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so that while we’re p40 poor already Kym rocking some pretty damn beefy hardware but but even that wasn’t enough here well check out the new while we at p40 Pro Plus sadly it doesn’t inject caffeine directly into your veins when you’re clutching it but does come rockin a new super premium ceramic design and dual telephoto lenses it’s gonna take you now on a fault unboxing and in-depth tour of the one where P 40 Pro Plus and also compare it with the original P 40 boss you know exactly what has changed up and from all the latest greatest tech this new book subscribe ding that notification spell and yeah that’s buy it actually so first of all as always have a quick look inside the box and see what you get when you purchase the one we’re p40 pro plus so you get the usual instructions and pour keep in device you get a two-pin plug if you get it in europe of course there’s a european review model if you get it here in the UK you should get three pin plug instead where you type c USB and you do actually get a pair of white headphones as well and these are of the type see a variety because the one with a p40 plus like the standard p 40 and the p40 board does not have a headphone jack so that was box nice and simple and now on to the good

stuff the actual phone itself and it is an absolute beauty now the original p4 deep or that kim with just a glass option and you had a choice of either a matte or a shiny finish dependent on what you prefers the matte finish had more of a metallic style feel and it was really good at hiding fingerprints and greasy marks things like that you also had a small selection of different colors that you could choose from as well depend on you wanted a more subtle or a more vibrant you but the p40 probe plus your choice is a bit more limited as far as the design goes you can basically grab it in either black or white and it’s only available in this shiny finish you can’t get it in matte but it is constructed from much more premium ceramic material instead of glass ceramic is tougher than glasses should be more resistant to scratches just adds to that super premium vibe but besides that the design for the Pro Plus is basically the same as the while we’re p40 pro you still got that funky over floor display which is almost bezel free and it just looks really really slick and smooth and of course it’s got a serious heft to it and on the ruggedness front again as well yeah ip68 water and dust resistance here with the wire at p40 Pro Plus as well so absolutely fine if you want to

take it in the jacuzzi check your instagrams take it in the shower and check your tweets in the morning whatever your fancy doing well looks like we’ve got some charge in that battery so I’m going out the p40 Pro Plus all set up now then we take a full-on tour of the rest of the hardware and the software of course an important part of Center pure while we’re device is moving across all of your old apps and other bits use an thorne clone thankfully this is nice and easy if your old phone is one way for you’ll already have phone clone installed otherwise you can simply download it from the Google Play Store get it installed and then you’re ready to go and all you gotta do is scan the QR code on the p40 pro plus then the two will hook up ready to transfer all your goodies and Bausch the one we’re p40 pro plus is all set up and ready for action rock and a good bit of a motion you might 10.1 slab it on top of android 10 just like the standard p4 MP 40 pro now as usual the very first thing I’m gonna do with motion UI is bring back the apps tray so there we’ve got two entirely away all of those bits there you go much much better I’ve got my geeky anime backgrounds on the go and all my desktops are nice and tidy all the apps are tidied away and the general software experience here on the wall where p40 Pro Plus is basically the same as on the p40 other p40 privacy latest emotion UI on there you’ve got your app gallery of her download and fresh apps and I’ve copied across some of my google favorites like Google Chrome as you can get a bit of that on the go as well because that includes the latest features like that Celia ai so what

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you’ve got to do is see it Celia and though she kicks into life and then you can ask her whatever you like just like with Alexa the Google assistant all that shenanigans you’ve also once again gone in the split finger print sensor nice and fast and responsive as you can see there and a good bit official recognition as well which seems to be just as Swift and just as accurate as before now definitely helped along by the IR sensor built into that selfie cam as well so even recognize you even in very low light but anyway I’ve already done a full in-depth while we’re p14 p4u por tips and tricks guys have to go check that out if you want to see all those grid bits in action air gestures and all that source and Hannigan’s now that display is another stunner it’s a six point five eight inch OLED panel just like the while we’re p40 pro once again with a twenty six forty by 1200 pixel resolution if you head on into while we’re p40 prop pluses display set and you can play around with the lights of the color reproduction so as you can see vivid by default you can scale it back if you prefer those more natural hues and in here you can also mess around with the refresh rate as well as you can see it’s set at 90 Hertz by default you can scale it back to 60 if you prefer but obviously bought it I’ll have a silky smooth experience unfortunately there’s no stereo speakers set up here on the wall where p40 Pro Plus just like on the p40 pool that’s because there’s no actual earpiece speaker it uses Y with vibration technology instead whenever you’re actually on a phone call

if you actually still do proper phone calls it’s look at a 3.5 at mil a key either of course so it’s either type-c USB dongles or headphones all the way and you do have a bit of Bluetooth 5.1 support though if you do want to go wireless no worries as far as performance goes though you once again get worried at a 7 nanometre current 995 g le chipsets packed inside here back to my 8 gigabytes of RAM just like you do on the standard p40 pro so no worries as far as gaming and stuff like that is concerned and as for the storage where you get 512 gigabytes full half a terabyte packed here on the plus as double the amount of the standard P 44 so you can merrily shoot as much 4k video as you like and if you ever need to that’s once again expandable using one of Wylie’s proprietary NM cards as well up to 256 gigs the battery hasn’t been upgraded at all here on the p40 Pro Plus model you once again get a four thousand two hundred milliamps L should easily see you’ve gone through even a full intense deer abuse no worries you’ve got the usual power saving modes and stuff if you absolutely need them for ever reason and not change it in the charge and chops either you want to go and get 40 watt wired to charge and support otherwise 27 what wireless charging as well as long as you’ve got a compatible charging pad and if you haven’t have any accessories like true wireless earbuds that support that Qi wireless charging Y you can use the p40 pro pluses Wireless reverse

charging to get them powered back up again if you happen to run outta juice on the road which brings us onto the camera tech and the one where p40 pro I already had some pretty stunning optics on there but while we’re p40 pro plus aims to upgrade that with a mighty five freaking lenses now the primary lens here on the p40 pro plus is the same as the standard p 40 and the p40 pro it’s that 50 megapixel or yyb ultra vision camera this serves up larger pixels than previous while we’re flagships which gives you improved low-light performance and it’s really good in HDR situations too and that phase detection photodiode focus tech also deserves our massive shout out not just for having a super complicated name but also for being super super Swift and Hansa even a fast-moving subject is perfect if you’ve got cats kids anything like that that just won’t steer still because the camera app is absolutely feature packed as always you’ve got one way is that mastery I’m bored which can be used just to change up the settings to suit your particular subject you’ve got the likes of the moving images mores you got the portrait mode it uses that depth sensor on the back of the p40 Pro Plus in order to create an eisbock ear style effect you’ve got all kinds of different studio effects here including some like a branded once you’ve also got of course while ways dedicated night board which does a great job of capturing really bright shots even in incredibly low light situations you got Pro mods which adds all of those lovely manual controls and plenty of other stuff on top there as well so lots of stuff to play around with if you got the

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time just don’t bother with it er mod cuz seriously this stuff just needs to die a death I mean just just what is this it’s not big it’s not clever it’s just creepy and then of course you have the other lenses on the back of the p40 Pro Plus as well as we’ve already discussed the primary lens and the depth sensor you’ve also got an ultra wide-angle lens it’s once again the same 40 megapixel effort that you’ll find on the standard p40 Pro but where things really get exciting is when you switch to the telephoto lenses the p40 Pro Plus has the first dual optical telephoto camera system found on a smartphone using that same it megapixel telephoto lens from the p40 pro with the three times optical zoom as well as an additional 8 megapixel super periscope lens with a 10 times optical zoom so combined you have up to a 240 millimeter zoom range so the test is her and I set up a couple of items just on the BBQ we’re over the other side of the garden and now we’re going to see how easily we can snap them so right now I’m on the primary lens of three hits the first option that takes you up to 3 times optical zoom or getting a little bit closer and then the next option is all the way up to 10 times optical zoom as you can see there the focus has latched onto them quite nicely and the optical image stabilization really helping out the images staying nice and stable you can actually punch in even closer using

a bit of digital zoom and what I really like is this little preview pin up in the top left corner as well which shows you exactly what your aim and I even when you’re zoomed right in so you can line it up with exactly what you need to shoot as you can see there the text is still clearly legible even at 35 times zoom and you can actually punch it all the way up to hundred times just the same as you can on the s20 ultra and crizzley even at that hundred times zoom level it’s still pretty stable and of course yes the results are quite blocky once you start punching into that maximum level but you know what the text is still legible it’s definitely impressive stuff so certainly if you plan on taking lots of wildlife photos you want to not intrude on the scene and capture some really nice images then it looks like the world would p40 Pro Plus may be the way to go if you’re actually a bit whole movie action you can once again mess run with the different lenses including that ultra wide-angle and yes those telephoto options as well although if you want to punch in use a bit of hybrid zoom you’re topping off at 30 times and even at that fork here maximum resolution you’ve still got full use of all of those lenses great stuff and when it’s our food science operons with our 32 megapixel front-facing camera is of course a dual lens setup because you also get a time-of-flight lens in there which is particularly perfect for a nice

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bit of portrait board action got the usual obligatory a beauty modeling for in various effects therefore the portrait mode as well and great news for any vloggers out there who want to be at the cutting edge of it all because you can once again shoot up to 4k resolution footage and you can do it at 60 frames per second using that front-facing camera it’s not there in a nutshell is why we as new p40 pro plus a super premium piece of smartphone tech especially when it comes to that camera hardware so definitely let me know your thoughts down in the comments below I’m going to do a full review at the p40 probe plus at the very least do you’ve got a bit of camera testing with that bad boy see how it compares to the likes the s20 ultra but let me know what you would like to see done in the comments as well and please do POG subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lot of the week people cheers

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