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so i wish to discuss windows invite back to mark ellis reviews and thanks for subscribing if you have and if you have not the switch’s simply down there so earlier today i heard the actually great information that the preview of windows 11 was on the method so i believed dazzling allow’s nip onto my disharmony server have a conversation with the participants on there and also discover what type of device i would certainly need to get to run this home windows 11 sneak peek ends up they have actually got no idea and that bothered me because they are super very smart individuals much smarter than me but they admitted they really did not recognize and they directed me to a post written by the windows team which appears to suggest that microsoft does not understand either now think it or not i’ve been thinking rather a little bit about home windows lately i desire to enter the windows environment for a bit i want to see what i’m missing out on being a mac os man for so long and also i did assume when i become aware of home windows 11 aha this might be the moment to do it and after that it all went a bit incorrect so a very really

potted history regarding myself as well as home windows i used windows for years as well as that’s both expertly at job i had to make use of home windows in my old work however also directly i used to develop my own computers years and years earlier so from a kid really i intend from about the age of i don’t recognize 15 16 to mid late 20s i was a home windows customer i loved and disliked it in equivalent action it’s very personalized you can do a lot with it however subsequently it damaged a whole lot as well and after that i do not recognize 10 simply over 10 years ago i obtained truly seriously right into mac os or mac os 10 as it was back then and mac os is not ideal by any type of stretch of the creative imagination it has great deals of various flaws however it does just function as well as in this brand-new age of m1 max it rarely ever collisions yet i am unbiased as well as a bit ago i experimented with android for a little while i also exchanged my apple watch for a g-shock watch from casio as well as that was an actually fascinating experiment i didn’t stick with android however i did appreciate several of right stuff that offered me with and also when it comes to the watch i’ve in fact now

specified where i’m swapping in between this apple watch collection 6 as well as the g-shock on quite a normal basis i’m no much longer that affixed to the apple watch that understands i thought windows may do the same thing for me but windows 11 let’s just extremely quickly get into what has actually really troubled me this week regarding that release so earlier today the home windows team released an article called upgrade on windows 11 minimal system demands begins off terrific it begins with this really interesting news that the windows 11 preview gets on the way it ends up the home windows group are quite excited about it also you understand they claim that they’re very thrilled about the insight they’re going to get from individuals installing it and utilizing it on a selection of computers now that’s where points obtain a little troubling you recognize there’s not much conviction in that sentence exists what does a range of pcs indicate it after that simply obtains even worse and even worse to be sincere so they have actually then gone to admit the fact that their pc checkup device yep that’s still a thing that had not been working appropriately so essentially it created all kinds of complication

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when individuals ran it the concept was to figure out whether your windows 10 machine could run home windows 11 as well as according to the home windows team their tool simply really did not really provide you the information that you needed to make that decision type of had one task and also didn’t do it and after that in this article they say they intend to set a path for exactly how we will discover and readjust and also that appears truly odd it seems like they’re bringing us in at the extremely onset of development rather than the beta phase yet there is some great news since they do confirm that security dependability and also compatibility drive their decisions with windows it’s an embarassment clarity isn’t amongst those words but all right you understand they have actually obtained the ideal things in their head yet from what i can tell with this post as well as having spoken with people who obtain windows as well as enjoy utilizing home windows it’s not done anything greater than simply puzzle the issue additionally i can see why really it’s concerning 800 words long it’s obtained long rambling sentences it’s not extremely well composed either and also it just really feels entirely

rushed don’t get me wrong i believe it’s fantastic it’s extremely big of them really to acknowledge the reality that they have screwed up with this device made to work out if your home windows 10 maker is suitable with windows 11. the reality they have actually acknowledged that and also attempted to make it far better is actually quite exceptional it’s not something apple would do if they did they ‘d be pressed and also pressed to do it and also eventually state oh whatever yes below you go here’s that point whereas the home windows team do appear to be a little bit a lot more proactive with this which is good i like that but it shows up to me that individuals are asking one actually straightforward concern about windows 11 which is will certainly it work with my computer system and also microsoft right now seemed to be completely incapable of answering that concern have not we been below prior to they chat concerning home windows hello there i presume that’s the siri variation of whatever it is virtualized based protection hypervisor shielded code stability and also tpm which i believe is their variation of apple’s t2 chip there’s just so lots of numbers phrases as well as weird referrals to the past they even keep in mind that their oem partners as well as silicon companions are experiencing a 99.8 crash-free

experience i never ever would like to know about a crash-free experience ever just make it function i’m not jabbing fun at windows below or i am but it’s just because it’s just impossible not to but this whole home windows 11 preview launch as well as this post it simply highlights why i left home windows a decade earlier there’s just so lots of possibilities for it to fail there’s in fact a windows 11 systems requirements page which is massive it simply continues et cetera the very first component of it has every one of the system requirements like the processor the ram the storage space all the normal stuff that you ‘d expect then you get onto the function specific requirements for home windows 11. And also i’ve counted them there’s 22 feature certain needs to run home windows 11. and also this includes points like client hyper-v bitlocker to go straight storage space existence snap groups touch i mean touch screen yeah wi-fi 6e voice inputting intelligent video clip conferencing what’s that it just goes on as well as on it’s like oh as well as after that there’s some function deprecations as well as removals as well so that they’re removing desktop wallpaper oh sorry it can not be wandered to or from a tool all right mathematics input panels going sorry s setting goodbye fast standing it’s dead i just consider that as well as think i can not think about anything that wants to place me off going back to home windows

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greater than this checklist of demands for home windows 11 and it’s such a shame due to the fact that as i pointed out at the beginning of this video i really want to return into windows for a little bit and try it out but what bothers me the most around this home windows 11 things and also i discussed this on the recent episode of the 8 or 16 podcast web link in the description if you consider those leaked screenshots and also currently the official screenshots it simply resembles home windows it doesn’t look substantially various fine they’ve relocated the begin food selection to the center of the star bar however that has to do with it truly it simply looks like a revitalized variation of windows however there’s clearly a great deal taking place beneath the hood and what’s stressing it seems to me like home windows 11 is reaching the stage where cross equipment compatibility is obtaining more challenging and also harder to guarantee and it’s not really microsoft’s fault you know this the entire method that the whole home windows environment is established is that it needs to work on an entire range of various systems as well as different cpus as well as configurations and also all that kind of stuff i get the perception that home windows 11 is trying to tighten that a little bit

largely i guess as a result of safety which is an actually great thing yet they seem to be on the back foot with this a bit as well as i i also ask yourself if they have actually spoken with oems concerning it you know it seems to be the instance that they’re claiming appearance we believe it’s going to work with this that and the other but we do not truly know surely they need to know that now as a matter of fact the scenario’s so poor they have actually had to eliminate that computer health check tool from windows so i intend to attempt out home windows i’m always amazed by looking into the surround tech and simply seeing what i’m missing out on out on you know what what’s apple missing out on out on i’m a mac man what do i miss on my mac that is happening on windows i simply assume currently unless they do something i’m not sure what they have actually obtained to do however microsoft need to they require to rectify this quite promptly because i think home windows 11 is an actually killer chance to stimulate the interest of people like me individuals that have actually visited the dark side of mac os however still have an affinity for

home windows i have a really soft area a very warm memory sometimes of windows from the past and i would certainly like to just go back to it as well as use it i would certainly love to attempt the new equipment you know i would certainly enjoy to try a various laptop computer to a macbook however the moment windows 11 seems to be entirely impenetrable and not just for type of innocent onlookers and observers like me it seems to be impervious not just for windows you understand resist windows individuals yet also microsoft themselves nobody seems to know exactly how to manage it i intend to see what’s occurred in the one decade because i abandoned home windows for mac os and also windows 11 presently isn’t making a particularly excellent impact i haven’t given up though so i would certainly like your aid actually i want to get into home windows and also i sort of value the truth now that i’m mosting likely to have to go with home windows 10 awhile what is the best course in to windows 10 for a person that makes use of a macbook

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air as well as m1 macbook air every day that is my laptop computer of selection so if we believe regarding price battery life simplicity of usage what need to i go for get entailed in the comments so thanks to my disharmony crew for providing me some suggestions on this and in fact when it come to dissonance if you want to obtain associated with that neighborhood i’m now on patreon so if you want to support this network as well as obtain accessibility to that area and also get some actually cool added content simply check out the web link in my description and if all this talk from me concerning windows is a bit unusual as well as you intend to see me get back to the mac things keep enjoying for a recent video clip i did on the 8 gigabyte versus 16 gigabyte debate for the m1 24-inch imac however in the meantime thanks as constantly for and i will certainly capture you in the following clip you