ASUS Vivobook S 14X OLED vs Vivobook 14 – The Big Upgrade!

so today i’ve partnered with asus to compare the 2021 vivobook s14 to the all-new s14x this is a substantial design change as well as performance dive compared to the previous year and also this is type of an excellent way to show you guys the difference between the newer design and also the previous one from a style viewpoint they both rock aluminum alloy framework however as you can see the more recent s14x is in a larger one they altered the old 16 by 9 facet proportion as well as made a decision to select a 16 by 10. you people know me i like 16 by 10. it simply provides you a little bit extra upright room as well as these laptops are designed for performance and also it simply makes a lot even more feeling now there’s an all-black version which i have here as well as they’re truly focusing on aesthetic appeals so they’ve have a raised system in addition to the cover with the asus vivobook branding and afterwards naturally you have this awesome little pattern when you consider the previous design all it is is similar to your general laptop like this appears like a lot of various other laptops you simply have the name on it which has to do with it currently this is a bit larger at 3.59 pounds contrasted to 2.87 so obviously that’s a bit of an advantage to the previous model however 3.5 pounds is still very light

particularly considering what you get with this which i’ll get to soon now in regards to ports they’re in fact rather similar they both have 2 usb a ports and also 2 thunderbolt 4 ports they have an hdmi port an audio jack the only distinction though is that the 2021 version comes with a mini sd card slot as well as the more recent 14x does not building is extremely solid on both of these versions not a great deal of cover flex they can both be opened up with one hand nonetheless as you can see as i’m opening up the 14x it takes a bit longer for the base of the keyboard to strike to the ground that’s because the hinge is stiffer on the more recent version that suggests there’s less wobble when you have the screen open not that the older version had lots of wobble there’s a little but there’s a great deal much less on the newer variation the keyboard designs are identical however the big distinction though is that you grow keycaps with the 14x it’s a much deeper body so there’s more room to put them and the typing experience general really feels nice and responsive i do love the accent pieces on the 14x like having that orange getaway trick is kind of sophisticated and also the ribbed or patternized enter switch also looks excellent there’s even little lines under to provide it its very own unique look there’s back lighting on

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both with a few different degrees you even have a ribbed hinge to provide it some special point of view but most notably you have a large touchpad such as this touch pad is huge compared to the old one i assume it resembles double the size which just gives you a lot more area to relocate your fingers you can position the display completely back 180 levels on the 14x whereas on the previous one it type of stops right below currently you do have a cam on the newer model and a security switch if you want to block it literally whereas on the previous 2021 version you do not they both have a finger print scanner the 2021 design is utilizing the older design whereas the 14x has the finger print scanner which undoubtedly sustains home windows hello embedded right into the power switch yet one of the very best features of the 14x is by far the display like don’t obtain me wrong the 2021 model has a wonderful ips panel it obtains bright the screen is matte so it reduces representation yet it resembles going from a volkswagen rabbit to a porsche tycon these brand-new oled panels are absolutely stunning not only do they have impeccable comparison proportions color range shade accuracy pantone verified but they’re brighter like peak illumination on this individual is up to 600 nits so it

benefits hdr like if you’re somebody that’s buying this to modify images or do any type of kind of layout job you’re really gon na love this display screen yet most significantly they fix the pwm flicker from the previous generations there’s an option in the asus setups that enable you to change the lowering so it does not impact your eyes currently the greatest distinction between both of these laptops is the cpu the previous variation was utilizing an i7 1165g7 which is an 11th gen u series cpu the more recent model missed the u it missed the p as well as went straight for the h and also as several of you people recognize the h processors from intel are their finest mobile chips they have they’re the fastest currently they do draw up a whole lot more power which is regular however asus is covering it out at 45 watts which is still substantially greater than the 15 to 28 watt u collection processor on the previous model and also due to this you’re overcoming two times the performance compared to 2021 so anything cp relevant like assembling code will certainly be better or considerably much better on the newer design also if you’re doing photoshop work due to the fact that the cpu has a lot much more horse power to deal with it’s simply mosting likely to be able to refine those pictures much faster also single core clock speeds got a huge update contrasted to the previous one and also as you can see right here multi-core rates are also better so one

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location i was kind of stressed was the follower sound like this is an h series cpu in a thin and light type aspect however it doesn’t get any kind of louder than the previous 2021 version like do not get me incorrect the followers do kick on a bit previously contrasted to last generation however follower sound is really similar like you maintain this point on balanced or murmur mode it’s mosting likely to float around 40 or listed below if you place this point on efficiency mode and also this goes for the 2021 model also it’s gon na discuss 40 decibels even if you’re utilizing as much efficiency as feasible and also it needs to maintain the cpu cool currently the internals are very intriguing they both have lower shooting audio speakers however the style is a bit various on the 14x in reality it obtains concerning one to two decibels louder as well as has a bit a lot more depth to the audio nvme ssds are upgradable on both but the more recent 14x has way far better read as well as create rates ram is entirely soldered on on the 2021 version whereas the brand-new one you get 8 gigabytes soldered on yet then you have an extra slot to play with so you can upgrade this to 16 gigabytes if you really wish to battery was one location i was persuaded that the brand-new design would certainly shed considering that it was utilizing an h collection processor this is a 70 watt hr battery compared to 67 watts however i was able to get around 13 minutes even more of battery life on the brand-new version compared to the previous one which i idea was definitely insane you have a larger fan double the warmth pipelines to maintain the cpu cool on

the newer model compared to just one fan as well as one copper warm pipeline so now i think you can see why asus desired me to compare the 14x to the previous 14. This is the greatest enter regards to efficiency and also layout the viva publication lineup has ever seen not just is this h collection processor 2 times quicker they additionally paired it with a lovely oled screen i assume if you’re someone who uses the cpu a whole lot especially a designer or someone that uses photoshop or lightroom you’ll value this a lot extra contrasted to an ultrabook with a u collection cpu it’s very simple to just stick the current u collection processor in a style year-over-year it’s a lot harder to make an h-series processor which requires a great deal more power to execute and work like a more efficient one and also i assume they accomplished with the s14x currently look this does not have a committed gpu as well as i think if they stuck one in below it would certainly increase the cost considerably as well as not everybody requires a dedicated gpu so if you’re someone that truly appreciates good cpu efficiency in a bundle this small i believe they did a good task if you have any kind of even more questions allow me understand in the comment section down listed below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and also i’ll see you guys in the following one

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