exactly how do I enter hey close friends this is brain from this is technology today as well as this is my first huge tech unboxing so if you didn’t recognize Amazon Prime day has just passed as well as I have many plans arrived and I was additionally essential for weeks so a fair bit turned up when I was gone I’ll be straightforward I don’t really understand what half of this is allow’s learn what it is with each other certainly if you intend to get your hands on any of this stuff they’ll be web links down below in the summary whenever you click through those I do make a small compensation so I do appreciate it when you cook via I’ve got my reliable gerber multi-tool below hmm which one ought to we get initially so it resembles is a battery back-up that has a photovoltaic panel on it it’s from never dead it’s never ever dead if you can charge your tool as well as you can additionally reenergize the outside charger itself with the Sunlight and then illuminate points and circumnavigate with it with the compass so this is a truly terrific alternative if you’re going treking or

camping as well as points like that yeah attractive cool this following one is uh just a brownish box it claims carry-on oh all right this is really a peeled modern-day he actually hooked this up to points like electronic camera that I’m using right now to monitor it when you’re running around recording points or if you have a gimbal you can place it on that particular also it includes a little round head so that’s good oh so if you wished to you can place it on the real screen and when you’re outside you can see the monitor a bit much easier resemble it’s powered by the Sony NPF batteries and afterwards you can plug in with HDMI a complete size HDMI trendy thanks carry on so go truly truly well with one of the boxes that I have below something that I bought and also I’m really truly delighted to open it it’s gon na be the last one allowed’s open this large one right below what worldwide okay this is from BenQ it’s a screen Bari reading-lamp evidently has the Taiwan quality Gold Award of 2018 right there so there’s this bar right below this little clip on right here so has a weight on it activates so this is actually cool you can alter color

temperature so we understand that the men way of figuring out if the lights great is looking straight at it yeah it’s excellent it’s the suggestion behind this is that you place it on your display and since I’ll light your ice do not strain as much so yeah that’s pretty great uncertain if I would in fact utilize this yet the layout actually is fairly wonderful many thanks for sending thank you alright allow’s open among these tiny ones I completely recognize what this is I got this prior to my Rose city journey as well as it didn’t arrive in time they’re really some battery containers with my Panasonic th5 s batteries you just put them in below as well as you can close them up it protects it there’s even a ring around the cover to maintain water and if you have an SD card you can simply store it in the cover it’s incredibly simple I like these best allow’s try this one it’s from Jordan or if you haven’t noticed now I can’t pronounce anything I don’t know what this is so I’m gon na inform you that there are people that send me points have no idea where it is I don’t recognize why they send it to me that I always give them my address because I’m constantly curious if I understand what example they desire to give me so or it’s

figure out what this is all right I may simply conserve this for among my episodes of is it any kind of good if you do not recognize what that is that’s basically a collection that I began where I take items that I have not really taken a great take a look at or I don’t know what it is yet I assume it’s probably gon na be bad and also I assess it as well as it has lots of simply ridiculousness if you intend to check out the very first episode of that there’s a web link right up below in the card is this greater than one bottle why is there a pet dog on below men oh my god I’m a technology network why am I being sent this this is a canteen for pets why would somebody send me this get some water for this to button below press down on it as well as some water appears in the same box from the exact same supplier they sent me a USBC multifunction adapter they got one point technology related in below so great job worldwide allow’s open s1 some character regulates it’s a smart plug Wi-Fi made it possible for capsule dual control clever plug ok so what’s awesome however this set over the majority of our plugs is that typically when you connect into one port you obtain one port yet this one really has 2 doesn’t occupy so much room that’s actually sort of good I’ll need to

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offer this set a shot in the future it deals with Amazon Alexa Google aide as well as if odds and ends the Google assistant logo design is not the genuine logo design they just have like Ariel as a fine so hmm anyways thanks a great deal avatar controls for sending this out right let’s open this set alright okay we have a wise speaker by Tron smart it’s the element huge a 40 watt audio speaker so this is just 50 dollars resembles it functions at the TF card has a mini USB straight in NFC this leading little location here has a volume slider on it to ensure that’s amazing so play pause and following and previous button also you recognize I’m in fact truly amazed at exactly how well this sounds for a brand I have actually never come across and also just how little it is it has some respectable reduced end to it and also the stereo spread is in fact rather respectable it’s nothing this could be like mind-blowing ly incredible but also for the price and the size this is really rather dang excellent many thanks trance mark so this’s an ion wireless plus ooh people its claw this nice sort of like red or maroon color a good towel finish to it really tidy layout I such as a whole lot as well as good on you people a matching tinted USB a to USBC cable there’s an LED that lights up when you’re charging to ensure that’s truly nice and also I such as the towel surface

because it’s not abrasive on the phone and this little ring that’s right here is a little rubber so your phone does not slip about so this is a really awesome charger as well as look how little this is many thanks for this IOT so like I stated I’m not fairly sure what all this stuff is that’s sent out to me as well as this appears kind of odd as well as lightweight is this claimed it’s an arm band however they sent me a ring I do not know why they would certainly send me a ring why worldwide is this being sent out to me this is in fact T is this exactly how what the children call the icky sticky dried out butterfly pea flower T 50 grams of it t this is from offer or purchase in Chiang Mai Thailand I never ordered it from him I I don’t know if you men are noticing what I’m noticing I assume that this is a component of a fraud I’m getting a lot of points sent to me that I never ordered as well as it has absolutely nothing it’s like so grossly beyond what my network is regarding these rip-offs are rather much where they are purchasing the product shipping it to some arbitrary individual and after that leaving a five-star evaluation on their very own product so they’re pc gaming the evaluation system I do not know if you saw the article concerning this yet there’s a pair that was obtaining an entire lot

of things sent to them they never bought and also they could not determine how to quit it and also it was similar to junk it has a scam as an rip-off I believe I’m just I belong to a rip-off I do not know how to quit that Diaz you recognize but this has has this happened to anybody prior to fine well allow’s just keep opening up some things this is what is this fit first main people I have not no idea what this is this is an additional rip-off thing is this a roller guys being ski isn’t this what they did in like the romance period that was a huge little puffy there the matches because from cam chum oh I did order this football so I do not understand if you came across the various cam stabilizers that are out there there is the Zion Zion queue smooth dice that’s around there’s the DJI Osmo mobile – what’s actually awesome concerning the mos’ ly mini-me is it has a cordless billing plate on it so if you have an apple iphone 10 or samsung galaxy s 9 plus you can bill while you’re firing with it which is really great is available in this appealing sweet carbon fiber soft covering instance so this is one that I bought not as well long earlier and I believe it’s simply $100 so it has to do with thirty dollars less expensive than a few of the other choices that are available it’s charging it functions what is your weight worldwide I will not be able to do a complete evaluation of this one so we’ll most likely have to save this one for a dedicated video if you have any type of inquiries concerning this and even the DJI Osmo mobile – I can address them down in the remarks okay allow’s take this thing up okay this is what I bought last evening for

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a prime day so this first one it’s actually cooking area technology and my flatmate had among these and he acquired it for $100 for the base version and also for prime day they had actually the completely upgraded design with Wi-Fi readily available or just how much $100 so if you don’t understand where to see the stove it is it’s basically something where it’s slow chefs something in water so you put a like a steak in an and also you put different herbs as well as flavorings in there and then you can in fact remote start this elsewhere and also it’ll prepare it really slowly as well as you do not have to worry concerning it what will certainly occur is it’ll make the meat so dang tender that you might really suffice with the incorrect side of a knife like my roomie did earlier tonight it’ll appear perfect whether it’s medium uncommon or uncommon and after that you simply scorch it actual quick and after that you have a wonderful steak so this is the Innova accuracy cooker with Wi-Fi it has an application for Google Play and iphone oh this looks premium I think I need to make a full video on this simply since it’s ludicrous it’s still tech it’s obtained the

Wi-Fi isn’t it right let me understand some recipes of what I must prepare with this and we can include it in the next video clip so you’ll you’ll make a little cameo in there with your little comment this one I’ve been waiting over a year for and also with Prime Dave I was able to ultimately get it it’s an audio technica ath M 50 X’s so a few of you know this but I am likewise an audio designer I have actually mixed artists like Dustin kensrue from thrice me without you aided out with younger and also a whole bunch of various other different musicians I often tend to try to find products that lean even more towards what an audio designer is trying to find what the real mixing engineer intended I don’t such as headphones that tend to boost tons of bass or just scoop everything I like something that appears a bit more true to life than with a nice little baggie this is the m50x which simply includes the ability to have a detachable cable which is actually great because if a cable television breaks you can just bite an additional cord and also because these are kind of a common if anything breaks on it you can most likely change it so as opposed to obtaining an entire brand-new collection of headphones you can simply get a little item this is why there’s a joke

amongst the audio engineer area that says brand-new highs no lows should be Bose well it’s because they’re using an affordable speaker beats and also Skullcandy will certainly do the same point they’ll take an inexpensive speaker and afterwards they’ll enhance frequencies that are usually pleasing so low-end and also whatnot as well as you’ll pay a costs for this really truly economical speaker so don’t drop for it buy something that has a clear even feedback and afterwards simply utilize EQ on your phone don’t make it baked into the earphones themselves oh boy we’re obtaining close guys it’s my very first cellular phone that’s been sent out to me this is insane brand-new mobile it’s of g3p believe that this resembles a $200 mobile phone and also it does have some sacrifices it features a mediatek cpu as a 5.7 HD IPS display screen there’s a finger print sensor around the back and also insane sufficient the display has curved sides allow’s take this little plastic off so here you go for you insane ASMR people for that little representation that’s rather USB see so the back does really feel plastic it’s a $200 phone so this will be one that we’ll need to await the flooring evaluation for so if you want that offer this video a thumbs up and also make certain you subscribe and also strike the bell icon so you recognize when I post all of it right

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two even more to go oh they’re kisses Oh for the new mobile excellent work men you uh you teamed up many thanks a lot new mobile and also today I truly appreciate this this is the one I have actually been awaiting it’s from B&H so you know it needs to be excellent he has yet this my buddies is the DJI Ronin indeed we’ll need to do a full review of this one in the future – got that instance also all locking mechanism when you’re damp worldwide If you have a DSLR electronic camera and also it’ll support your video footage you can obtain a lot of motion picture shots with it we have to dedicate an entire video clip on this one there’s simply way too much to go over and I am really thrilled with this so if you’re excited regarding this one let me know in the comments as well what’s truly great concerning this one is it functions truly well if my D h5s also has a little focus handle on the side right here comes with a little mini tripod so that you can just set it down somewhere that little old modern-day truly truly work well with this gimbal anyways I hope you appreciated

this time with me as I have my initial huge technology unboxing filled with insane crazy equipment some remarkable things and also some really insane scammy points which I’m just actually surprised regarding yet anyways if you desire to see even more of these video clips let me recognize offer me a thumbs up and also subscribe hit that Bell symbol and also maybe YouTube will in fact send you a notification probably not allow me know what you obtained an Amazon Prime day if you got anything at all and I value you hanging out with me exactly how do I get out right here I must reveal you exactly how untidy it is oh my gosh appearance at this mess I had to clean my room to do this in boxing gon na clean my room once more see you later on till following time oh oh

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