Which USB hub for the M1 Mac mini? | Satechi vs AGPTEK | Reviews

i like the m1 mac mini it’s currently my daily vehicle driver it does every one of my manufacturing job yet it has one problem which is the lack of ports however i have actually been evaluating 2 centers that address this issue and i have actually got one clear victor welcome back to online marketers reviews and thank you as always for subscribing if you haven’t subscribed just click below currently if you view this channel at all you’ll recognize that i love the m1 mac mini it’s superb it’s transformed the video game for me yet it has one problem which is the absence of ports now for the unaware you get two usbc ports or thunderbolt ports as well as 2 usb a ports and that’s it okay you get an ethernet port and also what have you yet that’s a great deal you don’t obtain an sd card you do not get anymore usb a ports say goodbye to usbc ports and it has much less ports keep stating the word ports than the outbound intel version it’s not annoying for every person and also if you don’t do a great deal of material creation you don’t probably have whole lots of external drives as well as points connected after that it possibly isn’t a big deal for you actually as well as you can possibly obtain away rather gladly with those four ports but for people like me and also having actually checked out

the discuss my various other videos it’s a little bit of a bummer now there’s 2 services to this set of them is that you attach great deals of dongles socializing the rear of the mac mini not very stylish bit of a mess the 2nd choice is to obtain a center stand i had no concept these existed up until i obtained the mac mini but they do as well as i have actually picked two which i assume are wonderful one is from a firm called satechi as well as the various other one is from a business called agp technology on the face of it they look quite similar however there’s a number of distinctions which will certainly sway your purchasing decision one method or the various other a very fast note on data transfer speed now if you know this channel you know that i do not dive deeply into specs and also i do not actually pay much interest to standards like it olympic so i will certainly tell you the data transfer speeds that these hubs offer yet i will not enter the weeds of what that suggests for sure sorts of job merely because i don’t assume these usb centers are made for instance to run video clip editing and enhancing from if like me you’re a video editor i would not suggest attaching an exterior quick outside ssd drive to one of these centers to modify video i would certainly still do that straight right into the rear of the mac mini or ideally editing and

enhancing off the mac mini’s own integrated ssd the point of these hubs is to offer you extra connection for information transfer truly so whether it be probably an sd card that you need to place in there and transfer images from or probably an exterior drive where you simply require to replicate some little bits and also items or it might even be a usb key that you require for a software application certificate or something these hubs are superb for that but you will certainly always obtain the fastest data transfer rates either linking a rapid ssd straight to the rear of the maca mini infection usb c thunderbolt ports or obviously the inner ssd in the mac mini now the satechi is the very first mac mini hub that i attempted it’s 79.99 can be found in 2 various colors undoubtedly to colour suit the mac mini as well as it gives you 3 usb a ports one usb c port and they’re all five gigabits per second you additionally obtain a headphone jack on the front and also you likewise reach my joy an sd card viewers for both standard sd cards and also mini sd cards currently the very best thing regarding the satechi actually is the way it looks and the method it fits around your mac mini it’s got this sort of ridge that your mac mini rests within and also that implies it’s always flawlessly straightened so you

simply put your mac mini on top of it done and the color match is fantastic it wants to my eyes it looks similar to the silver mac mini that i have it’s actually well made and it just looks fantastic for the cash and it’s almost like apple made it i mentioned this in my full testimonial of it which i will link to above that it virtually makes your mac mini resemble a special edition and install wise it has to do with as simple as it gets it has a very short cord at the back which is permanently dealt with to the satechi and also that just enters into the back of your your mac mini easy now i understand there’s been some problem over ventilation with this hub and also with these hubs as a whole due to the fact that you are essentially placing your mac mini onto something which might potentially stop the air flow i’ve not experienced that concern whatsoever i have actually made use of both of these hubs for extended time periods done great deals of hefty deal with my mac and it does not matter mainly since that m1 is such an effective chip i can not talk for the intel version if you’re making use of these centers for an intel mac mini after that i don’t understand you may run right into some thermal problems with it i do not think you will directly yet it deserves doing a little extra research study on that particular yet absolutely if you have an m1 mac mini don’t fret about

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the ventilation point it’s not going to harm your mac mini the mac mini does not fume keeping that m1 chip however i really like the satechi it gives you those ports on the front it gives you a usbc port on the front as well as it is essential to bear in mind nevertheless that that isn’t an additional usbc it’s actually just an expansion of one of the usbc’s on the back of your mac mini now that can be a little bit of a drawback due to the fact that as stated prior to the the transfer speed of the satechi’s usb c port is nowhere near as rapid as what you obtain directly at the back of the mac mini it’s still fast do not obtain me incorrect i’ve done fairly quick file transfers on it however it’s yeah it’s not the same point and also for some people shedding that straight usb connection on the back of the mac mini which is clearly what this focus plugs into it’s not perfect i think it’s worth it if you simply desire fast access at the front of your mac mini for that usbc instead needing to reach around the back as well as you don’t mind losing some transfer speed it’s fantastic nonetheless if you really depend heavily on the transfer rate directly out the back of that usbc after that it’s probably not perfect to go with the satechi if you’re not fussed regarding that it’s a great choice it’s no frills it fits the mac

mini remarkably it gives you that front packing sd card port which is simply a godsend from my perspective and although these ports aren’t meant to sustain billing they do bill stuff so i believe satech you’re possibly just kind of covering the backs keeping that but i’ve billed my phone from it i have actually billed my earpods max i have actually charged all sorts of usbc gadgets which you’re most likely not supposed to so once again i can’t be called to account if you plug them in and something goes incorrect you do that at your very own danger yet it has actually billed points for me quite gladly currently the agp technology is likewise 79.99 if we look at the style first off it’s fairly different to the satechi in that respect so whereas the satechi has that ridge into which your mac mini comfortably sits as well as very neatly as well as squarely rests you don’t obtain that with the agp tech you simply place your mac mini on top of it and also it’s up to you to line it up that’s a bit frustrating truly it’s one of those things where if you’re pulling points out of the mac mini rather routinely or pulling points out of the agp tech hub fairly consistently you will certainly misalign them i’m a little bit rectal concerning that kind of stuff i intend to see points wonderful and prosper

and also what have you so yeah the agp tech obtains a little a thumbs down on that versus this connecting additionally when i acquired mine i might not locate the silver variation it does exist 100 i will place a web link in the summary to this video clip yet i needed to get the think it’s area gray black whatever it is as well as it looks a bit daft truly it resembles a two-tone mac mini i have actually obtained since’s my issue all that aside it’s actually well developed it’s a very well developed piece of package the one possible advantage of not having that ridge right into which the mac mini remains on the agb tech is that it might boost air flow if you are bothered with that if you have an intel mac as an example this does there’s a space there’s a visible void between the center and the mac mini that could aid ventilation potentially so in regards to ports on the agp technology once more it’s rather various to the satechi so you get 4 usb-a 2 of them are usb 3 at 5 gigabits per 2nd and also the other 2 are usb 2 at 480 megabits per second once more not especially quick specifically those usb 2 links but they do the work for data transfer if that’s all you need them for as i discussed prior to perhaps you understand software program tricks and also points it’s wonderful for that and also it also has again the sd card ports on the front for both

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basic sd and also microsd there’s no earphone jack unlike this affixing it doesn’t bother me really i do not listen to music straight at the mac mini i make use of an earphone amp for that yet if you do desire to attach your earphones quickly to your mac mini without placing them around the back then the satechi offers you that however you do not obtain the headphone jack with the agp deck as well as there’s likewise no usbc port on the front it’s all usb-a yet again that doesn’t really bother me due to the fact that as stated previously on the satechi that front-facing usb-c port is just an extension of one of the back usb-c ports on the mac mini as well as i found that i really did not actually use that front-facing usb-c port on the citation at all so directly i ‘d really rather have those usb a ports for me they’re much a lot more useful it’s also worth pointing out that you can link the agp tech to the back of the mac mini either through usb-a or via usb-c which is rather handy in fact because it implies that you do not have to use up a usb-c port on the back the largest distinction in between these 2 hubs though is that the agp tech has a covert area as well as in that hidden area you can place a 2.5 inch

ssd currently in mind i have actually placed a 2 terabyte essential drive in there and it’s amazing it’s instantly given me additional area on my mac mini without having to have a drive someplace on the desk and it seems rather quick once again you’re not going to obtain scorching transfer speeds for this but if you desire a drive for perhaps time maker or your own individual backup or just someplace to put various other stuff i can not consider a better means to do that with the mac mini than insert it within this agp tech center something to keep in mind with this however is the reality that mac os might disconnect that drive because it essentially sees it as an outside drive so if your mac goes to sleep it might separate that drive within the atp technology hub now personally i do not allow my mac go to rest appropriately or mistakenly to ensure that does not affect me in all but if you do there’s a piece of software application you can obtain really that will solve this issue for you i’ll link to that in the description currently before i provide you my verdict as to which of these 2 centers is my preferred i wished to share an actually incredible discovery i made lately currently this video clip is really kindly funded by macpaw an excellent software program designer and they offer a service called set app and also it’s fantastic i truly couldn’t

believe this existed so for essentially for 9.99 a month you get accessibility to over 200 exceptional applications primarily for the mac yet they you can include ios devices onto this strategy also for a little bit extra each month yet yeah for 9.99 you get access to an entire suite of dazzling mac apps as well as it includes points like tidy my mac x which i’m an enormous fan of ulysses which i couldn’t live without from my blog istat food selections bartender advertisement guard clearvpn mars modify the listing continues as well as primarily when you register you can set up as most of these apps as you desire there’s no restrictions to them no advertisements you can use them as long as you wish to it’s it is among those services where you think why hasn’t somebody done this before the most effective thing is you can attempt it for complimentary i assume it’s wonderful worth i assume when you try it you’ll probably wish to proceed but if you just intend to try head over to the link in the description and also try configuration i actually extremely advise it so which of these 2 mac mini centers would certainly i pick well for me it’s truly easy it’s the agp technology and also the main reason for that is that integrated ssd unit it’s just so useful as well as additionally just the fact that the usb ports on the front are all usb-a i just used them i didn’t i

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never ever used that usb-c port on the front of the satechi yes i desire it was the exact same color as my mac mini i desire it was effectively affixed to it somehow so i don’t have to maintain rearranging it but i can get over that so i think the choice for you on this boils down to whether you could utilize that internal drive keep in mind certainly that will boost the expense of this since you’ll need to acquire purchase the ssd but it you recognize you ‘d need to invest also much cash on that to be honest and instantly offers you even more room on your mac mini nonetheless if you are more of an appearance individual as well as you like the idea of having a center which sits perfectly beneath your mac mini the satechi is unsurpassable with that said yet the agp technology just seems like a much better general plan currently as much as i enjoy the m1 mac mini i do appreciate that lots of individuals right now are attempting to make a decision in between that computer and also the brand brand-new 24-inch imac which additionally has an m1 contribute it so i’ve assembled a little buying guide for this so if you’re trying to choose between those 2 computers maintain enjoying for a link to that but in the meantime many thanks as always for enjoying as well as i’ll capture you following time