TOP 6 GOOGLE PIXEL 2 & 2 XL TIPS – HIDDEN & “ADVANCED” FEATURES For iPhone Switchers & Novice Users

hi friends this is Brandon from this is Tech today as well as below my leading sophisticated pointers for the new Google pixel and also pixel to stand out so I’ll admit if you’re already an innovative Android individual this may not be very advanced for you but if you’re changing over from an apple iphone or using your first Android gadget this can be really amazing fine so this very first one has to do with the navigating bar if you swipe down from the leading and you see this little equipment symbol up at the top right beside you that down caret if you stifle simply keep holding it it’ll rotate as well as open some features when you let go so the UI tuner is currently made it possible for so what is the UI receiver let me reveal you whenever you go to the Setups you can drop to system and afterwards you’ll see the system UI receiver there proceed as well as click on it near the bottom that says enjoyable for some but not for all so maintain in mind you’re messing around a little bit which’s the benefit of Android is you have options so let’s click obtained it so the main point is really concerning status bar if we click on standing bar there’s a couple of things that we can obtain rid of so I do not truly wish to have the entire casting information there I do not require to see work profile so there’s a great deal of various things that you can do with this but my favorite part

is actually this one at the base of the time so go in advance and click it and afterwards you have it reveal hours minutes as well as seconds so you see on top right corner it’s amazing so tip second is simply just having the ability to use 2 fingers from the top menu and swiping down it’ll raise all of your fast functions if you utilize one finger it’ll simply lower your notifications 2 fingers whatever else tip number three pertains to your display setups so if you have seen my icons my messages are a bit smaller sized than the default if you enter into those setups it’s a little equipment symbol go on click on screen and also click on advanced so done below you’ll see the typeface size and also the display screen size if you click on display size you can alter it to a smaller sized smaller size so keep in mind I’m screen sharing and recording this so it’s going a little slower as well as it’s simply an extensive point this is the only time I’ve ever before seen lag on the phone yet you can change it to what benefit you so if you have a moms and dad or a grandparent that requires points a little larger you can do it there if you want or you can make it super tiny like mine the various other component is with the text so if you go back to the previous page and also alter the font size that is an alternative too so it gives a little sample text error right here’s what the default appears like alright the next suggestion is actually awesome so I always do this on

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each and every single Android gadget that I I get so enter into your setups once more go all the means to the bottom click on system and click regarding phone and afterwards click the construct number click it a few times actually up until it asks you to enter your PIN and after that it states you’re currently designer return one page and also click on programmer choices so there’s a great deal of things that you can do in right here yet I wouldn’t tinker it way too much apart from under the drawing area you can alter the computer animation scales so today when the windows come up or they discolor away or shut it’s addressing 1x yet if you transform it to 0.5 X your phone will certainly really feel super stylish do you see that it’s crazy so allow’s return to 1x so you can see what it looks like yeah so it looks great but man when you have it at 0.5 it’s crazy let’s return to 0.5 and there you go okay this following pointer is truly awesome it has to do with the food selection changing so state you have your Google keep up and also you have your calculator up if you simply double click the menu with the square switch in the bottom appropriate corner all of it simply move to the next one no extremely quick so that’s a quick adjustment choice currently an additional point if

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you hold back the square it’ll bring up split screen and also you can really alter exactly how huge specific apps are and also it still function super-sweet and afterwards if you wanted to leave it you just hold down the split display and I’ll go back to the top one now state you offer your phone to somebody else as well as you simply desire them to utilize it for a telephone call or maybe you have youngsters as well as you want them to play a game yet not mess around with anything else on your gadget if you simply click on the square switch and then relocate your application up see that little pin in the lower right edge of the app if you hit that it’ll pin it and I keep some in the app they can’t leave it unless they hold both the back button and afterwards the menu switch at the same time so I’m striking the home button it’s not working however if I hold both of these side buttons it unpinned it there you go so I have another it’s just a perk and it’s not unique to your pixel gadget yet any kind of Android device that’s making use of Chrome if you simply click the menu bar as well as

slide down it brings you right into your introduction perhaps accidentally did that you can just swipe back up it goes back to the exact same window that you remain in well I wish you enjoy your brand-new pixel 2 as well as pixel 2 XL if you have any other suggestions that you like to show to a person else proceed as well as leave a comment down below as well as if you have any concerns for me do not hesitate to ask I’m trying to answer as several as I can I like to assist you guys out if you discovered this video clip practical please assist me out and provide me a thumbs up as well as subscribe also I would certainly like to hear why you transformed over from apple iphone to an android gadget if that’s something you’ve done what are your perceptions of the pixel 2 if you’re getting the pixel 2 or 2 XL I ‘d enjoy to listen to the reason that thanks again for viewing this is tech today till following time

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