Nothing Ear (Stick): Beautiful Looks, AMAZING SOUND!

Hey there everyone welcome back to another video with Lim examines now today right ahead you can see that I do have the absolutely nothing below stick and also what I’m mosting likely to be carrying out in today’s video clip is a really fast unboxing to show you guys what’s inside and also certainly to provide you a really quick take on just how it sounds like from a day-to-day customer’s viewpoint now what I suggest by a daily user perspective is that I’m not an audio data I’m not a specialist audiophile or anything like that yet I in fact do pay attention a lot to music on the move I’ve been taking a trip a lot therefore much I’ve in fact been making use of the absolutely nothing cordless earbuds as well as these do seem excellent so I’m actually extremely delighted to look into the absolutely nothing air stick that we have right here now this is retailing in Malaysia for rm469 as well as if you remain in other nations of the world that ought to be around a hundred US dollars however sufficient of that state allow’s truly unbox this person and also see what gets on the within so similar to prior to we also have a very intriguing

product packaging right here I’ve constantly like absolutely nothing packages there is really a tab at the top right here that reveals you where to peel it off as well as there you go we have the uh let’s pop the cover and see what’s inside so this is the first time I didn’t in fact inspect any YouTube video clips on this yet oh there you go looks truly adorable below in this very tiny tip so this is actually slightly smaller than what I would certainly anticipate let me place that down for currently and see if we do have any type of various other accessories on the inside oh there is an additional pull tab over right here to make sure that should be the billing cable television or something like that let’s see fine so we do have here the handbooks and obviously we do have the kind C cable on the inside all right so really cute packaging but now allow’s carry on as well as look into the absolutely nothing ear stick itself again like I stated earlier on is in fact smaller sized than anticipated this is the phone itself as well as it’s actually you recognize not that big so it does match with my key-board over there the white and red combination which I such as significantly that’s pull this Plastics away and see what it is within so let’s push it off and also there we go okay so simply a really close-up check

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out the absolutely nothing ear stick at the top we do have the kind C part for you to bill it up you additionally have an extremely tiny button down right here that in fact aids you to reset the earbuds if you require that as well as once more simply the instance itself is very cool we do have a very stutter looking you understand absolutely nothing logo right in the center as well as if you do not you know like if it’s close as well as all that you will certainly see from the back below that there is really a transparent plastic that allows you to see into the earbuds normally I’m certain a great deal of you already understand we in fact glide this or turn it to disclose the earbuds as well as it’s you understand extremely stunning right between okay so just pulling it alongside with the cordless earbuds here the ANC ones and also you can see just how it appears like very similar style language although I should claim that a whole lot of thought has actually been placed into the absolutely nothing Wireless stick once again I like this white and red combination that matches my

keyboard at the sides there and also for currently let us see if we can detach this really swiftly I’m going to open my phone for now and as soon as possible you can see that it already triggers me to attach the earbud so we’re going to do that now and looks like I’m nearly all set to be going a couple of minutes later on okay so looks like we are already in right so we have a hundred percent battery around uh the earbuds in addition to the instance that’s great we also have the equalizer over below which we can use I’m going to choose even more base due to the fact that I always like a little bit a lot more bass here and also we’re going to select in-ear discovery turn on low light mode I do not believe I’ll have that switched on in the meantime because I’m not going to be playing any ready now we have a pair a lot more things right here quite basic things below uh in terms of the setups that you can obtain in the application itself quite cool okay so today I’m gon na eliminate the earbuds below and also really test it out for the first time never actually seen this point up enclose individual wow this looks really cool once

more it advises me quite of the previous ones over there however today is all about this guy allow’s place it in and also see how it seems like alright so like I claimed this currently I intended to test out a bit extra music so I’m gon na inspect out a pair a lot more tracks on my Spotify below you guys can see that I currently have the absolutely nothing ear stick in my ears once more I do need to say that it does still feel a bit loose from my ears over below yet when I play the songs it just does not seem by doing this whatsoever so I’m gon na opt for the first song below we have uh ganja [Music] again if you see uh from the quantity here I have a tendency to pay attention to my music really loudly it’s virtually at its optimum quantity it seems incredible individuals uh for this type of you recognize ear tips without that rubber suggestions it just seems very really rich extremely complete I can listen to the whole base I can hardly see myself speaking really to make sure that’s likewise saying something regarding this ear sticks sounds really heros so excellent international wow fine allow’s go to the following track this is a more chill a lot more laid back tune again if you are a regular individual you understand you simply uncommitted regarding you recognize what an audiophile assumes if you simply wish to obtain a pair of really great seeming

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earbuds this actually sounds really excellent let’s go to the following one truly good really great fine just to advise you we can readjust the audio and equalizer balanced a lot more treble if you wish to hear more of the even much more voice extra base is the very best for me I really feel like it really feels again worldwide that maintains entering into my mind right here is everything about the richness I can hardly hear myself speaking men [Music] it’s it appears actually good men once more I’m bringing this down below to give you men a closer look these are the ear suggestions themselves they do not have any rubber ideas at the at the head or whatnot yet yeah once more as an everyday user this really appeared quite excellent guys um I truly wish you guys have the possibility to actually check this out in individual it in fact sounds really extremely great I did not expect that I indicate you recognize I always assumed this would certainly be good however it’s actually fairly fantastic good people that is mosting likely to be my initial handle the nothing air stick I’m mosting likely to be doing a bit more testing share extra info with you individuals soon once again thank you for seeing today’s video clip hope you men like this very fast very first thought sort of view this nothing right here stick if that’s it uh links down listed below if you wish to figure out even more regarding them see you individuals in the next one bye

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