GOOGLE PIXEL 4: 10 MUST SEE FEATURES & IMPROVEMENTS I Want After Using the Pixel 3 XL for 6 Months

click the link in the description to get your web site began today hey buddy Brandon here if you didn’t recognize Google inadvertently leaked the Google 3xa an excellent excellent xla hello I don’t just how do you pronounce it anyways they leaked this mid-range version of the Google pixel 3 and 3 XL on their web site and also they discovered within several of the code for apps codenamed flame for the 4 XL and then reefs for 4 and after that even John Prosser from front pixel tech had in intern for Google leaked some marketing files to him incidentally share some wiki love mmm nope that’s not it by the way share several of the leakages with me also you understand share them with brandy there’s an e-mail address as well as you can call me over wire I’m just claiming anyways with every one of that stated that just implies that the Google grabs for as well as for Excel is coming quickly well possibly in October so after using the Google pixel 3 and also 3 XL for the previous 6 months I have some thoughts concerning what I would certainly like to see next in the Google pixel 4 in for Excel by the method there’s a long term testimonial coming out for this phone so make certain you struck that Bell symbol so as a Google pixel follower let’s speak about that right here are 10 points that I wish to see in the Google pixel 4 as well as 4x The very

first thing I ‘d like to see is 8 gigabytes of RAM if you really did not recognize if there’s been a whole lot of concerns in concerns to stuttering and also things with RAM administration there’s only four gigabytes of RAM into the Google pixel 3 and 3 Excel as well as there are rumors out there stating that the Google pixel 4 and 4 Excel will certainly have 6 gigabytes of RAM which it’s absolutely an upgrade however it would certainly be good to have 8 gigabytes of RAM so that’s what I ‘d such as to see I don’t want to experience the aggressive app closures concerns with images as well as video clip not conserving as well as then stuttering and things like that just no thanks cool this is your phone do it right the 2nd thing I would certainly such as to see is improved video top quality so hear me currently I like the Google pixel 3 and also 3 XL for images I in fact have a video concerning it up here there’s really 2 video clips so examine them out something I’m actually happy of yet there’s a distinction between a camera’s photo top quality as well as a cam’s

video high quality and the pixel 3 has incredible image high quality however their video quality is doing not have for some strange factor Google does not permit you to have the capability to change the frame rate of your video clips I feel that everything here on 24 frameworks per second and it provides a little bit even more of that cinematic appearance but it’s locked in at 30 frames per secondly on your phone so why do not I have choice this is Android I must have option right on top of that it just goes up to 120 frameworks per 2nd at 1080p and it does not even go 60 structures per second at 4k what’s up with that I mean you can utilize a third-party application and also unlock that feature yet that’s just a little strange right the stock video camera app does whatever down in terms of sluggish motion by stating it’s half rate or a quarter speed as opposed to the real frame prices and also that truly just aims out that they’re trying to make it actually consumer pleasant and simple to comprehend which brings me to this other need for the video camera a pro setting you have that on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 10 as well as 10 plus it’s an actually wonderful function for those of you that comprehend things like shutter rate ISO frame price etc and so on as

well as I such as having that details control and if you want to have an amazing camera something it stands out over every various other phone that’s out there you need to stand out more than simply pictures however likewise video number three is enhanced audio recording when this phone it seemed like hot trash they had like a sound gate on it and it simply made it sound like an a poor mp3 from back in the day it was simply awful they had no low end and also they had no high end it simply seemed like a phone which is not great this is what the facing video camera looks like on the pixel 3 with the white stone dome glass set up and also you can still do the wide-angle selfie and also whatever zoom in more after some updates it most definitely seems far better than in the past and also this is what the microphone sounds like as of April of 2019 however it’s still doing not have why well it doesn’t have as good of a stereo recording like the galaxy s 10 as well as 10 plus or even the iPhone 10 s so Google make this phone sound excellent from the start and also offer a stereo recording even though check out that HTC thing where you can kind of like to zoom in and also no target the noise from

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the location [ Songs] I have not in fact experienced that if you have experienced that proceed and leave me a comment down below and also I make certain your experience with that however the innovation appears very interesting so if they had something like that that ‘d be rather cool Oh number 4 might be a little interesting enhanced audio speaker high quality currently the speaker top quality on the three XL is fairly excellent however it’s a bit smothering it’s kind of the equivalent of appearing like you’re in a bowl like you’re firing a speaker into a bowl so it has this strange resonance to it I’m a sound engineer so I noticed these things a little bit more so unquestionably it may trouble me more than others there’s an intriguing thing happening with the 3 XL speakers where it’s not really associating this speaker opening as well as that suggests that it is shooting sort of like with a tube or like a tunnel so to speak which it considers that hockey audio in spite of that it is quite full seeming yet it does not have a bit of that high-end audio or clarity that you may obtain from a pixel 3 sadly the pixel three does not have the full sound so you sort of have a compromise so I think at least line up the speakers with the speaker openings Google that feels like a truly noticeable point they do

as well as along with that is simply the requirement for these speakers to get louder it’s most definitely plenty loud for a lot of situations however there’s definitely been many instances where I desire it can go just a bit louder the Galaxy S 10 speakers can obtain extremely loud however in terms of the volume surprisingly it goes to the Google pixel 3xl Quality as well as loudness for sure the galaxy s nebulous for me I actually do lean on the audio speakers fairly a little bit when I’m around the residence I pay attention to podcasts all the time so it’s when I’m cooking or when I’m brushing my teeth and points like that so having a louder volume is really useful in those circumstances ooh this could be an intriguing number 5 I truly desire to keep this finger print scanner on the back current leaks from John Prosser have aimed out that there’s probably nearly certainly going to be an in display screen fingerprint reader as well as mind I’m just not the biggest fan of them they’re slow they’re not

really safe and I feel like it’s action back now keep in mind that the video clip that was sent out to John Prosser is simply an advertising video clip it’s not the actual design of the phone yet it’s clear that they’re going to market the in display fingerprint scanner if we’re going to have an in display fingerprint scanner have it on the back – why can’t we have both plus I simply love this whole food selection swipe down feature it’s just so practical I miss it on the galaxy s 10 so much number six is a face ID equal there’s certainly some code with an Android sign that shows some support for an extra durable face unlock feature and also that means it may be possible to see it in a feature pixel line now if you really made use of face ID not simply seen it in some videos or seen various other individuals utilize it but you have directly utilized it you’ll recognize that face ID is actually fairly great as well as protect it’s definitely not best by any methods specifically if you’re like laying down or you have it laying on your desk however there’s a great deal of truly impressive things that come with it say you open up a financial application and also as it’s

loading as it’s pulling up it checks your face it accredits it in the app draws up without you having to validate due to the fact that your face is verifying it that is a seamless experience it’s nearly like you do not also have a password established up which is actually nice some of you might be assuming but what regarding purchases and points where I don’t want it to license I do not desire to acquire points randomly just because I’m looking at well if you’ve really made use of an apple iphone with face ID for you you know that whenever you make an acquisition you have to increase tap the side button in order to accredit it so it is safe and secure a smooth interaction with your phone to license points as if you really did not have any kind of password at all when you actually do is a big offer it’s actually incredible I really did not desire that in enhancement to a capacitive fingerprint scanner in the back now for those of you who are conscious of the modern technology that is required for our face ID type unlock you know it requires something called a time of trip sensor that’s the the skinny things and when you put much more sensing units on the front of a phone you understand what that suggests you need some

space on the front of your phone so number seven what I would certainly like to not see is that knotch there’s lots of drama about it and a lot of individuals that I have actually spoken to you that are not within the technology area just like everyday people really are bothered by it however we have to confess it’s not the most beautiful thing in the globe as well as it would be great to not have so the genuine question is is it possible to maintain that wide-angle selfie camera which is in fact truly outstanding the front encountering audio speaker and also a time of flight sensing unit in here without having a huge notch samsung could just put one cam up here I indicate there’s a second one however it’s not truly doing much but they can actually just healthy cams up below there had not been even a face ID or kind of light sensing unit up below which is a downer so maybe the ideal that we can offer is a hole strike intermediary which according to some of the rumors that might be precisely what we’re getting all that indicates is I’m probably asking as well as fantasizing for method also much however I’m just sharing what I ‘d such as to see well discover out what in fact occurs simply don’t take away my wide-angle selfie camera on Google I love that point number eight the display particularly 120 Hertz if you have actually ever before seen or used a razor phone or an iPad pro that has a hundred and also twenty Hertz screen and also it’s outstanding and to be truthful I’m really surprised that we’re not seeing more of that in phones for 2019 there’s

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still time however the computer animations and also smoothness that you experience on a 120 Hertz screen is just astonishing as well as it’s really tough to go back to another phone that’s just at 60 Hertz now the potential drawback about hold that is the fact that we actually desire to have an OLED screen particularly a Samsung OLED screen they’re absolutely the best in terms of olla the issue though is that I don’t recognize if there is a hundred twenty Hertz OLED display from Samsung out there I don’t recognize if it exists undoubtedly if something like that existed we would certainly discover it in a Samsung phone first best possibly the note 10 that would certainly be pretty wonderful so at least maybe a brighter screen since this point is not so fantastic in the Sunlight number 9 is added electronic cameras currently if you have actually been paying interest to some of the announcements as well as leakages for Oppo phones they have a telephoto lens built right into their cam phone which is actually a technological and engineering breakthrough it’s like having this in your phone like how do you have depth within your movie well they have a prism as well as it goes this instructions so the zoom II axis is different which is actually truly smart as well as keep in mind that a physical zoom is way better than an electronic zoom certainly you’ve seen some of those digital zooms where you obtain closer as well as closer as well as it just becomes this wet loud mess well when you have a physical zoom it’s in fact zooming in for genuine you have that initial

photo top quality within your zoom none of the fake digital zoom artifacts as well as then on with that I would certainly enjoy to have an ultra vast cam lens on the back considering that I’ve been utilizing the galaxy s 10 plus I’ve truly enjoyed the ultra wide video camera on the back it’s simply actually convenient you can get some really neat shots as well as it’s impressive if you’re in a tiny space you’ll observe that the photo top quality of it is a little bit lacking in comparison to the normal cam however if we’re gon na have a high quality ultra broad lens and a telephoto lens on the Google pixel 4 as well as 4 Excel that would be amazing currently the hardest point for me is the simpleness of a solitary lens you see it’s doing a load of job with just one lens there’s the double pixel thing going on there’s a great deals of elegant tech to do that so when you add in an additional lens I think engineers would be a lot more likely to utilize that for some of that processing so you may have to have your various other lenses discovered to get that added high quality for any type of portrait space for a person like me that makes use of moment lenses to obtain various kinds of focal lengths that’s a drag for me because I like placing on the lenses as well as still keeping the capability to use portrait setting so whenever you put a minute lens on your phone you’re most likely covering up the other built-in lenses on the phone and also then number 10 the greatest one and also possibly the most

shocking one better software program this is actually overwhelming for me since this is the location that I would imagine Google would grow it truthfully I located that the Google pixel to excel had actually inadequate Equipment there audio speaker snap issues the display shows there’s simply heaps of problems about that I have actually covered that extensively so I know direct and there are a whole lot of people who experience it as well when the Google pixel 3 in 3xl came out the fit and coating on this one was actually way much better than a to stand out but the software application socked in reality it’s been a catastrophe you can even see on Android authorities’s internet site there’s a large log of all the bugs and also glitches on the pixel 3 & 3 XL the phone ices up at delays applications collapse the video camera doesn’t open or it takes a lengthy time to open or assume so save or it shuts down just things taking for life to open as well as total poor RAM monitoring as well as like we stated earlier some of their software application development selections have actually made audio noise terrible so I just I don’t comprehend how Google can screw up their software program that’s what they’re solid as a pack as well as they beefed it this time I wish they’ve discovered from this generation as well as they can turn it around and also be truly wonderful to have a phone that functions correctly right from the beginning as well as for years to come speaking of years don’t

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pixel for and also fork so go in advance and leave a comment down below and sign up with that this is texting a community discord conversation we have a network in there chatting concerning pixel watch 2019 it’s a whole lot of enjoyable we’re adhering to all the leakages come join us link down listed below in the summary as normal as well as I have a long-lasting evaluation of the Google pixel 3 and 3 XL coming up I have a much more educated idea of what this phone is like as opposed to evaluate that comes out after using it for 2 weeks so I assume you be worthy of much better make certain they struck the bell icon to be alerted of when I upload that video clip thank you good friend for enjoying this is tech today where we speak about the intersection of modern technology in our everyday lives in organization and also in all points imaginative until following time