Hello everybody welcome back to another video with Lim reviews now as you can see from the title above what I have to share with you today is all about the brand new Oppo Renault 8 Pro now I’ve actually been using this device here for more than two weeks but in today’s video due to those kind of embargoes you guys know how it works I can only share with you my first impressions a very quick unboxing of what’s really in the box and of course I’m going to share with you what I think about the night camera capabilities of this Oppo Reno 8 Pro now you guys might be familiar with the Renault series Oppo is always positioning this device here as something very stylish it has great design good cameras and all that but we’re gonna see what the operino 8 Pro is able to offer today now with that said let’s jump into the first section of today’s video and check out that unboxing itself alright so this unboxing is a little bit

different from what I usually do so I was just up late night and I decided to unbox the device so pardon me back we’re gonna go through a very dark environment kind of unboxing experience well as soon as I peel off the Plastics the first things when you lift up the box itself you will see another black box and in this black box contains the manuals as well as that you know squeegee transparent case that you can use to protect the phone now as soon as we remove that this is where you are greeted with the Oppo Renault 8 Pro itself but I’m going to put that down for now so that I can show you guys what else is in the box now below you do find that we have that 80 watt Superbook fast charger and a type A the type C cable so this is basically everything that you get in the Box very very standard stuff here now this is where the best part came in so as soon as

I unwrap the Oppo Renault 8 Pro from that plastic wrapper and all that I must tell you guys I was really absolutely shocked because the design is just so unique guys I mean take a look at this thing a lot of Manufacturers these days they are always trying to you know innovate the way their phones look and the Oppo Renault 8 Pro here has done a great job with just that first Loop let me know what you guys think about this design anyway let’s dive deeper and see what actually is happening over at the back now first things first you might notice that the entire back panel here is a complete single unit guys that means it’s a unibody back panel it does not have that usual you know Standalone camera bump that protrudes from the back it does not have that everything is very seamless you can see from this entire floor guys awesome stuff there in terms of the cameras you notice that we do have that powered by Mary silicon logo that means you know you can expect very good camera capabilities it’s got enhanced AI features so we’ll talk a little bit more about that later and of course you also have this ring flash here guys at the side here that

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should help you out with you know very dark kind of environments apart from that if you move on to the side this is where you have aluminum frame over the entire thing one small tiny detail that I really have to point out here is in terms of the camera bump guys so notice that we do have these chamfered edges on the sides and it slopes up entirely into the back panel again this is what I would say a perfectly nicely done unibody kind of design so that’s what the Oppo Renault 8 Pro is all about it’s also worth pointing out that the Oppo Renault 8 Pro here is the slimmest Renault series to date and in terms of the weight it’s also quite lightweight at just 184 grams now apart from that yes you do notice that we have a very unique colorway over here this is the latest green and according to Oppo or I think it is one of the trending colors of 2022 definitely you do not see this color very often on a smartphone and I think it actually looks quite nice here however of course if you like something a little bit more typical that is also the Black Version but me personally I am absolutely loving this Green version of the Oppo Reno 8 Pro now with that said let us move on to the camera section because I took a lot of photos at night and I wanted to explore how powerful the

cameras of the operino 8 Pro is let’s move on and check that out now first things first we got to talk a little bit about those sensors we have a triple camera setup here that is being led by a 50 megapixel main sensor you also have an 8 megapixel Ultra wide and last but not least a 2 megapixel macro lens now the most important thing here I would say is actually that Mary silicon X and pu chipset that was carried over from the Oppo 5×5 Pro an awesome Flagship device onto this operino 8 Pro so what it basically does is that just to give you a refresher the merry silicon eggs are Imaging NQ is the world’s first six nanometer Imaging processor that is capable of 18 tops AI computing power now this might be confusing to you but basically what this means is that the mpu chip itself is as strong as what you can see on other Flagship chipsets so it’s really that good apart from that it also supports your 4K recording so again let’s move on to some samples here now first things first I was actually walking at night in the city last night late night but I just wanted to test out the 4K Ultron light video capability so here’s a very quick clip on what you can expect in terms of videos taken on the Oppo Renault 8 Pro foreign [Music] thank you foreign now done with the video of course I also took a couple of shots at night now just to rewind back to about two weeks ago when I was in London I actually brought this phone

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along and I took a couple of shots at night of the city and it just looks beautiful here are a couple of sample shots taken with the operino 8 Pro completely unedited now having mentioned editing I must say that more often than not I actually do edit my photos and I actually tried to do that with the pictures coming out from the operino April and I must say guys it really goes to the next level so here are a couple of photos that I actually edited you know from the operino 8 Pro a couple of night shots here just to give that photos a little bit more feel and what I can really reduce from this experience is that the capabilities of the photos coming out from the operino 8 Pro is just really boundless there is so much potential that you can get in terms of the pictures coming from this device so that’s that now moving on to the next Point here I wanted to do a small experiment of how the camera will perform in a completely entirely dark environment so what I did here was I took out a couple of my toy cars I put it on the desk and I came up with three different scenarios now the first scenario would be a completely dark environment no lights late night at night the second scenario here is that I’m going to help it a little bit out by putting

a small bag like at the bottom and the third scenario will be a small side light by the side just so you guys can see like the differences between each stage so these are the results of the operino 8 Pro I must say I was quite impressed with what the Renault April was capable of doing but yeah this is just a very small experiment just to show you guys the capabilities now last but not least I did not forget about that selfie camera I know some of you guys actually comment in my videos that you want to see performance of the selfie camera so this one is for you well Oppo did not leave out the front camera they did put in a Sony IMX 709 sensor and according to them it is able to pull in 60 more light so I again I went downstairs late night again took a couple of selfie shots and these are the results that you can see here um this the first one is actually a portrait selfie image so you can see that I have this bokeh flare portrait going on very nice very nice soft bokeh lights at the back and the second one here you can see is just a typical normal kind of selfie camera again it was very very dark and late at night but still it was able to you know capture the details on my face and my hair very very decently so yeah that’s in terms of the selfie camera alright guys that’s all I can share for today you know because of the Embargo obviously I would be doing a

very quick comparison just to find out how good it is again something like this Samsung s22 in terms of night Imaging and all that so stay tuned for that apart from that just my first impressions I would say here of this Renault 8 Pro is that I can see that Oppo is trying to pull up the arena series from being a mid-range device to something more Flagship and premium like what we see here today so yes definitely very impressed again I just love this design and color very much let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below if you have further questions let me know and I’ll try to answer them as well again thank you all for staying till the end if you like this video don’t forget to drop a like and sub the channel to support and I hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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