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so monday october the 18th is the date are we going to see a brand-new 16-inch macbook pro a brand-new 14-inch macbook pro the future generation m whatever chip and also what if apple’s obtained a little surprise of its sleeve hello there as well as welcome back to marketless reviews thanks for subscribing if you have as well as if you have not signed up for the buttons simply down there previously this week i composed a blog which primarily priced quote macworld who assumed not surprisingly that the next apple occasion would be occurring a week next tuesday that would have made it october 26th that made complete feeling to me nonetheless they were absolutely incorrect and also likewise so was i a number of days ago apple dropped the bombshell that their following big event is happening next monday and also due to the fact that it’s october custom specifies that it’s going to be a mac occasion right here’s what i assume may occur next week we can rapidly try and also explore the apple event invite for next week i do think apple has a great deal of fun with this themselves i believe they recognize that people like me sit there attempting to work out what it indicates you understand what’s that graphic there what does that message mean

frequently it most likely indicates absolutely nothing in all i think this time around it’s a bit interesting taking a look at the kind of apple going to hyperspace type thing that kind of links with the name of the occasion which is released and unleashed could indicate i assume two points one of them is the noticeable it is the future generation m chip which we think is mosting likely to be the m1x which will certainly be an essentially faster extra graphics qualified chip than the m1 the m2 theoretically would after that follow year and that’ll be the next reduced power variation for the similarity the macbook air so unleashed m1x all this power all this great things that is going to come you understand more ram much more graphics vehicles much more this that as well as the other that type of makes good sense however i had a sudden idea concerning this i do wonder if it likewise relates to the m1 chip in the ipad pro now i’ve made my feelings concerning that really clear i think it’s a waste at the moment it’s remarkable that they’ve put it right into that ipad however they’re doing absolutely nothing with it so what if

released also refers to something to do with that said m1 ipad pro are we visiting pro apps or something that in fact makes use of that chip introduced or demonstrated next monday probably it’s most likely going to be mainly mac things however i just thought i would certainly toss that in there i think that’s fairly interesting what do you believe what do you believe this let loose occasion title and also the occasion invite point indicates simply yeah obtain associated with the comments now on to what we’re more probable to see next week the macbook pro schedules a redesign majorly the current chassis has actually been around considering that 2016. They have actually improved the keyboard substantially over that time as well as more lately they’ve introduced the m1 chip which has actually totally transformed that map book line but then there’s things like the touch bar which simply isn’t really it’s never ever truly been offered any love by apple from what we comprehend that is mosting likely to vanish and more excitingly we’re visiting the addition of things like more ports there’s even the rumor that ethernet is going to return currently i think if that occurs it’s more probable to be in the power block a little bit like the 24-inch imac in regards to ports simply

provide us as numerous as possible i’ve made my sensations on that clear in addition to several usbc ports as possible we’re not going to get usb-an undoubtedly but if you can likewise consist of a sd card reader please apple that would be outstanding i’m not actually fussed about hdmi connection i would certainly be shocked if that shows up there yet in terms of the gadgets themselves i think we’re absolutely going to see a 16-inch macbook pro now i have a background with the intel version of that macbook it was the very first macbook pro i spent an awful whole lot of money on it was fantastic for an amount of time the only issue with it as well as the point which none of the customers at that time seemed to notice was the reality that it obtained so so hot and also the followers would spin up immediately as quickly as you did anything remotely extensive nevertheless if you specked it up it was an actually effective qualified laptop and also i utilized it as a video clip editing gear like a mobile video modifying rig and also i truly miss out on that because right now the only means that i can edit video clips really gets on the m1 mac mini behind me so to return and also have a 16 inch macbook pro that i

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do miss out on i missed that computer system completely but it had issues since it was intel the thought of having an m version of that which is upgraded it’s got more ports it’s obtained all the expensive stuff whatever whatever apple determines to do with these new macbook pros that 16 inch macbook pro is extremely exciting the other one is the 14 inch version which would certainly be a totally brand-new screen size for the macbook professional opportunities are that will most likely look about the same size as the present 13 inch what they’ll probably do is lower the bezels as well as i presume it will be somewhat bigger but it’s going to be basically the very same type of kind variable i assumption then the 13 inch m1 macbook pro will be pushed to the bottom of the heap which to be sincere that’s not a poor thing in all because that is such a good laptop and also i assumption or hopefully they’ll decrease the rate too which will make it an outright bargain so in regards to map publications i’m quite delighted concerning them the other possibility is an upgrade to the mac mini now i discussed that a minute ago my m1 mac mini the 16 gig variation is sitting behind me i enjoy that computer it is definitely fantastic i’ve modified i believe to date about 60 of the video clips that you have actually seen on this channel on that maker

nevertheless i do feel like i’m pushing it a little bit currently because i’ve updated my cam i’m dealing with bigger video as well as i just think it’s starting to squeak at the seams a little the suggestion potentially of there being a substitute for that or a professional variation of the mac mini once more is rather amazing likewise i have actually had dreadful problems with bluetooth on that particular maker so i think there is an integral concern with the style of the existing mac mini once again there’s tons of different rumors about what the following mac mini could be it could just be a brand-new version of that upgraded framework better internals it can just be as straightforward as that the other alternative is that maybe a pro version of the mac mini visualize a little variation of the mac pro albeit powered by apple silicon that might after that pave the way to the large new mac pro possibly next year whatever apple finish with the following generation of the mac mini i do believe they’re proud sufficient of that little computer system to give it some stage time following week so in terms of max i’m believing 14-inch macbook professional 16-inch macbook pro and also mac mini that’s it so in regards to what we will not see i don’t believe we’re visiting the

following large imac next week i know that might dissatisfy you yet i simply obtain the sensation that the headlines for this event are going to be macbook pro based including the mac mini an all new mac mini won’t suffice of a headline grabber to take the focus far from the new macbook pros what would certainly take the interest away from those brand-new macbook pros is a brand-new substantial imac as well as the 24-inch imac is brilliant i have actually made some videos about this i’ll connect above to a video clip that where i discuss the screen size since i’ve been happily surprised by this 24 inch display it’s not in fact as tiny as some people would assume and i’m a large display dimension type of individual typically however if you’re holding on for that big brand name brand-new 27-inch imac or 32-inch imac whatever it’s mosting likely to be i believe that’s following year i believe that’s going to be possibly an early-ish possibly march or something launch might even be a news release they may not even give it any kind of stage time i uncertainty that’ll hold true however it’s constantly worth taking into consideration i additionally don’t believe we’re visiting a new macbook air and once more that may disappoint some individuals and i totally understand why

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due to the fact that as great as that m1 macbook air is i absolutely like mine i’ll leave a web link over to my long-term evaluation of it as a lot as i enjoy it as well as various other individuals enjoy it it’s still based upon rather an old style and also there have been rumors as well as renders of possible replacements that are a lot more colorful as well as even thinner as well as all this kind of things however once more that would take the limelight i assume far from the macbook pro i assume it’s a lot more most likely we’ll see the new macbook air next year at some point when the m2 chip gets here so buying suggestions really based upon all of this if you’re waiting for macbook pro just hang on a couple of days if you’re waiting on macbook air just go all out i do not assume you’re going to be let down following week if you acquire a macbook air today but you might be really dissatisfied if you purchased a macbook pro today i do not assume we’re going to see anything airpod relevant next week i think airpods max they’re probably not going to have an upgrade anyhow for an additional year airpods pro as well as routine airpods they’re truly past due an update in fact and i’m anticipating that upgrade due to the fact

that in the studio i have actually got tons of hidden away review units which are choices or lower cost alternatives to airpods pro as well as the regular airpods but i can not evaluate them yet up until those new ones come so once more i don’t believe we’re visiting them next week i assume there’ll be a press launch most likely probably before the end of this year however we will not see them on stage next week i believe it’s going to be an actually tight occasion and also the reason for that i understand apple do not base every one of their events around what’s going on somewhere else with various other brand names they don’t actually care but there’s a lot happening next week we have actually obtained a google pixel occasion we have actually got a samsung occasion i assume happening there’s a great deal of stuff trying focus getting hold of headlines and also also a goliath like apple they have restricted attention ordering headings to swipe which’s why i assume this occasion is gon na be extremely concentrated on those macbook pros and i assume some type of upgrade to the mac mini currently the next huge thing with this is if they do introduce these brand-new tools

next week when can we obtain our hands on them as well as this is where we run right into potentially a little a concern currently earlier this week the bbc produced a record which suggested that apple may have to lower its iphone 13 production targets because of the worldwide computer system chip lack now this is something that’s been taking place all year it’s impacting definitely every little thing from vehicles to computer systems to essentially anything that needs a chip which bothers me a little bit since whatever they release following week have they got sufficient of them either made currently to please need or exists mosting likely to be a huge hold-up in individuals obtaining their hands on them currently this can impact anything that is introduced next week and also my forecast as a result of that is that we’re probably not going to see pre-orders immediately after the event i believe it’s most likely mosting likely to take a couple of weeks before we can begin purchasing our following macbook pro so those are my predictions for next week’s event they’re not especially earth-shattering i understand yet this is my

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viewpoint and also i think i’m mosting likely to be ideal with this one i’m on a regular basis incorrect with these kind of points but i have actually got a good sensation concerning this however you might have a completely different point of view to me and if that’s the case allow me understand in the comments what you believe we’re visiting following week just as if you agree with me and also you do assume we’re going to see the things i’ve pointed out today however get entailed in the comments i ‘d like to hear what you assume now if you’ve still got a long time and you expensive a little bit extra macbook web content from me maintain enjoying till the end of this video clip where i’ll place a web link to my huge playlist about macbooks where there’s all kind of videos in there which might assist you during your acquiring decisions and also simply obtaining you a bit excited regarding next week but till following time thanks as always for enjoying as well as i’ll catch you in the next clip