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i’ve spent more than a year with virtually every m1 based mac in today’s video i’m going to reveal how i use them and what i think about them hello and welcome back to marcos reviews and thank you for subscribing if you have and if you haven’t subscribed the button is just down there i’ve got more m1 max in the studio than anyone needs but one thing i’ve learned having read your comments is that as the m1 mac lineup grows the number of buying decisions you’ve got to make and actually the buying confusion just gets worse so if you’re struggling to buy your next mac or your first mac or you’re just curious to see what happens behind the scenes in this studio i think you’re gonna find this video interesting before we get into it there’s one piece of software that i put on every single mac that i buy and that is nordvpn i’m delighted to say that nordvpn are sponsoring this video you might be wondering what a vpn is vpn stands for virtual private network now that might not sound very exciting but it’s incredibly useful and it just offers a huge amount of peace of mind now won’t get too techy about it but a vpn basically keeps your personal data safe and keeps those pesky hackers out personally i

use nordvpn to secure my data when i’m out in a coffee shop for example and using a public network but it’s also great for accessing content in other countries so if you’re abroad and you perhaps want to watch bbc iplayer for example you can use nordvpn to technically connect to the uk and watch that content and the best thing about nordvpn is how simple it is to use you install it which takes no time at all and then it’s just a one-click button to connect to any of their servers or you can set it to connect automatically which is what i do and that is just 100 peace of mind for no effort nordvpn offers 5200 servers across 60 countries and it is super fast and best of all it works across mac os windows linux ios android just everything is covered there is some really cool techy stuff about it as well which i will leave on the screen now feel free to pause if you need to now there is a lot more to nordvpn i’ll put a link in the description so you can check it out but if you want an exclusive deal for being a viewer of this channel simply head over to forward slash mark ellis vpn it’s completely risk-free thanks to nordvpn’s 30-day money-back guarantee it’s a bit of a no-brainer so the first mac i’ve spent an awful lot of time with is the m1 mac mini which is sitting out of shot just over there mine’s got 16 gig of unified memory it’s got a 512 ssd it’s just a

wonderful desktop computer these days it does play a slightly different role but a very important one so firstly it’s my main backup machine and my backup routine is slowly getting better it’s got a big four terabyte drive connected to it which i do i do manually copy stuff to but that will change i promise but it is also connected to an online backup service called backblaze not sponsored but it is very very good and that just basically takes all my data and backs it up every single day without me having to worry about it it isn’t just a backup machine though so i have actually started using it a little bit more for writing so normally i write at home i’ll come on to why that is in a moment but yeah when i’m in the studio and i need to do a bit of writing and get some stuff down i tend to use the mac mini now two reasons for that one of them is the mac mini’s just fantastic the other reason is it has my brilliant iquinix i think that’s how you pronounce it f96 mechanical keyboard which is just a dream to type on so whereas that was once my main production machine the mac mini is now more of a bit of a workhorse for backing stuff up writing occasionally and i i’m just never gonna get rid of it it’s just such a good computer if you’re still thinking about buying the mac mini do it and to help you with that decision i’ll put a link to my most recent review above

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the next mac i’ve spent an awful lot of time with and continue to spend a lot of time with is the m1 macbook air now i mentioned a minute ago that i do some of my writing these days in the studio on that mac mini but most of my writing probably 90 percent of it takes place on my lap on the macbook air at home reason for that is it’s just such a good laptop to write on the keyboard’s great it’s really fast stupidly fast this is the base level macbook air i didn’t upgrade it at all it’s got the eight gig of unified memory it’s got the seven core gpu it’s got the whatever the size is it 256 gig ssd it’s just the base level spec but it is so so good i’ve even got to the stage now where i do care about it i love it to death but i have thrown it around a little bit and because of that it’s got some little dents on it and stuff i’ve even put stickers on it you know i’ve never put stickers on a macbook before yes they’re stickers for this brand but that’s by the buy but it’s just there’s something about it that makes it so so lovable and even though i pretty much only do writing on that laptop but there are several times where it’s really got me out of trouble the most important one was following the launch of the macbook pro back in october where i was in montreal and the only computer i had was the m1 macbook air i had this camera with me i had this mic with me and i had to do a video reaction to that event i edited the entire thing on that m1 macbook air

and it okay it wasn’t super fast doing it but it didn’t crash i didn’t really get any beach balling it really got me out of a tight spot this current macbook air design is on its last legs unfortunately we do think that apple is going to launch a new one possibly as soon as next month in march i mean two minds about this really because i really am excited to see what they do with the next macbook air but equally i don’t really want to give up my m1 version because i love it so much despite this i still think the current one is a really good buy if you don’t want to spend all that money on the macbook pro so if you’re thinking about buying a macbook air yourself i’ll leave a link to my most recent review above the 24 inch m1 imac is currently in my kitchen and the reason for that but there’s no reason really i just like the idea of having the imac in the kitchen and that’s what they seem to do in the apple adverts i’m not sure how much longer that will stay there depends on how much patience my girlfriend’s got with it but it’s the kind of machine that i use occasionally throughout the day to do teams calls zoom calls and just kind of general business admin type stuff and that could just be replying to emails replying to comments on youtube boring accounts type stuff that kind of thing but i do think that 24-inch imac is one of the prettiest computers

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that apple has ever made and i know that a lot of you watching will probably be waiting for the next big version of the imac but i still don’t think we’re going to see that until later this year but despite that that 24 inch screen on the current imac is absolutely fantastic and i’m a big screen guy i like big imacs but this 24 inch version is perfectly adequate i think what we might see next from the 24 inch imac is a updated version with the next chip in it so probably the m2 chip again i think we’ll possibly see that in march but that computer is a brilliant buy for anyone who wants a nice quick good-looking powerful and just convenient all-in-one desktop computer i’ll leave a link to my most recent video above where you can see it in my kitchen and yeah if it’s something you’ve been kind of and uring about i’d really just go for it the last two macs come as a pair really because it is the 14 inch and 16 inch macbook pro and these are the redesigned versions which hit the shelves back in october november last year and which brought back all of the well not all but a lot of the old macbook pro stuff that a lot of us wanted so they’ve got mag

safe they’ve got an sd card reader and they’ve even got a much chunkier thicker heavier design now i reviewed the 14-inch macbook pro a little while ago but i decided against using that as my main production machine don’t get me wrong it is a superb laptop but someone who came from the original 16-inch intel version of the macbook pro i just wanted to get back to that big screen so that’s what i did i ordered a 16 inch macbook pro with the max dow m1 max chip and also 32gb of unified memory and a 2 terabyte hard drive sorry ssd i always get that wrong now that was not a cheap laptop and it is purely a production machine i use it just for final cut pro which i use to edit these videos and logic pro which i use to produce audio it doesn’t really get used for anything else i’ll occasionally do other things on it but that’s only if it happens to be right in front of me the only other thing i use it for actually thinking about it is editing photos in lightroom but that is it really it’s purely production stuff now that’s a bit of a luxury most people would buy this laptop and do everything with it but i am in the fortunate position or the expensive position where i have more than one mac as this video has demonstrated to do other stuff on so it’s actually quite nice to have just that big laptop purely for video editing but it is a very big laptop and consequently quite an acquired taste i made a video about this recently which i’ll link to above but i’d recommend getting

your hands on both the 14 inch and the 16 inch versions but out of all these macs i think those macbook pros are the ones that you can accidentally kind of spend far too much money on so do your research think about what you’re going to be using that macbook for watch my previous videos on it watch other people’s videos there’s so much information out there to help you buy the right macbook pro so as i said at the start of this video no one needs that many macs i just happen to be in this position where i review lots of them and tend to keep them but i’d love to hear from you what macs have you got and how do you use them let us know in the comments if you’ve still got some time keep watching for a link to a video where i talk a little bit more about what i want to see from apple in 2022. but thank you again to nordvpn for sponsoring this video remember you can get an exclusive 30-day money-back guarantee if you head to forward slash marcellus vpn but until next time thank you so much for i’ll catch you in the next you.

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