Review Redmi Note 9 Pro Xiaomi’s Killer Budget Smartphone

so Chinese manufacturers Army is once against Lin when it comes to wallet from these smartphones last year with the redmi note 8 t n/8 pro it proved it was one of the kings of the budget blowers and now this year’s redmi note 9 for once again looks like it’ll be one of 2020s champions this bad boy cost just 249 quid here in Blighty or 269 if you want to boost up to the model with 128 gigs of storage and considering the strong camera chops the slick performance and the excellent set of features that price is a proper bargain so far my sim card slapped in the redmi note 9 probe the last few days been using it’s my full-time personal smartphone and I gotta say spoiler alert I really really bloody like it’s my fault redmi note 9 port review and from all the latest greatest areas do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers now there’s no real polite way of seeing this but the redmi note 9 port is an absolute behemoth this hefty six point six seven inch phone is a seriously chunky monkey proven quite the handful or rather two handfuls because I definitely would not recommend operan it with just a single mitt even with the one-handed mods now if you grab yourself the standard 64 gig model of the redmi note I know you got a trio of colors to choose from you’ve got this here interstellar gray otherwise tropical green or glacier white however this is the 128 gig model and that only comes in interstellar grey and normally I’m about as excited by the color grey as I am at the prospect of a mrs.

Brown’s boys TV marathon but that’s what the surface own is brought to life somewhat by the surreal multi reflective design of course pretty standard that shiny back end is soon marred by all kinds of finger grease and grubby necessaries you so much as pick the phone up but in better news that Gorilla Glass 5 plating is definitely doing its job there’s only the tiniest little Nick’s here on the back of the row me not I’m poor and that’s it as for the other end while it’s once again a bit more Gorilla Glass 4 I’ve been this time you’ve got a screen protector slapped on top of that as well so you can treat the Remy Norton I’m poor as mean as you like and it will keep on looking smart and Young has also had this handset treated by Peter I tried a bit of splash resistant finish I’m gonna be glad to hear that the UK weather this week has been suitably whack so yes the 9 port definitely does just fine in a drizzle but what about the software I pretend to hear you cry well the redmi note 9 pro serves up the latest freshest android 10 and that’s fit to burst thanks to the me UI 11 launcher slapped on top dad a heap of extra features if you familiar with me you I well it’s jammies custom launcher which has sticks on all of its smartphones changes up the luck in the feel and gives it more visually vibe to help set it apart from the rest of the Android stable and in this incarnation it is definitely still a bit of a love-hate affair if we start with the crappy stuff while there’s still door apps drawer option here so your bits have to be spread all over the desktop on constant sure why you’ll occasionally be interrupted by some weird little quirky bug as well so as an example my first proper deal with the redmi note line pro i have fans i had to constantly reset the Wi-Fi connection because my internet access will just keep dropping out for apparently no reason thankfully that little feature then buggered off and hopefully won’t rear its ugly head again however me UI 12 the list incarnation of genres launches

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should be coming like a superhero to the redmi note 9 port of sort out quite a few of those issues including the lack of an apps tree sometime around this summer as are Jeremy’s launch it does add some worthy tools as well including a bit of turbo action and those likely there’s no always-on display here and the notifications light up top is the teeny little thing in the world so quite easy to miss you’ve got all the other hot bits that you would expect here and the redmi note on pro as well including dual band Wi-Fi support and a fresh bit and a/c as well supporting that google pair functionality and as well as being a dual SIM device you’ve also got a separate slot for micro SD memory cards if you want to expand the onboard 64 or 128 gigs of storage as for security there’s a side mounted fingerprint sensor built into that power button and this works beautifully just a quick tap your digit and you’re straight in and that’s back to my face recognition as well which is slightly less reliable depending on the lighten in the room and also how much lockdown this fuzz you happen to have grown in the meantime media fans will undoubtedly get a massive kick out of that flippin huge six point six seven inch IPS display and despite its gargantuan size the full HD plus 24 hundred by 1080 pixel resolution will keep your visuals pin-sharp perfect for chillin with your favourites sure the revenant line Pro will automatically adjust the colors as well depending on the environmental

conditions you will get warmer output in low-light but if you’re not a fan of that you can tinker around in the settings and change it on that auto mode I found that the output was very close to natural and it could always boost the color vibrancy if you do prefer more vivid visuals and yeah like recent Samsung smartphones you do a bit of pinhole camera there stuck in the middle of that top edge but you do have the option to hide it away out of sight for some or all of your apps if you do not like it suddenly you don’t get a super smooth 90 Hertz refresh rate here on the xiaomi redmi note 9 pause display unlike some rivals like the real me 6 and the real me 6 pro but to be fair that is still a pretty bloody rare feature at this sort of price point and the single bottom mounted mono speaker does pump out fairly respectable audio as well though I did miss a proper stereo speakers set up while I was gaming and the like if you really saw them that kind of feature check out the Moto G it plus instead but still you’ve got a good reliable bit of Bluetooth 5.0 support and a proper dedicated headphone jack as well and one of the best parts of the redmi note 9 port is the surprisingly slick performance which definitely beats most budge Arrivals Snapdragon 720 G platform was basically built for gaming and keeping you entertained on the gore and here it’s propped up by a generous six and gigabytes of RAM if all that techie

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guff ins means basically nothing to you well don’t worry is basically rare to see any kind of glitchy stutters here and it’s good news for gamers too I’ve played a good bit of pub G mobile and it run perfectly well on the HDD till setting on the high frame rate and that was the maximum graphical settings that are currently supported on the red beet Norton I’m Pro I did notice the occasional little drop in framerate when I was tearing about in a car or whatever but nothing too troubling for the most part you get a smooth experience while the flat screen is well suited to those touch controls and you also have the usual game and mode on board to block notifications biz performance if you needed and so on it’s a pretty comprehensive effort and this for maybe an absolute unit but at least that size offers the advantage of a big battery as well you get a mighty five thousand and twenty million cells stuffed inside to match budget rivals like the Opera 92020 and the Moto G at power and a busy mind you can do whatever the hell you like with this thing it’s sure in dying before dusk if you’re really careful you can just about make it through two full days on a charge although I usually get through about a day and a half even with plenty of media stream and better gaming and all the rest and that what fast charge is again perfectly respectable

again again match in all beat and most budget rivals now one of the final aspects of the roaming no downpour that really impressed me was their camera tech which definitely punches above its weight 64 megapixel primary lens uses Samsung’s gm2 sensor and even at the default 16 Meg resolution you can that sharp good-looking photos when you beam the results to a big screen if you do want to shoot at the maximum 64 mega level then that is also an option producing slightly more natural results when you zoom right in I was definitely impressed by the color capture here to the redmi note 9 port offers natural-looking pics as long as you knock off that AI mode leaving that on unfortunately tends to create rather artificial images that aren’t particularly eye pleasing and in strong contrast situations this budget blow it into feed it either it’s rare to see any over saturation although you will notice detail loss in those dark areas when things get particularly taxing as for low light situations well that night mode does help to brighten things up a bit although it doesn’t admit Lee helped much with the grin you’ve got plenty of other camera features to play around with – including a nifty portrait mode that does a commendable job helped along by that 2 megapixel depth sensor and you’ve also got an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens which manages to once again produce quite natural results when you widen in the view oh and your saw have one of those five

megapixel macro lenses as well grit for flower fans for video you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage with that primary lens or full HD with the wide-angle effort although you can’t swap between the two on-the-fly audio pickup gets a thumbs up as well as does the color capture although you will want to keep still issue at the Ultra HD resolution as the stabilization into hot and last up I also enjoyed the 16 megapixel selfie snapper which handles all kinds of lights and just as well as the back end you’ve got the usual portrait mode smarts as well again with solid results so any in Stefan’s will be loving it so in summary the occasional software quirk has side this is definitely one of the best budget blowers of the air and hopefully me y12 will help to correct some of those weird wonky little bits like the lack of a nap straw and the occasional weird bug I mean get over that absolutely Gaughan Xuan’s touch and then definitely grab yourself the redmi note 9 brought if you’re looking for grip performance great camera tech great battery life create everything really put around that 250 pound price point and now over to you lovely for could be greater your thoughts down in the comments below especially if you’ve actually played around with redmi note 9 pour yourself your own personal experiences always great to hear please do pop subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourself a lovely or week cheers ever on love you

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