Xiaomi 12 Lite 5G: 3 NEW UPGRADES! Here’s What They Are! 🔥

hello everyone welcome back to an additional video clip with lim reviews currently xiaomi malaysia just introduced the xiaomi 12 lite 5g it came in this beautiful good box here but what’s truly fascinating regarding the 12 lite 5g from this year is that it included an enormous price increment now what i indicate concerning that is that in regards to this tool it’s really the successor to the 11 light ne 5g from nearly a year earlier and also for the 6 128 gb we are seeing a cost of rm rm1699 currently this is 500 ringgit more than that of the 11 light ne and in terms of the 8 256 we are checking out the price of rm1899 guys that is 300 ringgit greater once more from in 2015’s 11 light ne 5g so what’s actually brand-new why are we seeing this massive price bump right here individuals we’re mosting likely to figure out all about that in today’s video clip now prior to we begin naturally if you sustain the web content like this don’t forget to go down a like as well as below to the network extremely quite valued now let’s talk about the 12 lite 5g now before we start speaking about what’s new what’s decreased and also all that i intend to claim what is actually same below the processor for the 12 lite 5g is really the exact same as that from a year ago which is a snapdragon 778 g that does not

necessarily imply it’s a negative point i suggest today the processor is still very qualified and also it’s in fact good enough for playing a great deal of video games i attempted like mobile legends joint effect it is still a very solid mid-range processor right here yet i simply want you individuals to recognize that cpu smart power smart whatever is the exact same from a year ago no improvements there right so what’s truly new then regarding this 12 light well initial things very first undoubtedly we have a new layout now this new style takes control of the xiaomi 12 collection style language you have that very comparable type of electronic camera bump on the leading left corner in terms of the back panel this is completely made from glass if i’m not mistaken the back panel is extremely smooth it has this sort of frosted glass sort of finish at the back below which in fact does really feel extremely nice yet it’s also really similar to the 11 light ne from you understand a year ago extremely comparable sort of look there in regards to the structure currently the framework itself we have a flat structure however it’s totally made from plastics you don’t have those truly premium feeling a tool kind of feeling

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below so i mean it looks great yet it’s just plastic individuals currently at the base here you do have a type-c component you have your stereo speakers you have that in the sim card tray as well as on the right you do have your power button along with that quantity rocker over on the left is completely tidy as well as smooth absolutely nothing there whatsoever all right to ensure that’s the layout now what is the main adjustment here on the 12 trip 5g well the primary modification right here i would state is really in regards to the video camera at the back currently the major sensor from last year was a 64 megapixel unit this time around round is a 108 megapixel device as well as not just in regards to megapixel count the sensing unit itself is additionally bigger that means it’s able to record even more light in the evening now i did take a number of pictures last evening and also to be truthful i was really happily amazed with the efficiency originating from this brand-new sensing unit it’s not in fact a new sensor we’ve seen it on previous phones but it’s certainly brand-new to the 12 like 5g so pictures at evening is going to look excellent there are minimal sound as well as once more i was really pleasantly

surprised at the sort of top quality that it can generate so very excellent cams now on the 12 light 5g now what else is brand-new the 2nd thing that’s brand-new right here is really in terms of the display screen at the front so from in 2014 we had a 90 hertz refresher show this year we have a 120 hertz display that means everything is even smoother it likewise supports 12 little bit colors so everything is meant to look a little bit better here on this flat amoled display apparently it coincides kind of requirements in terms of display screen with the much more expensive cell mi 12 so extremely really good display at the front here that’s additionally another slight rise now the third big change right here is in regards to the billing speeds now in 2014 we had 33 watt quick fee this year this has actually been bumped as much as 67 watt quick cost it does no to 84 in simply half an hour men so really extremely fast billing it does no to 100 the entire cost in much less than a hr 50 minutes to be accurate so you’re having extremely quick charging on the 12 flight 5g okay so what else is brand-new a few other little changes that i can claim is really brand-new here remains in regards to the selfie camera the selfie cam at the front currently likewise supports autofocus now this is not something that you see really usually in selfie video cameras so that’s actually a nice touch there as well as the last point that’s really slightly updated is

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actually in terms of the battery ability we made use of to have 4 to 5 omah that has been bumped somewhat higher to 4300 mah on the 12 light so minor boost there though nothing significant so alright those are the changes that we are seeing for the 12 light currently what are we missing out on however so there are 2 points now missing on the 12 light the initial thing right here is you do not have ip53 dust and water resistance to ensure that is gone on the 12 flight the second thing which could be really quite a pain is really in regards to the mini sd card port support so on the 11 light 5g the ne i in fact sustained the micro sd card slot and you men can increase your memory based upon you know your memory cards as well as all that however that is no more available on the 12 like 5g okay so at the end of the day uh what do i think of this gadget well keeping that significant cost bump i would certainly say that the significant modification here is truly in terms of the major sensor the screen and certainly the quicker charging speed yet power smart every little thing is still the very same and you do shed a number of things later on truthfully talking i actually want to be truly positive concerning this tool if i simply take a look at it as a standalone device if the price was the same as last year i would say definitely is an excellent upgrade but at this massive cost bomb i indicate i was absolutely a little disappointed with the 12 flight 5g well let me know what you people consider this specific device do you believe it is a bargain do you think this is something that you could think about purchasing allow me understand down in the comment area below finally again thanks for seeing this video clip do not forget to go down a like and also below to the channel if you intend to see more web content similar to this and also i intend to see you guys in the following one stay risk-free everybody bye

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