TECNO Pova 4 Pro vs Poco M5s: Can TECNO Take On the Value Champ?

Hello there everyone welcome back to another video with Lim testimonials currently in today’s video clip we’re going to be doing an extremely quick contrast in between something like the techno pova 4 Pro against the Poco m5s now if you’re not familiar with the brand name techno essentially these individuals are completing in the much more budget-friendly or kind of budget mobile phone range and also the Techno Prova 4 Pro is in fact the most current gadget to hit the markets currently both devices are retailing for around 200 US bucks or if you are in Malaysia there ought to be around 850 Ringgit so without additional Trouble let’s place both devices side by side and also find out what’s different in between them as well as of training course which one would certainly be the better fit for you alright people so as you can see we have on the workdesk below both gadgets on the left is going to be the techno pova 4 Pro whereas on the right we are going to be concentrating on the Poco m5s now prior to we start I simply desire to chat a little bit concerning the accessories that do come in a box both tools do in fact provide their very own corresponding fees we have a 45 watt charger for techno and a 33 watt charger for Poco m5s currently both tools likewise

come with their respective type c wires yet what is additional in the Techno product packaging is really this you understand wired headset which is in fact a headphone jack over below essential to the gadget itself due to the fact that it still has that earphone jack over there so rather awesome things that if you still need your wired earphones you can utilize that from the techno pova 4 Pro alright so we’re going to take an appearance at these tools in closer information again both gadgets are saying that they do come with huge batteries so in terms of batteries we’re going to begin with that initial we do have a 6000 mAh battery on the Techno Prova 4 Pro whereas on the Poco m5s it is a 5000 Mah device currently other than that it’s also worth noting that the Techno Cover 4 Pro right here bills up quicker than the Poco m5s obviously considering that it comes with the 45 watt fast fee so it’s going to bill up method faster than the Poco m5s once more techno is actually stressing on their battery life with the Prova 4 Pro below this devices will do close to 10 hrs of video gaming for mobile Legends you know 23 hours of Facebook as

well as close to 61 hours of phone calls so that’s actually a lot of battery life compared to something like the Poco m5s which is concerning fifty percent of that number so if you you’re looking for the best carrying out battery life device the Techno profile 4 Pro below will definitely be the one to go for alright so with that stated let’s relocate on to our second factor of today and allow’s check out their cpus both devices actually do come with very comparable processors due to the fact that they are from mediatek however the one on the Techno account 4 Pro here is in fact a helio g99 whereas on the Poco m5s we have a helio g95 currently simply in terms of their efficiency you’re going to be expecting much better efficiency on the Tecno Prova 4 Pro the performance is going to be even much more reliable as well that indicates that if you are playing video games you will certainly be able to play somewhat longer gameplay and you will experience less warmth compared to the Poco m5s overall performance numbers are once again really close to one another but simply in terms of CPU regularity the Hilo g99 on the techno pova 4 Pro is six percent better than the helium g95 various other than that in terms of ram arrangements this gadget is a techno power 4 Pro comes right up with 8 gigabytes of RAM as well as 256gb tool of interior memory now if you’re looking to broaden that Ram you can in fact broaden that by an

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extra 5 gigabytes so you will have a total of 13 GB of RAM in the Techno power 4 Pro it is able to run up to 20 applications in the history so that’s actually pretty amazing on the cover 4 Pro now relocating back to the Poco m5s this gadget right here comes with six gigabytes of RAM as well as 128 GB of interior memory however if you want to broaden that you can broaden it by an extra 2GB to give it an overall of 8 gigabytes of RAM just in terms of smoothness degrees and operating devices I would state that it’s somewhat smoother and even more apps can be run on the Techno profile 4 Pro alright so let’s turn both tools to the front currently as well as check out their displays since once more they are really quite various below right up you can see that the techno pova 4 pro has a somewhat bigger screen compared to the Poco m5s so we’re going to begin with that first we’re going to examine out this display first and foremost this is a 6.66 inch AMOLED display that freshens at 90 Hertz that suggests that scrolling on the tool every little thing is going to be very much smoother and even playing video games you will certainly experience a smoother experience on the Techno profile 4 Pro I likewise discovered that because it’s an AMOLED panel so normally the viewing angles are great as well as in terms of brightness degrees it also gets

fairly intense when I’m Outdoors currently moving on to the Poco m5s this is a somewhat smaller sized display screen it is extra compact coming in at 6.43 inches and it is also an AMOLED panel that implies you recognize comparison levels seeing angles are also terrific yet the primary difference below is that we do not have any kind of high refresh rate this is refreshing at 60 hertz that indicates you understand scrolling on the gadget and all that is not going to be as smooth as the one on the Techno Prova 4 Pro you can see below if you look closely you’ll observe that it is smoother on the Techno device compared to the Poco various other than that in terms of the total experience if you are going to be video gaming a great deal and all that you will discover that with this specific tool the Techno it comes with a difficult gyroscope with z-axis linear motor to supply a much more practical and Powerful shaking result however on the Poco M5 is not that far behind as well it additionally comes with exact axis direct motor so in terms of the haptics both are fantastic however the one on the Techno profile 4 Pro is just a little bit a lot more powerful currently relocating on to the final Factor allow’s chat a little bit concerning that style since you guys could be already wondering you know what is going on here with the Techno account for pro well this

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is generally what techno is calling the Whitman Statin prism ID layout but primarily you have this type of prism style you can see that the reducing over here is all extremely edgy this certain style right here looks like a lava coming off a volcano it is matte materials at the back here that indicates no finger prints whatsoever there is a different shade alternative which I likewise take place to have over right here now this one is a little bit soft and also it looks very classy as well once again really edgy lines can be seen on the back panel right here but if you want to go for this specific design below allowed’s state you are a player this one in fact stands out a great deal due to the fact that of those orange kind of lines going on other than that both gadgets right here really come with earphone Jacks at the bottom so that is great it is a little thicker once more on the Techno Cover 4 Pro yet that’s most definitely many thanks to its bigger battery relocating on to the Poco m5s we do have a really tidy and also marginal design like I stated before it is somewhat Slimmer and also it features a 3D curved back panel so it might really feel very

comfortable in your hand as well extremely extremely slim tool below on the Poco m5s and I assume it looks great as well alright guys so there you have it the differences in between the Techno Prova 4 Pro against the Poco m5s very different devices here just to sum it up actual fast we do have a pair of crucial distinctions between both tools for instance we have a method bigger battery on the techno pova 4 Pro in truth it’s one of the biggest batteries that you can discover on any type of smartphone in the market today so if battery life is your main problem you understand where to check that out apart from that we likewise have various display screens we have a nicer higher refresher course display on the Techno profile 4 Pro contrasted to the Poco m5s various other than that the styles themselves are also really different take an appearance at when even more and also this techno Prova 4 Pro it looks really player fight whereas the Poco m5s is a little bit a lot more minimalist and also quite standard alright those are the differences between both gadgets once more if you have any type of further inquiries really feel complimentary to drop a concern down below if you desire to find out even more information regarding both devices I’ll additionally put their links in the summary box so that’s it thank you for watching today’s video clip and also I look forward to see you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye all

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