AMAZFIT T-Rex 2: Woah! Just Like a G-SHOCK! 😱

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews now i just got my hands on the amazefit t-rex too this literally just came in the mail and i know it’s actually quite late here in malaysia let me just check the time it is approximately 10 40 okay not that late but i’m super excited to actually unbox this for the very first time now i know i’m actually quite late to the game a lot of people have already received their t-rex too but me personally the reason why i was so excited is because you know as a g-shock fan i think that this amazing t-rex 2 is looking even more and more like the g-shocks so on my hand here i do have the amazing t-rex pro this guy here looks very similar to the original t-rex but the t-rex 2 here guys just takes it to the next level so in today’s video we’re just going to take a quick look at the unboxing we’re going to check out the watch you know put it side by side with my favorite g-shock up there and you know just have a chill kind of look at this t-rex too now just to go

over a couple of the key features here you do have your dual band and five gnss the gps systems you have your low temperature operation that’s if you are staying somewhere really cold you have your typical military grid you know kind of toughness and of course you still have that ultra long battery life all right we’re just going to open this right now we do have a very nice tab at the side up what kind of tab is this if you can’t pull it open all right just gonna use my you know nails to pull this open and just check out the box it looks very interesting in this you know black and orange combination super excited guys seriously trust me all right here we go i guess we have another white box inside here and we do all right so new amazefit logo on there not something we have not seen before and woo wow guys this is amazing guys look at this mine is the black and gold version i’m not sure what the exact color is but whoa look at this man my goodness guys it looks so so good if you ever choose one color

and you’re just wondering which color to take i strongly suggest you get this black and yellow oh my god okay so we do have this amazefit logo you know very largely printed on the right i would prefer it without that logo and of course you have the t-rex word here you know to remind you that you have a t-rex on your wrist but yeah the color combination is just amazing guys all right so i’m going to put it side-by-side with uh like i said my favorite g-shock and just look at how similar they actually look goodness guys i think if you are a g-shock fan and you want to get like something the closest to a g-shock smartwatch i think this one you definitely have to check out this guy so right now we’re going to be peeling off this and up your game thing and we’re going to start off the watch guys i’ll be back in say maybe a minute but yeah peeling off all those stickers and i’m just going to set up the watch very quickly so we can go through a couple of cool stuff on the watch let’s go all right guys so i finally got the watch set up and i must tell you it just looks even better now take a look at this uh watch face we do have very very nice

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watch faces for the t-rex too i’m going to be showing you guys a couple more watch faces again just to reiterate this video is sort of a hands-on first look kind of thing there’s no you know review here the review will be in approximately like two weeks because i’m going to test it out but let’s take a look at this watch face so we have very very cool watch faces here that are made especially for the t-rex too i’m gonna start with the default one this is the most basic one the first one that came in the watch is also the one that’s on the advertisement if we go on further notice that we do have a couple of animated ones as well this one here looks particularly sporty again i must really show you guys how similar it is and i actually found another black and gold you know uh g-shock smart watch here all right all right so let’s not deviate from that okay show you guys a couple more watch phases again moving on along we have a couple more this one doesn’t look that good i actually installed one and i think it looks perfect for this amazing t-rex too this one here guys it looks fantastic you have the you know the dolls here again it’s actually quite responsive the

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display is very very responsive but just check it out when i just glide my finger across it is super smooth without any delays whatsoever very very impressed there now we’re gonna take a very much more closer look at the black and gold watch the materials at the front here are a glossy black very nice i love that although if you notice on the real g sharp it is sort of a matte-ish materials but this glossy black looks nice in terms of the buttons you have four buttons and again you have those textured buttons here that makes you very easy to find the buttons it feels amazingly built in terms of the straps we do have this sort of like i’m not sure what they call it like sharp fins going on here which looks you know very rugged as well and again these straps are also very comfortable but i noticed that previously on the t-rex pro this is all very you know very soft but this one here has sort of like a more rigid kind of feel so yep just thought i should point that out well apart from that i should mention a couple of basic features like i mentioned earlier on you have that long battery life 10 days battery life so i’m expecting approximately say one week you know with this guy here apart from that you also have your typical heart trackers you know your heart rate tracking your sleep

tracking spo2 tracking all those very basic stuff in terms of the workout modes according to amazefit they have over 100 or was it 150 different activities you know the gps is supposed to be even more stronger here i’ll definitely be testing this out and i’ll post the full review in approximately two weeks to come guys two weeks for that um apart from that yes this is just my first impressions again a very beautiful looking watch here the best in my opinion the best smartwatch looks for today all right guys thank you for staying all the way till the end let me know what you think about this black and gold amazing t-rex ii have you bought one the price is going for rm 799 here in malaysia i’ll put some links down below if you want to get that of course there is also like a promo code or something down there so go check that out but yeah let me know what you think about the amazing t-rex 2 let me know what you want me to test out with this bad boy here and of course i’ll see all of you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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