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hello welcome back to marketless reviews i have the apple watch series 6 in this box i’ve been very good i could have opened it yesterday but i didn’t i left it for you because i know that you’ll probably want to see an unboxing of this so yeah let’s just get into it let’s unbox the series 6 apple watch product red it’s always satisfying opening apple packaging so here we go now i went for the product red edition um i’m a little bit embarrassed to say this is the first product red product i’ve bought actually basically a percentage of the price you pay goes towards the causes that product red support so i’ve done my bit there i’m pausing because i don’t want to break this oh there we go here we go and let’s turn it around that way so you can see here we go very red very red packaging let’s just take that out of the way very red which you kind of expect i suppose but let’s start with the watch there’s the apple pamphlet thing we always get more red more red stuff and then you’ll see the instructions on how to charge now one of the biggest changes if you have missed the news is that there is no charger in here there’s the

cable for it obviously you get the the cable that you use to charge the apple watch but what you don’t get is the wall plug my thoughts on this i think it’s fair enough really um i think most of us have got a usb wall plug charger um if you haven’t they’re very cheap you don’t have to spend much money on them and i think apple’s point on this is that it’s saving the environment i don’t need it although it’s a little bit odd i won’t lie it’s a bit strange to not find a plug in there but i think this is the way we’re going to be honest so yeah just bear that in mind you do just get the cable now for the watch itself here we go comes in a nice little red pouch red again lots of red let’s slip it out for one of the better phrase not immediately obvious how you get into this actually um i almost don’t want to break it it’s like i think you just pull it out sorry for all the euphemisms gradually slip it out here try not to drop it there we go there is the apple watch the series six that’s in the back it’s got the new blood oxygen monitor i’ve got a few thoughts on that which i won’t go into at the moment but we can certainly chat about that in a in the review video

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and there we go so the strap now plenty enough on it i’ve nearly bought this red strap several times i do like i like red actually um and i was always gonna buy it and never did for whatever reason i’m a big fan of the sportbans actually i use them quite a lot you can see here i’ve got the whatever this one is the um fabric band but i i do like the sport bands they’re very comfortable let’s get it out if you’ve ever had an apple watch before with a sport band this is going to be very familiar to you basically again nice red color the red is actually it’s a pleasant red it’s not garish it’s not overbearing i like the look of it to be honest i should also mention this stage that this is the 44 mil version of the series six but let’s get the strap on so in there there we go that is your apple watch series six product red edition with the red sport band let’s get it on the wrist i do like the red it’s um i was a little bit worried that all kind of being all red it might be a bit too much but because it’s a nice a nice shade of red it’s um yeah it’s quite pleasing it doesn’t kind of stand out too much or

scream steal me you know um i like it nice so there you go the apple watch series six product red 44 millimeter um yeah i mean first impressions uh i think before i go into first impressions the thing to bear in mind with the apple watch if i just grab my series four i love it it’s the best apple watch i’ve had i’ve had one since the beginning they certainly haven’t changed in terms of design i know there’s been little tweaks here and there but the the look and feel of the watch is pretty much identical this series six doesn’t feel any different the biggest change with the four was getting the bigger screen so getting more stuff on the screen and um it was a really nice upgrade in terms of design my immediate thoughts are if you’ve got a series five i didn’t have the series five after the big thing with the series five was the always on display um and i i missed out on that because i thought i’ll give i’ll wait a bit and it didn’t make sense to buy another apple watch so i haven’t even turned this on yet but once i do probably the biggest change and the biggest benefit for me from upgrading from this one will be the always on display because the apple watch is before the series five it’s a dreadful watch you know you have to

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do this weird flicky thing with your wrist to find out what the time is so i’m genuinely looking forward to having that my immediate thoughts really is if i did have a series five um would this be worth it i don’t know if it would be if i’m honest um it’s got the blood oxygen um sensor which is the big play that apple have made on it i understand why they’ve done that um for me it doesn’t mean a huge amount if i’m honest but like the ecg on this it’s one of those things that you try out and go oh that’s pretty cool and then you never use again but i know why it’s there i think it’s fantastic that it’s there um i think the more they do with this in terms of health fair play to them i think it’s a great idea but i would say if yeah if you’ve got the series five just the immediate whenever you unbox something you get it out for the first time um you do form opinions quite quickly and i would just say that you won’t be bowled over about a brand new product because it’s not really that different to the series five unless color is your thing you know unless you’ve wanted a red apple watch for

us for ages or you’ve wanted a blue apple watch for a long time or just something different or if you just like to get new stuff there’s nothing wrong with that but if you’re kind of umming and erring about it it’s not much different to the series 5 that you’ve got already if that’s what you’ve got if you’ve got the series 4 i think it’s probably worth it however i’m going to reserve judgment until i’ve actually turned it on and used it for a week or so in the meantime keep watching uh i’ve got a little video which i think you might find pretty interesting about webcams i think i can save you some money with it which is the most important thing so carry on watching to see the webcam review video it’s relevant for a lot of people at the moment in the meantime i’m going to go off get this set up and then i will be back in a couple of weeks probably to give you an update on my thoughts on it cheers thank you you

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