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considering changing from mac os to home windows are you just interested concerning what it resembles on the other side well i’ve been having a have fun with home windows 11 as well as i have actually obtained some thoughts hello as well as invite back to marcos evaluations as well as thanks for subscribing if you have and also if you haven’t subscribed the button is just down there or there i still don’t recognize which side back in august this year i acquired this the microsoft surface laptop 4. it’s great as well as if you’re a mac sort of person and you need a home windows laptop computer for whatever factor it’s really fairly an excellent option to the m1 macbook air currently i have actually made a video clip where i compare the macbook air versus this surface area laptop computer 4. i’ll link to that over however using this surface laptop 4 has actually been remarkable especially when it pertains to windows 11. So if you either need to transfer to windows for work functions or you’re just interested to see what it’s like going from mac os to home windows this is what i’ve discovered when it involves setting windows up it’s truly very easy similar to mac os you turn the

computer on as well as you simply experience an assisted arrangement process i think the sort of apple as well as microsoft have actually worked hard to refine the setup process for their tools so primarily nothing to stress concerning if you’re going from mac os to home windows and you’re a bit concerned concerning the configuration procedure it’s really simple however what made it a lot more uncomplicated for me was one password and also i’m thrilled to say that password are sponsoring this video now a pair of months ago i moved from apple keychain to one password as well as it’s simply been a great step and among the greatest advantages is that one password is cross-platform which indicates i can obtain every one of my login information passwords etc on this home windows laptop and also among the important points i enjoy regarding one password is that it isn’t just for passwords you can place notes in there your passport information software program licenses primarily anything you wish to keep protected stick it in one password and also what’s been actually trendy with one password 8 on home windows which was launched rather just recently is

that they’ve presented something which makes this seem like a mac which’s something is called quick gain access to and with fast access you press control change as well as space as well as it offers you a very acquainted looking search bar in the middle of the screen in fact it’s spookily like limelight on mac os and it simply made me feel a bit more at house together with enabling me to locate things much quicker so many thanks once more to onepassword for sponsoring this video clip quite appreciated i’ve placed a web link in the description if you wish to go and examine it out for yourself so what’s it like utilizing windows when you’re so used to mac os now there’s no question that they’re really various os however they do share a whole lot of the same heritage and a whole lot of the very same techniques to calculating so they both include home windows for apps and also folders they both offer multitasking capacities as well as they both have a taskbar type of but it’s typically the course that you have to take to attain a specific job or do a certain point that divides these 2 operating systems as well as it can capture you out as well as it captures me out fairly frequently take alt tabbing for circumstances now if you don’t know alt tab is where you hold back your alt secret and press the tab secret to cycle with the different programs

that you have open on the computer i assume do not quote me on this that home windows obtained there first the alt tabbing on home windows can catch you out if you have the edge browser opened with numerous tabs open so let’s say you have three or four applications open and also one of those is side as well as you’ve got three sites open in tabs if you alt tab because instance windows in fact alt tabs with the tabs within edge as well which is a bit complicated at first functioning with split display applications is extremely different in mac os and also windows as well for example on home windows 11 there’s this superb thing where you can snap an app to the left or right hand side of the screen you just click it drag it as well as it will break in place which after that allows you undoubtedly to snap an additional app to the right-hand man side or left hand side i discover that actually user-friendly whereas on mac os you need to long press on the little green optimize thing and after that select which side of the screen you want the app to be on and afterwards you get to choose the 2nd one it’s simply a little bit verbose as well as like a whole lot of things multitasking wise the ipad is the very same it just

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seems like apple makes a little bit of a ham-fisted initiative of this and afterwards there’s little points which capture me out for circumstances on home windows you can make best use of any type of home window any kind of folder by double clicking on the bar on top i remember doing that when i was a proper windows user many years ago whereas on mac os it seems to be a little inconsistent so on specific apps it will certainly act similarly as home windows you double click the leading bar as well as it will take full advantage of that window button finder for example if you do the very same point it just kind of makes it taller it’s actually odd but those little niggles aside whatever else is extremely similar so discovering what you require is pretty very easy on both windows or mac os although limelight on mac os is a little bit of a highlight you can look for points inside the start food selection on home windows 11 yet i do assume the begin menu shows up to be playing a lot less of a function these days the home windows 11 start menu is much tidier than that chaotic mess that was home windows 10 however i still never ever really find myself needing to enter into it and i believe the truth there’s no equivalent on

mac os discloses that the begin menu is a bit of a relic really when it involves home windows without a doubt on home windows 11 you’ll observe that the icons on the begin bar have actually moved to the facility of the display which looks spookily like mac os’s dock you can relocate them to the left if you wish to but i’ve left them where they are because it simply looks a little acquainted for me yet apart from that as i claim making use of mac os making use of home windows it’s extremely comparable nonetheless if you’re originating from mac os there will be a few things you’ll lose out on so what will certainly you miss from mac os if you start using windows 11 one of the largest things is the mac os environment and if you have tools similar to this like the iphone or an ipad as well as you utilize them consistently throughout the day and also more notably you utilize them in a way that links with your mac you’re going to miss those functions if you begin utilizing a home windows laptop computer there’s a few reasons for this however among the important points from my viewpoint was handoff and also handoff is this brilliant point where you can extremely quickly move stuff from your iphone for circumstances to your mac i chatted regarding this just recently in a video that i did regarding safari which i’ll connect to over but

fundamentally if for circumstances you have actually obtained a websites open on your apple iphone with a number of clicks you can just send that website to your mac exact same thing with copying as well as pasting text you can replicate message on right here and also paste it onto your mac the other way around entirely wirelessly i on a regular basis transfer files from points on my ipads and also my apples iphone to the mac and also then there’s the apple watch which you can set up to unlock your mac if you do not have a mac with touch id you simply switch over the function on and afterwards as long as you’ve got your apple watch on approach your mac it will certainly open amazingly not magically but yeah now there is an icloud application for home windows but all it does is offer you a folder or a shortcut to your icloud drive as well as one more folder for your icloud photos so in concept you can still transfer files and pictures from your phone to your home windows laptop computer it’s simply a little bit much more verbose so if you’re a hefty apple environment customer or trapped prisoner as it’s understood then you will miss out on that stuff if you start utilizing home windows a lot more regularly it’s additionally worth doing a bit of research study on the applications that you utilize each day whether it be for personal factors or for your organization now i discovered one app that is not compatible or

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not offered also on home windows which is ulysses ulysses is this fantastic composing application that i run every one of my blog writing from it’s just such a vital part of this service yet it’s not available on home windows now that’s not this laptop computer’s mistake in any way it’s not microsoft’s fault for whatever factor the individuals behind ulysses have chosen not to establish at the moment for home windows i can’t find anything that comes close since i’m rather bothersome and have a long checklist of factors that it needs to be specifically like ulysses so simply do a little bit of research study on that the various other 2 instances for me are last cut pro and reasoning pro i utilize both of those to run this channel in terms of audio and also video clip production and yet obviously there’s tons of alternatives on home windows for those however i would certainly have to find out entirely new workflows and afterwards there’s several of the smaller sized things as well as one of the greatest tiny things for me that i miss out on from mac os when making use of windows is the capability to sneak peek practically any kind of data by hitting the room bar so if you’re not mindful on mac os if you just click once on a pdf declare instance and also push your area bar mac os will certainly give you a preview of that documents as well as you can do it with practically any kind of kind of documents now i’ve never ever counted exactly how several times i do that throughout the day since i have good friends yet i guarantee it’s a whole lot and also i still find myself when i’m utilizing this home windows laptop hitting space to try

and sneak peek documents and also it’s constantly aggravating when it doesn’t do it the other point i miss somewhat is the mac os dock and the dock isn’t anything unique it’s just a listing of the apps you want fast access to however that’s kind of why it’s so useful and on home windows also though in windows 11 they’ve made it look a bit a lot more like the dock it just acts differently so i’m always getting shed as to what applications are open at the minute which ones are pinned which ones aren’t pinned i would obtain used to it if i was using this continuously but just changing in between the 2 platforms the dock just really feels a little less complex and a bit easier to make use of however if i assess this the only factor i miss out on those things is because i’ve been a hefty mac os individual for years however there’s no large bargain breakers in there which implies if i had to utilize this home windows laptop currently for the remainder of my life i ‘d overcome those points now some individuals seem to appreciate satirizing certain internet browsers i have actually

never quite understood that due to the fact that they’re web internet browsers as an example i use safari i enjoy it no worry with whatsoever i periodically use chrome however just for very particular factors yet i ‘d never ever used microsoft edge as well as it’s wonderful it’s worth noting that you can obtain it on the mac as well currently if you understand me you know i don’t do any kind of kind of examinations so i haven’t examined the speed of safari versus chrome versus side however side does seem to be pretty quick i believe it’s simply the technique to design that microsoft has taken with edge that makes it such a pleasing web browser to utilize as well as this is especially the case with the manner in which safari has created on mac os monterey the tab view is fairly a good instance of this when you start utilizing a web browser like microsoft side and also formerly you were utilizing mac os monterey and also safari you recognize just how much of a mess apple is making from tabs i can manage with it on safari yet there’s no question that side just does a much far better job of interface design i pointed out earlier that you can alt tab in between tabs in edge which is really rather useful you can pin tabs like you can in safari there’s a feature called collections which is a little like tab teams you can primarily create a list of particular websites however you can do points like add notes to them which is quite nice

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edge just feels clean well created quick and much more importantly incredibly easy to use which is what an internet internet browser must be i believe safari really could as well as must take some hints from microsoft edge i’ve truly been enjoying my time with this surface area laptop 4 as well as windows 11. i don’t utilize everything the moment i utilize it periodically but i do locate it fairly rejuvenating to go from mac os to home windows as well as i believe as i have actually with any luck shown today if you remain in that setting where you require to relocate to home windows or you simply wish to relocate to windows awhile it’s not that various to mac os yet i’m curious have you done this as well as did you discover the change from mac os to home windows simple tough irritating satisfying let me know in the remarks currently if you have actually still got some time as well as you expensive returning right into the world of mac os then maintain viewing for my current testimonial of the 16-inch macbook pro yet till following time men thanks for seeing as always and i’ll capture you following time.

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