Review Tag Heuer Connected Stylish Swiss Smartwatch

the Tag Heuer connected small watch has just been updated and refreshed for 2020 bring in a bit of classic Swiss style to the humble SmartWatch however and it’s a pretty effing big however if you think the Apple watch is expensive get ready to absolutely and utterly destroy your under crackers in shock because the Tag Heuer connected starts for 1500 quid definitely on the pricey side but I’ve been testing out this super premium SmartWatch for just over a week now and here’s my full tankier connected review and from all the latest greatest tech piece do box subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers now one of the biggest arguments for beginner tankier connected over other where OS rivals is clearly that premium styling the Swank factor is absolutely through the roof once again bringing that classic Swiss design work to the wonderful world of smartwatches you don’t get a choice of sizes suddenly it’s only available in this 45 mil option but despite the fact that it is quite chunky I found personally that wasn’t too big for my spindly wee baby wrists and yeah it’s certainly not light thanks to the premium materials involved by also fun at the Tokyo connected wasn’t

anywhere tear then get standard premium timepiece and it doesn’t feel cumbersome when it’s strapped your arm just because it’s a pretty boy that doesn’t mean this watch is a bit of a wimp either the tank here is tough enough to survive in all kinds of hostile environments a sapphire cause it helps to protect the screen and keep it scratch free while the ceramic bezel and still kids can also absorb all kinds of punishment you could also swap out the steal and go off a full titanium instead if you want extra Swank but that will also cost you an extra 500 quid bring in the asking price up to 80 st two thousand pounds like most modern smartwatches you get dedicated water resistance down to five atmospheres or about 50 meters which means you don’t have to bother taking it off when you go for a quick dip my review model was bundled with a simple rubber strap which is definitely very well suited to exercise it’s nice and light and comfortable on the skin and allows your skin to breathe and sweat and do all that lovely stuff that skin tends to do during exercise you can also grab the tag heuer connected with a chunky steel band instead for a proper premium finish when you want to have a night out on the town when we’re all eventually allowed to have

nights out on the town again and you can quickly and easily swap the strap of a compatible tank your band if you want to change up the look though yeah you guessed it will spare bands aren’t too cheap if you already have to sell off a kidney in order to afford the watch you might have to stop some gold teeth in order to accessorize now the 1.3 9 inch OLED screen is just as crisp and colorful as you’d hope that 454 by 454 pixel resolution means even tiny text is perfectly legible and images look shop and pleasingly punchy even more importantly it’s easily bright enough to make everything nice and clear and legible even when you’re outside on a sunshiny day doing a better job in or whatever else with a dependable auto brightness that’s for the actual software onboard the Tag Heuer connected while it’s Google’s where OS which gets a lot of hit from some circles and sure it’s not perfect but it will basically do everything you need you’ve got first access to your notifications with options to respond or ignore without yanking out your phone and you can speak directly with the assistant using the watch’s microphone to get updates on your schedule or the weather or whatever else your lovely little heart desires although sadly there’s no actual speaker built into that shiny chassis so you won’t be able to get direct and voice feedback from the Google assistant nor will you be able to use the tankier connected in order to take calls there on the side you get a proper twisty dial which you can use as well as the touchscreen to navigate through the UI which is definitely very satisfying indeed and you also have two shortcut buttons to quick launch apps of your own choosing and

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speaking of apps they’re connected out which you can download for your iOS or Android device can be used to customize your watch for the small but exclusive range of tankier faces I quite like the classic takeo watch face but you’ve got a variety of other options including analog as well as digital and if you tap here you can customize the watch face to get it just the way you like in it as well as tweak in the background color color the hands all sorts of stuff so yeah is a small collection but definitely very smart indeed and besides those exclusive options you kind of course always just dive into the Google Play Store to download a huge variety of fresh watch faces from there as well as of course loads of fresh new apps for your watch as well and if f you come pre-installed on the tank you’re connected including of course the usual google fit shenanigans and a nice bit of Google peer to make use of that NFC for the fitness stuff you do have built-in GPS to precisely track your motions when you’re up pounding the pavement or whatever as well as a heart rate sensor that can monitor your ticket 24 hours a day one sensor that is emitted from the Tokyo connected is an SP or two sensor for measuring your blood oxygen levels so that’s generally used to diagnose issues like sleep apnea and you don’t have sleep tracking here on attack you’re connected anyway because let’s face it sleeping with it wouldn’t be lost comfortable thing in the world anyway so doesn’t really matter the tank you a sports app can be used for tracking the core stuff walking running cycling and general fitness if you want a more diverse selection of workouts then definitely check out the Google fit app instead which supports dozens and dozens of different activities many of which I’ve never even heard of I really like the design of that tank your sports app which is really easy to use I’m pretty damn attractive too this serves up easy-to-understand stats as you’re working out while those physical buttons make it easy to pause for a quick breather or a chug of water and your workout is immediately synced with your foreign once you’re done so you can check your progress in the connected app there’s no swimming

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track and build it into the Tokyo connected however despite that water resistant designs – if you have to look elsewhere if doing lengths is your thing on the other hand if you’re into golf then you’ve got Lord’s reasons to splash out on the tank you’ve connected there’s a dedicated golfing up here which can access detailed maps are pretty much every single course on the planet complete with tips on how to get that triple bogey or whatever the hell the correct terminology is as you might have guessed I’m not really a golfing guy unless it’s of the crazy variety and with moss golf and establishments clause for the forseeable anyway I haven’t had a chance to test out the golf and features here on the Tokyo connected saw apologies that’s for every day performance thought the Takeo connected has been consistently smooth thanks to that Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100 chipset backed by a generous gig of ram you’re positively glide through those menus and apps load up in a heartbeat which is great news from patient kits like me the battery life unfortunately isn’t too hot though it’s definitely comparable to likes the Apple watch and the fossil generation 5 so basically you’ll be charging it up every single night otherwise you’ll be running out of juice halfway through the next day but it’s of course with all of the features active including that always-on display thankfully you do have a super stripped-down battery saver mode which basically just turns the takeo connected into a standard watch you’ll still be able to tell the time even when you’re pretty much out of juice and if you don’t want to watch that you only have to charge up once a week or so then definitely take a look at while we watch GT 2 or the GT 2e instead of them full reviews those recently and now right there is my full review of the Tokyo connects the SmartWatch after I mean it’s slapped on my wrist for just over a week as you can see there’s very little to dislike about it but of course the battery

life and the tracking abilities aren’t quite as strong as several rivals if you’ve got plenty of scratch to spare and you’re a bit of a golf and fun and certainly fan of Swiss design then as if this we go for it yeah it’s a good bit of kit do remember that you can get fully featured small watches that still look pretty damn stylish but absolute fraction of the cost the Garmin stuff is great for fitness and of course I am a personal fan of the fossil generation five as well which cost under three hundred quid still on rubbishy battery life unfortunately but looks nice that’s the same we’re less experienced so what do you think are you tempted or do you think that it’s slightly overpriced will definitely be greater your thoughts down below please do poke subscribe doing that notifications belt and have yourselves a lovely week people Cheers love you

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