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hey good friend Brandon below and also disrespectful mores than a years old now and has undoubtedly come a long way ever since the Android we understand now had it begin with the HTC dream or the t-mobile g1 however that actually had not been the initial Android phone know whatever around the first Android phone was an unreleased advancement prototype telephone call the faster and think what I have it right here so let’s unpack it evaluate it uncover several of the neat things on it as well as consider exactly how far we’ve come in a little over a decade due to the fact that this is tech today or possibly the other day [Music] this video funded partly by privacy soothe a complimentary service that is a lot more essential when you’re getting a lot extra on the internet it helps protect your identification and financial info by creating virtual cards as well as consequently avoiding scams from taking place on your actual accounts not just is it totally free we can obtain five dollars off your initial purchase if you’re a brand-new register most likely to privacy calmness reduce this is tech today to register for an account

please share subscribe hit that bell I type of be alerted when I publish a brand-new video clip I ‘d actually value it so periodically things similar to this program up on specifically models and also unreleased tools this model just had a few up and I took care of to grab one for around 200 bucks inside package we have one battery and also it’s a 960 milliamps like I guess maybe even worse a small USB to USB a wire a 5 watt charger with a micro USB plug these earphones they have a USB a plug on one end and then the traditional cord setup where one wire is longer than the various other if you didn’t understand just how to use this awkward point you cover it around your neck and after that you put it in your ear so that’s just hanging off from one side such as this so it’s not like awaiting front of you like a V and afterwards there’s this little clip man right here that you clip on you like a tee shirt or a coat or something like that and also after that on this person there’s a little opening there that is the microphone you can click there’s a volume slider along the side this really feels really traditional certainly plasticky as well as

affordable and after that a switch for you to just click on most likely like approve a call or hang up and afterwards also some earbud foam muffs I bear in mind just how much I dislike these these always seemed like they’re gon na rip oh gosh see just how you can see via it it’s so economical what does that also doing you can see alright this resembles the matching of simply placing a sock on yet it’s for your earbuds they suit there and they do not truly befall when you drink your head most likely because of the little fake muffs I hate this anyways and also after that we have the Google quicker prototype itself allowed’s do a little ASMR peel incidentally I have an ASMR technology unboxing channel if you intend to examine that out yeah yeah that’s actual and also this is the white version of it from what I understand one of the most usual one throughout advancement was the dark grey one wait a min I don’t I don’t see an earphone jack I don’t believe there’s a headphone jack what there’s no headphone jack well perhaps Google was means ahead of the pattern no as you can see this in fact has a physical key-board kind of

like a blackberry if you understand that it is so this is not a touch of variation of it there’s no touchscreen on it I used to love these physical key-boards because I made use of to utilize a hand tree oh my first palm was to 700p as well as then my last one was a 700 w the great feature of having an actual key-board is it’s responsive feel you can really type on it without truly looking yet I presume you can kind of do that currently on the software program key-boards as well as you understand after plenty of years I’m rather made use of to simply using the software key-board however you know this is sort of wonderful so for those of you who have actually utilized the the physical keyboard at one factor go in advance and also elect up here do you prefer the physical one or are you all right with software program one no I would love to understand that would certainly be fascinating great allow’s transform it on alright so it claims quicker there there was the codename when it started up it states Android there as well as a red dot walking around wow this screen is really dark by the method the screen is a 320 by 240 resolution LCD

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screen it’s a super-high resolution this doesn’t come with a sim yet it does function on t-mobile but it only has 2 G check out that so yeah not a touchscreen so this is powered by Texas Instruments OMAP 850 processor it has 64 megabytes megabytes of RAM on the back you have a 1.3 megapixel camera but there’s no flash and also as you can tell you have to navigate with the d-pad is due to the fact that there’s no touchscreen currently regardless of not having a touchscreen on this gadget the version of Android that we saw on the first Android phone the HTC dream or g1 coincides variation of Android that was being established on this device the Google quicker Dyanne hack thorne supplied a lot of context on the advancement of Android and the country sooner and all that there’s a web link in the description to find her right up yet she did state that the variation of Android on this gadget would respond to touch if the equipment was there to make it function this things the Google quicker was meant to be a risk-free rapid to make and also release tool while the t-mobile g1 it would certainly be the high-risk but longer-term tool the development team would wind up dropping the Google suitor device as something to service and also concentrate on

the touch based g1 rather which was prior to the apple iphone came out currently the software that was being established as well as the hardware of the riskier HTC dream in g1 they were not in parallel with each various other and the equipment team needed even more time to catch things up now despite them going down faster the programmers continued to utilize it because it was a dependable system to continue functioning on the Android software application while the hardware side of points proceeded to overtake that software application obviously by the time the HTC dream or g1 released the development group was still trying to get everything improved and working they weren’t even certain if it would work in time in truth they weren’t also certain if they might send out updates to it so it’s actually fairly insane how much we have actually come since this device right here’s a just how the type factor looks like beside each of the Google pixel models as well as so below we have the first Google pixel however it behaves it’s made of that metal but you can see the huge distinction between having a keyboard and also then a touchscreen for your operating system as well as obviously the Sooner is quite a little bit thicker here is the pixel 2 XL mx2 it back then when we

have the two-tone and also front encountering audio speakers and afterwards the last generation of the front-facing audio speakers with the pixel 3 XL that nice finger print scanner on the back right here’s an additional plastic kid the pixel 3 a certainly actually excellent quality on the pixel 3a and after that the pixel 4xl we have actually truly come a lengthy way so let me type of poke around on this point see what sort of applications and also settings that get on right here and afterwards compare it with the pixel for stand out as well as see if there’s some funny things that to discover the alarm system clock what does that resemble you can establish your alarm systems here in a– grams oh that’s awesome wonderful not poor huh there’s a web browser oh there’s Google I think it’s similar since on this you still have your information the good news is because I do not have a SIM card for t-mobile for 2g I can not I can’t really use this and also I can not attach to Wi-Fi to ensure that’s um some hardcore ski morphism right there I assume this takes a microSD card yet it needs to be a truly little one yeah this uh SD card does not collaborate with it although I did find the SIM card slot on the side it is really good to have a detachable battery Oh fascinating it was like they’re developing all these different things for all these other providers whoo here all the wallpapers grains leave these appearance

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actually terrific I’m gon na choose this one over here yes the Northern Lights weather condition settings – seven 5 one no where’s that North Carolina Oh examine one 2 three one two 3 Oh strangely the vibration motor and also this really feels much better than like a Samsung device hmm ape I wish to know what the monkey did Oh under what the 70-200 is Wow that’s a remarkably rather progressed for this small point yet it uh it absolutely took a little bit of time to lots there’s quake on right here hmm oh as well as I have the plan data for it to ensure that stinks if you understand exactly how to get that on right here allow me know little penguin well that’s your hand right okay many thanks satisfy you for supper see you later oh there’s the electronic camera exactly how’s it look it’s quite wild best pre old-fashioned there’s this Kim this I do not think that is licensed oh wow fancy below’s a little easter egg mmm the number of people do you remember what this is a person to establish pasta pod we get indicate all your base are belong to us you are on the means to dysfunction there’s a great deal of penguins in this phone has absolutely nothing why there’s a lot of penguins in here HTC that’s the

construct number and the day 2007 here’s the earlier key-board guidance sardine so they have actually been having this entire fish code word because the start that’s very intriguing Oh ringtones allow’s examine them full blast kiss for old times sake so we have sell classic wonder why that’s the Googlers one Jack Bauer oh that takes me back I’ll go with the check second for Jack Bauer 24 fans provide me a thumbs up steak on a phone no there’s a Twitter on here a native Twitter customer exactly how regarding that there’s this little scroll thing so return to setups where we were previously so these are all quite much what you discover in that little app cabinet anyways and after that you have these notifications up below signal battery and also the moment which’s really it there’s not like a lot else to it it’s in fact truly quite standard this is so neat I enjoy that this really came in for me to take a look at a bit much more while I’m stuck within and with many of us functioning from house and also stuff isolating I make sure you’re buying method a lot more points online like I am in times like these your mind can be all over the location and it can be very simple to make

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privacy calmness is cost-free totally free to utilize due to the fact that they make cash off the transaction costs with the seller not your details as well as if you’re brand-new register they’ll offer you five bucks off your first purchase go to privacy comma lower so this is technology today to enroll in an account now so what do you consider the Google earlier model growth gadget what are your thoughts regarding the beginning of Android and how far we’ve come exist any kind of things you want me to take a look at let me know in the comments also much better follow me on Twitter Instagram and also let me understand what you desire me to discover out there and afterwards I’ll respond with a response for you they’re also much better revealing that this is texts a community discord conversation server and also sign up with the area thank you for viewing this is message a where you speak about the junction of modern technology and our daily lives and also service as well as all points innovative up until following time