Review OnePlus 8 Worth that price boost?

you’ve got a can of feel sorry for the one plus it really launching alongside the superior one plus eight pro all of those headlines have definitely been nicked by its bigger beefier brother with that snazzy upgraded camera tech and it’s fancy 120 Hertz display and it’s la-dee-da wireless charging support bloody show-off but definitely do not sleep on the standard one plus it even though it’s not a sexy or as premium as the pro model this blower definitely still packs a punch where it counts and will suit the everyday user who wants a powerful pocket rocket just fine I’ve had my sim card stuffed inside this bad boy and I’ve been using it as my full-time personal phone for just over a week now so here is my in-depth oneplus it review and from all the little squares tech please do please subscribe ending that notifications Bell Jess now one area where I actually prefer this base one plus it is the design it’s still a six point five five inch beast but it doesn’t feel unwieldy thanks to that new bezel free finish but yes it definitely is still a bit of a prick to use one-handed why on earth oxygen OS doesn’t have a dedicated screen shrink in 100 more DF I’ve got no idea but it’s certainly comfortable enough to grip with just the warm it and at 180 grams it’s not cumbersome either if you’re gonna hold it that way while watching an entire episode of something on Netflix or whatever I love the look of this Gliss your green model too especially as it is a matte glass finish that complete lack of gloss means the oneplus it doesn’t get all greasy and discussed in the second you lay hands on it and it’s certainly proven pretty Hardy as well you got a better Illig last quarter and front and back and so far after a week of generally being chucked around my flat and tripped with general disrespect so far not a single scratch on that back end and the front end is doubly safe because it’s got a pre-installed screen protector on

there as well and now there is no dedicated IP written for water resistance but the oneplus it can handle a serious splash in nor worries I just wouldn’t use it for checking your Twitter in the bath or anything like that just in case you get the fresh new oxygen OS ten point five slaps here on the oneplus it smothered lovingly on top of Android 10 and it’s as lovable as usual offering plenty of customization and of course that distinctive oneplus Thielen as the number and kind of suggests you’d already get much change here compared with the version 10 of oxygen OS you’ll find on current oneplus answers the main change is the color of that shelf feature replaced instead with Google’s discover feat I quite like the Shelf but it’s no real biggie here if you don’t like the discover feeding quickly knock it off in the one-plus settings and bits just replace the shelf with on-screen widgets as usual that dark theme in’ now supports more wraps while the addition of dynamic wallpapers is a nice little touch of oh of course I still prefer my nerdy anime pics and touch words so far I’ve only noticed the one irritating little bug here on the 1+8 and past week of use occasionally that in display optical fingerprint sensor which is normally super Swift and responsive we’re just absolutely refused to function made all the more confusing by the swirly

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animation that still pops up when you press your fingertip on they’re making you think it is working when you look force of course you’ll see that the optical sensor isn’t firing at all it’s literally just the animation going around which is kind of weird and confusing haven’t quite figured out what the cause of that is but hopefully it’s just some irritating little issue that will be squashed very soon hopefully before the oneplus it even goes on general sale and thankfully the face recognition still works perfectly 100% of their time it’s fast and it’s also secure refusing to unlock if your eyes are closed now that whopping six point five five inch fluid AMOLED screen is an absolute stunner no doubt it’s not a quad HD panel like the pro but the full HD plus resolution still keeps your videos and pics nice and sharp colour reproduction is pleasingly natural akin to Apple’s iPhone screens where you can play around with vibrancy levels to make those vivid colors really pop if you like either way it’s a proper visual feast you’ve got a nice bit of itch to your 10 plus action on there for crisper contrast where supported and of course it’s got a 90 Hertz screen refresh rate as well so everything is silky smooth when you dodge it through your apps flicking through menus and

such forth and that display is crazy bright as well so I found I could happily watch better netflix in the garden on a sunshiny day and still work out what the chuffing heck was going on and no bother with that pinhole selfie snapper either its proper tucked away in the corner inside the stairs bar and it never really intrudes on your apps even when you go fullscreen in the likes of YouTube or your games those dual stereo speakers pack a decent punch as well defi loud and clear enough to be heard even in a noisy environment when you’re skyping watching a bit of video or something like that and no sadly like recent other oneplus handset throws not a headphone jack action on here or whatsoever but I had no problems with the Bluetooth connectivity stream and two headphones speakers whatever now if call comes up mighty snapdragon 865 slaps on board backs by either 8 or 12 gigs of DDR for RAM performances unsurprisingly top notch you can blast through any game out there with no stutter or like to speak of plus the touch response for it means instant reactions to every poor can swipe which is of course vital for the likes of pubsey mobile unfortunately I couldn’t take advantage of that fast nippy screen refresh rate here on the oneplus hit with any of my game just yet possibly down to some weird software capping

shenanigans pre-launch bug doing mobile supports HD or gaming on here but the frame rate currently tops out at the Ultra level hopefully we’ll get some extreme 60 FPS gaming on here soon but of course the game did hold steady at 40 fps no matter what as you’d kind of expect from the at 65 and the likes of Altos adventure also played beautifully but once again those titles were capped to 60 FPS the oneplus say it is of course fully 5gf ID as well thanks to Qualcomm Zechs 55 more them and there’s also a nice tasty but a Wi-Fi 6 support on there as well so as far as connectivity goes this thing is basically future-proof and I was relieved to see a bigger 4300 million batteries stuffed inside this next gen 1 plus handset 2 and thankfully you getting good returns on a full charge this bad boy never failed to make it through even a very very long dear indeed and it was only when I was smashing it with lots of skyping sessions media stream and camera play things like that then I actually saw it pop up with a little do you want to put it in battery saver mode and yes there’s no wireless charging spot here on the standard oneplus hip you know what slop in a good old fashioned type-c cable and you get powered up in a jiffy thanks to that warp charge 30t tech get half charge in about 25 minutes or so great stuff plus of course there is that optimized charge and feature on there which will help to

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prevent your battery from degrading over time especially if you leave it charged in all night long every night so over the long term you shouldn’t see any degradation in that battery quality now last up let’s have a bit of a squint at that camera Tech and it’s once again an area where the oneplus it is all shown by its bigger brother but you know what the 1+8 is still perfectly fine via Everyday photos and movies I thought that my pic still look sharp when thrown up onto a telly even at that default 12 megapixel modes while the 48 megapixel mode offers a bit of extra fine detail if the lighting isn’t balls grabbing shots of sugar-filled kids and other fast-moving subjects isn’t much of a headache thanks to the fuss shutter action and the clever autofocus others are captured accurately too though occasionally the oneplus it will struggle in brighter light with some over saturation and color whitewashing going on not to any troublesome degree thankfully physician have them been any pics very often plus the HDR smart seems to have improved a bit of a previous one Plus handsets although not to the same degree as the pro model meanwhile the night skier more definitely helps out in low-light for a brighter more detail pick your droid angle lens offers a different viewpoint on demand although don’t bother trying it at night even with that dedicated night skip mode in action and sadly nor there is no telephoto shooter on offer here just bog-standard regular digital zoom and you’re on the other option on here is a macro lens which I’ve got to admit I still do not fully see the Poynting oh look here’s a slightly fuzzy picture of a bug awesome as for video no worries there you can shoot

footage at up to 4k resolution at 60 frames per second with smooth shot results and clear audio pick up whenever that’s just a brief summary of the camera smarts here if you want to full in-depth look at the camera tech the photo & video results and also comparison with the pro model and definitely go check out my full 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 Pro camera review which is live right now and that a nutshell is what I think of the 1 plus it after use that’s my full time handset for just over a week now as you can say for the everyday use that thing you’ll do just fine indeed it’s definitely powerful we’d be sue so deftly good news for gamers and unlike strong battery life on there as well and it’s great for your medias treatment as well gorgeous display strong audio chops oh yeah definitely an orange solid effort of course any more demanding users who really want that extra special camera tech the 120 Hertz display the wireless charge and things like that should definitely look to the full model instead which packs a lot more premium features but of course animal premium price tag so that’s what I think now it’s your turn def Elise slap at your comments down below please do put subscribe ding that notifications about and have yourselves a lovely week people Cheers love you

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