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i don’t often get specifically techy on this technology network however today is the day kind of earlier this week i provided you a comprehensive tour of this studio if you missed it i’ll pop a link over however during that trip i exposed my expensive new synology rt6600ax router which was kindly sent out to me by synology now a fast caution i understand really little lower absolutely nothing concerning routers but similar to you with any luck i appreciate suitable wi-fi efficiency compared to the routers you get from your broadband carrier the rt6600ax i’m simply going to call it the rt 6600 now simply to make it a little bit easier yet anyhow it is the kind of rolls-royce matching as well as it may be the perfect option if you do not elegant entering into the pricey and also complicated game of mesh networks it additionally has one awesome function which could just be the ideal back-up solution for you it was for me prior to the rt 6600 got here i was shaking a bog typical router from my broadband supplier talktalk as most of you possibly understand the routers that we obtain from broadband companies aren’t that great as well as i had experienced a few wi-fi dropouts as well as simply weird performance issues from that

talk talk box it’s simply a bit inexpensive currently the synology rt 6600 is an entirely various beast this is a wi-fi 6 compatible router that replaces the outgoing 2600 ac as well as at 300 it might not appear cheap but it’s really pretty well valued when you find what it’s qualified of layout smart it looks as practical as you could expect from synology actually it’s rather harsh this is clearly a router that means service those 6 antennas as well as the sort of no messing useful black casing appear like something out of a ridley scott movie it’s obtained 6 antennas jabbing from it each of which sustain a megahertz channel as well as 5.9 gigahertz wi-fi there’s the normal number of gigabit ethernet ports on the back and a usb a port which i’ll come on to later on you’ll rejoice to listen to that installing the rt6600 is truly straightforward if i can manage it trust me you can as well as depending on the kind of web link you have you’ll require to attach your rt 6600 either to your existing router or a modem i have actually obtained my dissonance server to give thanks to for type of pointing me out just how to do that on my setup but generally that implied linking the talktalk router that i had currently using one of its lan ports to the rt 6600 wan port from there i merely set up the ds router app on my iphone as

well as complied with a truly basic step-by-step installment procedure truthfully it was so simple and also within concerning 5 minutes i had the ability to attach every one of my gadgets to the rt 6600 as well as use the talktalk net link from the old router so this workshop room is not huge in all there’s a small area downstairs and also this room upstairs and while the walls are quite thick as a result of the age of this structure they’re not asking much of a wi-fi link regardless i chose to do some wi-fi rate tests on my apple iphone just to provide you something to type of think of as well as the outcomes were rather intriguing so upstairs in this area the talktalk router supplied a 71 megabits per 2nd rate whereas the rt6600 achieved 73 megabits per 2nd so not a massive distinction and also no genuine shock bearing in mind how tiny this room is downstairs it got a bit extra interesting the torque torque supplied 62 megabits per 2nd versus the rt 6600 megabits per second so a wonderful little renovation and also the like i claim the wall surfaces are fairly thick below so plainly the rt6600 had a far better job of surviving downstairs after that i tipped outdoors and also that is where it got actually fascinating and this actually is where the rt 6600 starts to reveal its power so standing

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outside with the workshop door shut the talktalk router delivered 4 megabits per second whereas the rt6600 managed 56 megabits per second that will make a massive difference in huge structures huge residences where you have whole lots of wall surfaces and also great deals of range between on your own as well as the router plainly that talk talk router ain’t approximately much whereas the rt 6600 fine it’s certainly a whole lot extra pricey you do get rather a bit for your money however this synology router has another substantial technique up its sleeve the rt6600 includes a built-in nas capability currently if you weren’t conscious nas means network connected storage as well as implies you can simply attach basically any outside difficult drive to this router’s usb port and after that gain access to it either across your network or remotely through your laptop or using your smartphone and normally you would certainly require a separate nas which synology happens to make and also the router itself so the reality that the rt6600

has the router and the nas capability constructed in and also all you need to do is add an external hard disk is in fact rather succulent it’s incredibly simple to establish as well so after you have actually attached the drive to that usb port you simply style it within the router’s os as well as offer it a name as well as hopefully synology provides you lots of directions for linking to it either through your mac your windows computer or things like ios as well as android this really is a convenient as well as appealing inexpensive way of obtaining right into the nas game without buying all the nas equipment it additionally makes the rt 6600 price much less complicated to birth as well as the various other fantastic information if you’re a mac proprietor is that you can utilize the rt 6600 nas capability as a time maker back-up that’s exactly what i have actually done i have actually obtained an extra 6 terabyte drive existing around so i simply attached that to the rt 6600 formatted it gave it a name and afterwards set it up as a time equipment drive it was extremely simple once i established up the time machine configuration in the rt 6600 software application i simply entered into mac os chose that drive as the time equipment back-up it just appeared there and done i have actually currently got a time equipment backup for my 16 inch macbook

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professional whenever i’m in the studio which is so valuable i have actually spoke a bit about the integrated os for the rt6600 it’s really good it’s called synology router manager or srm for short and also i’m much from a networking expert as i stated at the beginning of this video however even i might navigate my means around srm and within srm you obtain access to the long list of attributes that the rt 6600 is capable of for instance you can add to 5 different networks with the rt 6600 and also set up various firewall program rules and also access policies for each one that’s something that can be specifically valuable in a workplace or probably a commercial application yet you may want to use it at home as well so if you have actually got protection cameras that utilize wi-fi yet you intend to keep them on a different wi-fi network you can do that with this router there’s also a web traffic control area in there also which enables you to keep an eye on and distribute bandwidth as you please across your network and that can be rather useful if you have great deals of devices connected and certain devices call for more data transfer than others i sense moms and dads will certainly enjoy this router also with the risk-free gain access to attribute you can handle web usage times you can set particular times of use and also even usage quotas for certain

people you can additionally remove improper web content and depend on assimilations with youtube security setting and also google’s secure surfing there’s also a built-in vpn which has even more vpn attributes than i have actually ever before seen anywhere else and that consists of the capability to produce vpn accessibility to your very own inner web sites or tools without any type of additional software program or problem once again really helpful for local business as well as if you intend to get truly expensive and also you have an especially large building to fill up with wi-fi the rt6600 can also be established up as its very own mesh network currently i have not covered every feature in the rt6600ax because i do not recognize a great deal of them if you know me you know that i’m not especially deeply techy with stuff yet i do value smart creative very easy to utilize powerful tech as well as the rt 6600 when it involves wireless networking as well as wi-fi links is the very best thing i have actually ever utilized in that regard however i wished to look into this router for 2 reasons the very first one was that wi-fi 6 abilities i have

actually never utilized that before and if my tests are anything to pass it’s rather impressive and the other is that integrated nas capability now i do have some nas intend on the method which i’ll reveal very soon see to it you subscribe as well as strike the bell so you don’t lose out on that particular yet equally as a quick way of entering that nas game without investing a shed load of cash on great deals of nas equipment as well as stuff just having that rt 6600 an extra hard drive connected to it and that actually basic to utilize srm software program within minutes you’re up as well as running with an actually excellent nas system and also if you do understand your things regarding networking there’s possibly nothing within the rt 6600 that you can not customize and also that leads me to the final thought that at three hundred bucks i think the rt 6600 ax is a little an imagine anybody that desires a super strong wi-fi network without mesh networking and also the capacity to get involved in the nas game without spending a lot of money now if you wish to see more of what takes place behind the scenes in this workshop maintain viewing for a web link to a current workshop trip video that i did see you following time you

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