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one password lately revealed the current variation of their password manager for the mac it didn’t drop also well but today i reached talk to 2 vital individuals from one password to get the scoop welcome back to marketless evaluations thank you for subscribing if you have and also if you haven’t subscribed the button is just down there so a couple of weeks ago one password which is this fantastic password supervisor for practically every platform you can assume of introduced the most up to date version of one password for the mac it’s called one password 8 as well as this created a little a mix for two factors the first reason was because they’ve moved over to something called electron which is generally the backside of one password eight and the second reason is since they’ve conformed to an only design for one password eight so you won’t be able to buy it outright any longer you’ll need to spend for it continuous and it has obtained several of fairly a great deal of their existing individuals rather upset as well as fairly distressed and also i

composed an article concerning this a number of weeks earlier as well as it’s gone bonkers i’ll link to it in the video description yet on medium as an example it’s had something like 95 000 sights it’s been the most prominent blog site i’ve ever written i assume that blog obtained chosen up by a number of individuals at one password so i invited them onto this channel and also reached talk with two extremely extremely important people at one password i had some rather juicy questions for them the suggestion actually was to get some solutions in terms of the electron side of things the subscription design they have actually relocated to and also just to obtain a concept of where one password is headed it’s a fascinating meeting i really enjoyed it what you will see is a reduced down variation of it there is a much longer variation which you can reach listen to if you register for my newsletter i’ll place a link in the description i’ll be sending out the longer variation out next week however in the meanwhile this is these are the very best bits actually of that interview hi i’m andrew customer i presently lead up um our web browser experience engineering organization below at one password we started the firm back in 20 2004 and afterwards i think one password was launched the extremely first version in 2005. it was intended to be an extremely brief

project i assume we desired to have we prepared around 4 to six weeks i hunch we thought we’ll spend some time on the little utility and after that go back to web growth essentially it demonstrates how poor we are you know uh time circumstances as well as likewise just how i expect popular it’s been to be reasonable it’s um you have actually developed such a substantial user base so it was a great concept had not been it indeed it certainly ended up being something that individuals utilize each day after the big news lately is one password eight which is um undoubtedly pertaining to the mac as well as that’s the primary reason for talking to myself because i’m a mac individual bordered by max if you give me the pitch for one password eight what’s why is it such a big a large launch for for mac customers for one password 8 on mac as well as really every one of the systems it is completely a revise there was no code that was duplicated over which i think rustum said in in a previous meeting like nobody must ever do this nobody should ever before determine let’s just rewrite all our applications like it is a it is a huge difficulty yet what we have actually gotten out of that is the ability to make several of those core basic adjustments that we require to kind of thrust us right into the future and bring a whole lot even more kind of functions to um our users and one password aid is type of the structure for us to be able to begin bringing those attributes and also most significantly when we release

among those features we can now release it cross-platform to every operating system mobile desktop computer web yeah i indicate when you say it’s redeveloped from the ground up i can visualize roosterm’s um reaction to that and also rusen with keeping that in mind bearing in mind what part one password does i guess one of the huge worry about that is do you lose any one of the every one of that experience as well as the the many years of development you’ve taken into making it so secure exists a danger that you lose several of that when you when you totally re-engineer the back end it was very important for us to reword it essentially we couldn’t it resembles non-politics so when you have an older house you know and you want to build uh much larger home in addition to it sometimes the foundation does not work right so we we needed a brand-new foundation for it and also uh that’s what we performed with one password obviously the the platform you have actually opted for for this is electron isn’t it that’s what underpins one password am i right as well as claiming that so electron is what i’ve been calling it’s sort of the vessel right so we have this backside kind of headless one password customer that we’ve constructed for the front end we actually decided to utilize an online ui as well as the reason for that is a great deal of

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customers utilize one password in the web browser where we can only make use of web-based ui a great deal of users um move in between systems like i just was watching a number of your video clips last evening while i prepared yourself for the program you’ve been having fun with windows right so when you go over to windows if you’re a one password user you make use of one password 8 you’re gon na obtain the precise same experience as well as as well as the means that we can do that is with this web-based ui it is the industry has birthed out this is the way you supply a cross-platform user interface right therefore electron is actually the least intriguing component to us however one of the most intriguing component uh in the information recently that’s the vessel it actually just packages this online ui and it takes that that back-end code which is essentially the way we can disperse it on linux mac and windows although we have actually taken a look at alternatives electron is the sector basic means to do this right slack utilizes it you claimed your customers on discord were speaking about one password they were essentially making use of a electron app to speak about one password

utilizing electron right such as this is the sector conventional right now primarily the most safe bet right like if if mac os gets updated or windows 11 appears electron is guaranteed to be compatible primarily because numerous individuals use it many of the issues that what we hear from individuals is people worried that with the brand-new method one password ends up being something like the lowest usual denominator so generally that you you’re going to like if some feature is just offered allow’s claim you can just do that on mac however can not do that on windows like one password will certainly not have it but that’s definitely not true attempting to make one password to be the most effective application on each system great instance of that actual swiftly is um clipboard right so it’s very crucial when you click copy on your password um we might have simply utilized an electron api to do that right like we could have just included in your your clipboard but rather we in fact picked to write a lot of stuff in swift to utilize every one of the very same mac os clipboard features to make it um both when you edit the area you have protected input yet likewise when you replicate that field we established the right attributes to make sure that um the os recognizes that this is a secret as well as it shouldn’t be shown to your clipboard manager or and and those type of affordances right it’s far better for our individuals right that’s what they anticipate i actually we we can open with apple enjoy right like that’s not electron function that’s a feature

that we need to actually user interface with the system apis i think if you check out one of the key problems uh it’s to do with battery life for example on your macbook you understand there’s there’s a suggestion that moving over to electron as a few other apps have done i’ve seen the outcomes of this with specific applications i use can have a harmful influence on your battery life is that something you men have dealt with is it something you’re concerned regarding you understand this is something that we did check out really customers can make use of these tools right if you click on that battery symbol in your toolbar it will actually say these are the apps using substantial amount of energy on your mac hence much i have not seen anybody send out a screenshot with one password being just one of those um or seen it myself right the internet is where people use their computers nowadays right like the bulk of individuals whether it be through social media or actually simply getting work done right google applications microsoft 365 this is where everybody is getting sort of work done as well as due to that the systems including apple in the current m1 design right i recognize you have an m1 macbook air they maximize heavily to essentially have the ability to provide internet material quick as well as you understand most affordable battery intake ever right i think even way back like like 15 years ago um

apple has actually always talked regarding like right here’s just how much battery life you should anticipate when you’re using an internet browser you know they would certainly they would actually time their laptop computers in this is just how much battery life you can solve so the platform suppliers are optimizing the hell out of the ability to primarily supply um web-based ui yet what’s amusing is the bulk of the type of energy usage we do is really not out it’s outdoors of electron it’s it’s going to be the kind of back-end code that we have actually created in corrosion which is compiled natively for your system but we see what was taking place over the past number of weeks essentially people would find some an issue in the beta and also it’s a large application we really had simply a few hundred people utilizing it and each time people locate a problem they they claim oh if you didn’t use electron that would not be the situation right and also the recent instance where we had like a memory leak one password had a memory leak when we began debugging it ended up that our memory issues were in fact in rust as well as quick code i believe if we did the complete reword of one password a in any kind of language because it’s a brand-new application as well as it has more functions it would possibly use my memory what’s in a way remarkable concerning the response which is probably probably seem like a weird word to use is that just exactly how enthusiastic your

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individuals resemble i say i’m not a one password user myself however my podcast co-host rob is he’s been using it for 10 years and he was he was genuinely dismayed really um since he truly values you people still does as well as he recognizes why you’re doing a whole lot of this stuff yet it’s i believe for somebody like him it’s yeah it’s tough to get used to that to this brand-new this new world and also i i obtain both sides of the coin entirely i hunch there’s gon na be a whole lot of people now with one password seven assuming well the length of time can i utilize this for i ‘d a lot rather stick to this version of it what what are your plans with one password seven what’s the guidebook for that in regards to support as well as for how long is that going to be around to be truthful is like we’re still in a beta process right so as lengthy as you’re still in the beta obviously one password 7 is still the shipping application the default download we clearly sustain it we utilized to all do customer care including the programmers because we were tiny and also we care so deeply about our customers yet we utilized to have the screenshot we rather resemble which one of the one password icons did you have fine that’s one password three right and also we still support that version to now we aid obtain them updated we placed them you understand in a

place where they can proceed utilizing one password so one password seven will likely work till mac os makes a change that damages it we still understand that there are still plenty of individuals left making use of the standalone permit and we have an unique program for them to permit them to make it less complicated to migrate i assume there’s an unique extremely huge discount for them to to begin utilizing the solution like essentially trading their existing permit for the solution that’s a really excellent factor yeah yeah if we can we’ll discover that web link and we’ll place it in the video clip summary certainly since i assume you’re right there’ll be a few people enjoying this who wish to wish to click that so we’ll definitely get that arranged i recognize among the among the last worry actually was was to do with the subscription design as well as undoubtedly you’re relocating to a registration version only so you can no more acquire one password exactly how do you attend to that sort of issue what what’s your what’s your feedback to that uh wriston i might experience all the problems that we had with licenses in the previous if you most likely do not bear in mind yet we utilized to offer licenses for each platform separately if you keep in mind the license cost was rather

pricey so you need to put a fair bit of cash upfront very first license in many methods is more secure right you you primarily you make use of the application if you use it you like it you spend for it if you do not use it you can cancel it after like a month registration versus license if you acquire a copy of photoshop you can run it for 5 6 years never ever have to update it as well as most likely be great right if you’re a really basic photoshop individual however with a safety software like you actually you got ta run the most up to date variation just like your web browser right like never run an outdated internet internet browser due to the fact that individuals do not such as the persisting prices we in fact provide present cards not to provide to someone however to like i’m gon na just pay one flat cost for 2 years a great deal of the feedback we saw was that instant response like electron you understand what i mean as well as truly desired was people to go download it and attempt it go try one password 8 as well as in fact contrast it to one password seven run them alongside if you even intend to and consider the visual differences the attribute distinctions um see what you do not like about it because we launched the very early gain access to i think two weeks earlier currently and since then my pal mitch that’s type of in cost of item for the

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customers he’s been considering all the comments we have actually received from those users as well as executing a few of the important things that they’re disappointed around right like oh when i highlight in notes i’m not getting the system accent shade well he’s gone and also added that so um i would certainly say for the one password individuals that are gon na upgrade ultimately currently would certainly be a good time to go provide it a try locate out things that that really do trouble you and also allow us understand because ultimately we’re developing a product that we use our households use we use as an organization we you recognize honestly think assists the greater good of humanity therefore anything that the passionate individuals that that are discontented with these changes um can do to aid us make them better for them and as well as actually humanity we’re absolutely going to do so there you go men i truly enjoyed that discussion yet the most crucial point is did it address your questions or concerns concerning one password 8 allow us recognize in the remarks i can guarantee the men at one password will be watching on the comments string for this video so if you have actually obtained any type of questions that are still rolling around in your head pop them right into the comments area and also uh yeah we’ll see what takes place and just as if they have sort of rested

your your mind and also made you feel far better about one one password 8 let us understand i ‘d love to understand if that’s held true so once again thanks so a lot to the people at one password 8 they were very extremely participating with this interview there was no pre sort of preparation with this in terms of the inquiries they didn’t inform me what i might ask and also what i couldn’t inquire they just let me obtain on with it so i’m actually pleased with them from a public relations perspective this doesn’t often take place trust fund me they were definitely fantastic so thank you to one password i hope it addressed your issues but if it didn’t let us recognize in the comments if you have actually still got a long time i would certainly recommend spending time throughout of this video where i will place a web link to a current video i did about mac os versus windows basically i simply want the entire platform battles point to vanish as well as i kind of describe why that’s the case and also just how i think we can do it so maintain enjoying for a web link to that yet in the meantime thank you for viewing this set and also i’ll catch you following time