No more Macs in 2022? NO PROBLEM!

ah no new Max till 2023 oh best news ever so according to Apple leaker extraordinaire Mark German we’re not going to see any type of even more brand-new Macs this year so there’s not going to be a Mac Mini a new Macbook Pro a brand-new Mac Pro I’ll get to that in a bit that’s it and also that comes after what is quickly the weirdest iPad launch in recent memory which additionally makes the M2 MacBook Air the last new Mac that we will see in 2022 and also that’s had fairly a troubled childhood too regardless this is the finest information I have actually had in the last few weeks and also I’m mosting likely to clarify why today to start with a really fast word from today’s enroller which is nordvpn this is an extremely quick very easy one to chat about fortunately you have the net over below and also you have you sat in a coffeehouse over here and afterwards over there someplace there’s someone that desires to take your data currently what a VPN does is rest in that center bit as well as quit that bonehead over there nicking your stuff I mount nordvpn on all of

my Macs all of my iPads as well as it’s the fastest VPN I discovered it’s also the most inexpensive it’s concerning the cost of a mug of coffee for every month additionally if you go abroad for the weekend or on vacation you can make use of nordvpn to connect to your residence country and also accessibility Home Country web content I do that often for BBC iPlayer and also things like that so the mix of that as well as the ability to quit that dreadful person in the edge stealing my things which does not happen very commonly but it behaves to have that satisfaction but having all of that like I claim the price of regarding a cup of coffee each month is superb so if you would love to take a look at nordvpn click the web link in my description all right so if you have not seen the news from Mark German yet I’ll sort of summarize it for you however in the most current edition he mentions that the existing approach for Apple when it

concerns Max is to introduce the updated designs so that’s the M2 based variations of the 14 inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros in the initial quarter schedule of 2023. He likewise directs out that Apple doesn’t typically launch brand-new Equipment in January or February so that implies it’s going to be March before we see new Max and also these reports do seem to have some grounding the chief let me get this title right sorry apples Chief great monetary policeman who is Luca enigma he’s expecting the profits development for Max in this last quarter of the year to reduce and also the reason for that he tells us is because there’s not mosting likely to be any kind of big MacBook Pro launch like there was in 2021 so in 2014 last October when Apple released the brand name brand-new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros they saw rather a big uplift in sales I would certainly say that placing M2 Pro as well as M2 Max chips right into the present MacBook Pro Style wouldn’t be a huge

launch anyway if they did that following week it’s not mosting likely to be a substantial Fanfare it’s mosting likely to be more power more performance that has to do with it yet I do believe Mark German gets on point with this I don’t think we’re going to see anything else this year from Apple the factor that’s excellent news for me it’s two reasons truly one of them is because it means I can save some money I can spend even more cash in this studio instead of getting brand-new Macs and also second of all I can get some rest and also not go hell for leather with all of these reviews and the various other thing is it provides me 2 possibilities for brand-new things to do in this studio and also on this channel which I wish to discuss today there’s one Mac that I’m frantically waiting to be upgraded which is the Mac Mini this is my M1 Mac Mini my 16 gigabyte 512 job Mac Mini that I virtually developed this

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business on it means a terrible lot to me but presently it’s not actually being utilized which is Criminal I know yet there have actually been numerous reports about what this new variation of the Mac Mini is going to resemble what it’s going to have inside it and also I can’t wait yet I don’t just desire to purchase a new variation of this computer for it I require to do something fascinating with it it requires to have a defined duty within this workshop currently normal customers may remember me chatting periodically about music production it’s something that I have actually done because I was around 12 or 13 years old I’m not a songs manufacturer I have actually never ever made songs that has actually been released obviously however I do it for fun for my very own enjoyment and whenever I state this it constantly gets grabbed by a bunch of you guys you want to understand what software application I utilize what plugins I make use of how I tackle making music I wish to start answering those questions which brings me to this workdesk right

here this is a little a waste ground so it’s got the Mac Mini on there it’s got my ultra large 34 inch screen it’s obtained some various other bits and pieces that I don’t truly make use of at all and the idea that I had when I became aware of the potential of a new Mac Mini in November or December this year I assumed dazzling what I’ll do is obtain that brand-new Mac Mini and also make it the centerpiece of a brand-new audio production station currently I probably can’t do that currently with the brand-new Mac Mini since we’re not visiting the brand-new Mac Mini if it ever before gets here until following march possibly yet that does not matter since I’ve got a perfectly great M1 Mac Mini here what I’m going to do is make this the focal point for the time being of my brand-new music manufacturing workshop and also I’m mosting likely to share the

trip with you in regards to setting it up constructing the setup below and also utilizing it and then if we do see a new Mac Mini following year this will obtain switched for that that makes me rather depressing but additionally it provides me the opportunity I believe to do a little giveaway with this so if that occurs following year you have my word that I will run a free gift on this original Marcos assesses Mac Mini any type of for someone to win so stay tuned for that see to it you subscribe strike the Bell so you don’t miss it and more notably this information that Apple probably will not be providing us any kind of brand-new Macs this year it gives me that valuable time to do things with this area I’m mosting likely to share that Journey with you and I can not wait I assume you’re mosting likely to enjoy it the 2nd opportunity this provides me connects to this which is the it’s not that heavy the 16 inch MacBook Pro I composed a

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Blog concerning this a little while ago which I’ll link to in the summary however it basically told the story of me hauling this thing around London I had this I had video camera equipment I had an M2 MacBook Air yet the only one that I intended to chuck right into the River Thames was this don’t obtain me incorrect I liked it I’m gon na need to put it down I love this laptop it’s one of the most powerful manufacturing laptop computer or computer I’ve ever possessed yet I’m traveling much more now and also it’s not a travel laptop computer it’s too hefty it does not fit on the normal coach class trays on aircrafts or trains in reality it doesn’t fit on any kind of table that I discovered in a cafe if you want your coffee on the table at the exact same time so on that particular hot sweaty day in London I hatched out a plan that intend was based upon the truth that we were going to see brand-new 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros this year and what I assumed I ‘d do is get the 14-inch variation and also run that

as a test against the 16 inch variation as a traveling laptop I ‘d possibly get the base model variation the base M2 Pro or whatever it was going to be and simply see if I can cope with a smaller display and also possibly much less power since plan needs to be shelved due to the fact that we’re not going to see those MacBook Pros for another 3 or 4 months whatever it’s going to be the various other point that compounds all of this is the truth that the iPad Pro the brand-new one the one that I’m sending out back if you missed that video clip I’ll place a web link over that still has nothing going all out in regards to being a mobile video manufacturing system for Final Cut Pro if it did that would fix all my issues I wouldn’t require to take this with me anywhere I wouldn’t even require that 14 inch MacBook Pro but Apple still hasn’t pulled its finger

out with Last Cut Pro on the iPad to make sure that’s not an alternative either so I require to continue either cutting this thing around while I’m traveling or try out the M2 MacBook Air that I’ve obtained the base design as a type of on the go internal pinch video editing and enhancing system I’ll report back on that however I will definitely be getting the next 14 inch MacBook Pro giving you a full review of it as well as just seeing if it deserves switching to from the big one there’s one big question that this news from Mark German increases which is what’s taken place to the brand-new Mac Pro now if we go back to 2020 when the first M1 chips were introduced Apple told us that they had a two-year strategy to shift all of their Macs over to Apple silicon currently

we’re basically striking that two-year Mark now we’ve got brand-new iMacs we’ve got new Macbook Pros we’ve obtained new Mac Mini we have actually got the brand-new Macbook Air all of those Macs have apple silicon if you buy a Mac Pro today it’s still Intel based these new rumors suggest that either one they have actually chosen to shelve it which I think is most likely unlikely or 2 they’re gon na break that two-year promise do either of those things matter well the initial one does because I would certainly envision a great deal of people are waiting on the Apple silicon version of the Mac Pro as well as if they have actually broken that promise although a little caveat with that said two years earlier when they placed the press launch out about this two-year shift they made use of words about they stated about 2 years which they’ve constructed in some freedom there yet if they are surpassing that due to the Mac Pro it does elevate some intriguing concerns is it because of the chip shortage are there production problems have they changed their Instructions their suggestion for it who knows solutions on a postcard so no brand-new Max this year yet there have actually been brand-new iPads and also if you want to discover why I got the 12.9 inch M2 iPad Pro only to return it pretty a lot straight away keep viewing

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