hey there everybody welcome back to an additional video with lim testimonials now in today’s video clip we’re going to be looking into uh the magic 4 pro that i have actually been utilizing for the past few weeks now and i’m just mosting likely to say it directly that this is one of the most underrated flagships of 2022. now this gadget below just landed in malaysia for a very attractive rate point of this rm3999 and honor is also throwing in a number of freebies which is really helpful to someone that’s really acquiring their first flagship phone currently with that said stated like i claimed i’ve been using it for a pair of weeks currently as well as i simply wish to share you my individual experience prior to you make that acquisition decision as well as of course that you recognize why i assume this is one of the most underrated flagship of 2022. now before we do that obviously if you could just go down a like as well as below to the channel that would be super awesome in the meantime simply relax unwind and allow me show you everything about this tool now initially points initially i need to start extremely swiftly and also chat a little bit

regarding that design now what i actually like regarding this design right here is that not only does it have this really great shade at the back the cyan shade looks definitely magnificent apart from that you also have this truly good video camera color in this round shape that makes it attract attention from the extremely extremely common sort of layouts we’re seeing in most smart devices today it’s additionally bent at the sides right here that makes it really simple to keep in your palm very comfortable even though it’s a somewhat large tool right here last however not the very least it’s also very solidly built as well as what i indicate concerning that is when you bring various other front runner phones you might seem like it’s a bit plasticky and also all that yet for the honor magic 4 professional it absolutely gives you that solid feel you must head out to the store at something like that as well as hold it

actually feel it to understand exactly how it feels it’s most definitely very unfailing right here currently besides that i think it’s additionally worth highlighting that this is uh an ip68 rated smartphone and that generally implies you do not need to bother with water being sprinkled onto the device actually you can actually bring it to the pool as well as you recognize take some truly great undersea shots with the honor magic 4 pro so that’s definitely terrific to me also before i take place i ought to also discuss that the frameworks on the side below is all in this very great chromaish look that makes it very premium looking it’s actually very slim on the sides below as well as that makes it a relatively slim gadget to hold with also to ensure that’s what i can say in regards to the style simply to conclude it really particularly it’s just a really superior solid sensation gadget that i’ve kept in quite time currently all right so moving on we’re going to talk a little about that screen at the front currently this is additionally a very sensational display screen at the front because what you do obtain here is not just a 2k display screen guys you do not truly see 2k that commonly however it’s also refreshed at 120hz and because it does feature ltpo technology that suggests it can copulate to simply one hertz to actually offer you the maximum power effectiveness on this display screen so it’s definitely spectacular right here currently the 2k

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display right here translates to a ppi of 460 that implies it’s going to be extremely sharp on this screen every little thing that you view doesn’t matter if it’s youtube netflix or simply browsing on the gadget guys you’re going to be getting the most effective viewing experience on this honor magic 4 pro currently it’s likewise worth pointing out that it’s a little bent on the sides and also i know a few of you guys do not actually fancy that however it’s likewise definitely great to see that honor is making this a quad side type of bent display right here due to the fact that every side is in fact a little bent to offer you that truly seamless kind of experience when you’re simply gliding through the device everything simply really feels very very smooth so total simply in terms of the screens i’m claiming this is one of the most effective one out there 2k display is certainly constantly an examine my listing currently carrying on let’s speak a little about the cameras at the back since we do have this

extremely extremely uh just how ought to i state intimidating sort of appearance well to begin with you need to understand that there are four sensing units at the back as well as the initial sensor here is the primary 50 megapixel main sensor apart from that you additionally get a 50 megapixel outro that implies everything is mosting likely to be crystal sharp uh relocating down that checklist you additionally have a 64 megapixel telephoto lens that does 3.5 optical zoom and also it does come with ois currently the final sensing unit below is not really to take photos as well as all that it is a tof sensor a time of flight if i’m not incorrect fatality sensing unit as well as this is really supposed to help you know not just in concentrating yet also to produce a truly nice deepness of field when you take those portrait shots now having stated that that’s what you can expect in terms of the numbers uh of training course we’re visiting the real pictures i’m going to share with you here overall pictures taken throughout the day clearly comes with a great deal of detail it likewise comes with superb colors you can see that you have great dynamic range too taken with the major sensor going on to a number of ultrawides you additionally discover that once again because

of the 50 megapixel ultrawide sensor you have the ability to get very very clear sort of ultra vast shots currently one very great hack that honor is really putting in here is their ultra combination innovation as well as what this suggests is that you are actually able to record more information and how they do this is really quite creative so what this does that in as opposed to simply utilizing one sensing unit to take an image whenever you take a picture the tool is in fact taking on its very own multiple shots with their various sensing units as well as they’re going to stack it with each other to create an even sharper image which you can actually see if you zoom in to that image itself so that’s pretty trendy there currently going on to a pair of evening mode shots again i’m extremely amazed with the quantity of brightening this honor magic 4 pro is qualified of also if you’re in a very dark scene you will be able to see images really really plainly it also features very little noise and also i’m simply going to reveal you guys a couple more images below so you can expect what to see in terms of evening mode shots on the honor magic 4 pro now in

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regards to the zooming impacts i did discuss earlier on that particular the honor magic 4 pro is qualified of 3.5 times optical zoom yet it really goes all the means to 100 times as well as also at 100 times you are still able to make out the sort of image taken at that quantity of zoom so i still think it’s rather a helpful zoom right here in situation you’re the type of person that wants to track the individual on the opposite side of your building so that’s actually fantastic for those customers available now relocating on to video clips this is additionally extremely fascinating here you can obtain definitely 4k at 60fps really extremely smooth video clips below yet what’s really fascinating right here is that if you enter into flick mode you can in fact pick to tape-record the video clip with log setting turned on to ensure that’s truly trendy because if you are a content creator as well as you desire to readjust your lights or to put it simply your color rating afterwards you can do so making use of the honor magic 4

professional with his very own inbuilt editing app to make sure that’s also really trendy right here on the honor magic 4 pro alright to make sure that essentially summarize the electronic cameras at the back below total it’s a really versatile cam qualified of taking really extremely excellent kind of pictures now returning to the device itself we do have a snapdragon 8 gen 1 power processor developed in and obviously that means that you will have performance the top-notch type of performance that you are expecting of all the kind of flagships today currently day-to-day use have actually been extremely fluid extremely smooth i have actually never had any type of problems with introducing applications playing mobile games whatever is this anticipated as you can assume of a front runner device to ensure that’s what you can enter terms of the experience on the honor magic 4 pro currently finally we have to talk a little bit regarding that battery life as you can see this is a very slim tool so we do have a 4 600 mah battery in below that benefits a display on time of roughly 7 hrs i still think that’s perfectly great very comparable to other front runners today yet what’s even more fascinating is the billing rates so there are two

charging rates here as well as the reason i say that is due to the fact that the initial one is a wired charging speed of as much as 100 watts that suggests it will charge from absolutely no to 100 in just thirty minutes aside from that it also supports 100 watt wireless charging men so it’s truly crazy fast you’re able to get from no to 50 in simply 15 mins so really extremely quick charging i did have the opportunity to test out the cordless charger which even included an integrated follower to guarantee that the honor magic 4 pro was kept one’s cool whatsoever times to accomplish those sort of wireless speeds really extremely cool undoubtedly great guys so at the end of the day uh what do i assume of the magic 4 pro here by honor well like i said at first i still assume this is an extremely underrated you recognize front runner device of 2022. Uh whenever you head out and also buy a flagship normally you listen to

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people discussing other brand names here and there yet i really truly believe you need to have a look at the honor magic 4 pro since it comes with a great value recommendation not only is it damaging you know other brand names in terms of the cost honor is additionally including a whole lot of free offers like i discussed earlier on one of the a lot more important ones is in fact that 2 year service warranty which i assume is really fairly beneficial here and in addition to that just in terms of the functions as well as the features as well as all that it’s in fact an extremely capable gadget uh right here so at the end of the day allow me understand what you people consider the honor magic 4 pro is this something that you might think about do you have any further questions let me understand down in the remark section below i ‘d enjoy to hear what you guys think as well as thank you for remaining right to the end do not neglect to go down a like below to the network and also i’ll see every one of you men in the next one keep risk-free everyone bye