Review Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen It watches you sleep.

hello wonderful peeps i’m chris from texpert and today we’re going to be checking out the google burrow centre second generation fresh for 2021. the nest hub is virtually a smart-alecky talker with full google aide supporter you’ve got a built-in seven-inch display for interacting with the invention as well this bad boy is designed to be used in the bedroom but not in any kind of bizarre kinky way what it can do is it can get you ready for kip by mostly allaying your intelligence and then the next morning it can gently provoke you from your doze so you’re feeling all neat and refreshed and ready for the day onward i’m not even kidding one of the big-hearted brand-new features of the second gen nest hub allows it to monitor you while you’re asleep in a way that isn’t altogether frightening at all now it cost you 90 quid it’s available to pre-order on google’s uk website right now going to take out a full safarus of the google burrow hub second gen so you know what to expect and for all the latest greatest tech please do thrusting subscribe and doing that notifications about all applauses my nemesis cellophane we meet again yes all right so what we get in here is of course one den hub second gen google’s usual fragment of funky circular plug activity and a quick start guide and that’s your bang so let’s

start with the design and the second generation google nest herb looks outstandingly same to the original it’s essentially a seven inch touchscreen showing which has been swiped onto a kind of speaker stand you can grab the nest centre in four different pigments this is the charcoal version but you can also grab it in chalk sand or shadow or moderately insidious colorings that should fit in with pretty much any kind of decor the actual bezel of the touchscreen itself is always grey no matter what your colour choice the actual enclosure part of the nest hub is covered in fabric like most orators got a subtle little bit of label in there and it’s actually constructed from 54 recycled plastics that we orifice there is where it plugs in you’ve also got a little switch up here which basically softens the microphone if you crave the google nest up to not be listening into your communications and you’ve also got a volume rocker over here on the edge and here on the bottom as usual you’ve got a rubbery surface as well so the google den hub second gen won’t slide around on whatever surface you put it on you stop poking that spectacle all right so let’s get the nest hub all set up and step one of course plug the bugger in we are currently get the nest hub all set up to get started download the google home app on a phone or tablet yeah what she said basically if you’ve got an android smartphone you’ll probably find that google home is already

installed on it otherwise you can just jump into the play store and download it from there once that’s downloaded and invested just open up the home up make sure you’re all indicated in with your google report and then you should find on this central screen you get a setup nest hub option sounding up right at the top if you don’t see that option while never fear just tap this little plus up in the upper-left corner and go to setup device then you want to go to new invention and basically time follow the instructions from there and the located of process with google burrow equipment is always neat and simple your telephone and the nest centre should just detect each other automatically precisely scan that qr code on the screen in order to grant permissions and you’re basically there the mother process does take a little while though so you’ll have to be patient while the two hook up and then you’ve got to do the usual revise shenanigans all that good material but once that’s done then you really are good to go the actual ui of the google den hub second gen neat and simple and straightforward easy to get on with so precisely a immediate movie of your thumb up from the bottom of the display there that will give you fast access to the likes of your brightness controllers although you do have full automated brightness thanks to the ambient sensor up top here you can also change the loudnes this lane though you’ve also went that area prepared loudnes rocker you can also turn on do not disturb play with your frightens all

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that good nonsense if you want to access the various touch menu here on the nest tub merely flick your digit from the freedom advantage of the parade uh the central information that sounds up will actually change depending on what time of the day it is you keep on flicking to access your wellness nonsense which i’ll touch on in a bit you’ve then got your smart home insures you’ve got your media slouse where you can pick up whatever album you are recently toy or whatever video you were diving into as well and then you’ve got the communication section where you can broadcast to any other google nest hub and google deputy corroborated devices in the household and you can also make a call over google duo and then last-place up your discover feed which exactly helps you to work out exactly what the nest centre can do and if you do want immediate be made available to all of your smart-alecky home goodies you can just flick down from the top end of the expose as you can see this makes you directly into that home control section you can mess around with your thermostats your illuminate you can also access any uh smart-alecky security cameras that you’ve got set up around your live as well so yeah you can use that touch screen limitation in order to interact with the nest centre i did is my finding that the touchscreen wasn’t accurately more sensitive or responsive seldom you’d try and swipe to do something it’ll take a couple of swipes for it to actually go through but otherwise you’ve also got the solid radar tech that was built into those pixel uh smartphones the pixel 4 successions flagships uh which you retain if you’re a google devotee and this can also be used to for instance pause or resume your uh media although it does seem a little bit hit and miss for me sometimes it precisely doesn’t seem to recognize the gesture maybe

i’m being a bit more forceful with it and i certainly couldn’t get it to skip trails uh that course or anything by doing you know the swipey swipey that direction i could literally get it to do uh to pause or resume my music and that was basically it but the best method of course for interacting with the google den hub second generation is the three far realm mics that are built in there for announcing on the google assistant and i found that that microphone setup in the google den centre contemporary 2 is merely a good if not better than ever before even when this thing is blaring metal music at top capacity i found that i could stand at the opposite end of the office i could see the trigger messages not specially vigorously either merely ordinary speaking tone and this thing would recognize me it would lower the music and listen to whatever my request was those smart home ensures act absolutely perfectly as well so you can see hey turn off studio ignites and i will be done pretty much instantaneously the actual speaker built into this thing i use is a 1.7 inch move there is no woofer regrettably unlike the hub max to really boost the laws you do get a honourable volume when you bump it up to the maximum levels but the lucidity does clearly take a hit once you get up there the audio cracks up quite a bit it’s not exactly ideal for listening to a good part of you know hip-hop rock music anything like that ako may well have taken a huge steam and elephant dump all over samsung’s parade but is the galaxy a5 2 5g still a honorable alternative to that poco f3 but you know

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the nest herb generation two perfectly five but really a sooth and gentle fleck of background music or something like that or if you want to just relax in bed with a couple of youtube videos before going some kip maybe throw on some unboxed care that will definitely facilitate put your lights out yeah that exhibition is rather dinky it’s not exactly super crisp a resolution either it’s 10 24 by 600 so not even basic hd but it’s again penalty for only king about some simple video you can watch a little of disney plus or netflix on this thing both of which are supported by the google nest hub that’s an advantage that it has over the amazon alexa smart presentations it’s not really much different from time you know watching a bit of video on your smartphone when you’re lazing around in berthed i approximate the hue reproduction is absolutely fine pinnacle brightness levels again no worries at all and like most smart-alecky flaunts the nest hub gen 2 can mostly act as a digital photo frame when it’s not in use which is really nice any of your photos that you’ve uploaded to google photos can show up here you are eligible to gave precisely which books are going to be displayed the one peculiarity that is missing in action now on the nest centre generation 2 is a camera there’s no camera of any description built into this things it really abuses that uh exclusively radar sensor for the flow gesticulate backing you know usually it’s useful to have a camera

built in there’s you can use it then as a remote certificate camera for monitoring your dwelling when you’re away you can also use it for video calling of course the fact that this thing is designed to live in the bedroom means that the lack of a camera isn’t really a big miss although who knows in these days of social length and maybe you’re in the mood for a bit of sex skypes every now and then and as i briefly mentioned before the nest centre 2 will change the information it equips depending on the time of the day so right now we’ve got your afternoon screen which as you can see there will merely give you access to information like the weather your current schedule however when it’s almost time to get all tucked up with teddy this will change to the your night page and this substitutions to a lovely solacing light topic it can play relaxing voices on necessitate and you are eligible to determined alarm systems for the next day to spark you and it’s great to see that the nest herb gen 2 has a sunrise alarm built in as well this will gradually brighten your screen for about one half an hour before your choice arousal times you’ll be gently nudged awake which has the beleaguered proprietor of a five-year-old sprog i is impossible to imagine how nice that is seriously i haven’t even inconvenienced it to set an alarm in years and one of the brand-new peculiarities here on the nest sub contemporary 2 comes from the fact that it can actually basically watch you sleep and then tell you all about it the next day which isn’t at all horrifically sinister this is google’s new sleep feeling peculiarity which can detect your breathing and your push throughout the night squandering that solid radar tech you need to make sure that you sleep in exactly the same spot every night though and

this could possibly be screwed up by sleeping partners moving around and too any pets that happens to be kipping on the berthed with you and the next morning if you think you might have had a bit of a bumpy night’s sleep you’re not really altogether sure you can just see it the buzzword and then how did i sleep or did i snore and you’d be clued into exactly how good your kip was how did i sleep last night it looks just like you slept a good quantity and it was restful you went to bed late but slept for seven hours and 25 hours did i snow last-place light it looks just like you snored for a total of five minutes yeah well you’re ugly and i haven’t had a chance to evaluation this out yet but apparently after the nest centre second gen has been observing your sleep for several days it can give you advice on how to feel better remained and if you want to check back on any of this data that’s been recorded over the days the weeks nonetheless long you’ve been using sleep sensing for you can just load up the google fit app and all of it will be in there and you can also delete all of that data from within the google fit app prepares nonetheless it’s also obviously very well worth noting that the sleep ability boast is currently only a preview apparently and in 2022 google is planning to start charging for it so you’ll be able to use it for free for now but in a year’s time you might have to start stumping up if you decide you really like it salary there in a nutshell is the new google nest hub second contemporary as i say you can pre-order it right now from google’s uk website for 90 quid so are you seduced be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below check out my review of the google burrow hub max as well which is a proper big-hearted beefcake version of it and for more on the latest greatest tech please do shove subscribe and ding that notifications bell

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