Intel NUC 12 with RTX 3080 – My Favorite Small Gaming PC!

so this is intel’s space it’s using the latest dragon canyon calculate component which houses the 12th gen cpu and also it’s concerning eight liters 8 liters is extremely small for a pc with this type of performance it definitely comes with a premium contrasted to building your own mini itx develop however if you value room as well as you want the smallest build as feasible with good efficiency this is it currently they really did not transform the style this year if you checked out last year’s intel monster canyon nook it looks the same it’s the very same chassis very same case exact same elements it’s practically the same construct in reality i have it right below to show you the differences they did change some features of the calculate aspect so in 2015’s 11th gen version only had one ethernet port this year’s version gets regarding 2 depending if you purchase the i9 if you go with the i7 calculate aspect you’re just obtaining one 2.5 gigabit port this comes with a 2nd 10 gigabit port currently this is a big offer for a person like me who’s continuously creating and also gaming like i’ll have my nas which has a 10 gigabit link directly attached to this and after that my 2.5 gigabit port will certainly be used to connect to the net besides that everything else is really similar same amount of usb ports hdmi to attach to the integrated gpu you have two thunderbolt 4 ports 2 even more usb ports i took the gpu out of this the rtx 3080 as well as i positioned it inside below you might use a full size rtx 3080 approximately 12 inches so this’s utilizing the founders version with 10 gigabytes of vram the other adjustment is on the front and also again it’s simply a port adjustment rather of opting for 2 usb a ports like they did on the previous design you now have one usb type-c and also one usb-a it additionally comes requirement with an sd card port and also obviously you have a headphone jack directly in the front now there is some rgb on the bottom as well as the front does brighten with a skull which some people might locate a little gaudy yet you can take this plate off right here and after that put something else on right here if you want a various

style currently the something that i absolutely like is the reality that it utilizes capacitive screws so like when you loosen this up these screws do not fall out so losing them is rather challenging yet not all the screws are capacitive like a few of the screws to hold the gpu you still need to watch out for once you remove the back port all you need to do is just slide the leading portion off as well as you can slide the sides off easily and when you’re in you have practically access to every little thing you can also bring up the fans by drawing this instructions towards you and afterwards you have accessibility to all your stuff currently you do have your 650 watt little form variable power supply you have your psu wires you have your slot for your gpu the pcie slot this little plastic item below is essentially just a plastic item and also what it does is it takes the air from the outdoors and also it presses it in the direction of the compute element the compute component after that pushes the air towards the cpu as well as all the warm air heads out in the direction of the top here as well as then the fans press it away the elegance about this calculate component is every little thing you need to update is within right here so there’s 2 slots of m2 nvme storage space that you can use as well as update you have your cpu which is not upgradable and also you have 2 slots for your ram so it is making use of so dim memory so the exact same things you would certainly discover in a laptop so one of the most ram that

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this point might take depends on 64 gigabytes the great thing though is that there’s a 3rd slot on the bottom if you desire to add a 3rd drive for some extra storage so this is what an 8-liter instance looks like and just for comparison benefit this is the nzxt h1 which is 10 liters simply 2 litres much more makes it dramatically thicker as well as longer than an 8 liter instance now a great deal of you may be made use of to the nr200 which is from coolmaster a really preferred small kind variable computer case that’s 18 liters that’s greater than double the dimension of this now this is more pricey than building your very own pc such as this simply for the intel nut as well as the calculate aspect you’re looking at regarding 1450 that’s the i9 design a little bit more affordable if you make a decision to opt for the i7 i like the i9 much better due to the fact that it includes 2 ethernet ports instead of one as well as obviously it’s a faster cpu however by the time you add the ram one drive and also an rtx 3080 inside of here you’re taking a look at about three thousand and seventy bucks if you’re constructing your own mini itx case i valued it out to be about twenty 8 hundred bucks so you’re looking at about what 2 hundred buck premium to to get this rather of a mini itx case now the advantage of building your own pc is you’re in fact obtaining a cpu that’s indicated for a desktop computer similar to this compute component is utilizing an i9 12 900 not an i9 12 900 k and also the biggest distinction is the clock speeds it does not improve up as high

as it has to do with 100 megahertz much less as well as it just carries out at 65 watts compared to 125 watts now this is really similar to a laptop computer cpu although the i9 12900h or hk practically has less cores the efficiency is still really similar to this all right so maintain that in mind yet the difference though pertains to the gpu you’re not getting a laptop gpu this is pushing 300 watts you’re getting desktop quality efficiency currently if you’re a designer as well as you’re buying this for let’s say video clip production or adobe after effects or anything in the adobe suite after that of course you’re going to get very comparable rates to a laptop similar to this for instance comes extremely close to the msi ge76 despite the fact that practically that has an rtx 3080 ti the laptop variation of it but if you’re doing something like adobe photoshop i did locate several of my laptops to carry out much better than this however once you start doing pure video gaming and also i picture that’s what the majority of people wish to acquire this for that’s where you see the true distinction similar to this simply squashes any type of laptop computer that i’ve tested this year in terms of gaming performance you’re obtaining the power of a full-size rtx 3080 contrasted to a laptop computer rtx 3080ti currently warm administration is interesting because this is certainly not also cooled as a proper all-in-one cooler or a big beefy knock to a fan however it really does an actually excellent task you understand i did see cpu temperatures struck 90 to 100 degrees yet it just does this when the cpu is bursting under complete lots after regarding five seconds it will certainly fall below 80 levels celsius as well as obtain closer to 70 over a long period of time the entire time the cpu

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constantly presses out 65 watts and also fan sound is definitely better than a laptop computer like when this thing is absolutely under tons you most definitely hear the fans they do kick on however they’re not almost as loud as a laptop computer you understand and on top of that due to the fact that this is a desktop you’re generally not using it right in front of you like a laptop it’s pushed back on your workdesk or below your workdesk so the followers are practically even reduced since of that so here’s my ideas if you’re a player you’re gon na love this since you’re gon na get very similar performance to a full-size desktop computer considering that you are using a desktop computer gpu and also the single core clock speeds on this cpu are exactly the like the 12 900k the only distinction is the multi-core efficiency which really doesn’t influence games if you’re a creator initially or a person who’s utilizing the cpu for development as well as you need optimal efficiency after that indeed technically you’re far better off building your own computer getting an appropriate 12 900k and obtain those quicker multi-core rates so you can assemble your code a whole lot quicker but also for a person like me who modifies the youtube video clips i don’t need to have the fastest computer as well as this is way even more than quickly enough for what i do and the truth that it games much like a typical desktop computer would is ideal so for my office usage this is this size this this appearance as well as feel is fantastic if you have anymore inquiries regarding this guy let me know in the remark section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you have not currently and also i’ll see you men in the following one

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