level and then once again it starts together it fuzzy as for the selfie cameras while you get pretty much identical results on the air and the air poor they both walk a 16 pixal shooter and it does a good job as long as the lines on your side the portrait software smarts at an accurate bit of Bakke action behind you when needed at nighttime the results are definitely not as good on either of these

handsets even when using that screen flash you get quite soft photos with background lights and blown right out and again when it comes to shooting video using that front-facing camera no real difference between one plus eight which is what I’m shooting on right now and the one plus it brought as well both of them will shoot a full HD resolution at 30fps there’s not 4k option just swapping out to the prodigious to show you there’s no real difference in the picture quality the audio pickup quality is just what’s up so you fine and so there you have it there is my final verdict on the 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 pro camera tech after just over a week of testing them out in about so as you can see the pro is clearly the better camera of the 2 it’s better for your everyday photos as well as offered a few little extra bonus features like the itch to your video mode and of course you’ve got a telephoto lens so if you’re going to be zooming into shots doing lots of touristy picks or just taking pictures of you cat new kids things like that without being too intrusive definitely good stuff but well the standard one plus it is unwittingly a bit more limited compared with its bigger sibling it still will do most people absolutely fine for your everyday shareable pics just capturing some simple home movies things like that it’ll do the job and of course one of the reason for getting the pro is if there’s anyone in your life that you’re not particularly fond of then all you need to do is take some pictures of your kids using that photo chromatic lens send it to them and it’ll give them endless night terrors so are you tempted by the 1 + 8 + 1 + C approach defi be gritty or thoughts down in the comments below please do check out all my other videos that I’ve done on these bad boys in from the in-depth comparison the unboxings got a full review coming on both of these handsets as well tips and tricks guides Lords of stuff basically so definitely please both subscribe doing that notifications as well and have yourselves a lot doing people Cheers

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